Obama Routs Republicans In Court Of Public Opinion As 55% Want Iran Deal Approved


In spite of the desperate fear-mongering by Republicans, Americans stand With Obama on Iran deal.

Republicans are on the losing end of things in a new survey which shows that a majority of Americans stands with President Obama on the Iran deal. They want Congress to support the deal.

Not only do 55% of Americans surveyed by the University of Maryland think Congress should support the Iran deal, but here’s the kicker. A whopping 61% of Independents want Congress to uphold the deal. Seventy-two percent of Democrats want it upheld. And just 33% of Republicans want it upheld.

Graphic from the University of Maryland survey
Graphic from the University of Maryland survey

From the poll, “Panelists were finally asked whether they would recommend that their Members of Congress approve of the deal. Those that did not recommend approval were offered other options. Ultimately 55% recommended approval, including 72% of Democrats, 61% of Independents and 33% of Republicans. Twenty-three percent recommended ramping up sanctions, 14% seeking to renegotiate the deal, and 7% using military threats.”

This survey was particularly interesting because their methods are different than just polling random people. They went through an entire process of educating the people surveyed, presenting the agreement, criticisms of the agreement and rebuttals to the criticism. In fact, the survey compared the responses from the first poll to the last and it turns out information was helpful. The more information they had, the more they supported the deal. Even Republicans. The more information they get, the more they disapprove of the Republican position:

Asked to reassess Congress disapproving of the deal, the mean score moved down, from 5.6 to 5.1, with the percentage finding it tolerable dropping from 59% to 58% (those saying “acceptable” dropped from 47% to 42%). Republicans’ mean moved down from 7.6 to 7.0, with those finding it tolerable dropping from 83% to 79% and Democrats down from 3.9 to 3.5, with the percentage regarding it as at least tolerable dropping from 40% to 38%. Among Republicans, fewer found disapproval acceptable (71 down to 63%).

So given the facts on the deal, a majority stand with the President. This is not to say that people don’t have concerns, just as the people who negotiated the deal have concerns. Opting for the best deal possible doesn’t mean it’s going to work. It means the international community found it to be the best possible deal.

One of President Obama’s ongoing strengths has been his measured, pragmatic, diplomacy-first but strike to kill (Osama bin Laden) if necessary approach to foreign policy. A majority of the public stands with the President and the Democratic supporters of the deal, including Independent voters.

This poll is part of the University of Maryland’s nonpartisan National Citizen Cabinet and it was conducted by the program for public consultation.

22 Replies to “Obama Routs Republicans In Court Of Public Opinion As 55% Want Iran Deal Approved”

  1. The more information they had, the more they supported the deal. Even Republicans. The more information they get, the more they disapprove of the Republican position

    This tells me that the GOP are less informed than the public, or are informed, but they are sticking by their now failed policy of day “no” to everything, even when they no it harms the country. In which case, they are a treacherous lot who need to be charged with treason.

  2. The precedent has been set now that it is ok to conspire to undermine a sitting president just for partisan gamesmanship. I for one think this same thing can happen again regardless the ethnicity. Think not? Vote to retain a GOP controlled congress along with a Democratic president. No fear when you have senate control.

  3. Republicans appear to be on the wrong side of things quite often. It almost appears to be 100% of the time. And still, they just don’t get it. Wow.

  4. …alas, Nutty-Yoyo and the Traitors are NOT gonna get thier war…
    {{{tries to cry; discovers all outta Genuine CrocoGator tears}}}

  5. As evidenced by the one sided drama that is constantly afoot. When you go abroad and ask which party puts on a silly show at election time, the answer is always the same. They have truly damaged the standing of the US on the world stage.

  6. I did not see a number of those interviewed. How am I to decide the validity of the numbers when there is no baseline. Nothing but percentages.

  7. This is why the Justice Department needs to be investigating, indicting, and prosecuting those Senators for treason and sedition.

  8. Just saw over on Huffington Post: Senator Coons, (D-Del), has come out in favor of the Iran deal….that makes it 33 in favor! Only one more to go (would like the remaining 11 undecided to be in a favor though too).

  9. I know being a bagger thinking is hard for you but you see the red highlighted University of Maryland Now click on that and you will have your answer

  10. …my question is this: can our New AG even investigate the Congressional traitors in the first place???

  11. The majority doesn’t make it right. Giving millions / billions to a terrorist state dedicated to the destruction of America and Israel is as stupid as letting a pedophile babysit your kids.

  12. Are you ignorant? No one is giving Iran any money. It is their money. Damn you people need to read more and turn off the TV

    BTW the only terrorist state we give billions to is the one run by the Likud party

  13. Yes it is their money that has been withheld for purposeful reasons through international sanctions – these reasons include Iran being the biggest sponsor of international terrorism in the world coupled with ignoring UN and IAEA agreements on their nuclear development. Think this way – a three time rehab failing addict is in treatment again and all his money is being withheld to ensure he does not continue his dangerous ways. Then he get a new councilor and that councilor talks with the addict and the addict swears he will change just give me my money – The new councilor that has virtually no experience says OK here you go I trust you – WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

  14. Ignoring UN resolutions? 2013 at the UN: 21 resolutions against Israel, 4 on rest of the world http://blog.unwatch.org/index.php/2013/11/25/this-years-22-unga-resolutions-against-israel-4-on-rest-of-world/
    8 against Iran since 2006 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_Nations_resolutions_concerning_Iran
    Iran is a signer of the NPT Israel is not, Israel has about 200 nuclear weapons Iran has none. Israel has invaded another country? In 2014 Israel and the US Have Dropped Bombs on 8 Muslim Countries This Year http://antiwar.com/blog/2014/07/27/israel-and-the-us-have-dropped-bombs-on-8-muslim-countries-this-year/
    Iran has not invaded another country in over 150 years

    Now take your Likud/neo con talking points to someone who don’t know

  15. Who made up this polling. I don’t think it is really unbiased or even close to being accurate. There shouldn’t be anything that can a wrong or bad deal right. This is a complete giveaway without any benefit to the American People.

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