Scott Walker Crashes And Burns After Lying About Canada Wall Comments

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Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign is crashing and burning. Walker’s constant lies have reached an absurd level as he now claims that he never talked about building a Canadian wall on Meet The Press.

Video of Walker on Fox News:


Walker tried to make us all forget what he said two days ago, “This is just a joke in terms of how people react to things. I’ve said for some time that we need to secure the southern border. I’ve talked about the infrastructure, the personnel and the technology needed there. I’ve talked about enforcing the laws. People should go back and watch what I said on Sunday. I never said that at all….I’ve never talked about a wall at the north, I’m certainly not now. That’s just what happens when things get run amok.”


Scott Walker did talk about building a wall on the northern border.

Here is the video of his appearance on Meet The Press:



On Sunday, Walker was asked about building a wall along the Canadian border, and he said, “Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire. They raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So that is a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

Scott Walker has reached the point where he is a national joke. His claim that he never talked about building a wall, when there is video of him discussing building a wall is the political equivalent of a three year old who believes that they can make themselves invisible by putting their fingers over their eyes.

Voters heard it. They all saw it with their own eyes. Gov. Walker is now the Canada wall guy. Walker has been plunging in the polls over the past month, and his Romneyesque insult to the nation’s collective intelligence only serves to deepen the embarrassment for the Wisconsin governor.

Scott Walker has become the latest of the Republican Party’s “young guns” to open his mouth and shoot himself in the foot.

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  1. And he dares to criticize the President.

    Scott Walker has reached the point where he is a national joke.

    He should just give up his Quixotic run for the Presidency. He is not living up to the hype. The Koch Brothers lost money propping him up in the first round. That horse pulls up lame on the second furlong.

  2. The Kochs was hoping to use that money against the Democrats but looks like they are going to get trumped

  3. National? How about international? Same for everybody Republican who is running or pretending to be running for President. The world must be wondering what is going on in America.

    Walker was the Koch Golden Boy, but, alas he has been trumped by a individual pretending that he’s running for President!
    I saw parts of Rachel’s show last night and Walker is around the 7th or 8th person GOP voters want for Presie. Ben Carson is second to Trump! Amazing

  4. Scott Walker is a joke. He has taken a once proud progressive state that had a premier school system from K-12 and beyond with a world renowned research/teaching hospital and has literally taken us to our knees. He brags about how he “took on” the middle class worker in this state and compares us to ISIS. He doesn’t have the ability to lead us out of a paper bag and he sure as heck hasn’t the brains, knowledge or ability to lead the country.

  5. Can you imagine this “complete idiot” in a debate with Sanders or Clinton? Bush has sealed his fate.(opened his mouth) Trump will implode. Next clown!

  6. Walker talks like this tax revenue is some kind of windfall, “found money”. What it is is money that won’t be available for education, infrastructure, all the stuff his government should be responsible for. The guy’s a disgrace!

  7. Snott Walker is this election cycles etch-a-sketch candidate, and he won’t even make it to the general.

    The GOP Party is the Party of NO and Obstructionism … They do not know governance and are the undoing of the middle class and America as we know it…. They need to become extinct like the dead dinosaurs… The good old boys, white, bigoted , hatful , prejudiced ,extreme, religious right , conservative party…. They do not represent America or its people … Only the 1% and their controllers….

  9. But it gets better or worse. The way the deal is structured its not 250 million but over 500 million in taxpayer money. So the owners paid for the team for 550 million. They are receiving an arena for 500 billion and there is no guarantee that they would remain in Milwaukee when the current owners sell and they will sell. The LA Clippers just got over 2 billion. I love my sports but my motto is not one red cent from the taxpayers. Its a losing deal

  10. The legacy of California liberal governor Pat Brown 1959 – 1967
    Pat Brown’s legacy includes
    Fair Housing act, Fair Employment Act, Master Plan for Higher Education, Highway Expansion, The California Aqueduct
    Pat Brown taxed everyone, citizens and corporations, fairly
    Due to his legacy, California public schools thru 2 and 4 year universities were the envy of the nation, then came governor Reagan in ‘67….and prop 13 in ‘79

    From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education

    Pat Brown made every promise:
    Liberal governor Pat Brown’s 1959 inaugural address

    and his son, liberal governor Jerry Brown, has almost brought us back.

  11. If Canada (and Mexico) want to teach the US a lesson they should co-ordinate a boycott. Perhaps on Black Friday (Thanksgiving week-end) to show the US how much these two countries and their citizens contribute to the US economy.

  12. he’d get “sick” and cancel

    Either Bernie or Hillary would eat him alive and he’d just stare out into space, dumbfounded and run off stage because he peed his pants.

    Another clown who’s not ready to graduate from pampers to pull-ups let alone be the leader of the free world.

  13. We tend to forget that most these second tier candidates are more running for VP than the top of the ticket. That is frightening enough.

  14. Except that Canadian Thanksgiving happens on the third week of October. Black Friday doesn’t exist in Canada.

  15. Walker said, “That’s just what happens when things get run amok.”

    Were he and Sarah Palin classmates. Seriously Scott, at least she got a college degree. She cobbled it together from credits earned at 5 community colleges, but still. Greedy, ugly and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  16. Hey, look everybody! It’s the Canada wall guy! Scott’s not all that bright and it shows.

  17. Actually it
    s the second Monday in October, but you were close!
    We Canucks are just gobsmacked at the nonsense emanating from south of the border. I really don’t want a wall because I can see the U.S. from my back deck (honestly!) and a wall would surely block the view. However, I will not vacation in the U.S. and will only venture across the border to visit family and friends — too damn many guns and nutcases for my liking…..

  18. Why does Walker always look like he is high on something? Also, and too, he just does not look very bright.

  19. It’s just like repugs to run someone they know is mentally deficient. Then when it the story breaks he is an actual retard, they can spin it around and make him a martyr. I’ll take my ticket to hell now, I can’t stop laughing at this deet-da-dee!

  20. I understand Mexico is building a wall to keep crazed Texans out. Canada may wish to consider it, too.

  21. sammy 6:25

    Walker always looks like he is high because HE IS ALL DOPED UP! The man has serous mental health issues, which is what makes him the perfect tool for Koch bros — people spend all their time talking about the idiot in front of the microphone instead of the interests pullin’ his chain.

    Google “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” and look at pictures of its effects — you will exactly see Scooter’s stoooopid face. More at link below:

    Walker’s Droopy Eyes, Dead Eyes Are Scary!

  22. I look at this morally bankrupt, sneaky, lying, backpeddling abomination & think WTF. Why, how is he a governor of a real state? How is he even in the top 10 tier of candidates to be nominated for the GOP Presidency? I wonder, is their any photo of him out there that has him looking like he’s not sniffing glue & drunk? That wandering eye & shiny weird bald spot really freaks me out. Is this half-wit even human or some accidental hybrid the Koch’s invented? Pick any joe-blow off the street. He will be smarter than this stupid gaffe machine.

  23. He ‘took on’ some protesters outside a restaurant in Washburn, a town near where I live in northern Wisconsin. The protesters were a handful of retired people, some children, and a couple of people in their 20s and 30s. He darted out like a maiden aunt in a crowd of flashers and huddled down in his car, letting the state police protect him from these dangerous characters. If I had been him (and thank God I am not) I would have gone over to them and engaged them in conversation, rather than acting like a little girl, and I’m a girl, too.

  24. I like the “Snott” Walker handle — thanks for that.

    I was going to use that in an earlier post, but you beat me to it.

    Cheers ….

  25. Canada Also Thinks Scott Walker Is A Idiot
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    by Kaili Joy Gray
    Sep 01 4:15 pm 201


    Fresh off his disgraceful appearance on “Meet the Press,” during which Gov. Scott Walker claimed discussions about the 14th Amendment are mere distraction from legitimate issues, like whether we should build a Mexican fence on the Canadian border, the United States of Canada has responded by saying that Scott Walker guy is one stupid fu**, eh?

  26. Imagine living here! It was bad enough before, but the 2010 elections, every republican ran on gun issues. Open carry, concealed carry, stand your ground, castle doctrine you name it. That’s how they got the majority. Now you don’t know who has a gun and nowhere is safe. From grocery stores, to movie theaters to shopping malls! My husband and I are retiring next year and we always dreamed of traveling the US and seeing all the sites we couldn’t afford when our kids were growing up. Now I’m afraid to go. Maybe, when the economy takes a nosedive in the tourism industry, the republicans will wake up. Sadly, I’m not counting on it.

  27. I can’t stand Walker. I think he’s a disaster for working people and local economies and I certainly don’t want him in the White house, or any other elected position for that matter.

    That said, he did not say that we should build a wall to the North. He said it’s a legitimate issue to look at.

    Politicus USA, you’re better than this.

  28. Sorry Francie – you just insulted every developmentally disabled person in the country by comparing them, not nicely I must say, with Scott Walker. They have a brain and use it to the maximum of their ability – he has no brain.

  29. Canadian Thanksgiving may be a different date but that’s irrelevant when it comes to the US Black Friday. I know in northern NY, every mall parking lot is swamped with Canadian license plates on Black Friday.

    Friends have told me that Canada even jumped into the Black Friday game in an attempt to keep the people in the stores there. They also told me it wasn’t anything great as to deals and people went looking out of curiousity but certainly no line ups. Canada’s big sale day has always been Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

  30. I agree with you Judy. What I cannot understand is 1) why he was not recalled and 2) why he was re-elected in your state. Can you help me with this?

  31. Chill out David, what Donald says about the Republican gangsters, is worth delaying bowel activity once in a while. I keep seeing a trap with a Trump. Something about the statements from this guy, calling out the “Losers in the Republican party”, that just doesn’t quite…..well, you know what I’m aiming for right? There’s a ruse somewhere in his statements. Compare uncle Trump to Saturday night live, get the picture? Mitt Romney just walked funny, at least we knew he was lying. Donald is one of those stay tuned Teapublicans. Ya’ neva’ know.

  32. Before even reading the article, I’ve gotta say that’s a completely perfect picture of Walker! LMAO!

  33. Dickless Cheney selected HIMSELF for the VP slot. Maybe Jeb! was hoping for that to occur again, since he has already signed most of the warmongers from his brothers’ and fathers’ administration. Poor, poor Jeb! all that money raised, and he is so dumb he is incapable of fooling anyone. The Koch brothers must have vetted Snot Walker with the same team McCain used to vet PayMe.

  34. Answers:
    1)Massive influx of out-of-state money. It’s how Republicans practice their governing philosophy of ‘Local Control’.
    2)See number one.

  35. $$$, Christina. Koch money funded Walker’s recall and re-election campaigns. I heard a while back that they were dropping him because he couldn’t stay on script. It seems they haven’t done it yet. Maybe his failure here will hurt them in the wallets…

  36. Walker claimed, “.I’ve never talked about a wall at the north” John, are you claiming that Walker didn’t say this, or are you claiming that he actually never mentioned “building a wall to the north is a legitimate issue” on MTP? This article never said that Scott Walker claimed he was going to build the wall.

  37. Johnny Carson played a character called Floyd R Turbo. A clown in a deer hunting cap and wool plaid coat. Look him up, he is a spitting image of Scott Walker.

  38. Walker lies about everything including his bald spot. Before the first time he was elected as governor he claimed he would add 250,000 jobs in his first term. Only about half were added. You would think his minions would soon wise up to this guy and stop voting for him but no….
    Then before his second election he claimed he would not run for President but serve out his term as governor. Well, unless he resigns he will serve out the term as governor because his run for the Presidency is over. He will soon be nothing but an asterisk in the poll results.

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