In Case You Hadn’t Noticed Yet, The Koch Brothers Are Losing The Republican Primary


A Monmouth University poll released on September 3rd, confirms that Donald Trump is running away with the GOP race, and that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is currently in second place. While it is easy to recognize that this mean Republican voters are falling in love with fringe candidates whose political views are bordering on comically absurd, it also reveals another emerging truth of the 2016 campaign. The billionaire Koch brothers are losing the Republican primaries, and losing badly.

Consider this. In the Monmouth survey, Self-funding billionaire Donald Trump polled 30 percent. Ben Carson, who is heavily reliant on small dollar donors, polled 18 percent. None of the Koch brothers’ favorite candidates could manage better than single digits.

In early August, the Koch brothers invited five candidates — Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina — to a special confab in a luxury California hotel. There the candidates were given the opportunity to make their case in front of the Kochs and other billionaires, and to grovel for their financial support.

Those five candidates are polling just 28 percent total, if you add them all together to create one Koch puppet “super candidate”. Trump alone beats Bush, Walker, Cruz, Rubio and Fiorina combined!

Worst of all for the Kochs, the winner of the post-confab wealthy donor straw poll, Scott Walker, is faring the poorest of the five Koch friendly candidates, mustering an anemic 3 percent national support in the latest Monmouth poll.

Democrats and Independents should take no delight in Donald Trump and Ben Carson running first and second in the polls, as both men would be poor leaders should they ever become president. However, at some level it is amusing that for all of their efforts to buy the loyalty of Republican political candidates, the Koch brothers are being shut out by wacky insurgents who aren’t exactly dancing to the beat of their financial drums.

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  1. Yes, I had noticed. Pimps usually put their B****s down like dogs when they don’t meet expectations. I wouldn’t have a problem with putting Cruz and Walker out of OUR misery. They aren’t rendering services that please sane voters

  2. They will never lose because of ALEC and the state legislatures. The Presidency was just the coup de grace for them

  3. Ironically, Citizens United may end up turning into the worst thing that could have happened to the GOP.

  4. I have to disagree with you on this Dj. People are waking up to the stench of ALEC, and slate cards will be circulated of candidates who take money from ALEC and those who don’t. Grassroots campaigns from organizations who want to get money out of politics are working tirelessly to wake people up, and vote out politicians who take money from ALEC.

  5. ya know…

    be careful what you wish for… the gods may grant your wish..

    maybe all the ‘free’ cash from the asswipe donors makes everyone in the Republican party feel as if they don’t have to have any real ideas because the cash will get them ehat they want…

  6. OUTSTANDING! I hope they squander their money into a campaign that yield zilch for them. So sick of these anti-Americans. They want to destroy this country for no good reason other than they are drunk with power and money.

  7. JC, that is what i said about the 2014 midterms. After all the crap the GOP pulled, shutting down the government, insulting working people by not extended UE..they didn’t care what they said or did..because they would RIG IT. That is why they are just slamming the 99% with crap every day. They think they are a shoe-in because of the voter suppression, gerrymandering, ad making people too apathetic to vote, plus the blood money from Koch.

  8. I do it all the time. I always carry a small backpack with literature and FAQ sheets about many social justice issues. that’s a big part of being an activist. Half the people I talk to are aware of what ALEC is and they say they would happily vote for a candidate that isn’t on their payroll. The ones who aren’t, and are interested in hearing what I have to say, and more often than not start waking up to the stench. You should try being an activist Dj. You would have a hell of a lot of fun with it, and do some real good for the world. It’s why I do it.

  9. right now I’d look at 2014 as an outlier and not a true reading of the pulse..

    the Senate race was stacked against the Dems given how the seats that were up for election were mostly Republican with a few Dem seats up for grabs…

    the coming election has almost the entirely opposite situation with a lot of Dems running in somewhat ‘safe’ and the Republicans trying to hold some of their seats that are in purple states… Russ Feingold for instance.. maybe even McCain in Ariz depending on how the primary shakes out..

    while I keep saying the masses are asses sooner or later the toilet paper is going to rub them the wrong way…

    its the story of the mule and the 2×4… first you have to get their attention..

  10. You know I really thought about it but you know me I have little tolerance for dumfukery so I would just be a liability

  11. Perhaps the Kochs have noticed their announcement that they were buying our president backfired on them. Killing their chance to buy all of the politicians they want. “We are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore” Not a perfect quote, but it should be close enough to have an impact. We have some House and Senate cleaning to do. Every election counts local, state, and national. If we don’t vote someone else will. And we will lose.

  12. Same with me. It took me a couple of years to learn how to patiently turn their dumbfukery around and use it to get them to change their minds. It’s a rush when you get there. Now I will admit that most dumbfukers can’t be reasoned with and I have figured out how to figure out who can be reasoned with and who can’t. It takes experience to read people like that.

  13. “In Case You Hadn’t Noticed Yet, The Koch Brothers Are Losing The Republican Primary”……..Believe that if you wish….On the slick back hand side, Trump’s their man….Their HOPE…..everything else going on is a distraction for those who can be fooled…..But you can believe that by ‘hook or crook’ the oligarchy (KOCH, et al) are determined to take over the governance of the Republic….and vote ‘We the People’ out of period…..Oops! About that ‘vote’ thing….they’ve already high jacked that process through the Supreme Court’s ruling and Congress’ unwillingness to ensure the Voting Rights of every citizen without obstruction……

  14. It is of great pleasure to read about State Policy Networks of ALEC’s big money recipients being on the losing end of the national polls.

    It is because of websites like this website that helps us connect to each others thoughts that helps us educate each other of what we may not have known.

    For that thank you and keep on the great work and keep fired up until we can accomplish the ultimate goal of having the one political presidential candidate that is not accepting big donors. THE WINNER OVER ALL OF THEM. Thank you!!!


  15. So, the Republican base, obviously disgusted with their own establishment leadership and the glaring lack of any talent in their wide but shallow candidate bench, are trolling the GOP/RNC by their current support of Trump and Carson, two candidates with absolutely no political experience/baggage. Trump is trolling the Republican base, meanwhile the base is trolling the right-wing Establishment machine – a circular firing squad, to be sure.
    But the biggest smiles come from reading the list of the R party superstars who are in the polling toilet – single digits, some less than 1%. And it ain’t just Trump, it’s their own voting base that is rejecting them, big-time.

  16. The dems lost in 2014 because voters didn’t turn out for a party of scaredy cats who ran from POTUS as hard and fast as they could.

  17. Must Read: Why Mitt Romney Should Save the Republican Party and Join the 2016 Race

    “Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run,” an anonymous senior adviser of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign recently told New York magazine. Other members of Romneyworld have denied the former governor is interested in another campaign. But at this stage in the 2016 race, Mitt Romney should start preparing to get back in the arena”.

    Amazing! After eight years in the desert.
    The GOP Knows they’ve got Absolutely Nothing!

  18. What a great idea! Perhaps those on SCOTUS will read your suggestion and overturn their fatal decision to democracy.

  19. A great article!

    Even while the Kochs are losing the TP/GOP, we need to remain vigilant. There is always a back door through which they could sneak in.

    Our government has been bought by corporations, millionaires and billionaires. We have an oligarchy – we must take our country back or lose it forever to dirty money!

    “We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    Keep informed, inform others and vote! Voter suppression is unconstitutional.

    Read: “The Men Who Invented the Constitution The Summer of 1787” by David O. Stewart. Learn their arguments, disagreements until they compromised to create this great document – which could be amended. And, remember, their wives sacrificed too.

  20. It’s just two a$$holes throwing away their “hard earned” money. Hard earned by other people, and trickled up to them.

  21. No matter how important money, and the television ads it buys, are in elections the election is still decided by voters. The 2008 and 2012 presidential elections should have taught us that. Voter turn-out is still the most important factor in elections.

    Ar one time party machines insured turn-out. Then TV ads took over when the machines fell out of favor. Today, people knocking on doors and people calling their neighbors are what insures turn-out of voters. Voter registration drives are also a factor. There is only so much money can do to advance these factors. It is often obvious when someone is just doing the work of voter mobilization for a pay check. It cannot override people doing the work for the good of their community.

  22. “Democrats and Independents should take no delight in Donald Trump and Ben Carson running first and second in the polls, as both men would be poor leaders should they ever become president. ”

    But I DO take delight in this…because there is ZERO chance that either of them will EVER step foot in the White House!

    Face it, if The Donald or Dr. Knownothing get the GOP nomination, it seals the deal for Democrats next November!

  23. On my side of the street, I am just happy if a new voter registers as Democrat and even knows there is an election next year.

  24. I suspect the Koch bros’ candidates are losing because they are the Koch bros’ candidates. The American people are showing they are tired of “bought and paid for”.

  25. I don’t know. I don’t trust Trump or the Kochs. They always cover their bases, so I doubt that they are “losing.” I kept wondering where Trump was getting his money,because I have never believed that he is anywhere close to being as rich as he claims to be. I now believe that he is being backed by his “buddies” aka the Koch brothers. This saves him from having to waste time soliciting donations and leaves him free to bloviate to his black little heart’s content. This man is a crook through and through. It may be that his main reason for being in the race is to take out Jeb. Then the “real” Koch anointed one will be revealed, possible Rmoney but who knows? There are very dark forces at work in this farce of an election and in the country at this time. Be aware and be very, very careful.

  26. The Koch’s must have hired the McCain vetting crew! Snott Walker is a dud. Unless they were waiting until the last minute and giving the VP slot to Dickless Cheney? They wanted someone as clueless as W, a sock puppet and thought Walker could be it. He has shown how stupid he is, too soon to fool everyone.

  27. They can spend a billion dollars on stupid but ask them to have their taxes raise to fix our infrastructure its like hell no.

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