Scott Walker Crumbles When Asked Why Obama’s Wisconsin Approval Rating Is Higher Than His

scott walker meet the press

During an interview on Meet The Press, Gov. Scott Walker crumbled and couldn’t explain why President Obama has higher approval ratings in his home state of Wisconsin than he does.


Transcript via Meet The Press:

CHUCK TODD: New poll that was out this week in your home state. You’re at 39% job approval. Barack Obama’s at 48%. Why does he have a higher job rating in Wisconsin than you do?

GOV. SCOTT WALKER: Well, you know, four years ago, I was so low in the polls they called me “Dead Man Walker,” because back then, we were pushing big, bold reforms, kind of like the big, bold reforms, again, we push in this latest budget. A year later, I won the recall with a higher percentage of votes, a higher number of votes.

Why? Because our reforms worked. For all the hype and hysteria of the 100,000 protestors, our schools are better. In fact, ACT scores, again, are second best in the country. Our graduation rates are up. Our third-grade reading scores are up.

The same thing will hold true here when people see that, for students like my son, who’s a junior at The University of Wisconsin, the reforms are going to work there, as well. Property taxes continue to go down. When people see the benefits of our reforms, just like they did four years ago, I think our numbers will go up again.

Walker couldn’t answer the question because an honest answer would have forced him to admit that his policies have made him unpopular in his home state. Later, in the same interview Walker also fumbled a question about why Minnesota has economically outperformed Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is failing as a presidential candidate because his positions are often contradictory and inconsistent. Walker is unpopular in Wisconsin, and he looks like a candidate that is in way over his head on the national stage.

The idea that the people of Wisconsin will begin liking Scott Walker is almost as delusional as Chris Christie’s claim that his approval ratings are bad because the people of New Jersey are mad at him for running for president. Three of the currently Republican governors who are also presidential candidates have horrible approval ratings in their states.

Govs. Bobby Jindal (R-LA), Chris Christie (R-NJ), and Scott Walker (R-WI) have all tried to implement the Koch agenda, and the result has been awful approval ratings. In contrast, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio has watched his approval rating skyrocket after he moved to away from the far right and more towards the middle.

The people of Wisconsin are rejecting Scott Walker and his Koch puppet agenda. The bad news for Wisconsin is that they are likely to get Walker back as their governor because his presidential campaign is going nowhere fast.

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  1. The Kochs like stupid Snot Walker because he knows his place and will not put up a fight when they really start to destroy our country. The last 30 years have been nothing but a buildup to makeover America in their own twisted and evil vision.

    These monsters have to be stopped because owning the President is the ultimate step to their agenda.

  2. What a marooon! Wouldn’t we be the envy of the world with that retard as our president. Can’t you just imagine a picture with him and world leaders. He’ll be the one in the helmet to protect his soft spot, in case someone throws a shoe.

  3. I’d say that Walker’s success is due to a loyal base of illiterate white trash, Maxie.

    I mean, who else would consider voting for the man? No sane or literate person would ever consider doing so, Maxie.

  4. Because the election was in summer and the Kochs poured huge amounts of money into his campaign…and, because the Democrat did not get into the campaign right away waiting for the recall or other people to jump in. Feingold woudnt run, Barrett is not a forceful campaigner.

  5. dead between the ears… he is now saying we need to build a wall with Canada to keep them out too. A moron and a KochRoach

  6. To hell with a drink someone give me a big fat fuking joint so I can cope with this idiocy
    Scott Walker: A Wall On The Canadian Border “A Legitimate Issue”

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), a staunch advocate of beefing up security on the southern border, said Sunday he is open to building a wall on the U.S. border with Canada as well.

    The Republican presidential candidate said the idea of building a northern wall was brought up to him during a recent town hall in New Hampshire.

    “That is a legitimate issue for us to look at,” Walker said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

  7. I think the big surprise for me was that there was a question by Chuck Todd that actually made a Republican stumble.

  8. Oooh sick burn!

    Todd: “President Obama is more popular than you in your own home state. How do you explain that?”

    Walker: “Uhhhh… Let’s build a wall across the Canadian border!”

    Todd: “Sounds reasonable”

  9. I agree with you Runako. Chuckie asking an intelligent question is rather hard to believe. He will correct that mistake next week I’m sure.

  10. Uh Scott, your constituents have already assessed your impact on Wisconsin, and to quote a line from a popular movie:
    “You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have absolutely been found wanting.”

  11. Now that Carson is only 5 points behind Trump I suppose we can expect him to start bashing him. This should be interesting.

  12. Hmm. Any particular part of Canada we should wall off first? Scott. Or just start patrolling the Great Lakes looking for the bad guys. Are you really this stupid? Scott.

  13. He asked a good question because while he is bought off and therefore has to be a certain kind of journalist now, there is still a part of him that still knows he wanted to be something better when he first started out. So he rebels. Nobody likes to be someone’s toady. Even if you took money and agreed to it for the cash.

  14. Maxie,
    That is the kind of ignorant question that stupid people ask. With a little bit of google searching you can find the answer to your fake, bullshit question.

    1. Gerrymandering
    2. Outside money spent on not only Walkers campaing but the supreme court.
    3. Walker LIED CONSTANTLY to appear more moderate than he really is.
    4. You cant count the recall as an election as many on the left and middle saw it as unjust and choose not to participate .
    5. Walker did NOT campaign on ACT 10, never, not once did he mention it – among other things he changed his stance on after he was in office.

    This list can go on and on and on… but people like you, who lack critical thinking skills and are hopelessly blinded by your suburban hate will continue to parrot the “three elections” bullshit talking point.

    Walker is a fraud and his approval rating drop is proof that the MAJORITY of WI citizens are starting to see him for what he really is. A bought and paid for stooge who will do anyt…

  15. That’s his natural appearance. He should be credited, however, with the ability to look stupid, bored, drunk, and cynical all at once.

  16. Because he outspent his opponent 12 to 1 with out of state money (Koch money) and even then he only barely beat his opponent.

  17. his presidential campaign is going nowhere fast

    Can’t disagree.

    Walker is becoming the 2016 version of Tim Pawlenty and he seems to be struggling to distinguish himself in a crowded field.
    If I were advising him, I would say he’s coming across as too much of a consensus sniffer. And hiring Dayspring didn’t help his credibility with the right.
    (After all…you are known for the company you keep.)

    He needs to jettison his current playbook or he’ll be gone before Iowa.

  18. Hitler had people tattooed with numbers, but since we’ve evolved so much since then, bar codes would probably be the choice of Herr Christie.

  19. He needs to jettison his current playbook or he’ll be gone before Iowa.
    What part of we who are sane don’t want the kochs agenda you don’t understand? Now granted republican voters are idiots but did you really think in the general he stood a chance?

  20. He can start by PERSONALLY beginning construction a thousand feet down in Superior.
    Can you imagine the cheers from Wisconsinites?

  21. What would The Scott Walker Canadian Border Wall look like?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Scott Walker has proposed a complete Canadian Border wall reminiscent of East Germany, so what could it look like and are the Koch Brothers willing to pay for it? Would we all sniff a line of the Great Wall of Koch, knowing that “The U.S.-Canada boundary is the longest international border in the world at 8,891 kilometres.”

  22. Some had high hopes for Walker as a bridge candidate between the moderate and conservative wings of the party. No crossover appeal for you I know, but not many candidates can really boast about that.

    Can’t say Walker ever impressed me all that much.
    Now he’s running for president of some other old, duller planet I think.

  23. Because the Democratic candidate once worked for Governor Doyle, who also was not very popular with Wisconsinites. So instead of looking at her as an individual candidate, they concluded that she had nothing more to offer than what Doyle did. Make no mistake, this state is hurting.As an state employee, take home pay is currently less than in 1993 because of Walkers reforms. He governs for the Kochs…

  24. I have no appeal for republicans what so ever. The days of Javits , Nelson Rockefeller, Dick Lugar, Jack Kemp and all the rest of moderates are long gone. Your party has descended into a white nationalist party. Deal with it

  25. Incomplete map! Don’t forget about Alaska/BC and Alaska/Yukon!

    I’d heard Walker was really dumb (and bounced out of college for cheating) but this really takes the cake.

  26. I’m serious with my question. How else would he be able to tell at all times where a person is, but with a tracking device? Talk about big brother government! Can you imagine? Isn’t something like this micro chip part of the end times?

  27. Your party has descended into a white nationalist party. Deal with it
    I don’t agree with your assessment but it doesn’t matter. Think what you like…we’re all entitled to that and I’m not here to convince you of anything.

    But it does rumple my crumpets when you insist that the Republican party is MY party when I have repeatedly said I’m not a Republican.
    I remain without a party, a disenchanted vessel floating adrift.
    My belief, if you really want me to be honest, if you can really can handle my truth, is that the good old days of “good guys vs. bad guys” are gone.
    Now it’s just “which flavor of corruption do you like better?”

    Agree or not…. but convincing me of anything else isn’t likely to happen either.



    “It is an indisputable fact that implantable RFID chips are possible in humans. They’re already being used now in animals, and some human hobbyists have them implanted in their hands. The technology already exists; that’s without question, but it hasn’t been perfected. So far, legislation has moved away from forced implants, with several states making it illegal for employers to force employees to get microchipped. Despite this, the fact remains that RFID microchipping is a way to identify and potentially track humans, and to have all of the corresponding information stored in a database. Essentially, the microchip would act in a more robust way than smart phones do now: tracking, recording and storing complete information about a person for commercial, medical, identification and possibly, law enforcement purposes.”

  29. The Koch brothers bought his victory just like they bought off any potential charges from the pending investigation and had it shut down. Just more proof of how dangerous the Koch brothers truly are. If they can buy a Governor’s election and help Walker avoid prison, unlike his former staff members who weren’t so lucky, what else will they try to buy? A President, that’s what’s next on their agenda and we have to stop them now.

  30. Charlie, When you had such HIGH hopes for Scott Walker, didn’t you realize how he was being Funded by Big Money’s Goal to Destroy Unions?

    “Gov. Scott Walker’s Big Money Backers Include 13 Out-Of-State Billionaires”:

    And Check this out:

    “The Koch Brothers and the Danger of American Plutocracy”

  31. In 2014, there were 15 close elections that the Koch brothers targeted.Early polls had these 15 states-52-48, close.They slathered TV money at their candidates so that they would have a 5 or6 to 1 advantage[yea citizens united]. The GOP won all 15 elections by this move.Walker in june of 2012 won the run off because he had a 10-1 advantage with 74 percent of his money coming from OUTSIDE Wisconsin! That’s why he won…corruption.

  32. A lot of lies in a short answer. First, the ACT scores, according to the ACT website, are the same in 2014 as 2015 for Wisconsin, and WI did not test 100% of students.
    Second, they are not 2nd highest in the country, unless you remove the 20 or so between 2nd and where ever WI is….
    Third, would those scores really move that fast and would it really be because of Walker? No, those kids have been school for many years by that point.
    Fourth, Walker won the recall because of the Koch money and the rampant racism in WI that Walker has been stoking like mad for decades.

  33. I don’t think Scott Walker and the word “legitimate” should ever be used in the same sentence.

    Wonder if the Koch dynasty will finally kick this guy to the curb eventually and invest…uhmmmmm Cruz?

  34. Really think it’s the Koch’s idea of A presidential candidate…Walker is just their man. Does with out asking questions, as long as there is that fat wad of cash in the end. Walker and Cruz two of the most sleazy people living. along with all the other creepy, slimy rethug candidates. Koch’s Idea of coming America.

  35. “Crumbles”? Hardly. He stayed on message and responded directly. He was deceptive and misleading, but he was much less evasive than liars normally are.

    “Crumbles” is the same kind of propaganda used by the right wing. It’s dishonest, inaccurate, and earns disrespect. We can’t defeat the right wing by being like them.

  36. WoW!!! can’t believe he really said that..
    Now what do you suppose he will do with the other boarders. You know the east coast and the west coast?? Floating walls??

  37. And the GOP bucket carrying Todd didn’t challenge those numbers, because he’s useless as a reporter.
    Walker won against the recall because the Koch Bro. poured money into the effort to keep him propped up.

  38. Gerrymandering? I know that works for electing a Representative to The House, but when it comes to Governor, isn’t that done by statewide majority? That’s the way it’s done here in Pennsylvania. Does Wisconsin somehow vote for their Governor by district?

  39. A good part of the reason he won the recall was the Democratic Candidate. The Dems ran he same man who had lost to Walker in the general election. They should have run a left/progressive candidate.

  40. If Obama is so unpopular why did he get re elected 2 times, and why does he have higher approval numbers than walker in walkers own state? the fact is walker has killed education in WI, he has fallen 180,000 jobs short of his promise of 250,000 jobs, his 2.8 BILLION dollar deficit has killed middle class families, he has made it easier for criminals to get illegal firearms in WI, he has killed what used to be strong WI unions, and now the majority of people do not like him. in the middle of the night he tried to pass a law that would have sealed the politicians records , if that ever went through no one in WI would ever know where all the money is going, who voted for what, and why. luckily for the WI voters a democrat revealed this slimy and shady attempt at another law designed to kill transparency. He has gotten the people of WI nothing but pain , misery, and lack of hope. but plenty of poverty, plenty of unemployment, plenty of fire arms and families on welfare. Walker is a scumbag

  41. One of the reasons is the following: “…as of May 21 (2012), the last disclosure deadline before recall election day, Walker had raised $30.5 million, while Tom Barrett had raised $3.9 million, according to public disclosure reports tallied by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

    The reason Walker could exceed the state’s legal limit on donations of $10,000 per donor is due to a 1987 loophole… providing an exception for any incumbent targeted by a recall.

    As a result, Walker received-seven-figure donations from 3 of the nation’s top 10 Super PAC donors…”

    Being able to raise 10 times the money of your opponent because there is no limit on contributions for the incumbent is a huge advantage. Also, the amount of outside RW groups that supported Walker had a big impact. David Koch gave 1 million to a group supporting Walker.

  42. Well, you know, four years ago, I was so low in the polls they called me “Dead Man Walker,” because back then, we were pushing big, bold fuckovers, kind of like the bigger, bolder fuckovers, again, we push in this latest budget. A year later, I rigged the recall with a higher percentage of votes, a higher number of votes.


  43. Sir,
    Would you please deign to inform me and others why you need to use pejoratives(insults)in your reply to Maxie?

    You exposed yourself as being a troll in the style of the majority of ignorant comments in the style of those at AOL, Yahoo, breitbart and etc.

    Is it beyond your level of communication expertise to make points without insulting someone?

    There are many commenters with whom I disagree however, insulting them would say something negative more about me than who I attempt to insult.
    Apparently you do not understand how that works.
    I expect you to come back at me with empty insults now butt, since I’m ok with myself, I’ll just allow those insults to reflect upon you while they just roll off of me.
    BTW-I live in WI and 100% detest the koch sucker.
    OK, your turn.

  44. 47 counties use voting machines apparently made by a company run by a mother & son of questionable ethics run out of a strip mall in Minnesota, where Michele Bachmann had/has an office down the hall.

    For one thing.
    For another the Punk Walker only got a bit more than 1 in 4 eligible voters…

  45. Watch them go after the Public Employees Pension Fund next…in keeping with their Corporate Raiding blueprint applied to States.

  46. Maxie2014, he got re-elected in Wisconsin because he lied to us and many people believed him. I never voted for him but I have friends who voted for him three times who say they will never vote for him again. He’s become especially unpopular here because of he cut public education and the university, and then gave a huge sum ($250 million) of tax-payer money for a pro-basketball arena. We also pay for his security detail as he jet-sets around the world, running for President. He’s barely in Wisconsin these days. Oh, and the property tax cuts he brags about amounted to $5 for most families.

  47. You are absolutely correct.The Koch brothers want to take the White House and make it there own.They want to implement their own brand of religion and we all will be their slaves.Instead of The United States Of America,it will be The United States Of The Koch Brothers.They will make America into what the USSR used to be.

  48. Wisconsin has a ways to go but it is following down the path of states like Kansas and Louisiana. Only takes a few consecutive terms similar to Walker and the ball will be rolling.

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