Obama Only Needs One More Democratic Senator To Lock Up Victory On Iran Deal


After Sen. Chris Coons of Deleware announced his support for the Iran nuclear agreement, President Obama is just one vote short away from locking up a major foreign policy victory.

Sen. Coons said:

Ultimately, after consulting with financial and policy experts, I’m convinced that the potential turmoil for our key alliances in Europe and Asia and the uncertainty of the outcome of forcing our reluctant allies back to the table are not worth the uncertain possibility that we could secure a stronger deal. Thus, in a very hard choice between either rejecting the agreement and taking on the uncertainty and risks of compelling a return to sanctions and negotiations or a path that accepts the positives of this deal and attempts to manage and minimize the short and long term consequences of its flaws, I choose the latter.

I will support this agreement and vote against any measures to disapprove it in Congress.

I will support this agreement because it puts us on a known path of limiting Iran’s nuclear program for the next fifteen years with the full support of the international community. The alternative, to me, is a scenario of uncertainty and isolation.

Finally, I will support this agreement despite its flaws because it is the better strategy for the United States to lead a coalesced global community in containing the spread of nuclear weapons.

President Obama needs the support of 34 senators to sustain a potential veto if Republicans in Congress pass the resolution of disapproval. Obama has pledges of support from 33 Democratic Senators.

The President needs the support of just one more Democrat to be guaranteed a major foreign policy victory. Obama is going to get the support of at least one more Democrat, and the question becomes can the President get the support of enough Democrats to make it impossible for Republicans to pass the resolution of disapproval in the Senate?

With only two Democrats opposing the deal, the odds are looking better by the hour that Democrats may be able to block the resolution in the Senate. Obama and the Democrats are pulling off an incredible victory, as it looks like the Republican attempt to block the Iran deal will be dead before the GOP returns to Washington.

13 Replies to “Obama Only Needs One More Democratic Senator To Lock Up Victory On Iran Deal”

  1. Oh my! What’s a scumbag war profiteer like Dick Cheney gonna do? You mean Democratic senators aren’t buying his BS about needing to start a war with Iran to avoid a war with Iran? What about Bibi and his 10 year old chart that always shows Iran will have a nuclear bomb in 6 months? It’s all getting old hearing the same cries for more costly wars with the same old lies. Let diplomacy have it’s chance to work, and to hell with the GOP and scumbag war profiteers!

  2. Tom Cotton and the 47 are going to go dizzy. Schumer and Menendez will be right there along with them, spinning in the wind.

    Wonder how Bibi Netanyahu’s going to console his American friends?

  3. The teabaggers have their heads in the sand and cant see the truth for what the truth is. The liberal left have their heads so far up Obama’s but their convinced it smells like roses.
    Wake up.
    this deal was done months ago. What you have been seeing is just dog and pony show. The Brits have already reopened their embassy in Tehran, The Russian missiles are en-route. china is filling its tankers with Iranian oil and the French are already counting the money they will make on business ventures. We will have no choice but to go along with it. We will be the only ones who don’t. And that has the very real possibility of hurting the American economy.
    So like it or not, good or bad, its a done deal.

  4. If this was spades and that was my hand I would see Bennet, Cantwell, Mikulski, Peters would be counted as books. Manchin, Warner, Cardin would be maybes. Blumenthal No AIPAC stooge. Heitkamp No Red state conservdem.
    Wyden only if the cards fell right. The little joker is Booker what will he do?

  5. Indeed. And they are on the side of America. Those Members of Congress who are siding with Israel and Netanyahu against the best interests of this country should face defeat in the next election. Charles Schumer, my Democratic senator from NY, should not be rewarded with the Senate leadership position after his refusal to support his country, his president, and his party. That job should rightfully go to Dick Durbin who was in line for the job before Reid decided to promote Schumer over Durbin. And it is Durbin who is spearheading the efforts to secure enough votes for this agreement to spare President Obama a veto challenge.

  6. Netanyahu will just give them more of the American taxpayers’ money that Congress takes from us and sends to Israel and then Israel sends back to their allies in Congress as bribes and payoffs.

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