Marco Rubio Humiliates Himself While Refusing To Admit That Obama Won On Iran Deal


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) humiliated himself on national television today by getting the basics of the Iran resolution wrong while refusing to admit that President Obama has won.


Here was the exchange between Sen. Rubio and Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer:

Hemmer: Now that they’ve got the votes, the Iran deal looks like a done deal.

Rubio: Well, first of all, they don’t have the votes to pass it. He has the votes to sustain a veto. Irrespective of where this ends up, I’m confident that a majority of the House and Senate are going to reject this deal. But here’s a broader point, this is not a treaty. There’s nothing about this that’s binding on the next administration, So, When I’m President of the United States, we will reimpose those sanctions on Day 1, and then I will go to Congress, ask them even to increase sanctions more, and I will back that up with a credible threat of military force.

Hemmer: So the votes to override a veto are not there. So in essence, this is a done deal, Senator.

Rubio: Well, it’s a done deal for the next eighteen months….

Rubio was frighteningly wrong on some basic points. Democrats don’t need to have the votes to pass the legislation. The resolution that is being discussed is a resolution of disapproval. Democrats do not want to pass it.

Rubio tried to disguise the crushing Republican defeat by claiming that a majority in the House and Senate will vote for the resolution, but it doesn’t matter if a majority supports it. Republicans need 60 votes to pass the resolution of disapproval, and right now, they don’t have sixty.

Sen. Rubio’s point about the deal not being binding for future presidents also isn’t true. Legal experts such as Yale Law School professor Bruce Ackerman argue that by turning the Iran deal into a joint decision between the legislative and executive branches, Republicans in Congress have made it impossible for a future president to unilaterally kill the deal. Ackerman said, “Presidents do not have the power to repudiate congressional-executive agreements without strictly following the procedures laid out by Congress in its original authorizing legislation. Congress’ decision was very unwise.”

In other words, the only way that Congress could kill the deal would be if Republicans had 60 Senate votes and control of the White House. The odd of both of these results coming from the 2016 election are highly unlikely.

Rubio was schooled by Fox News while getting the basic facts wrong. Forget about becoming president, Marco Rubio is a walking embarrassment who isn’t qualified to be a U.S. Senator.

33 Replies to “Marco Rubio Humiliates Himself While Refusing To Admit That Obama Won On Iran Deal”

  1. Humiliating yourself is required these days for Republican politicians. It’s right up there with their other qualifications: Ignorance, Insanity. Bigotry, Fake Christianity, worship of money and power, Soullessness, Cold Heartedness, Fear and Hate mongering,Lying, & Hypocrisy

  2. Bomb, bomb, bomb,
    Bomb bomb Iran…

    Sorry Marco, but the idiot that saddled us with Caribou Barbie already went there…

  3. I can never figure out who is stupid enough to vote for idiots like Rubio and really the entire repugnant field.

  4. I swear, the entire Republican race is pretty much a game of ‘Who can be the biggest idiot?’

    Trump has pretty much lead since jumping into the race because his comments were like rocket fuel for his campaign. Yet, everyone else is doing their part to add into the contest. Rubio just added this wonderful moment of failure to that list.

  5. With all due respect, Senator Rubio has never said he would “unilaterally kill the deal”. He has said that he will re-impose sanctions upon Iran by lifting the waiver. The sitting president has authority to do this, because Obama unilaterally imposed it. “… we will re-impose those sanctions on Day 1…” The part of going to Congress and increasing sanctions… military force ect. is a different matter.

    Indeed, Mr. Hemmer concluded that the deal was done, and Rubio conceded that; but wasn’t going to frame the discussion as Obama won, because Rubio does not see the matter of the Iran deal as being over. “… this is not a treaty…”

    Rubio knows it is a resolution of disapproval. This is an embarrassing statement, but not from Rubio. I’ve heard Rubio talk before, and sometimes he says “The House needs to pass this” or the “The Senate need to pass that through”. He knows what it means. It’s just the way he talks sometimes. He doesn’t use the exactly appropriate terminology al…

  6. I just don’t understand how he is totally against illegal aliens, but his family got a free pass from Cuba to the US back in the day. Why is that right? Someone PLS inform me!

  7. The sanctions in question were international and not American thus he would have to pass unenforceable American Sanctions against Iran. This would of course, make the United States look foolish much like when GW Bush and Cheney were still in office. For sanctions of any kind to work as they did to bring Iran to the table in the first place it took International cooperation. I know Republican Crazies all think the US can go everything alone let us all hope that the American People will wake up and not allow the clown car to destroy this nation further.

  8. “Rubio was schooled by Fox News” This statement is wrong in so many ways. Fox “News” does nothing but spread lies and misinformation, so how can they “school” anyone. If Fox “News” has schooled you Marco Rubio, you don’t deserve to be elected to dog catcher.

  9. Agreed on all your points except that unilateral American sanctions against Iran WOULD be enforceable, but they just wouldn’t be very effective because our international partners would be very unlikely to join the U.S.

  10. I’m so tired of hearing republicans and their stenographers in the media praise marco rubio as being articulate and an “expert” in foreign policy.

    I just don’t see it. The more I hear or read from rubio, the less impressed I am . . . . he doesn’t understand nuance or complexity, and he just doesn’t seem able to grasp the big issues the president must grapple with every day.

    I’m sorry marco, but you truly belong at the bottom of the pack where you have been moving lately.

  11. “When I’m President…..

    of the Mickey Mouse Club

    of the Hair Club for Defectives

    of the Nestle Water Division

    sometime around the 12th………Of NEVER!

  12. Malkin couldn’t be much more vile, could she? Just a mean, vicious animal, filled with mindless hate of everything and everyone, except money.

  13. He’s like some of the freed slaves in Ancient Rome. Some of them became slave owners themselves and were nasty to those unfortunate enough to be under them.

  14. He always looks like he is about to cry every time the President has a success. Someone needs to tell pouting is not appropriate or becoming for a 44 year old.

  15. Never in my 40 years of voting has there been a clearer choice between the two parties. The repubs are making this too easy. Vote for them if you want the U.S. lead by pre-pubescent children. {Rubio/Trump/Bush et al, are the poster children.}

  16. They all wait for the impending implosion of The Donald. The water boy flips and flops and just can’t get a foothold. That happens a lot on the wrong side of history.

  17. Rubio is a foreign policy lightweight in a field of lightweights. NONE of the Republican candidates could find their arsehole on a map with a flashlight. They are truly beyond pathetic.

  18. Only time will tell as to what kind of deal this was. no one knows for sure as to what Iran will do . One thing is for sure many billions of dollars are going to be freed up for Iran to do as they want.probably to further spencer terrorism abound the world. Let’s just wait and see.

  19. I don know anyone who spencer terror but it is their money and even the CIA said the bulk of their money will go to shore up their economy. But you got one thing right, YOU DONT KNOW A FUKING THING

  20. You don’t know what you’re talking about. What makes you the big expert. Many top generals are opposed to this deal. Not to mention most of congress and the senate. You just rattle on talking points that you read somewhere. I may be wrong,and you may be wrong. We will see.

  21. What top generals? Boykin? You got to be kidding me and yes I read the agreement when it came out on my back in the hospital recovering from hip surgery. Its only about 150 pages your dumbass should take one hour to read it

  22. Oh I got all goose-bumpy when he said “When I become President” OMG I snorted my beer right up my nose. This arrogant fool has made made himself almost as stupid as Pyiush Jindal – well maybe more stupid with those spewings.

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