Republicans Just Shot Themselves In The Foot By Forcing Trump To Sign Loyalty Pledge


Republicans are setting themselves up for defeat in November 2016 by taking ownership of Donald Trump with their so-called “loyalty pledge.”

Politico got the scoop from a Trump insider on the reasoning behind Trump’s decision to sign the no third party run pledge:

“The rationale is that they have treated him fairly,” the associate said, echoing the criterion Trump has long given for taking a party pledge. “He’s willing to sign it to avert any problems with is state filings – South Carolina asked for a pledge to support the nominee if you’re on the ballot.

“He’s been treated fairly, like any candidate. … And it takes away a line of attack for debates.”

The last phrase from the Trump insider is critical. By signing the pledge, Trump will take away the main line of attack that Republicans could have used to stop him. The best for the Republican Party to stop Trump would have been to unify around the idea that he isn’t a “real Republican.”

Candidates could have mounted a campaign to expose all of the Trump positions that Republican voters object to while playing up his refusal to commit to the GOP, but this is the dysfunctional Republican circus where the inmates are running the asylum so what happened was that voters embraced Trump, the other Republican candidates are afraid to confront him, so the party cooked up a silly “loyalty pledge” that isn’t worth the paper that it is printed on.

Donald Trump is getting exactly what he wants. He’ll get more free media attention as the television networks will flock to the heavily choreographed Trump signing of the loyalty pledge. Republicans are losing the biggest weapon to stop him, and it is possible that Trump may defy the pledge and run third party anyway if he is denied the Republican nomination.

Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot, and destroying their chances of victory in 2016 by insisting that Trump show his loyalty. As soon as Trump signs his name, his racist positions will become theirs. The Republican Party will own Donald Trump, and Democrats will reap the benefits of this foolish decision on Election Day.

42 Replies to “Republicans Just Shot Themselves In The Foot By Forcing Trump To Sign Loyalty Pledge”

  1. “The best for the Republican Party to stop Trump would have been to unify around the idea that he isn’t a “real Republican.”
    Real Republican? He isn’t even a real Presidential contender. This is done to satisfy his narcissism

  2. The most exciting thing about his potential nomination is the down ballot effect.
    Maybe the fascists will lose the senate.

  3. Just ONE problem. It’s a non binding POS piece of paper. He can always change his mind later. They can’t punish him. Maybe kick Him out of the party but that is just an empty gesture for He already left the party. R sure do love signing useless pledges to anyone other than the citizens.

  4. trump wll not make it thru to the primaries…..bush walker gop nominees….trump will suspend campaign to concentrate on his business…..he does NOT WANT TO BE PRESIDENT

  5. …Trump ain’t really big on obeying edicts from others…and this bein’ NON binding???
    …this is just another round o’ political Theater…

  6. How about this, do we want more of the same? I think not. Maybe Trump will spark the fire that will get rid of some of the political crazies we have on both sides.

  7. The way this is written is that it’s a bad thing because republicans can’t win the presidency. Personally I think it’s great. The last thing this country needs is a president with his head up his ass. We’ve already had way too many of those. Maybe Trump will kill that party once and for all. If ever a party needs dying it is the republicans. Maybe they can find their way back to sanity.

  8. Did Donald Trump just sell his soul to the Devil?


    Did the Republican party just sell their souls to the Devil?

  9. I thought the Rep were dead in the 60’s. They always seem to come back. They nominated Goldwater for heavens sake and survived. Never underestimate the racial bigotry that will continue to rear it’s ulgy head. Don’t stop speaking out for fairness and doing the tight thing and we will prevail.

  10. Otter Pop, we can’t get rid of some of the crazies on both sides because of people like you who can’t see that by signing that pledge, Trump is more of the same.

  11. Guaranteed Loser. Better check the fine print. He may recognize the green party and run 4th party candidate! What will pubs try in 2024? A more conservative candidate will do!

  12. Otter Pop, Pledge signing is great for grade school kids and indoctrination efforts. This is not some kind of childish ritual. It is a selection of supposedly one of our best to represent our nation. If you think you know some crazies then travel at your own risk.Many will not adopt such a sophomoric attitude.

  13. Maybe the Republicans have already forced a hostile takeover of Hell because Satan wasn’t evil enough?

  14. To borrow a bit from Jim Hightower, “If ignorance ever hits $100 a barrel, I want drilling rights on Donald Trump’s head.”

  15. Speaking of The Devil.
    People need to know where The GOP is coming from.
    This Amazing Story of The John Birth Society explains

    The Koch Bro’s are Big John Bircher’s and they paying MEGA Money to take us back there!

    Please check out this Video…28-Minutes.
    It makes everything about the GOP CLEAR:

    (Don’t know why it won’t start at beginning) THEY HAVE HIDDEN THIS VIDEO AND DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!)

    Please inform yourself!

  16. Trump’s intellect is as thin as a soup made by boiling the shadow of a pigeon that was starved to death.

  17. If Trump fell in the Potomac it would be a tragedy. If someone pulled him out it would be a disaster!

  18. …actually they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot…the actually wound was quite a bit higher, and on centerline…
    {{{and will interfere with their ability to “F”k us…}}}

  19. let me ask a polite question. Does anyone else agree with me that our country is not doing so well? (DJIA 16000 when it should be 18500, the horrible IRAN deal, health care, job loss, defect, etc, etc, etc.) And that electing another politician who has been bought by lobbyist money and probably and does not give a damn about the people or about fixing any of the problems of this country is definitely not a good idea? (Just a thought.)

  20. Trump is not in it for the right reasons, its all about himself, the narcissist cannot control his ego & he is lapping this up at the moment, but when it comes to walking the talk he is low energy, he would delegate the WH to his staffers & focus on himself, his businesses & his next wife, but he won’t make it there, he will quit the race as soon as he starts loosing in the polls, believing that he has changed the world with his rhetoric & that he is the winner, when actually he is the loser.

  21. “As soon as Trump signs his name, his racist positions will become theirs.” What racist positions? His racist position of deporting illegals? That’s not racist.

  22. Dumbass President Obama has deported more illegals than your cod piece wearing and your child god president this is not the issue. The issue is they want to repeal the 14th amendment. Now I know the only one you know is the 2nd and you don’t even know that, that’s what make you and the republican party racist

  23. In other words…Trump has the GOP by the balls.

    Signing this pledge confirms the FEAR the Republicans have about the Donald and why none of them have been able to attack him successfully.

    In hindsight, it’s a stroke of brilliance: Bring out the worst in your party for the whole world to see, get your voting base energized and your like-minded opposition pussified and unable to mount anything close to an attack that can stick.

    Then watch as this loose cannon *destroys* your party for the next 15 months–making the other side more palatable to the voting bloc and give them all the votes instead; creating a rare political landslide that will have repercussions in the years to come.

    In other words, Democrats couldn’t have asked for a sweeter set up than this. :)

  24. Hmm. Does this mean the GOP could sue Donald Trump if he “breaks” the party pledge?

    Thanks for another great article.

    P.S. I have posted some on my Facebook page and on my friends’ Facebook page. :)

  25. and he’ll dump his latest wife and marry Meghan Kelly which will be a step up for her from getting banged by Roger ‘Jabba The Hut” Ailes every night

  26. If Sanders is misogynist, how do you define Jeb!, Jindal, Rubio, Cruz and the unspeakable Carson?

  27. The loudest, yes, but sane? Not sure about that. They’re calling it an asylum for a reason.

  28. Disregarding an imaginary line imposed by conquering invaders is only a crime in the eyes of those invaders. The Gaza effect.

    Those natives people you call ‘illegals’ had a long history here when white people were living in caves. They were here first. Europeans came later. By boat.

    The hysteria over migrants is a reflection of the ‘circle the wagons and kill anyone outside them’ mentality of Euro-Christianity. Which even the Europeans have rejected.

    The Papal Bull assigning all ‘non-Christian’ lands to the first White guy to piss on them is not a legally binding document.

    Get over it.

  29. You win the GOT realpolitik prize of the day!

    Trump has forced the Kochroaches to negotiate with him as an equal power.
    He now owns the GOP, because he owns their rabid core.
    Which used to belong to the Koch Bros, but which was the subject of a hostile takeover by Trump.

    Trump owns them. Body, soul and votes. If the GOP does not bow to Trump, he takes his rabble away. Awwwww…

  30. I disagree. It was TRUMP who shot himself in the foot. At the first “debate” Trump told the GOP-Fox anchor, Bret Baer, that he was not willing to sign a loyalty pledge that forbids running as a third party candidate (one supposes “the Trump Party”). Now, only a short time later, after Re ince Pri E Bus goes to the new Trump building in NYC, perhaps with a Koch Brothers offer of this or that, perhaps allowing Donald to save face, Trump signs the pledge. This was capitulation to the “establishment” and all it entails, including Super PACS. Why would a Trump supporter who cherishes his “maverick” streak continue to support him after he submits to the party brand? Pretty clever of Jeb! supporters if might add.

  31. You know Richard, when I was just getting to the age where I could vote, there were Republicans.. (This time I will use the real name instead of rethugs) a person could look too with respect and honor. No more, all are liars, cheats, devious people. Things started to change with Nixson and have gone down hill ever since. I wonder if, there is a bottom even.

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