Erick Erickson Predicts Civil War if Fake Christians Can’t Persecute Gays

How many strikes does the GOP get till its thoroughly discredited? Red State’s Erick Erickson wrote in the Independent Journal Review yesterday to ask, After Kim Davis, How Much Longer Until We Have Another Civil War? Nothing like a tendentious reading of current events predicting a civil war. After all, implicit in the question is that there will be a civil war.

When Kim Davis, the Rowan County, KY, clerk was hauled off to jail for refusing to give marriage licenses, a White House spokesman said no official is above the law. Hillary Clinton cheered on Twitter. The left went wild. “Where is your god now?” one person tweeted.

At least he is clear about the why: Our refusal to let the Kim Davises of the world impose their religion on the rest of us.

This isn’t a question of states rights any more than was slavery, unless it is the right of states to impose a particular religion on everyone in the state. In this case, a bizarre, inbred abortion posing as Christianity minus all the…well, Christian stuff. (Like love, forgiveness, turning the other cheek, giving away your money, lifting up the poor and condemning the rich who have sold their souls to Satan.)

Here, though posing as an outraged Christian, instead of turning the other cheek and suffering a quiet and self-satisfied martyrdom, Erickson dredges up a bunch of examples he says prove left-wing hypocrisy. He throws in Hillary Clinton’s emails for good measure and even pulls up the old faked IRS scandal:

Hillary Clinton using a private email server is no big deal to the left. Every changing story is met with acceptance. The Democrats’ immigration plans have included trying to pull a fast one on a judge in Texas and the left applauded. The IRS can leak confidential donor lists of conservative groups and harass the same groups. Political opponents get awfully convenient “random” audits. Again and again, the left gets to ignore the laws it wishes to ignore while the right must comply.

He does everything, in fact, but argue against Marriage Equality.

He says in lieu of an argument, “Well, fine! If that’s the way you want it, you’ll have war instead!” You can almost hear him stomping his feet.

He makes a show of pulling up facts, but pointedly ignores Dick Cheney telling Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg, “It’s the law of the land and as a general proposition, it seems to me you’ve got to go forward with it.”

Instead, childishly, Erickson sounds like the brother who points to another kid and says “Well, he did it!”

As Liz Cheney then pointed out, “As my dad said, it is the law of the land. The court has ruled. And she’s not an employee of a church or synagogue, she’s a government employee. So, she has an obligation to uphold the law.”

What Erickson gives us is a swipe at the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and a defense of special rights for one particular religion by way of an attack, ironically, on “preferential treatment”:

On top of that, five Justices of the United States Supreme Court, who are some of the least representative of Americans, can invalidate the laws of a majority of states on a whim without actual legal reasoning. Because people want to be happy, the laws can be overturned.

When all these things happen, we have moved beyond a nation of laws to a nation of men. When we have a nation of men, power is everything, policy is fleeting, and laws are meaningless. People with enough money can get preferential treatment. The more powerful a person is, the more he can escape punishment. Eventually, some men can decide to grab power by any means necessary and, without laws that can withstand the sway of men, get a pass at unconstitutional means used to grab power. The constitution becomes a worthless relic.

I am certain he thinks he is on to something, but for sheer get-to-the-pointedness, this is epic fail. Any professor of mine would have thrown it out and told me to start again. It is really a rather feeble tirade, as it focuses on a general anti-government malaise rather than on Kim Johnson and her refusal to do her job.

At that point, the citizens will clash beyond the ballot box. We see that beginning with random killings of police and random killings by police. It will only get worse. No one should want it and no one, myself included, does want it. But how much longer until we have another civil war?

Our nation’s leaders have excelled at nothing so much as dividing and pitting American against American. When the President of the United States tells supporters that Republicans are the enemy and they should take guns to knife fights, we should not be surprised when they take him seriously. Besides, who will punish them? They perceive themselves to be on the winning team.

How much longer before the cold war of citizenry fed and flamed by Washington turns hot?

There is another unsupported assertion to close his already tendentious essay: that there is a cold war of citizenry against government. I understand that this is a conservative trope, that it lurked behind the corporate-funded Tea Party as much as it now exhibits itself in the rants of Donald Trump, the idea that government is the enemy.

But it isn’t government that is the enemy. It is inequality. Racial inequality, religious inequality, economic inequality. These are the driving forces of today’s demographics. The government isn’t the problem here: it isn’t the county trying to impose religion, but Kim Davis, who thinks one religion is more equal than all others. And that is the one thing Erick Erickson did not talk about.

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  1. This is what grabbing at straws looks like. Hillary didnt break the law. Should we see Colin Powell’s? Kim Davis is looking to make money. I was glad to see Gofundme took down her attempt. Shes no Christian in any sense of the word.

  2. The 2016 Presidential election is no longer about taxes, health care, income inequality, “religious freedom,” education, foreign entanglements, climate change, the economy, jobs or employment. According to Matt Taibbi, writing for Rolling Stone, the Trumpification of the Republican Party has turned the entire American political debate into a full-blown war over race, and specifically the terrible time of it that whites have had in this country.

  3. You gotta love it when the Right Wing dredges up a pack of thoroughly discredited lies to prove “left wing hypocrisy”, thereby cementing their legacy as right wing hypocrites.

    I predict this issue will quietly fade away in a few weeks’ time. Just like the Confederate flag issue. Conservatives are losing the culture war, one battle at a time.

  4. I’ve said it before: Erickson looks like the kind of guy who probably wasn’t liked much as a child. It explains why he’s such a hateful man.

    If anything, those who truly Christian ought to be shoving these fakes off from their religion.

  5. Always the hard way though. They never do the right thing without a huge battle.Always on the wrong side of history.

  6. Fake Christian? Is he high?? [winky]?????. So now people who pretend to believe in God want to start a Civil War when they don’t believe?

    Seriously, how much more stupid can the GOP take?

  7. Wow. The comments there make me ashamed of humanity.

    It’s true what they say. Behind every racist is a low-IQ voter.

  8. These fake christians are in the minority.

    If it meant that much to them, they would have more than 200 people show up: it’s Confederate Flag rally numbers vs Black Lives Matter numbers. It’s Donald Trump numbers vs Bernie Sanders numbers. I think most Americans want to get along with people and have gov leave us alone; I think it’s grand that America used to be known for its diversity. The only reason Republicans are coming up with another so-called ‘persecution’ is because they have no job ideas, do not want to ‘waste’ money on improving infrastructure or giving HERO soldiers their due when they come home. They voted to give even more millions back to corps but went home not voting on important bills for every day and yes American heroes.

    These people can scream as loud as they can and spew hate using so-called Bible verses but they are not the average American; they are the noisy minority.

  9. When I heard this jackass’ “threat”, all I could think of was Bugs Bunny (and Groucho Marx, I looked it up)…

    “Of course, you know, THIS MEANS WAR!!”

  10. HH…
    Had to say that I am impressed with your response to a person whom I think is so low in his state of mind with the thought that Religious Theocracy Minded Federalist majority control of Congress is SO IMPOTENT they are powerless to deprive American Electorate the right to be who they are… Humans

    That the only solution is no surprise in their primitive inability to resolve issues democratically…
    Democracy requires elected officials with ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND COMPLEX ISSUES.

    Theocracy minded fear, hate, racist(Emotional Centers), where is our great white hope CAN ONLY THINK RELIGIOUS WAR… History, now & future… America… we can not keep the crazies who can not reasonably think in logical common sense viable policies be in the State and National Governmental positions… Elect them all out!!!


  11. Erick Erickson grew up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where his father worked for Conoco Oil.

    Something is very strange about Erickson’s hold on the GOP. Merely Follow-The-Money!

  12. There is no coming civil war. Let’s be rational. This is about a small subgroup of people who have seen the world move forward from the 1950s when women stayed home and didn’t make any trouble, when blacks knew their place, when gays stayed very quiet, when no one got divorced without social banishment, schools had morning Bible verse and prayer over the loud speaker system, and Easter morning newspaper headlines proclaimed “He Is Risen”. Live has moved on, as it should, and they are left behind to cling to their outdated premises of how America is supposed to be. These people are few. The 24 hour cable news media and the internet didn’t exist in the ’50s so now we hear about their nonsense. But that’s all it is and it is blown far out of proportion to its actual impact.

  13. Why can’t USA live without enemies? Now the fanatics are acting like cancer.

    All revolutions betray themselves… even the most important of all, the American! Any empire colapses eventually. But I prefer allying myself with US, than with China. That’s obvious!

    Please, spare the mankind by not “uniting” yourselves against imaginary enemies. Nobody will survive if you nuke Russia or China. Besides, it isn’t a solution, just postpones your differences.

    I don’t think American people are stupid enough to bow to inland fanatics and terrorists. USA is the land of relative freedom, despite the racism against the blacks and despise against the poor.

    Read: The Mith of Persecution by Candida Moss
    Watch on youtube: The Preaching Atheist

  14. Once you go down that slippery slope Erick…. If she is allowed to prevail and not follow the law of the land then what’s to say that in the future clerks can refuse to marry divorced people (especially thrice-divorced), black people, interracial couples, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, your kid picked on my kid, don’t like the way you do your hair, your pro-confederate, etc. It opens the door to many things I think he might not want to contemplate. These faux Christians are so short-sighted and blinded by their own hate. Jesus weeps.

  15. OH YES, and that goes for ACA Obamacare, it to is the LAW OF THE LAND, so Get over it.Do your job or go to the stock room, where no one well bother you

  16. …great…an EGYPTIAN billionaire shows American Billionaires how to use wealth to HELP the less fortunate…I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that the Kochs are refusing to see…

  17. Let’s call this what it really is – their call to Jihad. They’re not christian in any way, shape or form. They’re ISIS wannabes, full of hate, wanting to take over our world.

  18. …according to Mel Blanc, it’s no accident Bugs sounds a lot like Groucho Marx; as Bugs was supposed to be a witty one who sometimes didn’t make sense on the surface…
    {{{For anybody who didn’t notice, Mel is WAAAY into puns…}}}

  19. Evangelicals use Religion to disguise and push their racial hatred and prejudice on anything that isn’t ultra conservative and actually is looking forward to end of days by their push to start a nuclear war with Iran or any other nuclear power to fulfill their sick bible understanding of going to heaven.

  20. Is anyone else here in a same-sex marriage and extremely bemused, to say the least, that people like Erickson are talking about starting civil wars because they aren’t allowed to be mean to us? A threat to civilization doesn’t usually know it’s being a threat, of course. But I can’t imagine that a couple of middle-aged women puttering around the house like us are that much of a threat to anybody, including Erickson or Davis. In Davis’ case, she hates us so much she’s hurting herself.

  21. Yeah, I wonder if they’re on the side of that Muslimah flight attendant who refused to serve alcohol to passengers.

  22. The republicans are all about hyperbole and rhetoric. If Ewic, son of Ewic, wants to hype this as a civil war, maybe he should be the proverbial first casualty. Maybe God could smite him down just like he did with Andrew Breitbart. I hear he’s in hell screaming stop raping people

  23. So he’s not even American to begin with?

    Heh… I wonder how true that is, though. Makes you think.

  24. at this point, I say bring it on you anti-American and anti-constitutional rightwing religious azzholes. I hope America can see just what a danger these fake Christians and conservative, rightwing whacko birds have become a massive threat to the security of this nation. they represent a more serious threat to our homeland than ISIS. this religious rightwing quackery needs reigned in as soon as possible.

  25. …the NeoConArtists need lotsa {Mostly Imaginary} enemies to send more and more to the Military Industrial Complex…a large portion o’ which goes to the one The Reich Wing gives allegiance to…Nutty-yoyo, a fellow War{Fear}{Hate}monger,

  26. FAKE Christians. Bring it on. WE have the full force of the US military on OUR side. So, yeah, ya fat putz. Bring. It. On. It will be the shortest war in history.

  27. When Dick Cheney and Daddy’s Little Deferment are the Republicans who sound sane about something, that’s really scary.

  28. More Christo-Fascist crapola for teatwits to drool about

    these clods are nothing but Terrorist in Training folks and need to be controlled as you control a Rabid Dog!

    It IS time to bring back the federal asylums that Reagan closed and recage these sickos for the sake of Society in general
    And seeing how they are so eager to show their violent tendencies it should NOT be difficult to prove they are nothing but Psychotics

    Religious Lunatics Need To Be Caged in The USA

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