Email Scandal Means Nothing As Hillary Clinton Remains More Popular Than Bush and Trump


A new ABC News/Washington Post poll found that while Hillary Clinton’s favorability ratings have dropped, she is still more popular than her potential Republican opponents.

According to the poll, Clinton’s approval/disapproval ratio is an upside down (-8) Forty-five percent view Clinton favorably while 53% have an unfavorable view of the Democratic frontrunner. However, the Republican Party would likely kill to have her numbers. Jeb Bush has a (-17) net favorability rating, with a 38% favorability rating and a 55% unfavorable rating. Donald Trump has a (-22) net favorability rating. Trump’s was viewed favorably by 37%, and unfavorably by 59%.

Vice President Joe Biden was also included in the poll even though he is not a candidate, and his net favorability rating was a net (0) with a split of 46%/46%.

The consistently negative coverage of the Clinton email scandal is the key driver behind her decline in approval ratings, but, no matter what Donald Trump believes, elections aren’t contested in the media.

Unlike Bush and Trump, Clinton isn’t saddled with a political party that is historically unpopular. Her negatives are being driven by a media narrative about her emails. The Clinton campaign is running an intentionally low-key early effort. Hillary Clinton is in the race for the long haul, so she isn’t holding large rallies and doing national interviews.

Former Sec. of State Clinton has universal name recognition, so there is an intentional strategy on her part not to oversaturate the coverage. The Clinton campaign is going with a slow burn strategy, because they want voters to get excited in 2016.

Other candidates weren’t included in the initial batch of data, but no one else in either party has the national name recognition of Clinton, Biden, Trump, and Bush.

The takeaway is that even with the email scandal, Hillary Clinton beats her most well-known Republican opponents. Democrats are more popular than Republicans in the United States, which is why the Democratic nominee will have the advantage going into the fall of 2016.

27 Replies to “Email Scandal Means Nothing As Hillary Clinton Remains More Popular Than Bush and Trump”

  1. Agree the emails are entertaining. The serious ones and the fluff too.

    My favorites:

    Santa (her hairdresser had them all a gog)

    Her coat from Kabul going back for a visit.


    Breaking her elbow caused by Holbrook tripping her according to Powell.

    The Hillary mask wearing bank robber in Virginia caused this exchange:

    “She does, uh, have an alibi, I presume?” lawyer David Kendall deadpanned.

    Clinton: “Should I be flattered? Even a little bit? And, as for my alibi, well, let’s just say it depends on the snow and the secret service. So, subject to cross for sure. Do you think there could be copycats? Do you think the guy chose that mask or just picked up the nearest one? Please keep me informed as the case unfolds.”

  2. I read the article but disappointed to see the author thought Bernie Sanders didn’t have name recognition enough to be included with the beginning pack. What an insult to Sen. Sanders. I finally believe they are afraid of him.

  3. …you NEVER treat a bully like a valued ally!!!
    …Nutty-Yoyo needs some humility, or he’ll pull something worse!!!

  4. Visualizing Hiltz slappin’ Trey Gowdy with a gefilte fish.
    This just keeps gettin’ more comical. Until desperate
    repugs find a genuine legal transgression, the “scandal”
    label ought to be in quotation marks, IMHO. Jah bless.

  5. I love how Republicans are combing through thousands of her emails looking for dirt, but we can’t so much as ask Trump for his favorite bible verses or about something he said in an old interview. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

  6. I like Bernie as much as the next gal, but I didn’t know who he was until he ran, either. A friend of mine said she only knew him because he use to be on The Daily Show. Not everyone is so well-versed in politics.

  7. I know Bernie for decades. I know Hillary for decades. I have been involved in the democratic party for decades. I read tons of political commentary for decades.

    It isn’t about name recognition. She had 8 in 10 democrats wanting her to run before she declared. The Senators and Congressmen and Vermont elected officials have all come out for Hillary. They know Bernie for decades too.


  8. He can’t get in or they will have to build a bigger stage – it just can’t hold all those fat heads.

  9. —–“The Clinton campaign is going with a slow burn strategy, because they want voters to get excited in 2016.”—–

    I think that’s a good strategy. Nice and easy. Stay cool. Ease up to the starting line. Re-define your(her)self in easy to absorb nuggets. Let Trump burn himself out in 6 months. THEN, open up the tool box and use every tool in the box to your(her)advantage. Surprise them with some acceptable policy white paper. Name your running mate (Better be a good one: (Non-politician, maybe?) Hmmmmm.

    In other words Hillary, take it easy for now. Those pesky man-made scandals will disappear into thin air, leaving the Republicans gasping for something that will stick. Remember Benghazi—Nothing there. They try, but look foolish loosing.
    NO Republican Presidents for awhile please.

  10. Why are we dealing with this CRAP a year before the election? Let’s face it Hillary is not an IT person and we forget that even at my age (56) computers were not like today so those of us in that generation and older are not so literate. Just saying…… Could have been an honest mistake that anyone of us can make.

  11. …hit Gowdy with a fish???
    That’ll give him something to carp about…
    {{{Couldn’t resist}}}

  12. I didn’t know anything about him before he declared he was running either…but I have been listening to his message…and finding that his message has been UNCHANGED in the many DECADES of his public service!

    I also know that his campaign is truly “grass roots” and his contributions, unlike Hillary’s, do NOT include Wall Street banks, but regular Americans who are EXTREMELY concerned about the corruption of our Government by the wealthiest 1% (not to mention foreign money from SuperPACs!).

    HE is the candidate that speaks for all of us…not just the special interests. Hillary is ESTABLISHMENT…we already know what a Clinton Presidency looks like…we don’t need more of the same, we don’t need to maintain the status quo.

    The way I see it, Bernie is OUR LAST HOPE to fix this peacefully. If he isn’t elected, and we get another “business as usual” guy in office, I honestly see this nation burning to the ground. We have some deep problems…Bernie is the only one I can se…

  13. HE is the candidate that speaks for all of us
    Really? So you support him in cutting American jobs because he wont support the export/import bank? And I guess you are cool with the Israeli occupation of the Palestine?

  14. STOP ignoring Bernie Sanders… the next President of the United States. He is saying what Americans want to hear… listen for cryin’ out loud. He was not even mentioned in this article.

  15. There was NO scandal, no laws broken, no policy breached. The media are acting like morons, ignoring the facts. Let’s have every congressman or person running show their emails from that time. Oh yeah the Republican hypocrisy won’t. They won’t admit there was no laws or policy in place. They won’t televise the bogus scandal. You can’t change the rules after someone leaves office. It’s like changing the speed limit and giving motorist tickets retroactively even though they broke no laws at the time. The media doesn’t care about the truth and have kept bogus scandals alive. We must rely on the intelligence of the voters, but the media is working hard to support the GOP b.s., blatant lies and mis-truths. I’ve never seen the media so irresponsible in my lifetime. They created Trump and don’t know how to solve that problem. I’m so outraged I can’t watch political coverage. There is no smoking gun, no bullets, just bullish*t.

  16. Thomas, Saving the best for last!

    I agree.

    Hillary can let everyone get it out of their system in these early days. Once the novelty has passed, she can kick it up a few notches closer to the real election time.

  17. Bernie Sanders is a one trick pony. He’s not going to be in the Oval Office unless President Hillary Clinton invites him over for tea.

  18. Nobody cares about Bernie Sanders. We want to keep a Democrat in the White House. Socialist Sanders cannot win a general election.

  19. Saying Clinton is more favorable than trump or bush is like saying, “Yes. I prefer the swine flu over the plague or the clapp.”..
    Sanders is gaining by the minute. Because he’s honest. Has actual proposals that have been properly researched. And, has not been bought and paid for by wall street, like Clinton.
    Plus. Clinton always starts strong. But, like an old race horse. As, she has done in the past. She’ll fade back into the pack as Sanders overtakes her.
    And for those of you who say others don’t know who Bernie is or what he’s about. Get the word out. Get young people who want a chance at a future to get involved. get older folks who don’t want to see the social security flushed away by wall street involved. Clinton has said she’s open to the idea of privatization of S.S.. If that’s not enough to convince you she’s bought and paid for. Maybe the fact that she doesn’t support reinstating the Glass-Stengel act will.
    Just wish folks really paid attention.

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