Hillary Clinton Is Right – Republicans Are Terrorists

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In the criminal justice system, like most systems, felonies and misdemeanors are broken down into categories based on the degree of the offense. For example, taking a human life, what the courts call homicide, is regarded as varying degrees of murder, and yet it is still taking a human life and it is reasonable to conclude that all homicides are murder. There can be little difference, then, with being accused of terrorism; particularly because there are no set-in-stone degrees of terrorism it is safe to say terrorism is terrorism. Many Americans have rightly labeled Republicans as terrorists, especially Republicans driven by “the ideology;” what normal people know as evangelical fanaticism. Obviously, calling Republicans terrorists, or saying they act like terrorists, is nearly as much a mortal sin as saying an unkind word about the religious right, and maybe that is why Republicans are apoplectic that former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compared them to terrorists for their religion-based attacks on American women.

So, what has Republicans in a rage is that Clinton was decrying the non-stop Republican assault on American women and said, “Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world. But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States.” No matter how one parses Clinton’s remark, not only is it accurate, it is relatively tame and she did not mention that the Republicans’ “extreme views about women” are driven by fanatical religion.  Hillary Clinton has been around politics long enough to know not to cite the source of Republicans’ extremist views about women. However, that is not the only way Republicans are “like some of the terrorist groups,” and if one looks back over the course of the past six years it is beyond refute that Republicans are like terrorists beyond their persistent religious attacks on women.

If measuring terrorist activity by degree is no concern, especially regarding the Republicans’ attitude towards women, then Hillary Clinton’s statement is, besides being spot on, very apropos in describing Republicans’ overall mindset as the kind of “people who don’t want to live in the modern world.” Republicans are still treating women as if it is the Dark Age and demand they be subservient to men, any men, because Republicans claim they are incapable making any decision without a man’s approval; especially approval of religious patriarchal Republicans.

It may be true that religious Republicans are not as harsh as Middle Eastern terrorists who behead or stone women for being sexually active outside of a ‘religious’ marriage, but they have devised a punishment they have no qualms holding fast to. Even before the Vatican-5 on the Supreme Court awarded evangelical men power over women’s reproductive health in the Hobby Lobby case, religious Republicans were screaming that no woman, married or otherwise, will ever be allowed to have “consequence-free sex” in their “Christian America.” The concept behind the Republican assault on contraception, Planned Parenthood, and abortion is punishing women for having sexual relations by forcing them to give birth. It may not be Taliban stoning or ISIS beheading, but it is an at least 18 year punitive sentence handed down by religious men who decided, based on their extremist religion, that the consequence of a woman having sex is giving birth. Withholding contraception with a Republican-mandated “consequence” is an act of terrorism against women.

One definition of terrorism is “actions (or the threat of actions) intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for an economic, religious, or political goal, and which deliberately target or disregard the safety of neutral non-military personnel or civilians.” Using that definition, nearly every action by Republicans over the past six years are terror acts disregarding the safety of the American people for Republicans’ economic, religious, and political goals. The Republican terror attacks began on Inauguration Night in 2009 and have continued unabated.

In no particular order, there are some egregious terrorist actions perpetrated by Republicans that deliberately targeted civilians without regard for their safety or well-being. For example, in 2013 Republicans terrorized the entire nation for sixteen days by shutting down the federal government in pursuit of a conservative political goal; to withhold basic medical care from tens-of-millions of Americans. The result of the Republican terror attack on the government was a cost to taxpayers of $16 billion and they won control of the United States Congress; Republican voters approved of the terror act that makes them as culpable as the terrorist perpetrators.

Republicans also committed an act of terror in nearly causing what may have been a world-wide economic catastrophe when they threatened, more than once, the full faith and credit of the United States by holding the debt ceiling hostage; a terrorist act the U.S. Constitution strictly prohibits. The result of their act of terror was the nation’s first credit downgrade, an austerity budget that jeopardized funding for national security, and increased costs to the government of $18.9 billion due to the credit downgrade and questioning whether America has to pay its debts.

On Inauguration night in 2009, a group of influential Republicans met in secret and plotted to undermine the new administration’s efforts to save the American economy Republican terrorists just spent  8 years devastating after inheriting a budget surplus. Since 2009, Republicans have deliberately destroyed American citizens’ jobs and worked tirelessly to make sure any and every job creation effort failed. It has been six long years of economic terrorism.

Republicans have deliberately, and with malice aforethought, terrorized Americans and Muslims in the Middle East by actively attempting to undermine the President of the United States, and the international community’s, effort to prevent a war. A war, by the way, that will deliberately target and disregard the safety of neutral non-military personnel or civilians in Iran, as well as put Americans in harm’s way to sate the blood-lust of an Israeli Republicans regard as their lord and master. Republicans, forty-seven of them, went so far as to commit sedition by contacting an alleged enemy to provoke that war their Israeli leader yearns for and it is tantamount to ISIS extremists taunting America to provoke an invasion that disregards the safety of innocent civilians destined to be collateral damage.

Hillary Clinton is only half right; Republicans are not “like terrorists,” they are terrorists. It would require a voluminous tome to list and cite each and every act of terror Republicans have perpetrated on the American people and the nation they claim to serve since Barack Obama has been President. Of course, women have seemingly taken the brunt of Republican extremism and acts of terror borne of religious extremism and as Clinton noted, it is Republicans who “don’t want to live in a modern world;” a world where women have the right to choose their own reproductive health and do not have to suffer religious-Republican imposed “consequences,” or punishment, for non-compliance with an extremist religious agenda.

Republicans can bitch and moan till they are blue in the face about Hillary Clinton’s incredibly accurate portrayal of them as “being like terrorists.” There is a reason Republicans are attacking Clinton over non-issues and it is because they are terrified because she is not intimidated and not afraid to label them as what most Americans already know they are; terrorists.

Frankly, it is damned high time that some Democrat steps up and labels the extremist GOP as the terrorists they are; for too long they have terrorized the American people with relative impunity. Although it is true many Democrats have spoken out about the Republican war on women, none of them have made the connection between America’s religious Republican terrorists and those religious extremists in the Middle East who hate the idea of living in the modern world. Like the terrorists in the Middle East, Republicans have targeted the entire population and sought to bring down the government in “pursuit of their extremist religious, economic, and political goals” with blatant disregard for the safety of American civilians or the well-being of the United States.

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  1. Hillary took on some cat named Barack Hussein Obama and almost bested him. Turned out he was one of the very best this country had to offer.

    The terrorist republican party don’t want none of Mrs. Clinton.

  2. …if Teatards don’t wanna be COMPARED to Terrorists; they shouldn’t ACT LIKE Terrorists…
    …I mean, c’mon…for about the last 40 years or so, the Republican’t Potty has been mutating…
    …I just wish thier exteriors would reflect thier inner mutant demon…

  3. Bravo, Hillary Clinton! *clapping hands loudly*

    She’s almost right. Republicans/TeaBaggers/Conservatives/Evangelicals are the American Taliban.

    Let’s compare them

    The Republicans:
    #1 Conservative Christians
    #2 Religious fanatics (look at the presidential candidates they presented)
    #3 Want to seriously limit the freedoms of women (till nothing is left ?)
    #4 Oppose equality for man and woman. (oppose equal pay for women)
    #5 Want to redefine RAPE so it can be blamed more to the woman
    #6 Are in favor of a theocracy

    The Taliban:
    #1 Conservative Muslims
    #2 Religious fanatics (speaks for itself)
    #3 Want to seriously limit the freedoms of women (till nothing is left ?)
    #4 Oppose equality for man and woman. (oppose education for women)
    #5 RAPE is always blamed on the woman
    #6 Are in favor of a theocracy

    “I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”

  4. I have to disagree with this. It’s not like I don’t see how reproduction public policy is too idealistic with GOP hardliners. But while it’s more true that Republicans sympathize with the same principles that underline terrorists’ motivations — they don’t believe them to the same extent. In addition, Republicans don’t empathize with the down trodden or the middle class. Let’s not make this more than it is, they aren’t iconoclastic of cultures, don’t abide with beheadings, and don’t want to force women into prostitution. They just would prefer if others were less tainted (read unadulterated) by the human condition; and rich like them.

  5. The definition looks like a description of FOX News… “actions (or the threat of actions) intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for an economic, religious, or political goal, and which deliberately target or disregard the safety of neutral non-military personnel or civilians.”

  6. No, JohnyWonk, they just want to legitimize torture… behead gays…shoot and kill blacks at will…and force women to have babies even when it would KILL them to do so.

    Take your false comparisons somewhere else.

  7. Very well written. As Rin said above, although slightly different, “If the shoe fits, wear it”. Since we no longer have journalists reporting the news (We just have an entertainment industry sensationalizing the spicy stuff), someone has to call it like it is. Senator Sanders is calling them out on their insistence on working only for the one percent and now Secretary Clinton is calling them out on their terrorist social policies. Good for them. Wake up America! Is this the country you’re proud of? We can do a lot better. Get rid of the terrorists! Vote them out!

  8. Oops, sent that before I was finished. Anyway, the world sees the US-Israel alliance as a terrorist threat, and I’m inclined to agree.

  9. She was senator from NY. Wall Street (and their millions of employees in the financial sector of NY) sent her (and Obama too) lots of money for her 3 past campaigns headquartered in NY. She is not a shill and never was. She has nothing to do with so many of the things the Bernouts repeat over and over.



  10. RMuse. Thank you for an excellent article. It was spot on. Conservative Republican opposition to Planned Parenthood is a case in point. Were the videos of Planned Parenthood done by an independent investigative reporter for a newspaper or a television? No. The fraudulent videos were done by David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress to achieve a predetermined outcome which he did. Yet, conservative Republicans in the Senate are using these videos as a pretext for attempting to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood. This, in spite of the fact that no states’ investigations of Planned Parenthood have turned up any wrongdoing. If this isn’t terrorism, what is it?

  11. I don’t watch TV and am not up on current celebrity type people, but I know who all these folks are and most of Hillary’s Hollywood and famous backers are from the lists of endorsements of the film/TV/music world people. In 08 it was split. This time not only the “establishment” DNC elected officals, but also the elite of the entertainment world are behind her.

    I can’t wait for the fundraising concert!


  12. The GOP, ever since “W”, they have become more specialized in the politics of FEAR.

    They are terrorist in the sense that the population is constantly pitted some against the other, creating insecurity and vigilante mentality; good for the NRA, since everyone wants to be armed and ready to “stand my ground” against threats (real or imagined)

    This continued insecurity is leading to beatings of individuals seen as enemies (as was seen in Boston), bombing of the Planned Parenthood clinics, shaming of the females seeking birth control services.
    The fear-mongering & blaming of the illness of the Nation into a minority group, could easily lead into a Rowanda-like-holocaust.

    The GOP, know how to manipulate the fears of the people for their own benefit.

  13. You aren’t in your right mind. I’ll let that go, because you make the same mistake that conservatives do, you fail to understand nuance and perceive subtleties in people’s motivations. It’s ridicules to bulk all far-right lunatics into a similar monolithic party.

  14. JohnyWonk:

    But while it’s more true that Republicans sympathize with the same principles that underline terrorists’ motivations — they don’t believe them to the same extent.

    Ever heard of the idiom, “in for a penny, in for pound”? That’s what this is.

  15. I guess it’s becoming chic to say all Republicans are terrorists. Somehow, that reasoning is similar to all Blacks are criminals. What is this? Tit for tat?

    What a ridiculous way to reason a political theory.

  16. —-“One definition of terrorism is “actions (or the threat of actions) intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for an economic, religious, or political goal, and which deliberately target or disregard the safety of neutral non-military personnel or civilians.”—-

    Does shutting down the Government and then doing it—not an act of Political TERRORISM? Republicans do it. They threaten to do it. They feel that it accomplishes their political if they do it. (What else they got?) Nada. That’s why they do it. The label fits. Period. That’s why their favorability is in the gutter (Low, low, low ratings). Yet, they are sent back to create havoc, over and over again…the same ones and newer ones with the same mind set. What’s wrong with those voters! BTW…Democrats are the Good guys. Enough said.

  17. Well, I don’t believe in religion, my personal belief is that bureaucracy ruins everything. But I believe in a God.
    Is that the penny, or the pound?

  18. ICH: Good comparisons. On the money.

    BTW —WHO are those two who gave you the thumbs down? They must be Republicans, who can’t stand the truth. You hit a nerve, that’s why. ;)

  19. I’ll agree with you on these points, that Conservatives are willing to risk our children’s future with their desire for free-rider polluting by corporations; that they ham-string the EPA and some other government agencies from keeping our air and water clean; that they don’t want to use taxpayer’s funds for educating, feeding & housing, providing healthcare, and ensuring a living wage for the American population; that they are more concerned for using taxpayer funds for people in other countries, and in utero, then they are for people who are struggling here today; that they in many ways feel impotent, and seek to control women’s behavior to compensate, and become empowered; and, they have a very big blind spot on how they are not living the true principles of their faith–unless you call faith securing their accumulated wealth.

    I think Republicans are ignorant; this they share with terrorists, domestic or otherwise.

  20. JohnyWonk: You slipped one of YOUR thinking in there, didn’t you?
    WHO SAYS ALL BLACK ARE CRIMINALS? Maybe You and a bunch of Republican bigots and haters feel and think so, right?
    That thought is prevalent in the Dog whisper world you live in. The obvious answer is NO. Just open your eyes.

    Same shit when your boy Trump says all Mexicans are rapists and killers. Again NO. Just open your eyes and see the truth that belies that notion.
    And the fundamental idea that is thrown around by Republicans: That All Muslims are Terrorists. NO. But to your point, not much push back in that community against the “Muslim terrorist”. Just as there is Not much push back from Republicans against those in your party who are acting like terrorist in the political sense, either. So.

  21. Association brings about assimilation and you sound like the proverbial hit dog that’s yelping. People like you continue to support the republicans because you agree with their confederate positions and deleterious actions.

    Even though you sound like a fool, you’re just an agitator. You know all Blacks aren’t criminals. But, any one still willing to defend or support the republican party after the undeniable racism and hatred they’ve exhibited, after the willful obstruction to progress they demand from everyone in their party, after the lies they’ve told and the damage they’ve inflicted on Americans by not doing their job should be painted with the same terrorist brush.

  22. I had a very difficult time accepting the projected notion that people who commit heinous crimes are terrorists. Charles Manson, terrorist. David Berkowitz, terrorist. Patty Hearst, terrorist. You want more? Then Chowchilla bus kidnapping, terrorst. Columbine, teen-age terrorists. Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech, college terrorist. James Holmes of Aurora theater, terrorist. And so many more.

    At what point to you call out all criminal actions of an extreme nature, where it’s obviously wrong. Just call them terrorists.

    I know Hillary needs to move to the left of Bernie Sanders, but this isn’t the way to do it. She will also need some moderate Republicans to vote for her in the general.

  23. Are you a freakin idiot? You know nothing of history. The Confederacy thrived under Democratic support. White-supremacists were first Democrats, and now are tagged as Republicans. I know MOST Blacks are not criminals, and not all Republicans are terrorists. You fail to see the disparity in this equivalency, because of some party purity that doesn’t exist. Historically speaking, the Anglo tradition of constitutional liberty wasn’t extended to non-whites, and that was neither Republican nor Democratic. It’s just your opinion, as if today was the only day that ever existed.

  24. When every idea, or sentance uttered by someone on the left, is met with, all Mexicans are murders, or Jade Helm is going to invade Texass, or their coming to take your guns. Then I would say someone is trying to promote terror in the simple minded who buy that crap! Rethugs know what buttons to push. They’ve programed their followers to respond to certain key phrases in a particular way. Most of these idiots TERRIFY ME! The best example is Bundy.

  25. this is my list

    When you look carefully at many Islamic countries, you’ll see they tend to share these values.
    1. They are anti-abortion.
    2. They are very supportive of the death penalty.•
    3. They oppose the separation of church and state.•
    4. They believe religious doctrine should be taught in school.•
    5. They tend to believe women should have fewer rights than men.•
    6. They oppose “multiculturalism”.•
    7. They consider homosexuality as evil and believe gay marriage should be outlawed.

  26. Oh so holding the government hostage to your demands is not terrorism then? Shutting down the government because you don’t like how a certain healthcare law isn’t terrorism? Putting people out of work in order to push an agenda of taking away people’s healthcare is not terrorism?

    Well guess what, people DIE because of the Republican agenda. THAT’S terrorism. People have lost their jobs and their economic well-being because of the Republicans. THAT’S terrorism. Terrorism doesn’t always carry a bomb or shout “Alluha Akbar!” whenever it strikes. Using fear to drive an agenda that directly negatively affects working Americans, THAT’S terrorism.

    Like it or not, Republicans are economic and political terrorists that use fear to get their way. And the impact of that terrorism is real and measurable.

  27. Southern “dixi” crat CONSERVATIVES formed after 1865, and they went back to being the southern republican CONSERVATIVES after 1964 when the civil rights bill was signed by democratic LIBERAL LBJ
    Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the LIBERAL Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black LIBERAL republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through CONSERVATIVE victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s.

  28. you know NOTHING about history.

    continuted from above…

    After a period of decline, white CONSERVATIVE protestant groups revived the Klan in the early 20th century, burning crosses and staging rallies, parades and marches denouncing immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks and organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 1960s also saw a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of black schools and churches and violence against black and white activists in the South.

    the south has ALWAYS been conservative and the labels of republican and democrat don’t apply.

  29. CyberMindGrrl:

    Well said. Just enough to make Johnnie Wonk (above) who, apparently is today’s Republican agitator, go banannas, blow a brain cell and sputter his outlandish points in strange languages.

  30. AndyCA:

    Wow! That’s eerily comparable to the Republican’s outlook vis a vis the “Islamic’s” own. Whom they abhor.

  31. JohnyWonk wrote: I guess it’s becoming chic to say all Republicans are terrorists.

    A scan of the article shows that the only use of the word “all” was in the phrase “all homicides are murder.” No application of the word to Republicans. Perhaps it is becoming chic, as you claim, to say that 100% of Republicans are terrorists, but this article has not done so.

  32. It’s sad when dumbed-down liberals turn into radicals. I feel embarrassed for liberals like myself who know the benefits of keeping a sane frame of reference, and a keen understanding of reality.

    Rmuse, I have to tell you, I consider it an honor to have so many “no way” ratings if what you desire is to get halfwits to froth at the mouth on trivialized rhetoric, and not focus on our democratic principles. If a liberal doesn’t apply critical thinking, he or she becomes as bad as the foe we despise.

  33. If your only qualm is my use of the word “all,” then you exactly get my point. That extremes are assumed where they do not exist at all. I am a little surprised that Hillary lowered herself to this, but it won’t affect my support for her.

    The article states: “Using that definition, nearly every action by Republicans over the past six years are terror acts disregarding the safety of the American people for Republicans’ economic, religious, and political goals.” So you’re right, “nearly every” is not all.

  34. Our Government has been held hostage to radical Christian based ideology, since its inception. The Founding Fathers are to blame. Republicans place religion ahead of diversity and freedom for all. Many Republicans are equivalent to terrorists, many are racists, and many have a VERY flawed view of reality. Just look at how many candidates have pastoral connections. I am confident that the MENTALLY WELL will rise to the occasion and elect Hillary to better this Country, in 2016. She needs to keep hitting back, and hard. The media continues to claim how untrustworthy and criminal she is. They had to pull Dick Cheney from falling into the grave today, to give his less than 2 cent condemnation. I think that’s getting pretty desperate. I will vote with my brain & gut. I would trust Hillary with my only child, and I would trust her with my own life. I know she will do the right things for the most people. I can’t say that about ANY other candidate running, can you?

  35. A land filled with radical religious extremists, is not a land of Democracy. Republicans are welcome to their beliefs, so long as they don’t infringe upon the rights of sane people. Republican terrorism could become the demise of this young Nation. Hillary was right to call the Republicans out on it. Idiots all across this Country are priming it for a war between races, candidates, included. What year are we living in?

  36. Give ’em hell, Hillary. She isn’t afraid to take on the Republicans. She has the support of women voters and she knows it. She is uniquely qualified to be President of the United States and we are going to see her inaugurated in January, 2017. You go, girlfriend!

  37. charlotte, you always sound insane to me.

    So 5,000 republicans signed an on-line petition to stop Hillary?

    I think that will counter the 19 times she was deemed the most admired women in the world and millions of people voting for her and her status as a world class democrat with the backing of the party behind her.

    What about Bernie? How about his awards?

    His support? (besides ben and jerry?)

    The Hillary campaign doesn’t use petitions. We do not need to be so desperate as to think that would work.

    How many people signed the Run Warren petition? A pitiful amount – over a very long time.

  38. Greedy Opposition Party would cease to have any relevance at all if we got together & solved the problems we have. They LIKE problems. They CREATE problems, they do not FIX problems. Then they blame the Democrats while throwing a tantrum until the idiot rightwingers vote them into power again, to shut them up. Then they create more problems.

  39. Republicans are terrorists? So wanting to eliminate the genocide of millions of African Americans makes me a terrorist?

  40. No what makes you a terrorist is you want to deny healthcare and education and voting rights to those so called millions of African American fetuses grand wizard

  41. It is truly disgusting that you would repeat that despicable lie. That is a creation of right-wack think tanks to justify your casual racism.

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