Friday Fox Follies – Fox Lies Matter!!!


If Fox “News” has not been trying to foment a Race War, it’s doing a pretty good imitation. The negative way it portrays Black folk, as opposed to the respect with which it gives White folk, has been a cornerstone of the station since it went on the air. Whether it’s Bill O’Reilly amazed that Black folk didn’t behave badly at a popular Harlem restaurant, to its biggest Race-Baiter, Sean Hannity, still trying to live down his close ties with neo-Nazi Hal Turner from Bergen, to all-White panels discussing the Black experience.

This is not new. What is new is Fox trying to prove Black Lives Don’t Matter.

Just this week, Fox News Calls Black Lives Matter A Hate Group After Repeatedly Lauding Actual Hate Groups, this as Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Fox Host, [asks]: “Why Has The Black Lives Matter Movement Not Been Classified Yet As A Hate Group?” and Fox News Graphic Calls Black Lives Matter The “‘Murder’ Movement.” Even Fox’s Bill O’Reilly Says Black Lives Matter Is A “Hate Group” That Wants Police Officers Dead.


Which is why this Change dot org petition is so funny:

Classify Fox News as a Hate Group

Just like his phony balogna boycott of France, Bill O’Reilly Announces He Will Put #BlackLivesMatter ‘Out Of Business’, so naturally Roland Martin Blasts O’Reilly Over Threat To Put #BlackLivesMatter ‘Out Of Business’. Roland Martin [said]: Bill O’Reilly Should ‘Shut The Hell Up’ About #BlackLivesMatter. No doubt the Paris Business Review will be watching these developments closely.

As Fox News Revives “Black-On-Black Crime” Canard To Dismiss Black Lives Matter Movement, and CNN’s Charles Blow [warned]: Linking Black Lives Matter To Anti-Police Violence Is “Incredibly Dangerous And Reckless,” the crazy as a Fox’s Ablow Accuses President Obama Of Putting A ‘Target On The Backs Of American Police Officers.’ Watch and read along:

Well, who takes that call from the President, instead of saying “I’m sorry, aren’t you the guy who started this?” This is the President who inflamed racial discourse in this country, who put a target on the backs of American police officers. How did he do that?

Well number one, the Attorney General went to the funeral of the fellow who tried to grab the gun of the police officer in Ferguson and ended up dead for doing so. He sent the Attorney General to the perpetrator’s funeral, and now he has the audacity to issue a two-faced statement. Why?

Maybe because when they polled it, it looked like people are getting the idea that he’s trying to create division and our society. Well, guess what? He’s been trying to do that ever since Cambridge, that professor who was locked out of his house, the police officer thought, gee, it could be a robber. They did the right thing. They asked him questions.

The President has to have a beer with the guy after he tears him down for doing his job.

Where to being? Let’s start with The Big Lie: The police did far more than ask Professor Henry Gates — one of the most respected educators in this country — questions. They arrested him. He was hauled in for MWB, Mouthy While Black. Gates had already proven to the police officers that it was his house he was trying to break into, but he was arrested anyway. Therefore, the president was right and the police acted stupidly. The only reason President Obama had to have the silly Beer Summit to quell Right Wing Outrage for having told the truth.

Oddly enough, that incident also underscores the #BlackLivesMatter message because if Skippy Gates were White, the cops would have helped him break into his own house.

However, any lie necessary in order to smear the president, such as Fox Figures Demand Obama Make Remarks Condemning Violence Against Police Days After He Did Just That:

On behalf of the American people, I offered Mrs. Goforth my condolences, and told her that Michelle and I would keep her and her family in our prayers. I also promised that I would continue to highlight the uncommon bravery that police officers show in our communities every single day. They put their lives on the line for our safety. Targeting police officers is completely unacceptable — an affront to civilized society….So we must offer [Mrs. Goforth] our comfort — and continue to stand up for the safety of police officers wherever they serve.

Yet, Fox’s ‘Expert’ Dismisses Real Evidence In Order To Blame Obama And #BlackLivesMatter For Fox Lake Police Shooting, while Black Marine to Megyn Kelly: #BlackLivesMatter Promotes Racism, with no evidence to back that up.

Even though Fox News says Black Lives Matter incites violence. Critics said the same of MLK. Even though There’s nothing linking Black Lives Matter to a Texas cop’s death. Fox News did it anyway, which is just journalistic malpractice.

By Thursday those Foxy Friends on Fox & Friends were calling it a War on Cops, but the stats don’t lie: Fact-Checking FOX News: More Police Were Killed Under Reagan & Bush Than Obama. In the article Are more police getting killed? A look at officer deaths the Associated Press debunks the Fox lie:

Shooting deaths of officers are actually down 13 percent compared with the same January-to-September period in 2014. There were 30 shootings last year and 26 this year. Those figures include state and local officers, as well as federal agents. The figures also include two accidental shootings, Groeninger said. Suicides are not included.

Deaths have declined through the decades. The average number of officer shooting deaths for the first six months of each year — which is how the memorial fund gauges trends — was 62 through the 1970s.

The worst half-year period over the past five decades was in 1973, when 84 officers were shot and killed in the first six months alone. Through the early 2000s, the six-month average fell to 29.

In May, the BBC wrote that US police kill more than two people a day, report suggests, yet you never hear about that on the Fox “News” Channel, especially if the victims are Black.

PASSAGES: It was good to see that Ex-Fox Newser Bob Beckel Reemerges on CNN to Talk Trump. Meanwhile, incomprehensibly Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner sues Hasbro over hamster toy. No, it’s not satire. Fox Anchor Suing Hasbro Over Toy Rodent She Says Stole Her Likeness.

CONSIDER THE SOURCE: Newsmax reports that according to a new PPP Poll: Fewer Republicans Like Megyn Kelly After Trump Battle.

FOX BYTES: “Gender Bender”: The Troubling Way Fox & Friends Discusses A Transgender Student’s Use Of Her High School Girls’ Locker RoomBill O’Reilly Links Planned Parenthood To VA And Other Mass ShootingsFox Host Stokes Fears That Obama May Send “Terrorist Prisoners To Your Town”Fox’s Napolitano Condemns Attacks On “Anchor Babies” Without Acknowledging His Colleagues Promoted Them‘You’re an Activist!’: O’Reilly Gets in Heated Confrontation with Jorge RamosTrump Goes On A Twitter Tirade Against Fox News’ Karl RoveOutnumbered Attacks Michelle Obama Over Healthy School LunchesFox & Friends Agrees with Trump: Jeb Should Speak English So We Can Understand HimSeriously? Elisabeth Hasselbeck Doesn’t See Problem With Baptism On Public School Football Field!Fox’s Gutfeld: Trump Should ‘Stop Running as Ann Coulter’Fox News Fooled By College Freshman Blogger In Attack On 9/11 Literature CourseFox News To Air Hour-Long Special In Support Of CMP’s Smear Campaign Against Planned ParenthoodFox’s Neil Cavuto Asks If Trump Is “Imitating The Likes Of John F. Kennedy” In Press ConferencesFox’s Kilmeade: “Trump Is 100 Percent Right,” Bush Shouldn’t Speak Spanish To The PressHannity Falsely Claims Hillary Clinton Has Never Criticized “Countries That Have Atrocious Human Rights Records”The Fox News Primary For August: Trump’s Feud With Fox Only Widens His Airtime LeadFox Hosts Cheer Trump’s Attack On Bush For Speaking Spanish

Headly Westerfield recently published More Proof the Palin Family Are Liars and Grifters at the Not Now Silly Newsroom.

14 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Fox Lies Matter!!!”

  1. Faux news incites violence and promotes hate. They are responsible along with other RW hate talk for violence and murder of many. Bill O killed Dr Tiller. They stir the pot daily just in case their viewers might be feeling happy!
    For what reason. To keep the masses under control and shape policy during elections. Bottom line….GREED is behind the scenes.

  2. Worse yet is many RWer’s repost the erroneous memes on FB & twitter – takes two minutes to show that they are wrong – yet they will get into a huff to say but but but – the blacks were criminals & if they did what the police told them they would still be alive. Yeah! right! I’m White & I not only see but hear how Blacks are treated differently, by police & within society at large.

    White drug user when arrested is not beaten the crap out of – but put in a holding cell & in front of a Judge within 24 hours who tells him to get treatment. Black drug user, beaten & put in prison for possible drug dealing. The mind set if he’s using he must be dealing, while the White druggie (who might be the dealer) is ordered to get help.

    It is not that there aren’t criminals in both races – there is – its how they are treated differently, when both should be treated the same.

  3. Their viewers need to drink in that propaganda like booze to comfort their hateful,bigoted conscience, throw in a few women willing to expose themselves for money. You get a channel for dirty old men and subservient women.

  4. From the beginning The Tea Party Fox GOP has stated publicly, often and continuously, Their #1 objective was to “Make President Obama a 1 term President”…Now we all know They Lost, so rather than tone down the hatred of a black President who restored our economy to historic job creation, they doubled down as poor sports for one reason alone as proven during the mid terms…Conservatism needs a Villain to send minions to the voting booths. Nothing is more powerful than Hate, I have sat at the dinner tables of “good people” and heard the rhetoric of the poor job Obama has done and all the policies they disagree with? Yet when asked, “what policies do your disagree w they reply all of them and offer maybe 2,,, can you guess? Of course Benghazi is sure to pop up even after a bipartisan and independent study ruled there was nothing to question about the events that occurred, they just have to say it again as if they’re up on current events or entertainment gurus? Begauwzeee…Haters gon…

  5. I believe that the false ads put on TV re: political false info etc., should be subject to False Advertising laws on all the stations, especially FAKE NOOZ. After all they are false ads. They could not get away with running false ads about cars, etc., and they should not be able to run false ads that only confuse the voters.

  6. There are a couple of reasons why I don’t watch this ANTI-REAL America noisenet.
    1: I keep track of their bullshit online so that I don’t actually subject my ears to abuse of the truth.
    2: Betsy, my cleaning lady refused to vacuum the terrible and stinking refuse on the floor in front of my TV if I inadvertently surf to fox noisenet.

  7. In a fair and just country Fox News wouldn’t be allowed to call themselves news. They would be called “Fox Entertaintment” or “Fox Bloviation”, but never news. A healthy democracy requires a well informed citizenry, yet Faux News continues to lie, obfuscate, propagandize, and demonize in the interest of maintaining White Hegemony over the colored folk.

    Thank Saint Reagan for gutting the Fairness Doctrine and putting this nation on the path to fascism.

  8. Fox comes very close to being in violation of
    “Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act (Pub. L. No. 107-52) expanded the definition of terrorism to cover “”domestic,”” as opposed to international, terrorism. A person engages in domestic terrorism if they do an act “”dangerous to human life”” that is a violation of the criminal laws of a state or the United States, if the act appears to be intended to: (i) intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping. Additionally, the acts have to occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States and if they do not, may be regarded as international terrorism.”
    Not just Fox but numerous GOP politicians in Congress as well.

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