Bernie Sanders Drops A Bomb On The Media, “This Campaign Is Not Against Hillary Clinton.”

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After MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell tried to get Bernie Sanders to attack Hillary Clinton’s emails, the Democratic candidate said, “This campaign that I am running, let me reiterate is not against Hillary Clinton, or anybody else.”


After Andrea Mitchell asked Sen. Sanders about Clinton’s emails and her use of a private email server, he said, “This campaign that I am running, let me reiterate is not against Hillary Clinton, or anybody else. It is for an American people who are sick and tired of seeing the middle-class disappear and huge numbers of people living in poverty, As a candidate what I am going to do, Andrea, is focus on the real issues facing the American people.”

What the media can’t comprehend is that Bernie Sanders is running a positive campaign about issues. The small group of Clinton haters on the left who insist on using their support for Bernie Sanders to attack Hillary Clinton have got it all wrong.

The bigger goal for Sen. Sanders is to build a movement that will give power back to the poor and the middle-class. Sanders is out to take on the billionaires who are trying to buy the government. He is not interested in attacking Hillary Clinton. He definitely wants to win the Democratic nomination, but the nomination would be a means to an end, not the end itself.

Recently, Sarah Jones published an editorial that defended Bernie Sanders and his supporters from a small group of people who are using his candidacy as a vehicle to attack other Democrats. Sen. Sanders himself is disavowing this kind of behavior. Jones was correct. People should be loud and proud in their support for Sen. Sanders. He is running a dignified campaign of integrity that is focused on the issues.

Anyone, whether they are in the media or claiming to be a supporter, who uses Sen. Sanders to attack others is distracting from the message of his campaign. The Sanders campaign is not about the former Secretary of State and what she is doing right or wrong.

As difficult as it is for many to understand, Bernie Sanders is on a mission to change this country, and attacking Hillary Clinton only distracts from the larger goal.

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29 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Drops A Bomb On The Media, “This Campaign Is Not Against Hillary Clinton.””

  1. To Bad MSNBC didn’t clean house starting at 12:00 instead of from 1-7 pm

    They better not give Michael Eric Dyson, the Blackademic Ed’s old show either.

  2. Now if only the Clinton supporters would do the same in return. They are only hurting Hillary by smearing Bernie instead of sticking to the issues.

  3. I don’t see Clinton supporters bashing Bernie. I love both of them. I sent money to both. I am more inclined to believe that GOP trolls are pretending to be Democrats and bashing Sanders. He and Hillary respect each other. So do the supporters.

  4. That is exactly why I like Senator Sanders. He has no qualms about correcting the media who are looking for a mud fight. A campaign on the issues isn’t sensational enough for them. They are in it for the ratings, not the actual campaign. This is why they don’t call out the Republican lies spouted every day as if they were truths. Journalism and real news are dead in this country. Ratings generating sensationalism is what it’s all about now.

  5. Truth Bomb: The US has a Spending and Accountability Problem. The Pentagon lost 8.5 Trillion which would feed the whole world ten times over. The Federal Reserve spent 5 Trillion saving the banks in the US and then spent more without authorization from Congress or the President on Foreign Banks and Corporations. The Congress spends $5.2 Trillion annually on the Big Oil Companies in subsides and benefits. It would only take a small percentage of this waste and fraud to feed the whole world, only $500 Billion. So what are the candidates going to do about this?
    1. The Pentagon Corporate War Machine loses $8.5 trillion dollars that would feed the whole world 10 times over.
    2. The Federal Reserve Audit shows The Fed spent trillions without authorization from Congress or the President.

  6. Watched a video last night that makes me think twice…’Maybe Bernie’.
    You must watch the entire video it’s amazing what’s happening at America’s TOP!

    “Moyers & Company Show 141:Plutocracy Rising”

    It’s long 56-Minutes but more interesting as time goes on…It really blew me away!

  7. the only PUMA-style BS I have seen has been from Sanders supporters, they are the only ones i have seen say they will not vote if he does not get the nomination

  8. Moyers came out for Bernie long ago – one of his first endorsements, I believe.

    He has radical ideas all around, just check out his articles and their lack of perspective and check out his attacks on Obama – saying he pulled a fast one on TPP etc., etc. He is fringe, Suga, I won’t even waste time watching it, he was always a bit of a whack-a-doodle:

  9. Good on Bernie for refusing to get dragged into the mud that the MSM are slinging. Even CNN and MSNBC, formerly respectable news agencies, are in on the action. NOBODY outside the Beltway gives a flying frack about Hillary’s emails because anybody with half a brain in their head knows that GOP politicians ROUTINELY delete old emails and cover up the paper trail that would incriminate them and send them to prison.

    This whole email faux-scandal absolutely stinks to high heaven. The hypocrisy is absolutely stunning. These people are reduced to just making shit up about her and nothing sticks, so they just make more shit up, day after day.

    I hope at the end of all this Bernie does win, because it will prove once and for all that reasonable people are not paying any attention or heed to the lying MSM.

  10. Look at his last few articles on the link above, his three on fast-track and TPP are not very “journalistic” – he is nasty as can be to Obama and treats him as a con-man.

  11. I watched Plutocracy Rising & I too found it eye opening. From everything I heard this is exactly what Bernie is telling us & is exactly what we are faced with in our country today. This discussion took place in 2012 & they were talking about a “Bernie Sanders” type being needed.I hope the voters listen.

  12. This guy is all class and substance. Not sure how anyone could not support him with all the problems America has. He’s a massive breath of fresh air with all the corrupt, incompetent politicians around.

    And don’t ever insult him by comparing him to that narcissist Trump. They are at opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to class and authenticity. Trump has no class or substance whatsoever.

  13. One doesn’t have to hate Hillary to love Bernie Sanders. I dislike Hillary intensely for her corporate pandering and hypocrisy, but she’s light-years ahead of any GOP candidate. Sanders supporters should remember Bernie’s vow NOT to run as a third party candidate, and in the unfortunate circumstance of Hillary’s nomination, swallow their pride and vote for her anyway. After all, that’s what Bernie will do if he loses the nomination. The GOP preaches the Gospel Of Perdition, and I for one refuse to believe in it.

  14. Sorry to say, SallyinMI, but Hillary uses surrogates to attack Bernie. Her favorite is Claire McGaskill. That way she looks sweet and innocent but her message gets out. Check out Debbie-Wasserman Schultz too. She has directed the DNC with a Hillary win in focus.

  15. My fellow Bernie supporters: At some point, if this is going to work, Bernie needs to get everyone to make a commitment. To convert 10 voters, including strangers, to vote for Bernie Sanders for president 2016. We will have to win this by organized outpouring of voters. We all have a part to do, if we are gonna change this country.

    But about the video, I think Bernie should scold the media for the questions they ask, in the moment, and have a tactful response that leaves them feeling inadequate and embarrassed. Most of this interview was trying to goat Bernie.

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