Desperate Republicans May Dig Up Mitt Romney To Run Against Donald Trump

Trump Romney

In what would be the most unlikable primary election in the history of the United States, Mitt Romney’s supporters are suggested that the failed 2012 nominee would like to return and take on Donald Trump.

New York Magazine reported:

“He’s someone to whom civility means a lot. The whole Trump thing really bothers him,” a close Romney adviser told me — and some Romney-ites are only too happy to talk up the prospect of their man jumping into the race if the Establishment fails to stop Trump, whose support in Iowa and New Hampshire is currently greater than Jeb Bush’s, Scott Walker’s, Marco Rubio’s, Chris Christie’s, and John Kasich’s combined.

“Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run,” a senior member of his 2012 team told me. Other Romney-ites, watching this cycle’s candidates falling short, feel a sense of vindication after all the attacks they endured after Romney’s failed 2012 bid. “These guys like Walker and Perry, they were big deals in their states, but you get them onto the national stage and it’s a different story,” a former Romney adviser told me. “It’s like they were in middle school, and now they’re freshmen in high school and they’re getting their faces slammed in the toilets.”

The pivot away from Trump is interesting because Mitt Romney sucked up to the billionaire and campaigned with him in 2012.

In February 2012, I wrote about the deal that Romney cut with Trump, “It appears that Mitt Romney not only negotiated for Donald Trump’s endorsement, but he also cut a deal with the birther/reality TV star to keep Trump out of the race as a third party candidate. Time’s Mark Halperin is reporting that Trump has agreed not to launch a third-party candidacy for president if Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination.”

Could Romney really come back to challenge Trump in the primaries? It is doubtful, but one far out scenario involves the Republican Party rallying around Romney is Trump is the delegate leader at the Republican convention.

If Trump stays strong into early 2016, Republicans are going to become increasingly desperate to derail him. Desperate people do desperate things, and bringing Mitt Romney back for another run at the White House would be the height of desperation.

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  1. Not to brag, but I have been predicting this for 2 months now. Next to any of the current crop of GOP numbskulls, Mittens is at least a gentleman and fairly intelligent. He will still lose, but the campaign will at least not wind up in a WWF type melee at the final debate. Just depends what type of man the GOP wants running in 2016..a bully, a flat-out idiot, or a man who has run a state successfully, as well as pretends he didn’t sell out the Olympics to his Mormon buddies, and he has probably employed fewer illegals than the egomaniac.

  2. In other words, Republicans realise the current crop are not qualified for the WH. Neither is Mitt. Thanks to Republican purging those that are intelligent and qualified, leaving them only those that are qualified only for asylums and prisons, they have insured Democrats keep the WH

  3. Nothing republican can shock me. The more time they spend attacking each other the better! They can rip each other to shreds as far as I’m concerned. So run Mitt, you’ll lose your (at least) third run for president.

  4. So if the leaders of Republican Party are thinking of a Draft Romney tactic…how do you suppose the other hapless candidates feel? Like chopped liver? ;)

    You know what, I don’t care. Whatever tactic they come up with, short of rigging the General election is fine with me. Because you know what? No matter who they have as their candidate, that smashed and bruised candidate will NOT make it to the White House. The Republicans are tarnished by the shenanigans and actions of their chosen few. Plus, the way they seem to govern is always in the chaotic mode, Plus they prefer war over diplomacy and peace. So, there it is…Please proceed with Romney, Republicans.

  5. To the ignorant low class base, Trump comes off as a Washington outsider who thinks like they do. Romney just exudes his arrogant ass persona without the lowbrow appeal of the Donald. The base will abandon the Repubs if they try to ram Mitt down their throats again.

  6. Not much of a surprise if he’s back in the game, whether by the hand of others or of his own choice. Romney is mostly a decent, capable person, but regarding the White House and the demand of the Presidency, he delusions of adequacy.

  7. Romney is mostly a decent, capable person
    Only if you consider that he got rich by putting people out of work decent and honorable

  8. OMG! This would absolutely be popcorn time. Romney would never survive Trump’s bombastic digs. The GOP would really be bared for what it really is. Bush is a minor player at this point.

  9. Run, Mitt. Run.
    Run, Mitt. Run.
    Can’t wait to see your entitled ass humiliated once again;
    and for your prissy wife to scope you once again,
    with contemptuous scorn.

    Run, Mitt. Run.
    LOSER !!!

  10. Great Comment…Thomas!

    We need Two Strong Political Parties!
    Like two wings of an airplane.
    Or we’ll never get this precious Nation off the ground again.

    Eight more years AWAY from the White House will give them time to pull themselves together and start helping *All Americans*.
    Not just the Wealthy.

    My Papa always said:

    “Democrats Help Those Who Need Help…
    Republicans Help Those Who Don’t Need Help”

  11. Do you think Trump will go negative about the whole Mormon thing? He has no filter about any other subject. He’s already said Romney is a looser and was a bad candidate.

  12. Mitt Romney’s motto, “This I want you to know, there’s no place to go, so if you need me, just call, I’ll be there, you know I’ll be around, even if I have to call, I’ll be there. You know I know you know I’ll be around”. Just call out my name!

  13. Yes, please oh please elect two privileged elitist white boys for the GOP nominees. Democrats everything will sing your praises lol.

  14. Barbara Boxer Cleaned Carly’s Clock!
    California Voters Were Smart!

    “Fiorina May Find Center Stage Uncomfortable”:

    “The trouble is, she was a politician. She ran for the Senate in California in 2010 and lost by more than 1 million votes to the incumbent, Barbara Boxer. True, California is a Democratic state, but that was a banner year for Republicans, and Boxer never has been as popular a vote-getter as the state’s other Democratic senator, Dianne Feinstein.

    They will promote Fiorina…Watch!

  15. “Frankly, I see no difference between Trump and Romney, except Mitt has better hair.”
    You may be comparing apples to oranges, or in this case, an asshat to orangutans…

  16. Mitt has been planning to jump back into the race all along. He, smartly, withdrew because he did not want to get into the clown car with the current laughable riff-raff and sully his campaign. Really!

  17. Well, they STILL could run Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guilliani or $carah PayMe. No dearth of greedy, money grubbers on their side of the aisle.

  18. The truth is, Romney has that TV President of the United States look. Ha!
    He is better off going to a casting call for a new Presidential series (If any is in the works today) ;)

  19. In October of 2012 my jack-o-lantern pumpkin’s face
    was the number 47 and sat glowing under a lawn sign
    supporting PBO. This annoyed the majority of my neigh-
    bors who were Romney-ites, but the best part was un-
    leashing 22 lbs. of fireworks on election night as Rove
    had his Fux news meltdown on tv to really rub it in. So
    please hop on the bozo bus, Mittens. And don’t forget
    to dis President Carter again since that worked so well
    for ya last time around. Gotta love Mother Jones!!!

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