Reality Check for Religious Nuts: Laughing at You is Not Persecution

Remember when Pat Robertson said his god would punish us for mocking him? Right Wing Watch tells us that “End times pastor” Carl Gallups says “lampooning and lambasting and making fun of” people like him is a form of persecution. It is apparently okay to actually persecute people – other people – like gays and women and atheists and others.

Its funny when people say such catastrophically stupid things and then expect not to get laughed at. So let’s get started.

Gallups was a guest on TheDove TV Monday to chat up his new book, “Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble.” His book warns Christians to be prepared for coming persecution, including being mocked and laughed at, apparently, when they say crackpot stuff.

I don’t know. When you act like an idiot you have to be prepared to be laughed at. Here you are waving a book around you’ve clearly never read, lying through your teeth while claiming to represent some monolithic truth, chasing money while they guy you claim to follow, Jesus, said to give up everything you own to follow him.

It’s funny. It’s funny that you expect us to take you seriously. I mean, how do we not laugh?

It’s even funnier that you think us pointing these facts about you to others is a form of persecution. We call it the First Amendment. You have a right to lie. We have a right to call you on it. That’s not persecution. That’s freedom of speech.

Of course it isn’t just making fun of him that bothers Gallups. Oh no, he sees persecution everywhere:

We can see the beginning signs. Where we are now is where persecution always begins. It begins in the small stages, it begins with lampooning and lambasting and making fun of, and it begins with historical revisionism, and it begins with political correctness, and it begins with gun control. All of these things, Nazi Germany did it, North Korea did it, China did it, the Middle East has done it, and now we’re seeing the beginning stages of this in America.

Historical revisionism. You mean, David Barton? The guy who makes a living revising American history to make it more amenable to the Religious Right’s anti-American agenda? Like Rick Santorum saying, “Don’t hate on the crusades”? Or Bill Donohue saying the Inquisition wasn’t really so bad after all?

That sort of historical revisionism?

And who knew gun control was persecution? Where in the world does the Bible defend unrestricted gun ownership without oversight or regulation? What passage is that?

Even coming from our Supreme Court decisions, and legalizing gay marriage. And the Christian bakers and the Christian florists being sued and run out of business and the mayor in Houston demanding sermons from pastors and threatening lawsuits. We’re watching it happen. We’re watching the beginning stages.

Oh no! You’re being forced to treat everybody equally! Where will it end?

What we are actually seeing is the final stages of the Christian persecution of the Other begun in the later Roman empire. That is when Christianity began the process of persecuting out of existence every alternative to itself.

It had the power to do this for about 1500 years and history shows the Church went after everyone, Pagans in the Mediterranean, Pagans in Northern and Eastern Europe, Muslims in the Middle East, ethnic religions in the Americas and Africa and Asia, and so-called heretics everywhere.

If you were different, you were a target. And you were punished, tortured, even killed, if you did not come over to what they called “orthodoxy.”

The European Enlightenment was a secular response to this Dark Age attitude and the United States Constitution was the ultimate development of this thinking: a government where power derives not from God but from the people themselves, where God doesn’t even get a mention, let alone the Church, or the Bible or Ten Commandments.

It has taken a long time to break this chain of persecution, and some, like women and gays, still face persecution from religious authorities. Think about it: it takes a special encyclical from the Pope to get forgiveness for women who have had abortions. After the jubilee year, you’re out of luck.

There are still religious authorities who want to punish people for not thinking like them. Look at the so-called Christian groups wanting to stone people, or impose the death penalty on gays and others. Look at Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, both White House hopefuls, saying God will strike down America over Marriage Equality.

And they would if they could. If you decline to be persecuted by them, you’re seen as persecuting them, even though the form your persecution takes is simply wanting to be left alone.

Gallups, like Robertson, Huckabee and Cruz, is part of the last stages of fanatical resistance to tolerance, and he’s not happy about it. He’ll be damned if he will give up his right to persecute you in the name of his god. I’m a Heathen so I’m not going to turn the other cheek, but I will ask him if he wants some cheese with his whine.

23 Replies to “Reality Check for Religious Nuts: Laughing at You is Not Persecution”

  1. what’s telling is the idea that using some archaic grammar and pronoun somehow lends legitimacy and urgency to their pronouncements…

    if they want to be taken seriously maybe they should consider using current english norms…

    pretty sure Jesus didn’t speak Hittite when he was trying to communicate and convince the locals… even tho I haven’t any proof…

    and when capitalizing ‘Church’ which ‘Church’ is he referring too? is he claiming to speak for the Pope? the Anglican Church? the Triple Rock Baptist Church?

  2. America is full of hypocrite Christians. They think if they show up at church once in a while, it allows them to justify their greed, hate, and lies. They have absolutely no love for other human beings. I see very few Americans actually live a true Christian life.

  3. Like all criminals and bullies, he claims to be the one being persecuted. This “holier than thou” attitude is precisely what Jesus was supposed to have taught against. They claim to be Christians yet do the opposite of his teachings. I tend to call those types hypocrites.

  4. He’s basically insulating them against reality. Or, like, the adult version of “If people laugh at you, they’re just jealous…”

    He’s handing them the tools to delude themselves anytime someone tries to inpinge upon their carefully constructed “reality” with actual logic. The nutters will seize on this as another “proof” that only they know what’s up, will be saved, etc, and the rest of us are heathens.

  5. Yet another reason I’m proud to be an Atheist. Persecution, my ass. There ARE Christians being genuinely persecuted in other countries, tortured and killed, right along with Atheists. There IS no persecution of Christians in this country, it simply doesn’t exist and for them to lump themselves in with people being murdered is reprehensible. I was never ONCE ridiculed when I was a Christian, people went out of their way to gush all over me. Telling people I’m an Atheist has given me more grief than you can imagine and yet I STILL don’t consider that persecution…people can say whatever they like, doesn’t hurt me. Don’t expect any of this to end, these people LOVE playing the victim.

    I do realize it’s not ALL religious people. My husband is Catholic and thinks these people are full of crap.

    Fun Atheist fact: If you were to kick all the Atheists out of this country, 85% of our scientists would be gone.

  6. Agreed. I picked up on his linguistic word-salad, too.

    “…Where we are now is where persecution always begins. It begins in the small stages, it begins with lampooning and lambasting and making fun of…”.

    The “making fun of” of what? What is “It?” Persecution? Since when is humor verboten?

    Silly me! This is multigenerational old-timey fundie talk! Humor? Verboton!

    No one can understand “it” (fundie-talk) except those who dwell behind the Evangelical Curtain, that waste land of isolated, inbred, cultist with no sense of time, space or humor…or, the academic cultural linguist who study dead languages, or, those like Mr. Luntz, who “research’ cognitive dissonance “code” as a user-friendly political tool.

    Either way, the entire message is lost…

    Mean while, back at the Ranch, Jeb! says he, “…would only run for President if there were a “Sunny Spirit” but, Mr. Trump has ruined it”…plus, he states that he’s lost his sense of humor! Dog whistle, anyone?

  7. If xtians continue to deny equal rights and preach hatred, not only will they be ridiculed and laughed at, they will also continue to see diminished numbers in their “churches”. Then they will be challenged to practice the grift that is ultimately their main goal. That is the main fear these false preachers have.

  8. …”holier than thou and dirtier than most.” is how my Dad, formerly Catholic, described most organized religions…he was happy my own religious beliefs were disorganized to a fare-thee-well…
    …there ARE people who have real faith; they never get any ink because they’re doin’ thier best to live according to Jesus’ Rules…people who do that are boring as Hell; so no attention paid to them; or people determined to live according to the ACTUAL teachings of the Prophet Mohammad…BORING!!!
    …”There are two sayings that are familiar in every news room across the country: 1) sex sells; 2) if it bleeds it leads.

    Armstrong Williams


  9. If you’re going to pontificate from a soapbox, you’re going to have blowback. Deal with it. Grow up Gallups.

  10. In my opinion, whenever people say ‘I’m a Christian’ I take it as code to mean they’re intolerant, narrowminded, racist, bigots. True Christians don’t need to constantly tell the world they’re Christians as their actions will do this for them.

    It infuriates me that the GOP demands the right to impose their beliefs on others but refuses to allow others the same courtesy, that is the right to express their beliefs; also known as free speech.

    The amount of damage caused by the Moral Majority, RW GOP and Tea Party and their systematic unraveling of progressive laws that had been in place since the 1960’s &
    70’s is going to be difficult if not impossible to reverse.

  11. Julz..”If you were to kick all the atheists out of this country,85% of our scientists would be gone” Yes precisely!! AND 100%of the sane people as well. I too am so glad and so happy to be an atheist! It’s so fantastic to NOT have a mind that is NOT burdened by lies and delusional behavior brought on by fantasy. I feel sorry for believers, they deserve our pity not scorn but they when they continue to DEMAND that their faith is superior to our FACTS then scorn is ALL that they deserve and we should show no mercy.

  12. It’s just too ironic that the most unChrist-like people in America today are Christians. Or at least those who seem to have hijacked Christianity. The GOP & this “new” Christianity are a perfect fit. Hopefully they’ll drive each other into eternal insignificance.

  13. There is no “War on Religion” or “War on Christianity”! there is only the word NO! They feel insulted when WE exercise our Free Will that this god of theirs bestows on EVERY ONE! So either there is no god or they perceive themselves as god, I myself know the first as true and the second as the problem you have with believing the first.

  14. God calls Republicans Scoundrels:

    “The scoundrel’s methods are wicked, he makes up evil schemes to destroy the poor with lies, even when the plea of the needy is just.” Isaiah 32:7

    God calls the Republicans Wicked:

    “The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.” Proverbs 29:7

  15. Thank you Hrafnkell Haraldsson my friend for an outstanding article! I’m personally sick of the word church and every corner, cubby hole etc has a church sign in it! A rouse to scam money! #CherokeeStrong WADO

  16. The Nazis never persecuted Christians. Nice bit of historical revisionism while you deride historical revisionism there pastor.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Carl Gallups.

  17. “When you act like an idiot you have to be prepared to be laughed at. Here you are waving a book around you’ve clearly never read, lying through your teeth while claiming to represent some monolithic truth, chasing money while they guy you claim to follow, Jesus, said to give up everything you own to follow him.”

    Well said Haraldsson!!

  18. America is full of people with duplicitous, hypocritical, contradictory, bipolar, two-faced, sometimes dualistic and dynamic behavior. The religious folks think they are immune, because they have a book that suggests their purity. Aren’t there yet, mainly because that “don’t judge lest ye be judged,” axiom goes right past them.

  19. There is no such thing as a “superior” faith; that’s one slippery slope away from a “superior” race (I’m agreeing with you…).

    Belief in humanity alone is hard enough simply because we have people who make up these lies, then act out in bizarre histrionics dramas (sometimes violent), claiming some invisible man told them to do so. And, that same invisible man told them to make up “superior” faith, then, go around and brag about it, plus, not to worry about any inhuman behavior along the way due to their “superior” faith because, hey, it’s just a few humans who got in the way a “superior” faith…every “superior” faith has it’s growing pains, ya know?…it’s the cost of doing business with “you-know-who”.

  20. …oddly enough HH, I either laugh or throw up when hearing Teahadist bullshit…
    …trust me; you DON’T wanna do both at once…

  21. Why do they always claim the war on Christianity? There are people who wake up every day and recognize everything they’ve believed and followed all of their lives isn’t real, but all part of their own mental workings at fantasy, and they leave the church. The church numbers are dwindling and the leaders are getting desperate. Scamming people is all they know.

  22. SUnfortunately these Christians leave a bad name for some of us liberal Christians (and there are many of us but not as aggressively Christian as the Religious Right). look at Jimmy Carter, a principled man whom most everyone looks up to as a role model for goodness and mercy. so I’m insulted at being considered as “one of them”and I don’t identify with their morality. the historical and I admit partly mythological Jesus never spoke against homosexuality. he spoke out against the greed and persecution of the downtrodden peoples of his world. he did this knowing that death would be the consequence because he was standing up to the rich and powerful. he was not some meek mild weKling. his preaching a of non-violence has been utilized by Ghandi and MLKing among others to attain justice. I take offense at laughing at me for my beliefs but I realize that this happens. I wish people would be respectful of each other’s beliefs

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