As The Media Obsesses Over Clinton Emails And Trump, Obama Is Piling Up Dominating Wins


The media is obsessed with Donald Trump and Clinton’s emails while President Obama has been quietly piling up wins over Republicans while not getting the credit that he deserves.

Democratic Sen. Bob Casey is the latest Democrat to stand with the President and move Democrats closer to victory on the Iran deal.

In a statement Sen. Casey (D-PA) said:

The vote I will cast with regard to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a vote of great consequence and complexity. In order to make this important decision, I have done the following: reviewed the JCPOA thoroughly; consulted with experts on Iran’s program, the nuclear fuel cycle, diplomacy, national security, non-proliferation and other subject areas; read numerous analyses and critiques of the JCPOA; received classified and non-classified briefings; listened to my constituents; and spoken to current and former Senators, staff, Ambassadors and U.S. government officials, past and present. In all, since April, I have had more than 40 such engagements, briefings and discussions. To make an informed, reasoned decision on this matter, it is my obligation to consider and assess more than the four corners of the JCPOA. I have considered the impact of the JCPOA on our national security, the security of Israel and the Middle East and the grave question of war and the related issue of deterrence.

After the more than six weeks of intensive review, I have concluded that I will support the JCPOA, vote no on the motion to disapprove and no on a veto override vote if necessary. I firmly believe that effective implementation of the JCPOA, bolstered by other U.S. policies, including a strong deterrence policy of the U.S. and our partners, will be in our national security interest. This agreement will substantially constrain the Iranian nuclear program for its duration, and compared with all realistic alternatives, it is the best option available to us at this time.

For those who are keeping score at home, that is 32 Democrats in favor of the Iran deal and 2 opposed. As Sarah Jones reported, public opinion has shifted towards supporting the deal. Fifty-five percent of respondents in a University of Maryland poll supported approving the deal.

While the media is obsessed with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s emails, President Obama is piling up a dominating foreign policy victory. As has been the pattern for almost all of his presidency, Barack Obama continues to do quietly great things while not getting the credit that he deserves for his accomplishments.

Donald Trump is the shiny object that captivates the press’s toddler like attention span, and Clinton’s emails are the scandal that they desperately wish was real. What President Obama is accomplishing is real history in the making.

The media ignores his achievements, even some of his own supporters seem to take him for granted, but his win on the Iran deal will be a classic of example of an understated president accomplishing great things in the face of unprecedented opposition.

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27 Replies to “As The Media Obsesses Over Clinton Emails And Trump, Obama Is Piling Up Dominating Wins”

  1. Nice to see Pres. Obama working while the Republicans are jerking. I hope he uses the respite from media attention to gain more ground for both his foreign and domestic agenda.
    As for the Repubs, Trump isn’t going anywhere while the media light is shining on him. Like a tropical storm over the ocean, that environment just feeds him and makes him stronger.

  2. Not long it would have been a joke to suggest running Trump as a party leader. I can’t see a scenario where he could prevail even now. What has changed?

  3. The Rs maybe, just maybe, finally realize they are not going to get away with nothing but road blocks for the remaining Obama term.

    I think after 8 more years of dems in the WH they will actually start doing real work and not just yell out blame across the aisle all the time.

    Trying to obstruct and not construct didn’t work for them. Look at the top two candidates they are backing – outsiders.

    The R voters do not like their party! They want the doctor and the real estate guy instead.

  4. 16-17 clowns in the car. As the outliers drop out, the non-rabid voters will coalesce around a more ‘normal’ candidate than Trump.

  5. Been Away…had to get away from the dim-wittedness by

    Rin….Djchefron…Shadowolf….and My Other Comrades on this board….!!!!..Been Away…My Stomach was to a point I was Near a Point of Throwing Up….but I realized…do not let the Craziness of “the others” dictate your life…!!!…No Baby if there is Any Controlling to be done…It Will be My Say So…!!!….Let Us Continue to take the High Road….for the end…that will ALWAYS WIN…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Addendum…!!…That First line was my Initial response and I hit the wrong key…!!!…Rin…Djchefron…Shadowolf and Others of Like Mind are My Refuge on Here…!!!!!…Could NOT make it without YOU GUYS….!!!!!!!!!!!!!….GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. phew, I was wondering what I said to piss off a Hillary supporter!

    There are a few more here that are starting to at least see the venom isn’t from us. We just keep defending – with pride.

    Republicans hate me but that, well, that is a badge of honor.

    Don’t get yourself sick over it. Step back and go to the beach or climb a mountain or feed the birds.

  8. I propose we name the highest mountain peak in the most red state “Mount Obama”.

    Just to piss them right off.

  9. Welcome Back!!!
    …some days I gotta take an hour or so off when the bullshit o’ the Reich-Wing red-lines me BP…{Puttin’ a shot o’ brandy in me coffee helps a lot…lol}
    …so onward we go; and may the best Democrat win!!!

  10. On Facebook, I jokingly wrote:

    Obama to Hillary Clinton: “Hey, Hill, can you take some heat off of me with your emails? I need to get a few things done.”

    Clinton: “Sure, Barry, no problem.”


    Now, let’s see how long it takes before the Fascist GOP start saying that Clinton and Obama are working together in some sort of scandal that doesn’t exist….

  11. Rin…..Do Not Worry…!!!…I AM NOT THE ONE TO DEAL WITH BULL/CRAP…!!!!!…Never HAVE….!!!!!….Never WILL…!!!!!…haters….and the others…step to the FRONT….!!!!….And I will do it ALL VERBALLY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..GO HILLARY..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. According to Chuck Todd Obama’s presidency was over last November.

    Obama wasn’t suppose have a legacy so the chattering class ignoring all the accomplishments isn’t a surprise. Anything good isn’t suppose to factor for 2016, not in the script.

    Obama was suppose to be a non factor or a net negative for dems.

  13. Definition, Republican: Person(s) not qualified for public service in any capacity dead or alive. Stu pid ity, three syllables: dumbasses well polished in confirmed necessity of “Brain Putty”. Has trouble locating bubbles on bars of dry soap. Worthless, unless you have at least $0.50 for the honor of just saying “have a nice day” to them.

  14. Wish just one democrat like DWS would list all the trials,tribulations that POTUS OB has gone through by anti Obama GOP, and list ALL the accomplishments he and Dem. have done without the party of NO.

  15. DWS has put the President through her own incompetence and trials. See Cuba, the Iran deal and her not running candidates in the mid terms because she was their friend. Why she still has the job as head of the DCCC is beyond my understanding

  16. Good Idea. I suspect that would be somewhere in the Uintas in Utah. Ought to piss the reddest of the red states completely off.

  17. Pez. Obama is a gift to America from God, at the time America needed a cool, calm, very thoughtful President. Although he is a politician but he genuinely cares about people and try to do the right thing. Some time he can not please every one but he does try.
    He has a vision of a transformational president which he is. He thinks ahead and fight very quietly but very tenacious. Not very Ideological which is serving him well. Can you believe what he would have achieved with a very little cooperation from the GOP?
    I am very proud of him, I believe if history is properly written in decades to come, he will be one of the best Presidents ever. This is my opinion. He is not getting credits for all he is doing even from his own party. I am an Independent. I will say the same for any GOP president who perform and conducted him or herself the same way.

  18. A lot of the buzz about President Obama’s trip to Alaska has centered around his decision to revert to the original name of Mt. McKinley – Mt. Denali (the name that it was given by Native Alaskans long ago). But it’s worth noting that this is not the first time this President has addressed the needs of Native Americans. There is a reason why Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker called President Obama the “best president ever for American Indians” and Chief James Allan, Coeur dAlene tribal chairman, said that he has “done more for [Native American] tribes than the last five presidents combined.”
    Read More

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