Key Democratic Congressman Skewers Benghazi Committee Says Time To Shut It Down

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff (CA-28), a member of the Select Committee on Benghazi, wrote a blistering op-ed in the September 4th edition of The New York Times, calling for the Select Committee to be disbanded.

Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, slammed House Republicans for turning the Benghazi investigation into a partisan charade, whose sole purpose has become undermining Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Schiff blasted House Republicans for resorting to deception and innuendo to imply that Hillary Clinton should somehow be held responsible for the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

Calling for the Select Committee to be discontinued, Schiff noted:

Since its formation, the Select Committee on Benghazi has been aimless and slow moving, not knowing what it was looking for or where. It has acted in a deeply partisan way, frequently failing to consult or even to inform Democratic members before taking action, and selectively leaking information to the press. After 16 months and more than $4 million, the committee has gained no additional insight into the attacks in Benghazi. It has nothing new to tell the families of those killed or the American people.

After noting that the committee had essentially wasted 16 months and 4 millions dollars, Schiff honed in on the reason, arguing:

Whatever their original purpose, the Select Committee’s leaders appear no longer to have any interest in Benghazi, except as the tragic events of that day may be used as a cudgel against the likely Democratic nominee for president.

The committee is solely concerned with damaging her candidacy, searching for something, anything, that can be insinuated against her. With all of the committee’s obsessive focus on Mrs. Clinton, you would think that she was a witness to the killings, instead of half a world away.

He finished his op-ed, driving his point home one last time, by stating:

A committee that cannot tell the American people what it is looking for after 16 months should be shut down. Otherwise, Benghazi will come to be remembered not for the tragedy that claimed four American lives, but for the terrible abuse of process that now bears its name.

In his passionate op-ed, Schiff spoke a fundamental truth that many Americans have already figured out. The Select Committee on Benghazi has becoming nothing more than a political arm of the Republican Party, campaigning to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Republicans on the committee are not interested in finding truth, they are simply determined to paint Hillary Clinton as a villain and to use relentless mentioning of “Benghazi, Benghazi” as their cudgel. The strategy seems to be failing. Yet, because the GOP has almost nothing positive to offer voters, they will undoubtedly continue to try to use the Select Committee on Benghazi as a partisan tool to malign Hillary Clinton. Good luck with that.

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  1. Thw RNC has promised its juvenile base a scandal. They’re trying their hardest. If only they worked that hard at helping Americans inequality -financially, racially, and Constitutionally.

  2. For the one brain dead idiot who down voted this article explain yourself or are you a sniveling yellow belly coward

  3. …well, the Republican’ts Potty are invested in finding a scandal that’ll STICK…don’t matter how much shit ya stir in boys; it ain’t glue…

  4. Oh Dj, such kind liberal words.. aren’t I glad I joined the understanding, progressive side

  5. Why would they ever give this up, I mean seriously it seems to be working. The Clinton numbers are down at least… I personally really don’t like Hilary. Say what you will about politicians but after hearing about scandal after scandal with this one you’d have to be crazy to vote for her. All I see is clever manipulation and clever word placement by her. Here’s hoping for Biden!

  6. All Over CON Boards:
    Comments”Why’s the GOP OVER-KILLING this Email Thing? Get-On with this Election.”

    The GOP can’t Stop *Destroy-Mode*:
    “We Shall Make Obama A One-Term President”.

    So now it’s…Gung-Ho-SABOTAGE-Clinton!

  7. So, because the republicans/rightwing blogosphere/Faux “News” have fabricated “scandal after scandal”, we shouldn’t vote for her? Seriously, so far NONE of the “scandals” have held up under scrutiny, so you’d have to be an imbecile to base your voting on them.

    I’m assuming in your case “commonsense” is meant to be ironic?

  8. We all should know by now, that this Bengahzi thing (I won’t even call it and investigation) and all the other petty distractions, is the only way that the GOP crumbs can con the American people that they are doing something. They can only complain about the Presidents ideas, because they have nothing worthwhile or better to give the Amrican people. After all they don’t want to look like lazy crooks.

  9. If you have time, Check-out one of my favorite sites: It’s Called SHORPY.
    They put up old photos with comments. (very selected comments).
    This photo: Japan Surrenders: 1945

    Sept. 2, 1945. “Japanese foreign minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signing the document of surrender aboard the U.S. battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay as General Douglas MacArthur and members of the Allied delegations watch.” Acme photo by Dave Davis, war pool correspondent.

    Read OTY’s Comment of that Day.
    “Ten Days Till I Turn 6”

    It’s a wonderful Site!

    (Just Imagine these were *American Conservatives Surrendering*…Who wanted to WORK with Democrats to STOP Fighting/Attacking and work in harmony.)

  10. The saddest part is they were all fundrasing on Benghazi for years too. They have no moral standing left at all and they do need to shut it down before their masses wake out of their hypnotic Fox driven zombie state.

    Democrats were satisfied at the ARB report.

    It didn’t help them beat Obama in 2012. They yelled cover-up, stand down, etc. to no avail.

  11. The Republicans have Gowdy as a keynote speaker at events and the Democrats have Elijah Cummings keynote.

    That alone is reason to change from R to D!

  12. sorry hasn’t affected her numbers to make it worthwhile, Hillary Clinton still ahead , favor ability coming back up . Iowa numbers back up. so far so good. Hillary Clinton for president 2016

  13. Isn’t this the 8th Benghazi committee? How many millions have been spent investigating this non-issue when there are children going to sleep tonight without enough food in their bellies?

    All congressmen should be ashamed. Those that keep demanding this wasteful investigations and those that don’t stand up and stop it. Somebody needs to create a list of every person that has been involved in creating these committees so that each and every one of them can be voted out of office.

    Also, somebody needs to tally the money wasted.

  14. Adolf knew that if you keep repeating your lies over and over the dumbest among the people will start to believe. I see his words coming true in this column. Sad sad stuff. Fox News knows what Adolf knew and people buy into it. When has Mrs Clinton been shown to have done any of this stuff? I will tell you when. Never. Thats how propaganda works. Lie, repeat as needed. I though have heard of Adolf and Fox News propaganda and recognize it for what it is. it’s really as if people actually believe that Sean Hannity or some other yellow journalist cares about four dead Americans in Benghasi. No one at Fox seems to care about 4500 dead Americans in Iraq but someone believes they care about dead diplomats who knew the dangers. Sure thing. I got some non addictive heroin I want to sell ya.

  15. Of course they’re going to keep at it. They can’t prove wrongdoing, so why not stick with lies, innuendo, and distortions?

    The Republicans have been using the same smear tactics for years against Planned Parenthood, as well. The Republicans in Congress didn’t create the faked 2015 videos, but they’ve propagated the lies and are using them to try again to defund this organization.

    It’s their modus operandi.

    Fortunately there are those of us who believe in the American principle, innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Because you can have smoke without fire.

    So, commonsensethesecond, if you have evidence of wrongdoing, please share it with the class. Otherwise, I suspect that your admitted dislike of Ms. Clinton has affected your objectivity. Or maybe you’re another dupe of Republican propaganda.

    Nobody should be punished for crimes tthey didn’t commit. The truth is out there.

  16. Why should progressives always be the maiden aunts, afraid to say anything that might give anyone the flutters. To hell with these right wingers (and some of the left wingers, too), I’ve gotten to the point where I just say what I want, and have offended both sides, although the right more than the left.

  17. Anyone who wants Biden over Hillary when there isn’t a difference between their political positions is probably a male who is uncomfortable with powerful and intelligent women.

  18. According to Media Matters, the morning joke Scarboro edited a tape which absolved
    Hilary of any wrongdoing to make it look as though she was guilty.
    This program should face a boycott, MSNBC
    is a disgrace.

  19. The scandalization of bravery

    Why are conservatives so obsessed with Benghazi? The conventional view is that they see it as a great weapon against Hillary Clinton, and that’s certainly true. Seven bipartisan inquiries, including one by the GOP-controlled House Intelligence Committee, have together debunked every single accusation that there was some kind of scandal associated with the attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other U.S. staff members in Libya in 2012—for instance, that the administration issued a “stand down” order that kept U.S. military from sending in a rescue team. Yet an eighth investigation, by the Select Committee on Benghazi, grinds on.

    In June, the committee spent a day grilling the journalist and former Clinton White House aide Sidney Blumenthal. The purported subject of the hearing was a series of emails about Benghazi that Blumenthal sent to Hillary Clinton, a personal friend, when she was secretary of state. The committee session quickly devolved into a political fishing expedition, with Republicans posing more than 160 questions about Blumenthal’s relationship and communications with the Clintons, more than fifty about the Clinton Foundation, and only four about security in Benghazi. The committee looks also to be the source behind the New York Times’ catastrophically inaccurate front-page story in July alleging a criminal referral to the Department of Justice about Clinton and her emails. The committee’s leader, Republican Representative Trey Gowdy, has said that the committee’s report won’t be completed until (surprise, surprise) 2016, in the middle of the presidential race. In the rich history of Washington scandal mongering, we have seen few investigations more cynical and nihilistic than this one.

    Still, I don’t think naked political expediency sufficiently explains the bottomless well of outrage that Benghazi has stirred up among base Republican voters. To understand that, I think you have to go back to the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. Those who lived through that era can recall not just the nail-biting drama of those 444 days but also the sense of national effrontery—Ted Koppel’s famous nightly ABC News show about the crisis was tellingly entitled America Held Hostage.

    The hostage crisis had three lasting effects. First, because it happened on Jimmy Carter’s watch, in the midst of a presidential race, and ended at the very moment Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, the crisis validated Republicans’ inner sense that they and only they could be trusted to protect America’s security. Second, the crisis turned the general subject of the safety of U.S. diplomats into a political and ideological issue in a way it never had been. In the eleven years prior to the hostage crisis, five U.S. ambassadors were murdered by militants and terrorists in places like Lebanon, Guatemala, and the Sudan. None of those losses, which occurred under presidents of both parties, was seen by the public or in Washington as a grievous insult to America generally, or through a partisan filter, or as evidence of systematic failure by the U.S. government requiring root-to-branch investigations with presumptions of perfidy at the top. Rather, they were treated the same way Chris Stevens’s murder (the first of a U.S. ambassador since 1979) should be seen: as brave diplomats killed in the line of duty.

    The third effect of the hostage crisis was to make politicians and the State Department so paranoid about security that they turned U.S. embassies into fortresses and put tight restrictions on the movement of staff. This has certainly saved American lives. But it’s also made it much harder for our diplomats to do their jobs—a point that the foreign correspondent and former Washington Monthly editor Robert Worth made in the New York Times Magazine in 2012. As a foreign correspondent myself in the mid-1990s I remember senior U.S. foreign service officers expressing envy at my ability to travel to wherever the action was and interview people—an absolutely vital way of learning what’s happening on the ground that they could no longer do without heavy security, or, in many cases, at all. A reporter friend of mine in Sarajevo in 1995 who later served as a USAID officer in Pakistan used to complain to me that he felt like a prisoner in the embassy in Islamabad, unable, really, to do his job effectively.

    Ambassadors make the calls on diplomatic security matters in their domains, so they have more leeway to decide where, when, and how they travel. But the pressure on them from their staffs and Washington not to take chances is intense.

    Chris Stevens famously pushed back against that pressure in 2011 when, as U.S. envoy to Libya, he was the U.S. government’s main interlocutor to the rebels who ultimately overthrew Moammar Ghadhafi. Stevens, who spoke the Libyan dialect of Arabic, lived openly in Benghazi with minimal security. His actions during that period became legendary among U.S. diplomats. It was an act of patriotic bravery, repeated a year late when, as ambassador, he returned to Benghazi, knowing as well as anyone the poor security situation there. We need more Chris Stevenses in our diplomatic corps. The Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to make sure we have fewer, even if that isn’t their intention.

  20. A haters gonna hate, Conservatism has profoundly understood thru the decades if not centuries the power of hate as a tool and motivation for their minions and children of minions, Powerful even over the emotion of LOVE they report to possess?

  21. The only thing common about this poster is obvious. He/she/IT is just another common troll. Seems to be working, they come out early on the weekends. Just sitting around relaxing with their morning coffee, seeing what mischief they can stir up. I have seen the pattern for a long time. Just laugh at em. Make me laugh at em. More than I already do. I sure do miss Jon Stewart.

  22. I am already there. I took it off my list of Favorite channels over a year ago. I did go in one night while I was busy trying to work my way through Windows 8.1 and listened to Chris Hayes and Rachael. I like to listen out of the corner of my ear when I work.
    I used to be able to juggle three things at once but along with liver spots and white hair it’s getting harder. Must be some connection.
    The type shows I tape now I have to be paying attention. Instead of honing in on parts that sound interesting.
    But I certainly am NOT a fan of what MSNBS has been for awhile. Let me back up. What it’s always been, the people that controls MSNBC are just coming out of their particular closets recently. Not even pretending now.

  23. The GOP should be challenged on their claim to be a party of “conservatives” as that word implies conservation. How does spending millions in taxpayer money following red herrings and bunny trails conserve my money?

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