Ted Cruz Blames Obama For Ambush Murder Of Harris County Texas Deputy

While campaigning in New Hampshire, Texas Senator Ted Cruz accused Barack Obama of inciting the ambush murder of Harris County Deputy Darren Gofourth. Gofourth was shot 15 times while pumping gas in Houston Texas Friday evening.

Senator Cruz tried to exploit the murder to score political points with Republicans, by assigning blame to President Obama. The Texas Senator lashed out, saying:

Cops across this country are feeling the assault. They’re feeling the assault from the president, from the top on down, as we see — whether it’s in Ferguson or Baltimore, the response from senior officials, the president or the attorney general, is to vilify law enforcement. That’s wrong. It’s fundamentally wrong. It’s endangering all of our safety and security.

Senator Cruz is of course misrepresenting President Obama’s attitudes towards law enforcement officers. While the president has been critical of abusive police conduct, he has not vilified law enforcement officers, nor has he denigrated their chosen profession. The president supports police officers who lawfully carry out their responsibilities.

For example, in a May memorial for fallen officers, President Obama had this to say about police officers:

Your jobs are inherently dangerous. The reminders are too common. We cannot erase every darkness or danger from the duty that you’ve chosen. We can offer you the support you need to be safer. We can make the communities you care about and protect safer as well.

Most of all we can say thank you. We can say we appreciate you and we’re grateful for the work you do every day.


Furthermore, contrary to right-wing mythology, the president also has been harshly critical of violent anti-police protests, arguing that there is no excuse for demonstrations that turn violent.

For example, during the Baltimore protests, following Freddie Gray’s death in police custody, President Obama argued:

There’s no excuse for the kind of violence that we saw yesterday. It is counterproductive. When individuals get crowbars and start prying open doors to loot, they’re not protesting, they’re not making a statement, they’re stealing.

When NYPD police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were murdered in December 2014, Obama stated unequivocally:

I unconditionally condemn today’s murder of two police officers in New York City. Two brave men won’t be going home to their loved ones tonight, and for that, there is no justification.

Ted Cruz is desperately trying to paint President Barack Obama as some kind of anti-cop radical who vilifies police officers, but that false caricature bears no connection to reality. The simple fact that President Obama expects law enforcement officers to follow the law they are entrusted with enforcing, does not mean he is anti-police. It means he supports the police and appreciates those who perform their job in a professional and lawful manner. Holding police officers to that standard is neither anti-police nor is it an incitement to murder.

Only in Ted Cruz’s twisted mind, can Barack Obama be called anything other than supportive of responsible law enforcement officers in America. Nothing the president has said or done should give any reason for a rational person to believe that he is encouraging the senseless unprovoked murder of police officers.

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  1. …I really, REALLY wish there was some way of blocking the mention of this self-righteous “F”ing Teahadist GD sociopathetic SOB from my laptop…if I never hear his name ’til Judgement Day it’ll be too soon…

  2. Cruz and most people from his party are scumbags who are willing to use anything against the president for self-gain and probably hope for more tragedies to use against him.

  3. It’s at the point now where it’s only news if Cruz doesn’t blame Pres. Obama for anything that bothers Cruz.

  4. If it brings Ralphie’s name to the forefront, this parasite will go there. I know that he will never make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Unfortunately his senate seat will be waiting for him after the election. I hope he’ll decide to crawl into a hole.

  5. Cruz is a teabagging idiot. Where was he when his band of uneducated wimps aimed guns at ATF offices in Nevada? Oh thats right, he was with Hannity praising them. Deport Cruz and his illegal parents too.

  6. Ted Cruz would blame it on his mother if it would get him a vote. He is a very dangerous liar that hates America.

  7. Texas has no problem electing a troll to represent them. Is this the way government is supposed to work? Reminder that this is made in America and brought to you courtesy of the GOP.

  8. Blah blah blah

    Blame Obama. That’s all they can do to deflect from their own horrible records. Blame Obama all day long. Obama could say that he loves cops and prays for their safety, but all the Republicans hear is some sort of racist dogwhistle against cops. Must be the Blackenese he’s speaking.

    It’s VERY pathetic that anything these morons says gets any traction in the news media.

  9. He makes me sick. He is a typical jackass xtian who hates his country and fellow citizens.

    He is the true son of his lunatic preacher father who has anointed Ted as a King.

  10. Man, they’ve blamed Obama for just near everything haven’t they?

    I’m shocked they haven’t gone and blamed him for the wild fires in the Northwest or for El Nino or for something else out there…

  11. It’s part of their brainwashing, say awful, disrespectful things about President Obama, all the time, everyday, pound it in. Everything and anything is his fault.

    They have created the anger and frustration in their party. They have them convinced everything is doom and gloom and it’s all Obama’s fault.

    None of it is real, but the bs is believed by their party.

  12. Comments from CONs: ‘Gosh, The GOP is over-killing this Clinton E-Mail Thing’.

    GOP is desperate, they know they’ve got Nothing to Offer America!

    (My-resident-Republican says today:
    It’s gonna be BEN CARSON! MARK-MY-WORDS!)

    Eight-Long-Years to get their Act-Together:
    And they’ve got absolutely nothing!
    Mitt Romney must be beside himself.

  13. …if I can make a guess; Romney is lookin’ at the Republican’t Potty and sayin’ with a grin…
    “So it ISN’T just me!!!”

    “Democrats Are Gung-Ho Black-Lives-Matter!”

    RE: The Police Shooting…
    It’s Dems who are going All…
    Black Lives Matter!
    “Black lives matter in the Economy Right?”
    It’s gonna be big-time: DEMOCRATS=BLM!!!

    (I predict)
    The police shooting sparked this new Brainwashing Strategy!

    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

  15. Ted Cruz should have to pass an I.Q. test and mental health evaluation before he can run for office of any kind, or to obtain a slingshot. Forget about a gun. I am absolutely certain, that President Obama is as disgusted with this violence and destruction, as the rest of us. Reference to Obama fueling the fires of anger in Baltimore and Ferguson, is an outrage. These protesters have every right to expect change in a flawed judicial system, but they don’t have a right to commit crimes and murder. Martin Luther King would be rolling over in his grave. He would be appalled at this Country’s direction since his passing. Violence is stupid and does nothing to gain respect for a legitimate cause.

  16. Well he probably is responsible for El Nino, considering his strong stance on climate change. I mean he does control the weather, doesn’t he? And he is the culmination of everything wrong with this Country, right wing nut Ted?

  17. It’s really an all-time low to use someone’s heinous demise, for personal gain. What an opportunistic vulture! You couldn’t pay me enough to put my life on the line as an officer of the law. They get no respect. They don’t need additional fuel added to the flames by nutbags like Cruz.

  18. What’s new! The blame the president for every damn thing anyway. They probably blame him for their stupidity. Ted Cruz is nothing but a little nasal-talking weirdo, who has been robbing the American people ever since he has been in office. I wish I could be paid to read “Dr. Suess.!

  19. I don’t understand his or any other Republican following. This Country is full of insane weirdo’s without respect for authority or conscience. What the hell is wrong with everybody, especially young people? It’s like they are all just looking to be lead and brainwashed by charismatic liars. They are the same people that fall victim to cults. Can’t anyone think for themselves?

  20. Hey Ted wasn’t it the jack booted thugs in daddy bush’s atf that took out those wackos in Waco? Please just go back to TexAss and lead the TexAss secession efforts. That’s something from TexAss I can support.

  21. Well, as long as Cruz is pointing a finger of blame at President Obama, why not point our fingers at his incompetence?

  22. Ah Ted Cruz, the man who puts the creep in creepy and the smarm in smarmy. Cruz is a complete waste of space. Does he come out in sunlight? Doesn’t look like it.

  23. Yes, of course Obama hates the police–that must be why he made a nice phone call to the widow of that deputy.

  24. Cruz throwing red meat to his stupid goober base. No suprise there. Cruz has an advantage
    being a Senator form TX. He doesn’t have to worry about telling the truth or being reasonable. It’s not like the dopes who vote for him are smart enought to fact check or think for themselves.

  25. There IS one thing I know that he will be blaming on Obama pretty soon. When he is forced to DROP OUT OF THE RACE! With no support, no money, no media attention he will fade away into oblivion with his tail between his bow-legged legs. And guess what? That would be ONE thing I would not care If he blamed it on Obama. I would say: Great, go ahead, blame Obama…fool! Furthermore, you could NOT compare to Obama. He was a Senator (You goofs refered to him as the community organizer), You Ted are a Senator, you tried to be President but failed in the attempt from the git-go. Obama stuck around, won the nomination AND the Presidency-TWICE! How can YOU stand up to THAT? So, gather up your crying towel and go back to doing NOTHING, except agitating and closing down the government.

  26. The state of Texas should hang their head in shame for electing this lying nut case in the first place. I blame the voters of Texas for the ambush murder!!

  27. Do these morons realize no MORE cops are being shot annually than last year or over the last 30 years? It goes up and down every year and nothing ever stands out as the why answer. Just media coverage is increasing! That is all.

  28. They are looking for 2 white guys and one black? If this is true the Black guy will get executed as the ringleader, and the 2 whites will get life in prison.

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