Republican Lawmakers Caught Making Out In A Park Call The Cop Who Busted Them A Liar

Tim Kelly, R-Red Wing, left, and Rep. Tara Mack, R-Apple Valley (Courtesy of Minnesota House of Representatives)
Tim Kelly, R-Red Wing, left, and Rep. Tara Mack, R-Apple Valley (Courtesy of Minnesota House of Representatives)

Two Minnesota GOP lawmakers caught “making out” in a local park in broad daylight are disputing an officer’s claim that they were engaged in sexual contact with one another. The lawmakers, 51-year old Tim Kelly, and 32-year old Tara Mack, were cited for making out in a vehicle at 4:30 p.m. on August 25th. According to the officer’s report Mack’s pants were unzipped and pulled down when the park ranger approached the vehicle.

Both lawmakers were charged with a misdemeanor nuisance ordinance violation. The story has proved embarrassing for them since the two “family values” Republicans are married, but not to each other.

Tim Kelly has been married to his wife, Sue, for 18 years and they have four children. Tara Mack is married to Justin Mack, a pastor affiliated with River Valley Church, a suburban Twin Cities Assemblies of God megachurch. They have two children. Mack was also a featured speaker at the 2014 CPAC convention.

The two lawmakers who preach about family values and personal responsibility, are now trying to deny their own responsibility for engaging in questionable conduct, by accusing the police officer of fabricating the story about them making out.

Tim Kelly told the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

When we met, a park ranger approached my vehicle and told me I was double-parked. I disputed his characterization and got out of the car to take a picture. He became visibly agitated and returned to his own car. Approximately ten minutes later, he returned to my vehicle with a parking ticket citing a nuisance. When I asked what that meant, he responded ‘whatever I want it to mean.’

Tara Mack issued a statement that read:

Last week, I received a citation for a nuisance. Subsequently, I have been told the officer wrote in his notes — information that I’ve requested, but has not yet been made public to me — statements that are completely false and inappropriate… I will be filing a complaint with the sheriff’s office regarding the officer’s egregious and false statements.

The lawmakers insist that they were just “exchanging documents.” Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie scoffed at the suggestion his Deputy falsified an account of what happened. Leslie stated:

This is what park rangers do. They patrol. I have no reasons to doubt the ranger and the facts he’s reporting. I stand behind him 100 percent.

What the two lawmakers choose to do on their spare time is their business, but they should at least own their behavior. While Republicans enjoy casting judgement upon others, they are often quick to deflect responsibility away from their own moral shortcomings. The two Republican lawmakers who were fooling around behind their spouses backs would rather defame a police officer trying to do his job than fess up to their own misdeeds. One can only hope that the next time they want to “exchange documents” they keep their pants up, or rent a room, so that the rest of the community doesn’t have to see their government “in action.”

40 Replies to “Republican Lawmakers Caught Making Out In A Park Call The Cop Who Busted Them A Liar”

  1. Ditch the cheap SOB, lady. He won’t even pop for a seedy no-tell motel room.
    Another day, another Bagger sex scandal.

  2. You would think there are some pay by the hour motels to get your groove on for the hypocrites to go to. You can still use John Smith

  3. If they were Dems their career would be done. But they are repubs so they’ll go pray for about 2 minutes, call themselves forgiven and put the whole thing in the past.

    The press will let them and their voters will reelect them. No harm, no foul.

  4. THIS is why every cop needs to wear a body camera.
    That way, when they these two dirtbags call the cop a liar, he just turns the tape over to the press…

  5. They misspelled what they were exchanging. They seem to have added an unnecessary do- and an unnecessary -ments.

  6. These two remind me of the two Michigan legislators who were also caught in an affair, and this is the guy JCBlues was referring to who tried to float a story that he was getting a BJ from another guy, thinking that story would be less sensational than the real story. SMH. Their names are Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat; their physical appearance is very similar to this couple. Maybe there are standards which must be met before an affair begins?

  7. Liar, Liar, do you want believe the law enforcement office or the two people who have everything to lose.
    We are brought up to believe in trusting, and going to a police office if we need help, but recent videos contradicting police officers reports bring into doubt their ability to report the truth.
    And we certainly don’t want to believe two, until very recently, “respectable” family values candidates that have now been shown to be hypocrites.
    who should we believe?

    …And I go down to speaker’s corner, I’m a thunderstruck
    They got free speech, tourists, police in trucks
    Two men say they’re Jesus, one of them must be wrong…
    dire straits – industrial disease

  8. Perhaps he doesn’t think she’s worth $49.

    If it was taxpayer-funded, it would have been at the Waldorf, but like every other Libertarian, they like socialism when they get it, but sure hate paying for anything with their own money.

  9. During this tumultuous period we just experienced, Astrologers warned and predicted “People’s facade would be uncovered”.
    Just look what’s happening to The GOP! AMERICA is finally coming to see how they have harmed themselves with their selfish purpose, goals and focus on Destroying Democrats and Our Sitting President.
    “We shall make him a one-term President”
    Even if you don’t believe in validity of Astrology, here’s a quick/short synopsis:

    *You Say You Want A Revolution*
    “Pluto and Uranus only align in a tense square every 80 years, so has been a profound period indeed”.

  10. Republican “Family Values” Government In Action Exchanging “Top Secret” Documents IN PUBLIC DISPLAY.

    Wow…They really “Rocked The Park” to get the Dakota County Sheriff ground breaking evidence in display…

    Pictures don’t lie…They both look well satisfied!!!

    Good job 007 Deputy!!!

  11. Their excuse is lame to begin with, so how do they explain their choice of a private location to “exchange documents?” No restaurants, libraries, offices, shopping centers, etc. available?

    Maybe they’ll claim they were selling state secrets? Plotting an act of terrorism? How about, “We weren’t having sex! We were plotting the violent overthrow of the U.S. government!”

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  12. thanks for the clarification… my only excuse is that its become such a repetitive story that I can’t keep the players straight anymore…

    we need scorecards…

  13. “When we met, a park ranger approached my vehicle and told me I was double-parked. I disputed his characterization and got out of the car to take a picture. He became visibly agitated and returned to his own car. Approximately ten minutes later, he returned to my vehicle with a parking ticket citing a nuisance. When I asked what that meant, he responded ‘whatever I want it to mean.’”

    Must be nice to still be able to go home without being shot!

  14. This is great on so many levels that, if you weren’t sure there was such a thing as karma before, this will make you a believer.

  15. Noo, not even Winger spouses are that stupid.

    Divorce lawyers will be getting some business out of this, that’s a pretty safe assumption.

  16. EXACTLY!

    I’m not far from that location, and there are myriads of places to meet to legitimately “exchange” documents.

    These Cons really think that the public is stupid…. unfortunately, most of their constituents ARE stupid, and evangelical forgivers.

  17. “Exchanging documents”. Is THAT what they’re calling it now? We used to call that a “hand job”.

  18. Apparently, there are standards for Republican’ts. The guys all wear the same suit, and the gals all go to the same hairdresser.

  19. New Rules: Right wingers are only allowed to exchange important documents in,parked cars with pants down. They enjoy exposing themselves to public Mother Nature because God created the earth. Yep they all go to the same hair dresser(they have 3 shades of blonde to choose from),the men have 2 haircut styles and they all practice that smirky smile. It’s not real and never reaches their eyes. They were doing something sexual but will blame others. That “lockbox” of hers must be pretty deep to hold papers in it. They all are jokes and born again liars.

  20. The lawmakers insist that they were just “exchanging documents.”

    And thus, a euphemism was born…

  21. “Exchanging documents”? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? I remember when getting caught with your pants down in a car parked at a public park while fooling around someone else’s spouse was known as “adultery.” Times change, I guess–but republicans never do. They’re still the same hypocritical, pseudo-religious, lying miscreants they’ve always been.

  22. There’s nothing wrong with being randy, but there’s a whole lot wrong with being a hypocritical, lying, cheating, adulterous scumbag of a republican, especially if you’re a republican politician (one of which happens to be married to a local church minister). Fortunately, most Minnesotans today identity as Democrats or Independents. God, I loathe republicans.

  23. So when the cop is talking about them he’s lying but I am sure that otherwise they believe the cop is always telling the truth. I work with a lot of peace officers and I am very much a libertard in my conservative co- workers eyes. My experience is that a super majority of cops are not out to do harm but alas they get tainted by the few bad apples. I am leaning towards believing the cop. Btw since i’m guessing middle aged guy with pants down took his picture with a cell phone how come we don’t have video of him calling the cop out as he claims he did? I’m just asking.

  24. Like they say…

    Republican speak “Family Values”…their cheating

    If they speak against homophobia…their homosexuals or lesbians.

    Consistency counts, they do the opposite of what they say, report the opposite of what is real.

    That’s Republican “Family Value” thing to do!?!

  25. I, too, was amazed that this guy thought it sounded better to say that he was getting a bj from another guy than to admit the truth about an affair with a married woman. A Teabagger Republican claiming to be bisexual while being caught with a woman other than his wife after both of the participants ran for office on a christian values platform – it just does not get any more “Republican” than that!

  26. You will have to admit that for Republicans this is really pretty tame stuff. It would have been more normal if it has been two men, and then the “cover story” would have been true. I can see why the guy claimed to have been with another man because that is what Republicans do.

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