Deplorable Donald Trump Goes Full Racist With Willie Horton Style Ad Attacking Latinos


Donald Trump has a new ad out Monday morning, taking aim at Latino immigrants by giving the impression that they are all murderers. The ad is so ugly and fear-mongering it’s being dubbed a Willie Horton ad by the media.

The problem, according to Donald Trump, is that Jeb Bush loves too much. He needs to “forget love” and “get tough”.

Watch here:

This is no "act of love" as Jeb Bush said…

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

The ethics of using individuals’ alleged criminal history to fear-monger with — the first man is only “charged” with a crime, not even convicted yet — are dubious at best. It’s certainly not good leadership for reasons that should be clear to everyone.

The ad is also utterly distorting Jeb Bush’s position. Bush simply pointed out that a lot of people who are crossing our borders illegally do so out of love for their family.

What Jeb Bush said:

JEB BUSH: There should be penalties for breaking the law. But, the way I look at this, and this is not, you know — I’m going to say this, and it will be on tape, and so be it. The way I look at this is someone who comes to our country because they couldn’t come legally, they come to our country because their family’s dad who loves their children was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table, and they wanted to make sure their family was intact. And they crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family.

Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s kind of — it’s a, it’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family. I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime that should be, there should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t be — it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families. And the idea that we’re not going to fix this but with with comprehensive reform ends up trapping these people, when they could make a great contribution for their own their families but also for us.

Lack of facts has never stopped Trump before, but this level of overt Republican racism has not been on display since the original Willie Horton ad in 1988.

Video of Willie Horton ad:

On the surface, Trump’s ad is targeting Jeb Bush, but the message of the ad is that Latino immigrants are murderers. The video is racially divisive fear mongering at its worst.

Donald Trump is not only destroying Jeb Bush. He is taking down the Republican Party, and handing the White House to Democrats in 2016.

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47 Replies to “Deplorable Donald Trump Goes Full Racist With Willie Horton Style Ad Attacking Latinos”

  1. …”Goes full blown racists”!?! You cannot go where you already are..well actually tRUMP “goes” where he is at! He craps every where and wallows in it. tRUMP is a vile narcissistic toad! but to some it’s ok because he’s rich…even to people who dislike the wealthy.

  2. Does this thing just recycle? And is the subtext that Jeb Bush is married to,and the forbear of, racially subversive persons?

  3. Please please PLEASE let this ad be shown on Spanish TV. Preferably with the caption “This is what Donald Trump thinks of us”.

    I guarantee you that November 2016 is going to be a SLAUGHTER. Even if Trump somehow loses the primary, the stench of his campaign will be enough to drive Latinos out in droves.

  4. I dunno, but I have a strange feeling that Trump, obviously know that his antics and words are hurting the Republican’s image and favoritism among Latinos and everyone else in general. So, I conclude that it is willful and premeditated….in Order to screw up the Republican machine. And, make sure that their brand is so sullied, nobody in their right minds would want any part of it. In other words—He’s a Democratic operative, he’s working from the inside to destroy the Republican machine. Create chaos, dysfunction, on the inside. Disgust at them from the outside. And most of all, make sure that none of the candidates look as favorable alternatives to him. In the end, if he becomes their nominee, will guarantee our Democrat will once again rule in the White House.

  5. I really think that the Donald is a Democratic plant, meant to point out the glaringly obvious shortcomings of the Republican party, which the rest of the candidates are only brave enough to blow a dog whistle about.

  6. Come on, nobody can actually be surprised by this crap. This moron’s ONLY platform is being anti-immigrant, and he’s gonna ride this idiot train as far as it will take him. I always knew that Republicans were hateful bigots, but I had NO IDEA how bad it was until this summer.

  7. ibwilliamsi:

    He is certainly airing their “Dirty Laundry” in ways that was never done before.

  8. I saw an article on CNN about a reporter roundtable where one of the topics they discussed “was how will the RNC snuff out Trump before he destroys them” lol.

  9. Confederates will need 32% of the minority vote to win the WH in the next election.

    Romney only got 17%. He got 27% of the Latino vote.

    African Americans only make up 2% of Confederate voters.

    At the rate trump is going. That Latino vote is going to look like African Americans in the next election.

    Thanks Trump. You are putting the final nail in the coffin of the Confederate party when it comes to ever winning the WH again.

    Go Trump Go!

  10. scumbag who HATES women, but says the opposite

    “Trump’s first wife, Ivana, told reporters, “He was obsessed with having unprotected sex with me at all moments of the day, and I got pregnant ten times during our marriage. The first time he just scowled and said ‘you’re getting an abortion’ even though I wanted to keep the baby. I had no choice at all. He wouldn’t even pull out.”

  11. …becoming clear the Teatards love only themselves…Trump shows this in digital clearness, if he IS a plant set to destroy the Republican’t Potty, his cover is PERFECT, he spent years perfecting this image as the perfect, self-serving, narcissistic heartless “F”ing bastard…
    …then again, that could be just who he IS…time will tell…

  12. He wants to get the Latinos riled up to start “acting-up” & causing trouble to justify his position.

    Trump has stuck a cord with the many whitefolks that feel “left-out” and want “Dr Kildare” to be treating their aches and pains although he only lived on TV and a society of “Father knows best” that never existed.

    Trump wants the people distracted, and not to ask questions as to how he got so rich, and how he cheated the workers for his buildings by holding what he owed them and satying : “you can sue me” and hold 20% of their bill, small contractors would lose money either way.So, they cut their
    loses and move on. If you do not pay full prices for anything and cheat people of their profits, soon you will have more $$$$

    He is running to make more $$$$, not for the wealth of the Nation, nor for the well being of the citizens.

  13. Andy, I’m not sure that article is real. It doesn’t show who wrote it, doesn’t says who the reporters are, it just feels fake. But sounds about right, lol.

  14. Though a favorite stunt of sadistic misogynists is to knock up women and make them abort, women in that socioeconomic stratum don’t go to Planned Parenthood. They go to “ski medicine clinics” in Switzerland. I’d hold off on that one without credible confirmation.

  15. Whether he’s in it for himself or a Democrat plant, I don’t really care so long as he exposes the Republicans and their base for what they truly believe. Years ago, Republicans may have just believed in a different way of doing things, but then Rush Limbaugh and Fox “News” came along and and the purging of moderates began. There are no moderates left now, so they are now purging those who are not extreme right wingers. This can only continue for so long before the Republican Party is only a handful of people.

  16. This is Nixon’s “sothern stragety” taken to it’s ultimate, logical conclusion. Aim your message at disaffected white people who think they aren’t doing so well but don’t know why. They no longer need to be southerners, just anybody that needs a target for pent up hatred and bigotry. Republicans have been tiptoeing around overt racism for years. It’s a ball Trump is grabbing and running with. Hopefully saner minds will prevail. But since history is filled with examples of demagouges using the same stragety to rise to power I have a bad feeling about this guy.

  17. Donald Trump is not remotely entertaining and I don’t care if he’s helping the Democrats, what he is doing is DANGEROUS.

    This won’t die down, don’t you see? He’s stirring up even more hate than Palin did. That hatred didn’t die down and now it’s GROWN with Trump.

    There will be another one, win or lose. There will be another Palin, another Trump, and the hate will just ramp up even more.

    This is not funny at all.

  18. Quite right. Even if he’s just screwing with everybody’s heads, the results are real and lasting.

    I think he started this as a blackmail operation to get the Republican party to give him what he wants, but now he thinks he can ride it to the ultimate trophy– the White House.

  19. A post with a ONE LETTER NAME and NO IDENTITY musing about what’s “real”?

    Talk about the fake calling the phony a liar.

  20. Trump and the rest of the want-to-be’s, are playing a very dangerous game. This Country is full of mindless impressionable people, ever willing to blame others for their personal problems. Ramping up racism is vile and irresponsible. How can anyone vote for candidates like that? Illegal scapegoats are only a perceived problem, because Republicans insist they are. I call BS!!! I personally don’t care if they live here or not. They don’t affect my life negatively. There is no job they do, that anyone I know is willing to even take. When I go to the grocery store, I want it filled with all the meat they cut, as well as the fruits and vegetables they pick. I don’t want to go hungry any more than they do. If I had to risk everything to cross the border to feed my family, you can bet I would! These people don’t want to get caught and sent back. Most are very law abiding and DO PAY sales taxes. They are decent people overall, and serve a valuable purpose in our society, unlike politician…

  21. Trump as president would be the same as having a North Korean president. Chilling that people still think he’ll “make America great again”. Based on what’ separating people by race and creed? Trump’s a spoiled thug, not worthy to step foot on the White Lawn!

  22. There’re still Republican moderates. They just don’t have elected officials who represent their interests. The politicos are too busy pandering to plutocrats, the gun lobby, and religious extremists.

    BTW: RepMods believe in small government, social equality, fiscal conservatism, common sense, and a strong military. Many cheered the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality in June.

    Maybe this election cycle they’ll help bring an end to the far right’s efforts to turn the USA into a plutocratic theocracy. (sigh)

  23. I’m thinking the same scenario Thomas, Donald is making the GOP scared #hitless. Got Rancid Penis thinking of heading to Antarctica to hide with the seals.

  24. Trump is getting results by raising hysteria with the right ‘call words’ – he gets that ‘yeah! yeah!’ response every time, and he doesn’t offer any actual solutions except drama and nonsense – the people following him don’t even seem to realize what he is doing, but it is not honest campaigning on political ideas, it is all about getting their ‘knickers in a twist’ over some perceived lack in their own lives, which they have to find a target to blame. ‘Those others’ are now the target, and the stupid ones want that man Trump to get the Presidency because he sounds as tho’ he hates the same things they hate – what a ludicrous situation !!
    I would love to see the results of this projected forward, since only when they see what a Prez Trump would actually do would they realize what a ‘crock’ this is, but as a fair-minded human it is a terrifying prospect !

  25. Trump’s brand of racism is merely a symptom of the systemic racism that controls the politics of the United States. Do not think for a moment that the young thugs riding around in VA, NC, SC, KY and elsewhere with a confederate flag billowing from the bed of their rusty old trucks don’t see these ads as a promise to
    “take our country back…” from the n*gg*rs who stole it in 2008.
    Since 1968 the GOP has pandered to the southern redneck racists and the price they are willing to pay has steadily increased.

  26. Jeb Isn’t Tough Enough

    I kind of wanted to claw my eyeballs out after reading Ann Althouse’s take on Donald Trump’s emasculation of Jeb Bush. She is one strange lady. But I will say this: it’s never good when a male politician is made to look weak, and it’s particularly devastating when the office they seek is the presidency of the United States of America.

    Donald Trump may mince around like a showgirl in Ms. Althouse’s imagination, but he’s got a left hook like Joe Frazier and he’s knocked Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham, and Jeb Bush flat on their asses.
    Read More

  27. He also said that his comments toward Mexicans are racist and outrageous.

    I don’t particularly find him funny or articulate, but he is good at what he does. He knew the only way of achieving his fantasy of ruling the world is to get in as a Republican and make impossible promises to a racist and xenophobic party. He knew Democrats would never be stupid enough to nominate him or buy the snake oil he’s selling.

  28. Trump is doing nothing more than playing by the rules the GOP set. I am not a trump fan, and would never vote for him, but I must say, it is great watching him tear the GOP apart. He is showing the world exactly what they are, a bunch of ignorant racists, that hate America…Trump will be the down fall of the GOP..Finally!

  29. I sincerely hope your comment is not meant as support for Trump and his overt racism. He is an a$$hole who must never be allowed any where near the Oval Office!

  30. Sharks:

    I notice you are referring to the Conservative Republican party as the CONFEDERATE PARTY.. How apropos. Clever.
    They always talk about separating again. Always talking about how they hate this government (while being part of it), they always talk about separation of the races, (Yeah I said it, sue me), they are always talking about taking up arms to defend their confederate states from the “guvment” (2nd Amendment Militia thinking), If they could they would enslave the Mexicans (Pick their cantaloupes for free), and last but not least — Fly their Confederate battle flag proudly again.

    The above is said “Tongue in cheek”, but you might go: Hmmmmmmm.
    Confederates. Ha! Good one Sharks.

  31. Ivana did bring this subject of spousal rape to court in the divorce. His lawyer’s defense was “you cant rape your spouse” and the “bought” judge went with that. Hes a scumbag that feels women are here to parade around and nothing more than meat to make money off.

  32. Julz: You know….You got a point there.

    Hmmmm. You are correct in that assumption. Democrats would not go along with his BS and have him representing the party in that outlandish, crass way.
    We got to much style and class. Just look at Obama, and the rest of our elected and non-elected people serving the United States from Washington, D.C. and State Governments. No contest. The raggedy A$ Republicans are just out for a fight—ALL THE TIME like a gang cult. You can’t reason with them either. Anyway, let me stop. ;)

  33. the conservatives and the GOP will follow trump to their undeniable destruction. there will not be another republican president in our lifetimes. trump must be a dem plant. how could he not be? this is beautiful madness. I have heard multiple times that trump was convinced to run for president after a few conversations with bill Clinton. hmmmm. it is blatantly clear to america that the majority of the rightwing base are indeed bigoted, racist, and sexist beyond description. jaw dropping stuff.

  34. I believe he will come out with “I’ve been begged and offered a huge 10 million dollar deal to bring back my reality show Apprentice because the people want it”. He’ll have to get out all while satisfying his ego. I see this happening when he tries to answer real questions on actual policy. He cant handle anything more than name calling.

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