Bernie Sanders Rips Donald Trump While Calling Out The Bigoted Billionaire’s Racism

Bernie Sanders Latino Roundtable Iowa

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) ripped Donald Trump at a Latino roundtable in Iowa. Sanders stood up to the Republican bully by calling out Trump’s racism.

Video of Sanders at Latino roundtable in Iowa:

According to the Sanders campaign:

In a statement, Sanders said: “This country has experienced racism for hundreds of years. I would have hoped that by the year 2015 leading candidates for president like Mr. Trump would campaign on their ideas as to how they can address our serious problems, and not by trying to divide the country with racist and demagogic appeals. Clearly Trump is scapegoating the Hispanic community. Immigrants are not responsible,” Sanders stressed, “for the disappearing American middle class, the Wall Street collapse brought on by huge financial institutions’ greed and illegal behavior, the war in Iraq, income inequality or climate change.”

At the roundtable discussion, Sanders called Trump’s comments “mean” and “denigrating” to an entire group of people and accused him of using Latinos as “whipping boys” to distract attention from real problems confronting the country. He called it “absurd, racist and wrong” to blame immigrants for the nation’s problems.

“That is absolutely unacceptable,” the senator added during the roundtable discussion at the Muscatine County Boxing Club. “That kind of discourse should be removed from our politics.”

Sen. Sanders was correct. Donald Trump is scapegoating the Hispanic community, but Trump is merely building on the precedent that has been set by his party. The Republican Party has been trying to distract the country from their unpopular policies by playing up their imaginary immigration menace for nearly a decade.

Trump has brought the thinly veiled racial dog whistles that Republicans have been using out the open by being extremely blunt and direct about his bigotry.

Bernie Sanders has integrity and courage, which is why he directly confronted Trump and ripped him for his racist tactics. The “campaign strategy” is that Donald Trump is using should have been roundly condemned by the Republican Party. Instead of doing the decent thing, Republican presidential candidates have scrambled to follow Trump’s lead and cater to the bigots among their voters.

Since Republicans are too afraid to stand up to the bully, Bernie Sanders has risen to knock Trump down.

43 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Rips Donald Trump While Calling Out The Bigoted Billionaire’s Racism”

  1. Why aren’t all the candidates talking about the refugee
    crisis in Syria? Will The Donald propose another wall to
    keep them out too? He’s missing an opportunity to show
    compassion by not donating uuge funds to save lives or
    encouraging others to do so. RIP, Aylan Kurdi, the little
    Syrian boy who’s become the face of Europe’s migrant

  2. Lets All Hope That The “TRUTH” That Bernie Sanders Speaks (On A Daily Basis) Spreads Exactly Like A “Wildfire” And Then Sets “OUR” Entire Country (U.S.A.) Free!!!! Feel The “Bern” Of Bernie Sanders!!!! The Truth Shall Set Us Free. Pass It On Folks. Wake The “Sleepers” Up (IF POSSIBLE)!!!!

  3. At least someone is covering the real candidate. Thank you Politicus.

    We know the MSM won’t be covering him. Hopefully this election will be the end of the top six media companies that spend hours on the absurd and ridiculous.

  4. Bernie Sanders on Immigration:

    “If tomorrow, every person who in this country who is undocumented left this country, your agricultural system would likely collapse as well as many other aspects of our economy.

    So for a start, it was not undocumented people in this country whose greed and recklessness on Wall Street drove us into the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

    It wasn’t undocumented people in this country who got us into a war in Iraq that we never should have gotten into.

    It wasn’t undocumented people in this country who gave huge tax breaks to billionaires and are fighting to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And I think they’re being used as a punching bag, and I resent that.

    We can have differences of opinion on how we proceed in terms of immigration and treating undocumented people, but let’s not demagogue the issue. Let’s have the courage to stand up to the people who really have power in this country.”

  5. The only way to keep from becoming an oligarchy is by standing up to its creators and knocking down the bigotry and reminding people in a civil society that we,the people need to stand together.

  6. Bernie changes his tune with the wind. He has accused immigrants of taking jobs from Americans and depressing wages for Americans. He is quite anti-immigrant, just as he is quite pro war and pro gun, except when he needs to say otherwise. Bernie is a total fraud.

  7. Donald Trump can make mincemeat of the old Socialist who lived for years on unemployment benefits before finally getting himself elected to the government trough where he has languished for decades. If Bernie had any sense whatsoever, he would not be tough talking Trump. Trump will skewer the 90% tax rate income redistributing Socialist.

  8. FEAR… has been the way the rethugs have won many elections. They are still using FEAR. Trump has perfected for them the way(they believe) the thugs can win. When people going to learn? It’s the WAY THE COMMIES WON, THE WAY Hitler WON and it is the way the RELIGIOUS RIGHT thinks it can win today, along with extreme lies with manipulation of fact.
    We all know Trump is no boy scout, in business dealings, or morels certainly not an example I’d want my children to follow.
    What I don’t understand is: how or why the Christians of this party are so willing to make peace with him? At least the appearance of peace. Trump could turn around and bite them, now that, I’D enjoy.

  9. What will “good people be seeing” if not for the Hate and misinformation of Fox… “You cannot degrade an entire race of people calling them rapists and murderers and get away with it”? I think they have been for decades Bernie? And as the God and Guns crowd busy themselves w mindless entertainment and hate filled speech, we see once again as thru out history, when a persons hatred is supported they can forget about the issues of importance even supporting a vote against themselves and their future off spring… Conservatism for all, because a mind is a a great tool to take hostage.

  10. Not necessarily–isn’t that what advisors are paid for? LOL

    I’d like to know where all the churches are. Why can’t the churches sponsor and take in a couple of families/people? Isn’t this why they have tax-exempt status? Where’s the compassion?

  11. Bernie is against open borders. The reality is that if millions of unskilled workers come rushing into this country, without a living wage — enforced even for undocumented workers — will drive down wages. I don’t think anyone can dispute that. For the undocumented workers already in the country, Bernie believe that there should be a quick path to citizenship.

  12. bernie is right 100 percent..Mr T rump keeps bragging about his 30 percent polling numbers from voting republicans..To me that means 70 percent of republicans don’t support him. Why is this a good thing for him???

  13. Raygun was old too … some say he already had the onset of dementia upon his election.

    Sanders is not too old.

    I agree he will not be president… this is no longer a democracy, it’s a plutocracy and only one their candidates will be president.

    Unless there is revolution and not just a political revolution.

  14. It is a characteristic of a personality disorder that there is no empathy. Trump exhibits a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, ergo: no empathy.

  15. It’s a relative scale, I think.
    The 30% merely shows where he is relative to the others candidates. It’s a rough estimate of his electability.

  16. relative to the other candidates..?? It still means 70 percent of those polled support other candidates…Where do you think those votes will go when the field gets narrowed to just a few instead of group they have now?

  17. Gee, I don’t know where the votes will go. Do you?
    Apparently, you are alleging that these polls are meaningless.
    Perhaps, but I remember a day when they used to provide confidence levels and margins of error with their data.
    No more, apparently.
    I think that few, if any, Americans understood it, so after awhile they just stopped providing us with that type of info. Instead, they just throw the numbers at us and hope we are too stupid to see through them. WE are.

  18. Sorry riverhouse but Bernie has been saying the same thing since 1988. Check out his speeches before you open mouth and incert foot. He has been spot on with everything his said. I don’t know why you have to get on with the same tired rant every time someone says something good about the only candidate that seems to be speaking from his heart. He verbalizes all I believe. That is a darn sight better than the usual bunch of willows and finger pointers.

  19. Steady on,Allen. Obama was the candidate no one wanted and couldn’t possibly win. Howd that work out?

  20. Oh look, one of Trump’s tantrum-throwing juvenile base(credit: bebe). Why don’t you step aside while we sane adults have a civilized discussion. We’ll let you know when you can come back(ie. never).

  21. The dems didn’t want him. They already had their candidate. The reps sure didn’t want him. The only ones that did were a dedicated bunch like myself that worked for him. My point is,a peoples choice candidate can overcome the establishment to get to be president.

  22. I don’t remember that way. I remember President Obama had organization something that Sanders does not have. I also remember President Obama had to win over the one base of the Party that Sanders refuse to do especially when he thinks having Cornel West to give him cover will do. This is the same man who called Obama the “first Ni**erized Black President”?

    And lets not forget the growing Hispanic voting block. Lifelong Dem. Joaquin Castro: “Sen. Sanders has not reached out to the Hispanic caucus.”

    And the one issue that Democrats are united he is tone deaf
    Bernie Sanders doubles down on support for gun manufacturers

  23. No one lives for “years” on unemployment benefits.
    Bernie worked as a carpenter, writer and filmmaker when not in office.

    90% tax rate was an example of how high it has been in this country. That was under Eisenhower.

    Bernie is thinking more in the 50% range on a limited group of people. And closing loopholes, corporate welfare and the like.

  24. Have you people forgotten about Congress? And do you really think these rich pricks going to raise taxes on themselves?

  25. The security of this nation most come first before compassion. Compassion is keeping Americans safe. Any isis could come right in with all the other refugees. We already have to many aliens here. Wake up people. This is not about compassion right now. It’s about the safety of all Americans. Also look at all the diseases they could bring with them. You have the money to take care of them then you have the compassion and let them live in your home. We will be facing war if this all keeps up. Trump 2016

  26. Not true. He was a Democrat. He gave the keynote at the convention in 2004 which was widely received as brilliant and won praise by all democrats everywhere. He had the backing of Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry (Donna Brasile at the Rules and Bylaws committee too – though she denied it) and a huge host of delegates and superdelegates who stumped for him and gave total support to him from day one. The media also supported him.

    There is zippo to compare between Bern and BO. Not any comparision in any possible way.

    Obama was establishment. He was a sitting Senator of the democratic party and had run a very conventional race and even going farther than any dem had when he refused to take public money. With his powerhouse of funding – who could blame him! He wanted to win the general against the GOP and their money interests.

    Just like any Democratic candidate of my lifetime. Establishment. Bernie stands alone – a total outsider.

    Obama leads the party.

  27. allen, you are wrong. You said this: “Raygun was old too … some say he already had the onset of dementia upon his election. Sanders is not too old.”

    How old is Sanders? 74 as of his birthday today. In Jan of 2017 he would be over 75. At the end of 4 years he would be almost 80.

    Reagan was 70 years old when he ran the first time.

  28. I noticed a twisted smerk on his face. No I think this vid is manipulation, lies, hypothetical and vague. The usual abuse of people who don’t see the scheme of back door deals and smoke screens yet. Free education? YOU MEAN TAX INCREASES when we don’t have enough jobs to support that kind of budget?. I thought we already have financial aid for education. “Declared war on the latino community”. No I think Donald is referring too illegal immigration so people doing it legally can take their place in line. Its like waiting at the DMV. You have a number for a reason. The race card? really? That’s pathetic at this level of politics. That means opposition already lost. You don’t have to lie to make friends. I lost all respect for Bernie playing the race card. That’s exactly what it is. A card.

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