Trump Demanded Obama’s Birth Certificate But Refuses To Release His Own Records

Funny ain’t it? The guy who was screaming bloody murder over our current president’s birth certificate apparently doesn’t want anybody seeing any kind of paper trail that would support his contention that he graduated number one in his class at the Wharton School of Finance. This assertion was later exposed as a media myth with no basis in truth.

The New York Post last month carried it a few steps further than that. They couldn’t find a classmate with a memory of even running into Trump on campus. After two years attendance, Trumps name did appear in the yearbook as a student. There was no picture. If he accomplished anything notable, the yearbook editor missed it. The Washington Post pointed out that Trump was not, WAS NOT, enrolled in Wharton’s famed MBA program that has been at the core of its highly regarded academic reputation.

A skeptical Salon magazine article of a few years back implied a marginally deserved matriculation into Wharton thanks to a “sympathetic” admissions officer, an old classmate of Trump’s older brother.

Not only are his fellow students mum on the subject of Trump, but a report indicates the school isn’t exactly talkative on the matter either. There’s nary a single statement for attribution from current leadership of that fine institution. CNBC did discover that Trump has apparently not gifted his alma mater with penny one. The most positive thing that can be said about his connection to the school was his inclusion in a 2007 list of “most influential graduates.” The recognition was mainly predicated on his work in Real Estate.

Not the smartest, not number 1, just influential and nobody will deny him that. That’s a big step from being booted out of Kew-Forest School for behavioral problems as a young kid.

Of course memories fade after nearly a half-century. “The Donald” will be 70 his next birthday. If elected, he’ll be in his late seventies when he leaves the White House.

As for his great concern for workers losing jobs to those terrible corporations that have abandoned this great land, willy nilly and set up shop overseas, here’s but one striking example of that anti-American business strategy. It’s called Trump International Real Estate.

Here’s how the Trump International Website describes his global business: “The Trump Organization is the world’s only global luxury real estate super-brand, and is responsible for many of the world’s most recognized developments. Trump is renowned for its leadership in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management representing the highest level of excellence and luxury in residential, office, and retail properties.” Many of his obscenely rich luxury clientele come from the very companies that abandoned the U.S.

His portfolio includes fancy hotels and golf courses in such faraway vistas as Dubai. “Hey, ain’t there some of them Muslims over there?” Yep, about 60%. Then there are Trump Hotels and Golf Courses, that at least bear his name that suckers purchase for the privilege of being associated with a goon. Let’s not forget the tax havens Panama and Ireland that make the list (trade-outs?) as does Canada, including an upcoming hotel project in “Van.” Canada is perfectly acceptable for assorted Trump money-making ventures. In listening to his speeches, Mexico is apparently not, the latter just missing acceptance by the skin of its skin.

Istanbul makes the cut with a 99% Muslim population. There are a bunch of other countries included in the portfolio. So, let’s make America great again by building our projects overseas.

Back home real world side note. Trump was noted for hiring general and sub-contractors who utilized great numbers of illegal immigrants in the workforces that built his hotels and other projects.

For those who might think that a high profile “entertainer” cannot get elected to high office, consider some names other than the obvious. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are usually the first to come to mind when thinking of those who have aspired to and gained political plums in DC and their states. Arnold was a two-term governor in spite of his marital infidelity and inability to keep his hands off of any part of opposite-sex anatomy.

Fred Grandy came floating into Congress on the Love Boat, while Sonny Bono earned his legislative bones from Sonny and Cher fame. Democrat Al Franken took his SNL act to DC. Athletes gained some additional notoriety in service to their country. Jack Kemp was a fine Quarterback who ran HUD. Jim Bunning was a terrific pitcher and embarrassingly right-wing Representative, then U.S. Senator. Steve Largent, a terrific NFL receiver, was elected to four terms to the U.S. House. I don’t think it was possible to be more homophobic than Largent. Four terms were four too many.

And there are others. The point being that just because Donald Trump is at his core an entertainer with little knowledge of anything that would “make America great again”, doesn’t mean he can’t get elected to the presidency. He won’t, of course, but it could take a longer time to cart him off to the political landfill than you might think.

The closest public official to Trump that I can think of is the former governor of Minnesota, Jessie Ventura. His politics were just as baffling as those of Trump. He supported abortion rights and waterboarding in the same breath. He was a truly charismatic character given his pro wrestling tutelage under World Wrestling Federation’s Vince McMahon (The WWF became World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002). McMahon’s spouse, Linda, was bitten by the run for office bug twice. She ran as a Republican against one Connecticut Democratic Senator and lost, then a couple of years later, took on the other one and lost again. That’s what happens when your matches aren’t scripted.

So, enjoy Donald Trump, the political version of a wrestling “heel,” while possible. I’m betting the lucha libres would love to get ahold of him. He’s got just enough ego to stick around as long as he can, but he’s not going to be a factor at the very end.

Trump or no Trump (no pun intended, bridge players), this is going to be the most interesting presidential election in modern history.

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  1. I’m still waiting for Donny the Clown to tell us all the incredible things his imaginary investigators found out about Obama in Hawaii. It’s been four years. Surely that’s enough time for him to come up with a story that his dumb supporters can buy.

  2. …I think hemorrhoid surgery without anesthetic would be much more fun that watching any Trump event…

  3. The head birther has soaked up all the crazies and the rest of the field can’t even book a birthday party. So goes it in the always entertaining GOP clown show.

  4. It doesn’t matter what he says or what they learn about him, they’ll be singing his praises, regardless. Have you read all the trump troll threads spread over the Internet? They repeat the same tired lines OVER and OVER again. You know exactly what they’re going to say before they say it. They’re nothing more than sheep. If Trump said poo was the new breakfast cereal, every one of his fans would wake up tomorrow with shit all over their faces.

  5. Old Donald is enjoying the show. That’s it. If he does really talk about taxing his compadres, the attacks will be relentless. If anyone really looks into his claims of greatness, his little castle will come tumbling down on his balding head. For now, he’s entertaining, and we don’t have to listen to the daily twerp from Cruz, Walker, and Bush. But he will not get the nomination. we have done some stupid things in this country, but electing a class A bully to the White House has so far not been one of them.

  6. Really interesting that wharton school thing that he brags so big on, no mention of him, he needed help getting in, no one remembers him. Kinda like how he cherrishes women, and the bible is his fav book, gag.

    He is such a big f’ing blowhard! All bully blow, that and his family money and bad tactics is how he got anywhere.

    I cannot stand the creep.

  7. The trifling media is complicit in perpetuating the birther movement with their lies by omission. They could have shut down the tea party, republicans, racists and Trump (or all of the above) quick, fast and in a hurry because Obama’s Mother was a U.S. citizen.

    There was never any doubt that Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen so it wouldn’t have mattered if Obama had been born in Timbuktu.

  8. That’s right up there with Republicans wanting poor welfare recipients to be drug tester, but say no to them being tested. As loonies as they are, you can’t tell me the Republicans in the House are using a combination of meth/ crack cocaine/ ecstasy/ heroin/ Jack Daniels/ several times a day

  9. This guy willingly submits to being a guest on the Sarah Palin comedy hour and pretty much lives to tell about it. A photo of this event just screams to be transformed into a Saturday Night Live skit.Wonder if 17 other possibilities would be so brave?

  10. None of Trump’s Wharton classmates can remember him.

    Something else that Trump has in common with Sarah Palin — besides flaming meganarcissism, animal cunning, rudimentary grasp of the English language, lifelong grudges held, and worship of Mammon.

    None of Sarah Palin’s classmates nor any of her teachers at the U of Idaho remember her, either.

    I guess both of them have spent the rest of their lives so far making sure SOMEONE notices…

  11. TRump and Palin, what a combination. Both are just as un-American as anyone can be. Neither gives a damn about the middle class and when it comes to talking about deporting 11+million people has to be about as stupid as it gets.
    If that happened Trump would be out of business in the United States because he would have to pay decent wages.

  12. You forgot in your list Arnold scwartznaegger ( sp ) who left California in dire financial straights. As a buffoon who had no business being ejected. Luckily the people of California woke up a voted for a true man if the people Jerry Briwn.

  13. Watch Sarah Palin’s Gushing Interview With Donald Trump

    “Everything about Donald Trump’s campaign, it’s avant-garde, and he’s crushing it in the polls,” former vice presidential candidate says of mogul”

    ‘On Point with GOV. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump’

    Sarah must be so darn happy…This is her Really-Really-Big Break….Finally!

    (10-Minutes Long)

  14. Fred Grandy came floating into Congress on the Love Boat, while Sonny Bono earned his legislative bones from Sonny and Cher fame. Democrat Al Franken took his SNL act to DC. Athletes gained some additional notoriety in service to their country. Jack Kemp was a fine Quarterback who ran HUD. Jim Bunning was a terrific pitcher and embarrassingly right-wing Representative, then U.S. Senator. Steve Largent, a terrific NFL receiver, was elected to four terms to the U.S. House.

    You forgot to mention Dubya Bush was a cheerleader at Phillips Academy in 1963-64.

  15. GOP FREAKING! ‘Hillary Clinton’s Flaws Being Obscured by Trump-Smoke!’

    “While the real estate mogul bloviates and offends large swaths of the American public, Clinton rides on as The Front-Runner in the Democratic Presidential Primary, Trump-Smoke Obscuring her own significant flaws.

    Just yesterday, for example, at a campaign stop in Ohio, Clinton Absurdly compared several GOP presidential candidates’ “Extreme Views About Women” to The Views of Terrorist Groups”.

    She said: “Now, Extreme Views About Women, we expect that from some of the Terrorist Groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the Modern World. But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans Who Want To Be The President Of The United States.”

    THE GOP KNOWS…They Are Losing 2016!

  16. Trump is the wild eyed freak of the right and Sanders is the wild eyed freak of the left. Neither are anything more than entertainment for their freakish followers. Neither will be of any consequence in the election.

  17. I want to know more about his stellar college education. I hope the NYT writes a great expose’ about his college education. Such a hypocrit.

  18. I have a sense that Trump has a personality disorder. Unfortunately, it is nothing medication can fix, it is characterological, and hearing stories from his past as far back as his youth, as cited above, being dismissed from an early age from a school because of behavioral problems, well that sums it up.

  19. I dont like how Trump calls his peers that arent as successful as himself “losers”. He tends to forget that when his peers were serving their country in Vietnam(losing life, limb, and peace of mind), he was a coward at home investing Daddy’s money. How dare he! Trump understands nothing about the office of the POTUS. An orange, obese,face like a blowup doll, twitchy, over arm-gesterer will never be President.

  20. …that was an essay, meant to be FICTION…and he already apologized for it…
    …you may now blow it outta the orifice o’ your choice; Troll…

  21. Lol, when I mentioned his 4 bankruptcies, some lickspittle told me it just showed trump’s business acumen.

  22. Are you sure Jesse Ventura supported waterboarding? I seem to recall him offering to waterboard Cheney, and being pretty outspoken about it being torture.

    Did he have a change of heart and initially support it?

  23. Donald Trump is white, rich, racist, petty, bossy, ridiculous and not afraid to expose his person to public execration. I suppose he has every “quality” necessary to be a US president now, but this certainly is not a compliment to him or to the country he wants to lead.

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