Tom Cotton Pledges To Stand With Netanyahu To Subvert American Foreign Policy


It is probably a certainty that most Americans, if given the choice, would pledge their support and allegiance to the United States of America instead of a foreign nation. In fact, in most circles, particularly most conservative circles, it would certainly be considered an act of treason to support a foreign country over America, and nearly as treasonous to support and give aid to a foreigner attempting to subvert the United States government in international matters. For dog’s sake, 12 years ago Republicans were ballistic when an American citizen dared question the foreign policy of a sitting U.S. president, so it is expected they would be apoplectic if an American citizen actively join forces with foreigners to undermine the nation they claim to love.

It is very telling about Republican and conservative hypocrisy that when a country-and-western entertainer opined that she was embarrassed that a warmonger president of the United States, George W. Bush, was from the same state as her, Americans on the right went insane with anger. Republicans, all manner of conservatives, and “patriotic” country music devotees went ballistic and launched a campaign to destroy the careers of the Dixie Chicks for having the audacity to express a personal opinion about a sitting president while on foreign soil. Some conservatives were so outraged they made threats to the entertainers.

When there was a war against Muslims for Americans to fight at Netanyahu’s urging, Republicans not only would not tolerate a dissenting voice, they sought vengeance against the entertainers who had the temerity to express their opinion on foreign soil protesting Bush’s war of aggression against Muslims. If questioning a decision to go to war on Israel’s behalf was an outrage less than twelve years ago, then where is the conservative outrage against a sitting United States senator for pledging his undying support to a foreign leader to subvert the foreign policy of a sitting President of the United States? It is non-existent.

After Republican Senator Tom Cotton met with “his” most favorite nation’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, he saidToday’s meeting only reaffirms my opposition to this deal. I will stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel and work with my colleagues in Congress to stop this deal and to ensure that Israel has the means to defend itself against Iran.” It is bad enough that Cotton pledged to “stand with Netanyahu and Israel” to subvert American foreign policy, but why did he not demonstrate exactly how the United Nations P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran strips Israel of its means to defend itself; especially when American taxpayers are funding over 15% of Israel’s military. But Cotton is working from blind devotion, and a solemn pledge, to a foreign nation and its warmongering leader to subvert his own nation’s foreign policy so expecting any kind of evidence to support his sedition is a waste of energy.

Cotton certainly has shown no fealty whatsoever to the nation of which he claims to be a citizen or the Constitution he swore an oath to defend and support; because by his own admission his first and only allegiance is to Israel in general and its prime minister in particular. There has been no outrage that Cotton, or Republicans, have joined a foreigner to subvert American foreign policy because Barack Obama is an African American man dedicated to preventing Americans from fighting and dying in another Middle East war against Muslims on behalf of a foreigner. Republicans can, and have, spent the past six years openly claiming that Barack Obama is not, in any way, shape, or form an American even though he is upholding his pledge of allegiance to the United  States; not some foreign nation or its leader. It is something Tom Cotton cannot say because his pledge is serving a foreigner and he is unapologetic about standing with Netanyahu in opposition to America; the country that is subservient to Israel and its leader according to Cotton.

When Speaker of the House John Boehner went behind the Administration’s back and invited the foreigner to act like he sets American foreign policy in the Middle East, many thought Boehner violated the Logan Act. However, the final conclusion was that inviting a foreigner to address a joint session of Congress to subvert American foreign policy was simply a “breach of protocol.” Likewise, when Netanyahu devotee Tom Cotton wrote a letter to Iranian hardliners promising Republicans would scuttle the P5+1 deal so Israel could start a war with Iran that Americans would fight and die in, it was not sedition or a violation of the Logan Act; it was just another breach of protocol. Now though, a sitting U.S. Senator travels to a foreign nation and pledges to stand with it and its leader in opposition to the country he claims to be a citizen and Republicans are silent. It is more than just a breach of protocol, it is at the very least “seditious in spirit” and in many Americans’ minds it is treasonous.

Cotton is guilty of attempting to subvert the twice legally-elected leader of the United States who has sole purview over setting foreign policy. No matter how one assesses what Cotton is doing, it is an attempt to subvert United States’ foreign policy for a foreigners’ bloodlust. This Iran deal is an international effort, and not an American treaty with a foreign nation that requires any input, or approval, from the U.S. Congress in the form of “ratification” as required by the Constitution. It was a mistake to give Netanyahu’s surrogates in Congress authority to scuttle a deal the involves five other nation’s leaders, but America has proven itself exceptional the past six years in breaking Constitutional protocol. But that is just one of the prices America has to pay for having a government composed of politicians who serve the best interests of foreigners instead of the nation or its Constitution.

Neither Cotton, the Republican Party, nor the 47 seditious Republicans who pledged to Iranian hardliners that they would thwart the international deal for a war on Israel’s behalf have any intention of supporting the Constitution despite their oath of office; especially not when their anointed foreign leader is directing their subversion of the nation’s foreign policy. Cotton is blatantly joining forces with a foreigner to subvert America’s foreign policy, and announces his pledge of support on foreign soil without a word of condemnation from conservatives.

Tom Cotton is the worst kind of American traitor for standing with a foreigner, on foreign soil, and pledging his support to subvert the United States. Obviously if he could be thrown out of Congress, Republicans would never act because they are as devoted to a foreign nation’s subversion of American foreign policy as Benjamin Netanyahu and his newest disciple Tom Cotton. However, Cotton’s love of country, this country, not Israel, is certainly up for debate as is any semblance of patriotism anyone sane might expect from an American citizen and sitting U.S. Senator. The people who should be most outraged are his constituents who have to ask exactly which of their best interests he serves by pledging his allegiance to a foreign nation and its warmonger leader, because there is nothing in any Americans’ best interests in another Middle East war fought to sate the bloodlust, and defense industry greed, of the man a sitting U.S. Senator just pledged his allegiance and support to subvert America.

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  1. Nino flew my Congressman,Moolenaar, and his wife over too, and he has pledged his allegiance to Israel as well. I sent him an email asking about his oath and loyalty, but received no reply. These men are despicable.

  2. “Cottonmouth” is a kind of poisonous snake that sneaks up on you and bites you without the courtesy of a rattle.

  3. Rmuse…this column is brilliant. Every word has been thoughtfully stated and is so true. America better wake up to these traitors, starting with the disloyal Cotton. The thought of him conspiring with the warmonger Netanyahu is maddening.

  4. Rescind his citizenship, pull his passport, and let him sit in Israel for a few years. He is an enemy of his own country.

  5. Just as I’ve said since the 47 +1(Boehner) wrote that letter to Iran and invited Bibi to speak in front of our congress.
    The GOP has/is become the party of traitors.
    It was bad enough when they worked against the Citizens of this nation with it’s backing of more power for the elite and corporations
    But claiming to support a foreign nation over the one they gave an oath to serve and protect goes beyond anything they’ve done before.
    Arkansas really needs to look at the choices they made and do something to get this POS out of office,as we know the members of the GOP congress won’t.

  6. Why not just send him to prison for 30 years? Wouldn’t take long for “Bootay Legion” to straighten him out. He wouldn’t lie about a fly after 6 months in the slammer. It’s not called the “slammer” fer’ nunthin’. No parole in the federal system. He’ll be the catwalk ho.

  7. The man should be punished along with the other 46 who pledge their allegence to a foreign government that undercuts the President of the United States and their foreign policy.

  8. I would NOT trust Tom Cotton with ANY of America’s secrets. He might be a “Leaker” to Israel and Netanyahu. The only committees he should serve on should be the Parks and Environmental. To Keep his nose in the dirt.

    No Intelligence committees for him. No Foreign Relations committees for him. Nothing to do with Defense.

  9. And it all began with the seditious GOP leadership meeting on January 20, 2009, when they plotted their plans to undermine the Obama Administration. The GOP is more than the “Party of NO”; it’s the party of sedition and now, of treason.

  10. Excellent point Thomas. How can you trust any representative with sensitive information that would openly conspire against a sitting president?

  11. Good luck getting any member of congress to reply!
    Have to remember one thing,we the voters don’t have the money to bribe them like another nation does!

  12. Cotton should resign his senate seat, move and just run office in Israel because right now he’s a traitor who is disgrace to his seat and his military uniform! Well he’s a racist republican and as long as black man is president he will oppose him!

  13. It’s more of that “It’s different when I do it and it’s also different when it happens to me” BS that the Republicans love to do.

  14. So Bill Kristol wasn’t the author of that treasonous
    letter to Iran afterall. Tom Cotton deserves full credit
    for his efforts along with the consequences. Forty
    seven traitors plus Chuckles…tar and feathering is
    too merciful!

  15. THIS KIND OF “TREASONOUS” (Political) “SHIT” IS “NOT” KOSHER!!! These (demonic-possessed) political “SWINE” need too be made fully “Aware” of this fact. In my opinion.

  16. Yes, this was my thought, too! I’ll take an anchor baby/parent that wants to be here over some entitled politician that does nothing to help Americans and the country. Send Cotton to Russia. They’re supposed to have real freedom there under Putin, no?

  17. Jonathan Pollard has served 30 years for passing “secrets” to Israel. How many should Cotton get?

  18. Here’s a little FYI on one of the scariest Senators we have right now (a Jr. one to boot)
    ——Rep. Alan Grayson says Sen. Cotton is “already on his way to marking himself as the premiere warmonger of the 114th Congress.” Heather Digby Parton from Salon called him“Ted Cruz with a war record, Sarah Palin with a Harvard degree, Chris Christie with a Southern accent.” Whatever your characterization, this much is clear: this freshman senator is an arrogant bully and needs a time out.———–

    He needs to read all the NEGATIVE reports out there in the Blogs and on-line about his sorry Arse.. I just read some….apparently this guy is not so cool. A bit creepy and sneaky.
    Google him, you’ll see all you need to see and know about this guy (“Senator”)

  19. Majority of Americans want congress to approves Iran Nuclear Deal:
    Here the article:

    Key Democrat: Senate will uphold Obama Iran Nuclear Deal:

    Thanks to everyone who support peace over war. Keep the pressure up.

  20. Clown Parade:

    And has the gall to write letters to foreign leaders against our own President! Advising them to NOT continue negotiating with our US team!

    What IF these 47 members were Democrats? It would be another BENGHAZI like melt-down by Republicans. Yet not much shame has befallen them…to date anyhow. When this deal is sealed, they should be made to hang their heads in collective shame. Especially TOM COTTON.

  21. Benedict Cotton should be put on the no fly list. He can sit in Israel and try to learn its Constitution because it’s obvious that he hasn’t bothered reading ours. Traitor!

  22. I think Cotton is under the delusion he was running for POTUS instead of senator. Why doesn’t McConnell set his ass straight? This right here makes it clear to to anyone with half a brain, NO ONE has control of the rethug congress. Not in the house, not in the senate!

  23. Where is the committee on UnAmerican Activities when you need it?

    Cottonmouth and his 47 cohorts should be removed from office–censured at the very least. But i forgot,they are Republicans so it is Okay for them to subvert the USA.

  24. We need a member of congress to take a stand and invoke Article 1 Section 5 and boot the 47+1 traitors out!

  25. Cotton is a traitor and should be treated as such. He is undermining his own country by supporting a foreign government. Where is the media on this? They are so busy following Trump the clown around they can’t be bothered with real news.

  26. Slap the Logan Act on him and the other 46!! And, while you are at it, assemble a panel for War Crimes committed- Bush/Chaney.

  27. Another well-articulated article!

    Great comment! I would add that this began when the patron saint of the GOP, Ronald Reagan, told Iran to hold the hostages until he was president. The moment Reagan began taking the oath of office, the hostages were put on a plane to the USA.

    Incidentally, I just finished reading: “The Men who invented the Constitution, Summer of 1787.”

    Plain and simple … Cotton is committing treason, as are Boehner and those who “sneak around”… Their allegiance is to the USA, not to Israel.

    Netanyahu should be censured by Israel for interfering in another nation’s business and forbidden all communication with any elected official (except directly with the President) and prevented from traveling to the USA.

  28. How is Cottonmouth (and his like-minded buddies) a) not in prison and b) still in the legislative branch of our government?

  29. There’s NO WAY I would trust him with Parks OR Environment, which can and ARE being sold out to corporations!

  30. Those email were 5 yrs ago but the underlying diplomacy still would be in place. Coddle fools until they come around to realism. Especially fools carrying war in their hands.

  31. What I found interesting is they are saying what the majority of people are saying but are afraid to say it in public. You want to neutralize the Likudnites, Start calling their asses out instead of coddling them. Now like the article said President Obama wasn’t in the position to do it since idiots think he is a secret Muslim. Sanders cant do it since he loves him some occupation. We wont even mention republicans since they are waiting for the rapture but even though she is a strong supporter of Israel she know that the nuts are running the asylum Hillary maybe can break this impasse. Now would she? I don’t know the answer to that

  32. She was always a born diplomat. It is her core to negotiate reasonably and to put aside differences for the common good. She did it in NY. She did it around the world (her books are filled with her peace offerings and smart power negotiating) and she is perhaps best suited to do it – if anyone can reason – with the unreasonable.

    Remember when she dropped out and Obama went to AIPAC and had a cold reception? She stood beside him and behind him and she literally vouched for him that day. She interceded on his behalf and they listened.

    She is a willow but can be an oak when needed. And she has earned their ear.

  33. They tag teamed back to back and both were exceptional and brilliant.

    Obama said: “Now, before I begin, I also want to mention that I know some have been receiving provocative e-mails that have been circulated throughout the Jewish communities across the country. And a few of you may have gotten them. They’re filled with tall tales and dire warnings about a certain candidate for president. And all I want to say is let me know if you see this guy named Barack Obama, because he sounds pretty scary.”

  34. They both spoke for over a half hour each. The point was understood by all.

    Hillary said: I know Senator Obama understands what it is at stake here. It has been an honor to contest these primaries with him. It is an honor to call him my friend. And let me be very clear: I know that Senator Obama will be a good friend to Israel. I know that Senator Obama shares my view that the next president must be ready to say to the world: America’s position is unchanging, our resolve unyielding, our stance nonnegotiable. The United States stands with Israel, now and forever.

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