Warmonger Lindsey Graham Throws a Temper Tantrum After Obama Win On Iran Deal


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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tweeted this little bomb in reaction to the Democrats getting the needed 34th vote this morning that locks in their ability to sustain a Presidential veto if necessary, “The Iranians have now secured enough Senate votes to ensure they have a pathway to a bomb, missile to deliver it, & money to pay for it”.

So, according to this well thought out and emotionally measured tweet, Sen. Graham is suggesting Senate Democrats are working for Iran, which supports terrorists. He then claims that Democrats have “ensured” that Iran has a pathway to a bomb and can deliver it. Of course, he’s ignoring the truth, as it’s hardly just Democrats who are supporting the Iran Deal. The world decided to go with this deal – saying it’s not perfect but it’s the best shot we have at stopping Iran. These nuances are lost on the bomb-throwing Senator from South Carolina.


Furthermore, there is no way that Graham can know that the Iran deal will result in x, when it hasn’t even been implemented yet. But this is the kind of childish, reactionary, bumper sticker rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the warmongers in the Republican party.

These are the same people who told us we had to invade Iraq cuz’ WMD. We shouldn’t wait to verify, they told us then. We might be dead before we get facts- best to act impulsively. So they must expect some questions, given not only their past bad judgment but also their repeated claims to know something as a fact that they have no way of knowing, or as happened with Iraq, they are actually dissembling about.

The United States wasn’t impressed with Republicans on Iraq and thus elected a diplomacy-first kinda president, and that is what they got with President Obama. Graham is upset that the President just got yet another foreign policy win, one that ensures not a pathway to a bomb but rather that we won’t be starting a preemptive war with Iran on his watch.

Still, Graham shouldn’t be accusing his colleagues of working for terrorists when in fact, leaders of the free world agree that implementation of the JCPOA is our best shot at cutting off Iran’s pathway to a nuclear weapon.

For all of the critics, MSNBC political reporter Benjy Sarlin made an excellent point:

It wasn’t just up to the United States. This is a concept that Republicans simply refuse to grasp, but it is no less true for their denial.

Lindsey Graham insinuated that Senate Democrats are working for Iran, and he also believes that Iran wants to kill us all, so that’s pretty incendiary.

It’s also a large bit of projection from the party that is taking orders from a certain far-right leader in Israel. In truth, Senate Democrats are giving diplomacy a chance not because they think it’s a guarantee, but because it is the best chance we have. Diplomacy is not terrorism, no matter how upset it makes Lindsey Graham.

But claiming that the Iranians are now, as a direct result of said agreement, going to get a bomb and a missile and use it is actually using terrorist tactics to score political points. Luckily, the people aren’t fooled.

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  1. I do miss Jon Stewart at times like this.

    I can hear his imitation in my head and picture him fanning himself with a southern feminine drawl:

    Well tarnations, how am I supposed to run this here campaign about war and bombing when they have peace breaking out all over the dayum place – well I never!

  2. How come no one ask these chickenhawks one simple question. You were wrong about Iraq why should we trust your judgment this time?

  3. Diarrhea of the mouth is all that is. It’s what Republicans do best after President Obama kicks their @$$!!!!

  4. Well, what did you expect the war-hawk, saber-rattling, mint julep drinking Senator from South Carolina to say?

    His reaction was expected. We didn’t expect him to jump for joy, pat Obama and his team on the back and say: Well done, my friend. Well done.

    No…we expected the foot stomping, snarling, gnashing of teeth, and the hurling of the usual trash and mud at the President from this guy…(and others to follow). They got beat–AGAIN. By the man whom they wanted to fall flat on his face.

    I wonder what they are saying behind closed doors! ??? What names they are calling the Commander-In-Chief? Whoooooeee. Think.

    I am glad we didn’t have a Republican president on watch when this deal was hatched and finalized. We wouldn’t have had one anyway. These fools would have walked out on the deal in a huff, hissy-fits and snarling all the way home.

  5. Lindsey has something else in common with
    Caitlyn Jenner besides political affiliation, it seems.
    And our condolences to the military industrial complex.
    You’ve still got hot prospects in Korea though.

  6. Oh crap, I thought the same thing and came to post it but you beat me to it!!!!!

    I surely can hear his voice just dripping with that southern accent.

  7. Have we gotten the official shit hemorrhage from Nutty-yoyo yet? I’ll be waiting for John Wayne McCain to flip his shit also. Then there’s the whole caravan of crazy, the rethugs running for pres. This should be a fun next couple of weeks.

  8. News Flash! Bat Shit Crazy-Warmonger-In-Chief: Dark Vader CHENEY has predicted on CNN interview and in his “Book” that we will SOON have nuclear clouds rising over the Middle East and possibly America. No shit, he said it. He said it WILL happen.

    Now what is WRONG with that fella? His daughter co-authored the book with him, so I suppose that world War III prediction is hers also. I think that the networks and cable station ought to seriously consider NOT putting those two doom and gloomers on anymore. They are a disgusting pair of Fear-mongers. Claiming they KNOW about National Security. Who invites them to the meetings at the Pentagon and CIA? All they know is this: THEY WANT A WAR SO BADLY they are predicting it in the hopes that it happens. Flush them down the toilet—we don’t need them stinking up the national airwaves. They seem happy when they talk about WAR and enemies of the country, and ISIS and what THEY think we ought to be doing. Who CARES what they think!

  9. …GD warmongering Teahadist MF’ing polymorphrodite bastard needs to be removed from Government…

  10. I’m loving watching the GOP go into a China Syndrome meltdown. Here’s to their destruction in 2016.

  11. He truley is a mistake that we NEVER need to forget. True evil has a way of reincarnating itself, and easily latches onto stupid. Thats how we were gifted with the Bush, Cheney duo.

  12. Being a Jew who supports the Iran Nuclear Deal like the majority of American Jews do I am extremely offended by your anti-Semitic rant. Would one of the moderators please clip this offensive, anti-Semitic post and ban this user? PoliticusUSA is way better than this garbage.

  13. I understand how you feel but please stop saying the jew. It is an insult just say Jewish or better yet Likudnite

  14. It would be far less offensive to call Netanyahu either Naziyahoo, or Zionist pig. A lot of American Jews view Netanyahu in this way.

  15. I see Lindsay’s got his vagina in an uproar again. Settle down, cupcake, or you’ll dislodge your IUD.

  16. I think Mittens should run again. The more the merrier group of old white men doing and saying the same thing over and over again proves history repeats. I know they want their country back.

  17. I assume you know the old saying about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. You’re very spot on.

  18. And it would be more appropriate to come up with an insult better suited to the occasion than the ascription of female reproductive organs.

  19. Congratulations, To the President and Secretary Kerry for an awesome job !!!. You would think selling this deal would have been easy, considering our friends on the other side has no alternative,other than sending our kids into harms way. What a joke these people are!!!! Anyway, once again President Obama plays chess and beats them into oblivion. It must be really humiliating to be a Republican since this man has become President. He has beat them at every turn. And they thought he was going to be a lame Duck !!! please. I told my wife after the Baltimore Republican retreat meeting in 2007 when he literally took on all of the Republicans and proceeded to whip the dog shit out of them to the point that they refused to invite him back again, that this Guy was special. I WAS SO RIGHT!!!!!

  20. The assumption being that Republicans recognize & understand facts. What’s irritating is the GOP willfully ignores reality for whatever narrow, rigid agenda they are following. I just wish Obama would come out in favor of breathing air so all these worthless Republicans would suffocate themselves and die.

  21. All I can say is this…

    You mad? You mad? Well, sorry… you aren’t getting what you want, Lindsay. I’m pretty sure the rest of the world doesn’t want more chaos in the Middle East considering that, you know, ISIS is still out there.

    Plus, having a stable Iran in the region can create an ally in that fight… well, an ally in the terms of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

  22. Ah do declare, she could call in her BFF, lumpy McCain for backup. He is so “pro-war” he sings about bombing places!!

  23. Oh poor poor lindsay, if they get the bomb you’ll just have to face your god sooner, isn’t THAT what you’re really worried about?? Hypocrites all of the GOP every last one of them!

  24. Shadowolf—HA! Tell us how you really feel about him! That’s how I feel about Cheney AND his daughter.

  25. In support of Lindsey Graham, I’d like to say…hold on a moment while I punch this 5 year old kid in the face…

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