Editorial Cartoon: Shish Kabob


Happy Labor Daybd150907

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  1. Only in America can a day supposedly celebrating American workers and labor be solely advantageous to the wealthy private employers.

    If Labor Day really was for laborers and employees, we’d have more than just a day with the word “Labor” in it. We’d have some benefit like, maybe, a mandatory raise across the country. Or maybe a bonus across the board. Or maybe a day with double hourly. But no. Labor Day is for most Americans just another work day with the same lousy terms.

  2. …the only “Labor Day” the Kochs want is EVERYBODY else working while they look on,,,everyday, 24/7/365…

  3. Thank you Bill Daly for succinct truth-telling
    through brilliant and humorous graphic editorials.
    Ariana, Detroit.

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