Bernie Sanders Busts The Media For Trying To Take Credit Away From His Campaign

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During an interview on ABC’s This Week, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders busted the media for trying take credit away from his campaign by turning his success into Hillary Clinton’s failure.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC CORRESPONDENT: Our thanks to John. Let’s go to straight to Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator, good morning. You saw those new poll numbers. Is Hillary Clinton’s campaign in trouble?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-VT), DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, I don’t know if her campaign is in trouble but our campaign is doing great. You know, it’s not just in Iowa; it’s in New Hampshire; it’s all across this country, Martha. I think people are responding to our message that something is wrong when the middle class of this country continues to disappear, people are working longer hours for lower wages, and almost all of the new wealth and income is going to the top 1 percent. That is not the type of country, not the type of economy that the American people want or deserve, and I think they’re prepared to support somebody who’s going to take on the billionaire class and make an economy for ordinary people, not just for the people on top.

RADDATZ: Well, Senator Sanders, Hillary Clinton has lost about a third of her supporters since May, but the polls don’t show those supporters, a significant number, are not heading your way. Why not, given what you’ve said?

SANDERS: Well, the polls that I saw said that there was massive enthusiasm for the message that we’re delivering, and that the vast majority of the people who are voting for me in that Iowa poll — and I think it’s true all over this country — are not necessarily anti-Hillary Clinton. They’re pro-Bernie Sanders, and they want a candidate who is not dependent upon super-PACs, a candidate who is prepared to take on and overturn this disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, help have the United States lead the world in combating climate change, make college affordable to all people.

I have to tell you, Martha, I think the gains that we are seeing, and the enthusiasm and the huge crowds that we are seeing, this is not anti-Hillary Clinton: this is pro-Bernie Sanders and pro a message that says enough is enough. This country and our government belong to all of us, not just a handful of very wealthy people.

Bernie Sanders caught Martha Raddatz red handed. She was pushing the conventional media spin that pro-Sanders people are anti-Clinton. The Des Moines Register poll of Iowa Democrats revealed that 96% of Sen. Sanders’ supporters are not anti-Clinton. Only 2% of Sanders supporters are doing so because they are anti-Clinton.

There are two reasons why the media is trying to take credit away from Bernie Sanders. First, the mainstream press has convinced themselves that the United States is a conservative country. The corporate press can’t comprehend that a liberal candidate is popular based on his ideas. Bernie Sanders doesn’t fit their pro-conservative bias, so they feel compelled to explain his success in a way that fits their model.

The media views elections as a zero sum game. It is impossible for many in the press to accept that Democrats don’t have to hate Clinton to support Sanders. The supporters of Bernie Sanders don’t hate Hillary Clinton as much as the press does, but the media is trying to use the success of Bernie Sanders to push their anti-Clinton message.

Bernie Sanders is successful because of his message. The fact that he isn’t running a campaign that attacks Clinton is only making Sen. Sanders more popular.

Not only is Sen. Sanders gaining supporters, but he is also challenging media bias and shattering the press’s horserace election coverage mentality.

50 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Busts The Media For Trying To Take Credit Away From His Campaign”

  1. the real problem for Bernie is how many rwnj’s pretend they support him on-line by stamping their widdle feetsies and whining how they will refuse to vote if Hillary gets the nomination. and some of his simpler supporters go right along with that…

  2. Is science also only 97% certain the planet isn’t flat?
    Note; It’s certainty not consensus. Know what you are “believing” in first.

    You can’t deny that through the last 34 years of climate action failure, CO2 science has been “97% certain” of their Armageddon actually happening and are not allowed to say it’s; “proven”? Seriously?
    Oh so that’s why it’s called; “belief”?
    34 MORE years of climate action failure to save the planet is 100% certain, deny that.

    REAL progressives didn’t WANT this CO2 misery to have been real for our children;
    *Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians.

  3. “they will refuse to vote if Hillary gets the nomination”
    Polls show that 98% of Bernie Sanders supporters are not supporting him because they are anti-Hillary. It is clearly understood in this campaign that Sanders supporters will support the Democratic nominee against the Republican.

  4. Bernie Sanders may not be anti Clinton, but a lot of his supporter sound that way. The divide and conquer mentality will lose this race for dems if thats how they play it.

  5. The corporate media gives Bernie the same treatment usually reserved for people like Hugo Chavez or other foreign leaders who are out of favor with the US establishment. This seems appropriate, since Bernie is no fan of the corporate media which is more interested in Donald Trump’s outrageous behavior than a discussion of serious policy questions affecting the 99%.

  6. Dear Francie,

    There is a difference between being anti-Hillary Clinton and supporting public policy with which Hillary Clinton disagrees.
    For example, many people believe the tax exempt status of the large charitable trusts deprives the US Treasury of billions of dollars each year and should be revoked unless the charity spends a set percentage (say 90%) of its income in the United States – and salaries and administrative expenses won’t count toward the percentage. You may perceive that as anti-Hillary Clinton (and Clinton may also), but others see this as an important public policy issue.
    As with all things, it depends on perspective and context.

  7. When Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a national co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, rigs the debates for Hillary, that creates as much a riff as anything. In 2008, after 18 primary debates, Hillary ran ads harshly criticizing Obama for not wanting to have more debates. Her campaigned argued that debates were important for the American people. However, now for the 2016 primary, Hillary is perfectly happy to have just six.

  8. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Needs To Go

    Posted by Zandar

    Yesterday I asked how Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz remained in charge of the DNC after making it pretty clear her loyalties were to Hillary Clinton and losing House seats stupidly. Today I’m convinced more than ever that it’s time for her to resign as chair of the DNC if this is true.

    Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz prevented consideration of a resolution at the party’s summer meeting here that praised President Obama and offered backing for the nuclear agreement with Iran, according to knowledgeable Democrats.

    The resolution was drafted with the intention of putting the national committee on record in support of the agreement as Congress prepares to take up the issue when members return from their August recess.

    As a fallback, James Zogby, the co-chair of the Resolutions Committee, led a move to prepare a letter of support for the president and the Iran agreement that eventually gained signatures from a sizable majority of the members of the national committee. Zogby said Saturday that, in the end, this produced a satisfactory outcome.

    “We wanted to show support for the president,” he said. “We found that the best way to show support was a letter that members would sign on to, and the overwhelming majority of DNC members signed onto the letter. This is the President Obama we elected in 2008 who said, ‘I choose diplomacy over conflict,’ and he did it.”

    A party spokeswoman and said procedural issues prevented the proposed resolution from being considered. She did not directly address Wasserman Schultz’s role in the decision-making. Other Democrats said that it was congresswoman’s direct opposition that blocked its consideration.

    Schultz has been an unmitigated disaster as DNC chair, with the Democrats losing the House and Senate under her tenure and giving Republicans that largest margin in the House in three generations. Now she sandbags the President on Iran?

    Unacceptable. She’s clearly more afraid of AIPAC than Democrats, and that alone is a serious problem. But when that turns into direct action against the President of her own party and his signature foreign policy achievment, she can’t be shown the door quickly enough.

    I’m tired of her losing. I’m tired of her running against Barack Obama and losing to Tea Party Republicans. I’m tired of her idiocy.

    She needs to go.

  9. Dear djchefron,

    As a person who lives in South Florida and in a district which borders on the district of Rep. Wasserman Schultz, her acts are clearly understandable. The Iran treaty is not popular in her district.

    People ask why isn’t it being considered as a “treaty” which needs the consent of the U.S. Senate. People believe it would be undemocratic to allow it to accepted even though a majority of the elected representatives in both the Senate and House of Representatives vote against it. Many believe that in a democracy the means of the process are more important than the ends and see the process of allowing a one-third minority to approve the treaty as a direct assault on the concept of a representative democracy.

    The resolution you support would add more fodder to those who would present a re-election challenge to Rep. Wasserman Schultz including those who would challenge her in the primary.

  10. This is why I hate polls and I am force to use them to bolster my position.

    Its no longer the merits of the issue its what some dumbass think like that women in Frank Luntz group who said she likes trump because his hat said he would make America great again.

    I don’t blame the idiocy of the American people I blame the media for feeding them this idiocy and for what?

    Your ratings are down. People would rather have the clap than believe what you are selling.

    This was the perfect time for the dickwads to actually ask Sen Sanders his platform on how he would fix this fuk up system.

    But no, we cant have that. They wasted his and mine time about what some dumbass who has been polled who don’t know shit what he thinks about that .

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  11. First the people in her district need to understand it is not a treaty but an agreement with other world powers to stop Iran from building a bomb. Second our national interest are not the Likud or Jewish interest because if they were scared of the boogey man islamist having the bomb then they would be raising hell about Pakistan. Report: Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal could become the world’s third-biggest Which I will remind you were financed by the Wahhabi’s of Saudi Arabia

    Her actions border on treason. You either support what is in the best interest of the country I took an oath to defend or you re an fifth columnist who because of other loyalties you are trying to destroy my country from whiten.

    If your loyalties are to Israel they have a policy where if you are a Jew then you have The Law of Return

  12. Thank you Bernie for standing up to the corporate media and refusing to allow them to drag you into the mud.

    The truth is, they would rather see candidates slinging mud at each other because that gives them something to report. You can bet dollars to donuts that if Bernie agreed with the supposition that Clinton’s campaign is faltering, they would trumpet that factoid from the highest rooftop. But instead he gives them factual statements about the current state of affairs in America, and they just scratch their heads and say “Whaaa?”

    Face it. We now live in an Idiocracy. The mainstream press are idiots, most of the candidates are idiots, and the people who support them are idiots.

    But hey! Let’s build a wall on the Southern border! That’ll show ’em.

  13. Bernie could have ran as the Independent he’s always claimed he is because, according to him, republicans and democrats are the same. How liberal or progressive can someone really be to believe that?

    But, Bernie cares about the people.

    If his message is the reason he’s generating numbers, why didn’t he run as an indy? Money. The DNC money to be exact. As an Independent, even if Sanders were to win the nominee, no way he’d have enough money to win game, set and match.

  14. Bernie is at least being covered and on the msm’s guest list. Just like in 2008 the media is only talking about Clinton if it’s negative, even Chuck Toad has Bernie on frequently. I keep getting attacked by so called Bernie supporters. I believe one of politicususa’s reporters wrote a very good article on progressive elitists who are bashing Hilary. I am supporting Hilary because I believe she is the most qualified in both domestic and foreign policy. But if she does not win the Democratic nomination I will certainly vote for Bernie. I’m not hearing that from Bernie supporters and I hope it is only because these anti-Hilary progressives are trolls. WE have to get Hilary or Bernie in the White House and Dems in the house and senate. It’s an absolute MUST, the consequences are too horrible to think about if we don’t. So I hope there is no device and these progressive elitist, anti-Clinton people are as I’ve said trolls or a tiny percentage. Hilary or Bernie, vote Democrat…

  15. I and many of the people I know who are most enthusiastic for #BernieSanders2016 weren’t Democrats before he ran. We are Independents, Democratic Socialists, disenfranchised Progressives, Greens, Occupiers, Ralph Naderites, and others (even some Republicans) who are only voting Democratic because of Sanders. We have only TEMPORARILY re-registered as Democrats to vote for Bernie in the Primary.

    I can’t support Hillary or any Republican because I don’t support war, more war, Wall St. bonus bailouts, the NSA, the TSA, the drug war, asset forfeiture, for-profit prisons, drone bombings, domestic spying, militarized police and torture. She also supports the TPP, Monsanto, Israel, the Keystone XL pipeline and fracking. I won’t support those policies no matter how they are packaged or marketed to me. Those are NOT Progressive values.
    I’ll add the facts that Billary REPEALED the Glass Steagall Act and opened the door to the mortgage crisis and bank crash of 2008, signed NAFTA, RFRA, …

  16. I personally agree with you on that subject, and yes context and perspective are important, but I don’t expect to agree with any candidate on every issue. What I want is someone with experience and knowledge of the issues and knows how to work tword achieving them. I respect Sanders and agree with a lot of his ideas but, he needs to muzzle some of his supporters. Some of these people may be trolls, but there’s a slew of them and not only on this site. Lets have the revolution after the election. One person can’t change things if we don’t concentrate on the big picture.

  17. So your saying he’ll take the DNC’s money to win the general. Won’t that be compromising his values? That’s money that I’m sure some of it came from corporate America. Won’t that then make him as beholden as any other candidate that has ever ran?

  18. Occupy Wall Street… are they still around?

    We had a Occupy gathering in my town and it was well attended. But then the “group” in New York went into this no leadership mode and sort of a “free for all” and most people (including me) that had gathered simply lost interest.

  19. notice how well he handled the gop talking points martha was tossing at him. brilliant. and he ate her lunch, and she knew it. this wasnt no walker high skool grad stupidity…

  20. They endorsed Bernie before he declared.

    His list of endorsements is fascinating in the “are you kidding me?!” way.

    Scroll down past real leaders who support Hillary till you hit Jesse Ventura. And if you think you see something impressive – google it and you will find out it isn’t at all and fits the rest of them. And he thinks calling him “Fringe” isn’t accurate?,_2016#cite_note-424

  21. You are arguing that you are temporarily democrats and that should make us give a crap how you vote? So what good are you if you only want him and are not there for the party? You help the GOP – the whole lot of you.

    You are the reason we lost seats in mid-terms if you do not vote for dems. You want to throw away your vote, go for it. I will party build for progress and our future.

    And using Billary shows ignorance. She is Hillary Rodham Clinton and has always had her own space.

  22. Can anyone share with me what about the below message is in any way offensive or inappropriate? ABC News banned my account 5 minutes after posting. I was posting on THIS article.

    I don’t understand how anyone would interpret Clinton losing support somehow doesn’t translate into support for Sanders. That’s exactly what it is. Support for Sanders. As a Sanders campaign volunteer, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with not supporting Clinton. It has to do with understanding this is the better message and the better candidate. I was one of the only people I knew in 2003 that stared unbelievably at the television wondering where investigative journalism was when we decided to invade another country. I said, this is another Vietnam. Why doesn’t anyone else see this? I never saw credible media reports of evidence of weapons of mass destruction. The group-think of 9/11 turned us into a police state. Very few people had the guts to see the truth and say it in 2003/4, but Bern…

  23. Good, it would be dumb to remove Drones from the arsenal.

    I just want to make sure they are used more sparingly, when there is no risk to civilians

  24. Bernie Sanders is a total fraud. He is nothing in his history like he is pretending to be now. And all that will come out when the GOP wants it to. Right now the Republicans are hoping like hell that he wins the nomination because they know they can win against him in a landslide. So they are focusing on Hillary Clinton because she’s the one the GOPers fear. They know she will whip their backsides in the general election.

  25. You wrote: ” It is clearly understood in this campaign that Sanders supporters will support the Democratic nominee against the Republican.” Excuse me, but it should be clearly understood that I will vote for Jill Stein should Sanders not receive the nomination, as I did in 2012. I refuse to give my vote to another Corporatist candidate. I support Socialist/Progressive ideals and will not vote a candidate who will not fight for those programs and policies. Will not cast a vote for either Biden or Clinton.

  26. The polls don’t bear out Hillary’s electability. In addition, in key swing states, her trustworthiness numbers are negative as well. Hillary is Bush Lite. Her tenure as Secretary of State only impresses those who ignore the steady deterioration of US foreign relations over the past few years, and her cabinet, like Obama’s, would reflect her donor base–Goldman Sachs, Morgan Chase, Lehman, CitiGroup–all of whom crashed the economy seven years ago. Sanders has proven his coalition-building ability in the Senate, and his state was the least affected by the meltdown at the end of Bush’s presidency. Feel the Bern!

  27. Bernie’s history is public record. The Republicans have nothing. No scandals, nothing but a record of fighting the money and greed of the bought and paid for Republican toadies in congress owned by the Koch brothers and their plan to buy the next president. The 99% are not going to let that happen. The 1%’s chickens are coming home to roost.

  28. WRONG. So you are saying a newspaper poll, in Iowa, that is 30 points different from a national company Iowa poll taken days before is credible for the whole nation.

    You are citing an Iowa poll. A very wrong Iowa poll at that.

    The bernouts aren’t against Hillary! Funny.

  29. oh and 51% of people they polled said if Clinton was not running then they would want a different candidate and were not happy with the other choices besides her.

    So we can cherry-pick to show what we want it to say.

    51% would not support Bernie. (or the others and would want Biden or Gore, etc. somebody who actually could win a general.)

  30. The reason Senator Sanders is treated that way is because they don’t want to upset their corporate bosses by being fair to him.

  31. I still fail to see the logic behind not voting if Senator Sanders does not get the nomination. If you view Secretary Clinton as part of the problem, she is still the lesser of the evils and allowing one of the right wingers in by not voting would be a childish way of cutting off one’s nose to spite their face.

  32. The day after the Minn DNC they released news on contracts between HFA and DNC in 4 states plus national DNC.

    They agree how to handle funds from her donors specifically “the lions share” of the DNC funds are of course from her backers.

    It states the party can use her funds now but must clear it with her campaign. She wants it to be used for building the party registration etc. She agrees to build her General money in their hands and not have access until after her nomination.

    The other candidates have not discussed agreements with state or national DNC and have not made legal proposals. Yet they are yelling the party is rigged.

    They have no long term plans. None.

    Bernie thinks DNC funds fall from the sky?

    His donors have to fund the party! They do not do so. Her’s do. And she is protecting their funds and building her long term war chest.

    Bernie is still working on securing the Vermont border. 2 or 3 offices in NH and not the 7 he promised by months end?

  33. … The divide and conquer mentality will lose this race for dems if thats how they play it….

    Yeah, you might want to tell that to Rin. Her arrogant divisiveness isn’t doing her candidate any favors. In fact, exactly the opposite.

  34. Bernie first, any Democrat second if we progressives allow a Republican to win by having the narrow mildness of not voting for whoever wins the primaries then we deserve exactly what we get. Please stop the squabbling, don’t waste your vote on someone who can’t win a general election and allow someone like Scrump in the white house.
    For real News check out Free Speech TV.

  35. I’m with Jewel on that one, as distasteful as I find Hillary Clinton. I’d much rather have Elizabeth Warren be our first woman president, but Hillary (Bush Lite) is at least a less potent evil than any of the GOP choices.

  36. Most supporters of the Bernie campain don’t dislike Clinton. They would certainly support her before any of the morons the republican party have thrown out. I would prefer a person who has lived by his ideals all of his political life.

  37. Could not agree more. I know some people will not support Hillery no matter what and the reasons are valid, but lets be practical. The Republicans have a group of very unsavory charactors. Some are bigots and racists. The others seem to be capable of changing their beliefs overnight to suit the need and are spinless. There are even a couple of well meaning types who just don’t seem to have much brainpower. I’d love to see Biden or Warren before Hillery but if not Bernie than I’ll happily hold my nose and vote for Hillery.

  38. I am not a temp. Democrat. I’m not a democrat of any kind. I would vote republican it they had the better candidate. True, I have never voted the past but I’ll never take an oath to vote the straight dem. ticket. I think most people feel that way. It’s called having and useing the brain in your head!

  39. I dont understand why a careful consideration of all the candidates,regardless of party is seen as a weakness of charactor.Voting the straight dem or rep ticket always seemed the lazy thing to do.

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