A Win for Love and Marriage Equality in Rowan County as Kim Davis Goes to Jail

With Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis behind bars, same sex couples began obtaining marriage licenses in earnest on Friday. William Smith, Jr. and James Yates, a gay couple who had been refused licenses and turned away four times by Davis, filed their filing fee and became the first gay couple in the county to get a marriage license. They were followed shortly thereafter by a second same-sex couple.

With Davis in jail on contempt of court charges, deputy clerk Brian Mason issued the licenses politely, congratulating the couples with a friendly handshake. In Rowan County, the simple act of doing his job appeared almost heroic under the circumstances.

Outside the courthouse, competing groups clashed for attention with same-sex marriage supporters proclaiming “Love won!”, while one gay marriage opponent yelled versus from the Bible referencing Sodom and Gomorrah. Others stood silently.

Kim Davis’ husband, Joe Davis spoke to reporters on the scene, insisting that his wife will continue to defy the law, stating:

She will stay in there for however long it takes. She will not back down. She’ll never resign. Nope.

Joe Davis added:

We don’t hate nobody. We just want the same rights they have. They say, ‘We’re gonna make you accept us whether you want to or not.’ Well, we don’t want all this forced on us.

Mr. Davis thinks he and Kim just want the same rights as gay couples have. Perhaps he is a bit confused, because allowing gay couples to marry is not granting them special rights, it is giving them equal rights. Furthermore, in no jurisdiction do LGBTQ clerks have the authority to deny straight couples marriage licenses. However, like many evangelical conservatives, Kim and Joe Davis believe that as righteous God-fearing Christians their rights should trump everybody else’s. Then they cry persecution because they are not granted a special dispensation by the state to continue to practice their brand of religious bigotry.
Fortunately deputy clerk Brian Mason decided to do his job on Friday morning, and Rowan County Kentucky began issuing its first marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

18 Replies to “A Win for Love and Marriage Equality in Rowan County as Kim Davis Goes to Jail”

  1. Joe Davis also feels that his wife was just following the Kentucky Constitution…

    someone needs to explain to him, preferably using words with no more than two syllables, that’s it FEDERAL law and the US Constitution that’s being violated..

  2. The pseudo-religious folks want to have vigilantes in all aspects of daily life because of their beliefs, such as:

    Denying marriage license for LBGT (may bring back the mixed race issue again)

    Taxi-drivers who will refuse to take you if you one is drunk (that is when one really needs a cab)

    Pharmacist who will refuse to fill the birth control Rx or will not stock condoms.

    Bus drivers who will refuse taking females if they are deemed to be “not dressed modestly”

    We could even get lessons from the represive Middle East countries on how to control the people and get a long stick to slap the females if their ankles are showing in public.

    Then we could have public beheadings for those of “different orientation” that disobey the religious laws.

    Yes…, it will be heavenly!

  3. Haters will always hate. They were born into hate it makes no difference if they are black, Hispanic or gays they will hate

    Living in a red state and looking at my children and who are their friend I have some hope.

    My oldest daughter said she was gay at 16. I am like Ok whatever, if you say so. Me I can give a rats ass but the school district has a zero no no policy on bullying and her friends are Native Americans and whites.

    So while I may be looking at America with a side eye I know her generation will bring us closer to a more perfect union

  4. How long before this deputy clerk gets a threatening message?

    You’re either fer em or agin em!!

  5. Those protesters using Sodom and Gomorrah are the same people full of hate, Fear mongering, would disown a child who married a black or Hispanic individual. Some of them have attended cross burnings, for God’s sake.

    They pick and choose which bible verses they will respect. In the end, the scriptures are about us loving one another. “Above all, love one another deeply, for love covers up a multitude of sins. 1 Peter: 4:8

    Not hate, but love. They don’t get it

  6. Kim Davis claims to be a member of the ‘born again’ Apostolic Christian Church. The Church has a Statement of Faith on its’ website. Number 17 is interesting …

    “Governmental authority is respected and obeyed. Members serve in a non-combatant status in the military. Oaths are not taken, but truth is affirmed.”


  7. Soo, “Governmental authority is respected and obeyed”?? Kind of like the passage in the bible which states, You obey the law of the land you live in.
    Must be eliminated in their Bibles. These people don’t follow their own rules make them up as they go. Hope this women stays in jail for a long, long time.

  8. Can anyone answer this question. Since Davis is sitting in jail because she refused to issue the licenses for marriages, because she didn’t want to affix her name to documents authorizing same-sex marriages, who’s name will be on those licenses issued from her office today? She didn’t resign, so she’s still the county clerk. Seems like unless she does resign, this dumbass is sitting in jail, and her name is still going to be on those licenses.

  9. It seems her name is not on the license. Here’s a tweet and picture from this AM from an ABC reporter …

    Melanie Kendall ‏@MelanieKendall
    Here’s a picture of April Miller and Karen Roberts’ marriage license – Kim Davis’ name is not on it

    On previous licenses Davis’ name appeared between ‘office of’ and ‘Rowan County’

  10. You can’t argue with stupid, JC. Gawd is on their side; they’re right. Next, they will be discriminating against mixed-race marriages, then people of color, then …

  11. If I were married to Kim Davis I would support her staying in jail too. How is her ordering her underlings to keep gays from getting married freedom?

  12. That is exactly what children need, unconditional love. The rw religious nuts dont afford their children a loving, understanding ear.

  13. These same people would support Huckabee or Santorum and if needed will agree that Trump would be a good representative of the U.S. How will they handle yet another failed attempt by Tebow?

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