Bernie Sanders Blasts The GOP With Reality: It Wasn’t Immigrants Who Caused The Great Recession

bernie sanders des moines register editorial board

While being interviewed by the Des Moines Register editorial board, Sen. Bernie Sanders slapped Republicans the reality of their failed policies while calling out their racist attacks on immigrants.


While speaking to the Des Moines Register editorial board, Sen. Sanders said:

In the year 2015, candidates for President Of The United States should not be making racist remarks about people who come from Latin America or from Mexico. I would have hoped that we have gone beyond that. I would also hope that we would not be engaging in demagoguery against undocumented people in this country.

If tomorrow, every person who in this country who is undocumented left this country, your agricultural system would likely collapse as well as many other aspects of our economy.

So for a start, it was not undocumented people in this country whose greed and recklessness on Wall Street drove us into the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

It wasn’t undocumented people in this country who got us into a war in Iraq that we never should have gotten into.

It wasn’t undocumented people in this country who gave huge tax breaks to billionaires and are fighting to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And I think they’re being used as a punching bag, and I resent that.

We can have differences of opinion on how we proceed in terms of immigration and treating undocumented people, but let’s not demagogue the issue. Let’s have the courage to stand up to the people who really have power in this country. The Wall Street people and the corporate America people, and not just beat on people who are without legal status.

Bernie Sanders dropped a serious dose of reality on the Republican Party by speaking the truth. Republicans are using immigrants to cover up for their legacy of failure.

The Republican presidential candidates don’t want to talk about the Great Recession that their party’s economic ideology caused, and they definitely don’t want to discuss their disastrous foreign policy.

Most of the Republican field is trying to win the primary by fearmongering about immigrants. As Sen. Sanders pointed out, their bigoted delusions are hiding the facts about what a disaster Republican governance has been for the United States.

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  1. This is why Bernie is surging. This is why he is the Democratic front-runner. This is why he will win the Democratic nomination, and ultimately the White House. Bernie Sanders tells it like it is, refuses to you hyperbole, and sticks strictly to the issues. His approach is fresh, and welcomed by voters of all persuasions.

  2. Damn!!! They went from blaming blacks and Freddie and Fannie Mack for the meltdown to migrant workers who are exploited.

    Hell for one day I wish I was white and one of the masters of the universe so I can truly appreciate cognitive dissonance

  3. …immigrants BUILT this country…
    …conservatives are TRYING to destroy this country …who do YOU wanna back???

  4. I know numerous people who have jumped on the anti-immigrant bandwagon. Ironic that all the images of Syrian refugees are now being reported. Does this country have no soul? no compassion?

  5. When Lehman Bros declared bankruptcy in 2008, my
    wife and I lost $30k in the blink of an eye. It still makes
    my blood boil to even go there, but not once do I recall
    wanting to strangle an immigrant. Prisons are filled to
    capacity with many non-violent offenders who are poor,
    but not one Wall Street weasel. Where’s the justice?

  6. GOP Mocked PBO’s Inexperience. Now favor Candidates with No Experience Whatsoever!

    Trump, Carson, and Fiorina, whose combined years in public office Total ZERO!

    “Party That Mocked President’s Lack of Experience Favors One with No Experience Whatsoever”

    *Remember This* When talking to GOP PALS!

  7. I just lost nearly that amount in the latest “market adjustment”.

    There IS NO JUSTICE for the Wall Street pigs – no offense to pigs.

  8. Fascism 101: Blame immigrants, outsiders, and “undesirables” for being responsible for your own nation’s failings.

    Unfortunately for the GOP, we have access to all the world’s information at the touch of a button quite literally in our pockets.

  9. hillary and debbie, can stall the debates and control how little hillary will speak to any press. but in oct. since they have waited so long, the whole freakin world will see the diametric juxtaposition between her, and bernie. after listening to bernie for 10 years every friday on thom hartmann, he hasnt changed a word of what he is saying today, as 10 years ago. he will blow a lot of people who have never heard him or of him. and its going to be epic.

  10. IKR It’s crazy to me how people don’t know this stuff. It’s usually the most fascist of our politicians who accuse others of it, too. Idiots. I like to give this little link to people whenever we talk about fascism. You take it. Try it out on some people if you’d like. I imagine them crying when they read it lol

  11. I’d be ecstatic if Conservatives were turned-on by Bernie Sanders!
    That would be the breakthrough of breakthroughs!

  12. Bernie is drawing huge crowds in the deep red South. A lot of them are your stereotypical GOP bible thumping, brain dead sheeple who happily vote against their own best interests every election. Bernie is waking those people up to the stench of the shit they have been fed for decades. He is doing something no democrat has done, or can do which is turning the GOP base against the GOP.

  13. It was corporate America who brought many of the immigrants here with the promise of jobs. I lived in California during the time Reagan was governor. Nobody asked for a green card. No one cared as long as they could get away with paying these people less than minimum wage. The employers filled their restaurants, landscaping businesses, hotels, gas stations and housekeeping services with immigrants. Documented? Who’s looking? When the “undocumented” immigrants wanted decent pay, they were threatened with deportation. Bernie is right, let’s stop scapegoating these people and focus on th e real villains.

  14. How can Bernie defeat Hillary’s HUGE advantage in money power? People DEMANDING Bernie…or else! “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will.” ~Frederick Douglass

    It’s a simple strategy we call the Bernie or bust pledge:

  15. DJ. you would then be joining those of us who are Liberal Humanists who happen to be of European descent / ergo White. Like you we are so upset that we have a small % of idiots who think that by blaming the other is a great idea & worse yet believe their own stupidity. They are still thinking that one morning they will wake up rich and powerful; all they need do is support the rich, powerful old white males who don’t give a rat’s patoot about anyone but themselves.

  16. “Seems like a pretty good bill.”

    “Yeah! I mean, the border security stuff is expensive and useless, but it’s the price you pay to get Republicans on board.”

    Ta da!

  17. Bernie Sanders is a total fraud. He actually voted against immigration reform. He votes against gun control measures, including the Brady Bill. He votes for every Pentagon budget busting increase, he votes for more and more US taxpayer dollars going to Israel while defending Israel’s war crimes. He’s a one trick pony whose whole campaign is to punish people in America who have succeeded. His 90% tax rate to allow government to control income redistribution is pure Eugene Debs’ Socialism, Eugene Debs being Bernie Sanders’ hero. Sanders never had made a living until he finally got elected to the government trough and got off unemployment benefits. He has languished in Congress for 25 years doing absolutely nothing. He has three pieces of legislation in his name, two being the naming of VT post offices and one being a veterans’ benefits bill he rode McCain’s coattails on and which was never funded. He’s an aging hippie freak misogynist who cannot win a national election

  18. They cannot admit that their policies created the mess they left for the “help” to clean up. The real problem is that they don’t care what kind of havoc their policies inflict.

    The GOTP is nothing more than political party of Sociopaths. The Great American Sociopath Party (GASP).

  19. These days, the REPUBS will never own up to how our country got into the terrible economic hole back in 2008, because of invading Iraq. You will NEVER hear them admit that Bush & Company were the perpetrators of an unnecessary war, paid for on credit. Which brought us to the brink of financial destruction. They have managed to propagandize the entire happening as the fault of President Obama. If enough lies are told often enough, they will be believed!

  20. To say that someone votes against immigration reform because they don’t support a bad immigration bill is not really a fair statement is it? To support Israel is almost never a bad idea..

  21. Good news, you don’t have to be white!

    When Obama put Tim Geithner on his staff, he told me whose side he was on.

  22. Yes, and for good reason. The immigration reform bill had a lot of crap in it. We need real immigration reform, not just more ways to slip in GOP/corporate policies by stealth.

  23. Who told you that? Sanders has passed a lot of good legislation, has blocked quit a bit of bad legislation, and is one of the few people who fought Democrats over expanding the prison state. He gets failing marks from the NRA and has voted against interventionist wars. You don’t seem to know much about Sanders’ record.

  24. So th immigration bill written by Ted Kennedy had a lot of GOP corporate policies in it? Do you know what you are talking about?

  25. Bernie everyone knows that he voted against the Brady Bill and for the Lawsuit Protection for Fire Arms; the Lawsuit bill was being sponsored by the NRA right after Columbine massacre!

    Bernie is a POLITICIAN! He has a very small list of bills that have actually become law in the Senate.

    Hillary has almost 80 bills sponsored or cosponsored from the Senate that became law. Yes, three were for roads and post office names but she also has about 30 bills cosponsored from the Opposing side of the isle. Which is what you have to do to get anything passed in the Senate.

    While Bernie was bouncing around Vermont in the ’70s looking for an election he could win and was with the Liberty Union Party, Hillary was actually working for Children’s causes, against child abuse, against abuses of migrant workers, working on George McGovern’s campaign, working with the Children’s Defense Fund, and was on the Watergate impeachment staff.

    So please stop with the Lee Atwater attacks on Hill…

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