Equality Wins As Kentucky Marriage Clerk Taken To Jail For Refusing To Issue Same Sex Licenses


A Kentucky marriage clerk who has repeatedly refused to follow the law and issue marriage licenses to gay couples has been found in contempt of court and taken into police custody.

WKYT in Kentucky reported:

U.S. District Judge David Bunning on Thursday ordered defiant Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to jail after she repeatedly refused to issue marriage licenses.

Bunning said he could not fine Davis because someone would pay the fine on her behalf. He said he would send her to jail until she agreed to begin issuing marriage licenses. Davis said “thank you” before she was led out of the courtroom by a U.S. Marshal. She was not in handcuffs.

Davis will likely be taken to jail in Greenup or Carter County.

Kim Davis has wanted to be a martyr for bigotry, and now she has her wish. The law is the law. Individuals can’t break the law because they disagree with it.

The Republican presidential candidates who have lined in support of Davis are confirming that their party stands for bigotry and hate. The law is being enforced, and the conservative concept that religious liberty is an excuse for discriminatory, and illegal behavior.

The message is clear. “Religious liberty” gives no one the right to break the law. Equality has been enforced, and Kim Davis will get to think about her prejudices while sitting in jail.

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  1. So what happens now? There are a number of people in her county that want to get married and need licenses to do that. Can a deputy clerk issue a license now that Davis isn’t threatening to fire him/her?

  2. Now fine the hell out of her and her gofundme (or whatever) donations to support her LORD’s work to hate and discriminate.

  3. Unfortunately, this is only going to make her a martyr to the religious right. Which is exactly what she wants. When the judge sentenced her to jail she said “thank you?” That tells me that she wants to be a martyr.

  4. For those who don’t know the geography, Rowan County is in Northeast KY, and is part of Appalachia. It’s not too far from Cincinnati, OH. Lot of poverty in Eastern KY. She was elected, so perhaps a special election if she doesn’t comply?

    There is a lot of nepotism going on in this office. She has relatives employed in this County Clerk’s Office. Being a poor region, if the fine was high enough, nobody could pay it.

    The GOP sit back and behave as backbench cheerleaders! Why not visit Rowan County and show support

  5. Good on the judge. I agree that others would pay the fine for her, but no one will sit in jail for her. Next step is to remove her from her cushy job, one that she hasn’t been doing and still getting paid for it. Anybody can think of her as a martyr, but they are as delusional as she is.

  6. …how many others need to be jailed before the point gets made???Yesterday I heard other clerks were joining her in refusing to do thier jobs in sympathy…
    …there should be a Federal prison created for those who break the law because “Jebus told me so!”…
    …hard time with all the “amenities” of a supermax, wonder how wanna-be martyrs will color themselves when they’re seen as just another convict…

  7. Absolutely. The next step will be to compare her to the early Christians being thrown to the lions. Huckleberry and all of his minions wanted a martyr – now they have one.

  8. According to other sites, she hired her son as a deputy clerk. The clerks were in court too. They were given 30 minutes after her sentence to say they would comply with the laws of the land or go to jail!

  9. I don’t know if Judge Bunning also ordered the suspension of her salary while she is in jail. It seems logical that he salary should be suspended as well.

  10. Frankly I have no problem with migrating the business model of for-profit prisons from imprisoning minorities for non-violent drug offences to imprisoning religious zealots for violating the civil liberties of Americans with different beliefs than their own…

  11. Assholes like Kim Davis, Josh Duggar and the whole republican party are constantly exposed for living a double life by fervently preaching against what they duplicitously practice.

    It’s not just a matter of blatant hypocrisy on their part. It’s a matter of hate because they’re miserable people who just want to stop people from their pursuit of happiness because misery loves company. Kim Davis should be doing some honest soul searching about her own character since she’s been married 4 times and holier than thou Josh Duggar is a miserable pedophile and an adulterer.

    Their made up god would never forgive people like Bill Clinton, John Edwards or Anthony Weiner for their transgressions. Your sins can only be forgiven if you believe what Fox News and the Republican party tell you to believe.

  12. This is a no-win situation for Davis. Not enough sense to resign so she sits in jail. Truly what should happen and I hope she is sued. The departments these people work for need to be sued as well. That will quell this nonsense of not being impeached when you refuse to do your job.

  13. Practicing your religion is one thing. Forcing your religion on others by violating the law, quite another. She may think she is a martyr but the only people supporting her are the same nuts that think there’re interpretation of the bible is the only one and we all have to follow their path. Where’s the democracy and freedom?

  14. Ms Davis will enjoy her “martyr” status and will be on the christian grifter speaking tour just after she signs her (holy)ghost written book deal…

  15. I’m so enjoying this. Hope they stick her in in stripes that run vertically, and she gets head lice.

  16. Think of all the courts time and $$$ WASTED.

    Think of all the couples time and $$$ WASTED, going back and forth to attempt to get a license.

    She is a CIVIL SERVANT working for ALL the people and is paid by OUR DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALIST $$$$$

    During her jail time, her salary needs to be given to the couples as restitution for the SUFFERING this backwater b**ch has done to them.

    She need to pay for the wasted courts time.

    Maybe her fairy tail gawd can scrape up some $$$$.

  17. Religious bigots like Kim Davis and those who support her don’t believe in democracy and freedom. They have a totalitarian view of the world and will stop at nothing to impose their totalitarian view on the world.

  18. That special election needs to be paid for by HER.

    She makes 80K a year in that rural part of hicksville, you’d think she could afford to look better than she does. She looks like a inbred slob <—that's clean verbiage.

  19. Maxie2014 – The judge is correct, no amount of a Fine would be high enough as it would just be raised by the “religious zealots”. She would not be effected.

  20. She can go the full Joan-of-Arc route by having her head shaved. Beauty salon treatments for Quiverfull-type hair styles will be hard to come by in jail anyway.

  21. I imagine her argument to that would be: Why should I be penalized for not working, congress doesn’t pay any penalty and they refuse to work all the time.

  22. It’s interesting that this “poor” county can afford Ms. Davis $80,000 salary.
    That’s a pretty expensive county position.

    She can well afford to act belligerent for a while, especially since any fines would be paid for by the extreme right supporters.

  23. If she has a conflict between what her job requires and her religion she needs to resign her position instead of trying to bring her religion into her public office. She works for the government not god and our laws say she needs to do her damn job and issue marriage licences to people who just want to be married once…unlike her hypocritical 4 time married bigoted self.

  24. Now her lawyers the liberty consul needs to explain themselves on the legal advise they gave this dim witted lady and if they told her to defy the law then they should be sanction

  25. I can hear their bodies rattling from all the loose screws.

    Did the US burst into flames when the SCOTUS made the ruling? NO

    Did those who said they’d set themselves on fire if the SCOTUS ruled in favor? NO – DAMN IT

    Did these same idiots cheer when the SCOTUS voted in favor of citizens united? YES

    Everyones taxes are the same whether you’re a man, woman, straight, gay, black, white, pink or purple.
    She is a CIVIL SERVANT working for ALL the people and is paid by OUR DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALIST $$$$$.
    She had 2 choices comply or resign, she chose the 3rd – refuse to comply and then JAILED for contempt of court.

    Religion was created to keep the feeble minded under control, kept stupid and scared shitless.

  26. Let’s run down Little Miss Kimmie’s “rap sheet”, shall we?

    Married Husband #1 (so far, so good)
    Had twins fathered by Husband #3 (there are 100 passages in the Bible about adultery, especially the 10 Commandments – Commandment #7, “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery”)
    Divorced Husband #1 (there are at least 22 passages in the Bible concerning divorce…the most prevalent one in Deuteronomy 22:19: “and they shall fine him a hundred shekels of silver and give them to the father of the young woman, because he has brought a bad name upon a virgin of Israel. And she shall be his wife. He may not divorce her all his days.”)
    Married Husband #2 (Matthew 19:9: And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.”)
    Husband #2 adopts her kids (91 passages alone on this topic)
    Divorced Husband #2 (whoops, that pesky “divorce” thing again)
    Married Husband #3 (and again, that “multiple marriage” thing)
    Divorced Husband #3
    Re-married Husband #2

  27. I just had a funny thought, I remember that bit from MadTv, who’s that? It’s Pat. I think of 2 gay people who look like the same person, but they are gender neutral, yet Kim can’t tell who’s who!!!! I went to school with a guy who dated and married a girl who looked just like him, creepy, yes, the fact that he chased her because he so in love with himself, even creepier, not related to each other, but the resemblance is in our yearbooks, Who’s that? It’s Pat…

  28. If she is going to be supported by religious fanatics then so be it. Fine her enough to pay every dollar of court costs and every dollar of a special election. Make them pay for it.
    As for her, if she is in jail long enough, maybe the inmates will throw her a slock party for her birthday.

  29. She defied a legal Court Order for two months, give her 60 days in jail. And instant jail in the future when she tries the same crap again.

  30. Hmmmm. Bailiff, take her away. She’s looking for her 15 minutes, she got 30 days. Could be more, Judges don’t tolerate too much contempt of court. All the a-hole politicians trying to use this dustup as some sort of example of religious persecution are laughable. Issuing marriage licenses to people is a job, if you can’t do that you can’t have the job. Religious persecution in America? Come on, this is cult city here in America. It’s been here since the beginning and they cover the full gamut. The good, the bad and the ugly, we got em’ all here. How is that possible? You might ask. It’s because we don’t accept religious persecution in our little society here. We separated God from the Government from the get go. But we recognized the right to religious freedom. We’re well versed in what is persecution and what is not. Fake claims of not tolerated. They really had no idea how smart they were, those founding fathers.

  31. Unfortunately, the founding fathers had no idea how stupid, uneducated, and ignorant fundamentalist christians would be 240 years down the road.

  32. Martyr? She is a tolerably tarnished martyr in my book. GOP will stand tall for their adulterous, cheating martyr no doubt. Good luck with that GOP. Let us know how that works out for you. Now she adds nepotism to her tawdry inventory of character defects. I live in Cincinnati. I know these mindlessly radical ungodly thugs. I live just 20 miles from the creation museum where a woman wanted security to arrest my wife and I for laughing about a young man riding a Stegosaurus. The security guard was cool though. He said he laughed about it every time he made the rounds.

  33. The story at the link is block mercilessly with ads and a box that says you can’t read the article unless you take some time consuming survey of nothingness…plus, all the lines are “redacted”…unless you take the survey. Why and who is “koch-blocking” so you can’t read?

  34. I have notice a lot of local papers are doing that now. Its about ad revenue. If you don’t pay then they will set up roadblocks for revenue.

  35. I read on another site that this lady is on her fourth marriage. There is a hidden agenda with all of this. I don’t understand why our lame-brained media is not reporting on this angle of the story. The fact that this lady is using “selective” religious believes to pursue a political agenda and that a group of sorry republican politicians are supporting her, highlights the hypocrisy and disregard for the law of the land when it conflicts with their sick view of the world. The most depressing part of this story is that a dangerously high level of ignorant low information voters exists within the American electorate who eats this crap up.

  36. And what has this with refusing to give marriage licenses ?? Its her belief not to do it as its against her religion.The bible says man shall not sleep with man nor shall woman sleep with woman & that’s what she believes .But i guess following gods law is wrong these days.

  37. You know, the irony is that some other religious freak could well have refused Davis her second, third or fourth marriage license on religious grounds, either that the clerk believed the bible forbid divorce or that the the clerk’s religion forbid remarriage. In fact, a judge of fundamentalist religious beliefs could have refused her first, second, or third divorces on grounds that religious beliefs held by the judge forbade divorce.

  38. Because its not relevant. She refuse to do her job because of her misreading of what Jesus said. Follow the Constitution and you idiots would have no problem living in the United States

  39. I think the reality in jail for her should be a common cell with many inmates. Than let her “Pray the Gay Away”, that she will perceive are not of her beliefs.

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