Bernie Sanders Rocks The Political World By Skyrocketing Up New Iowa And NH Polls

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is sending an earthquake through politics as usual by skyrocketing up two new polls of Iowa and New Hampshire.

To say that Bernie Sanders is skyrocketing in the latest NBC News/Marist polls of Iowa and New Hampshire might be an understatement. In Iowa, Sanders has gone from trailing Hillary Clinton by 29 points in July (55%-26%) to trailing by 11 points (48%-37%).

In New Hampshire, Sen. Sanders has gone from trailing former Sec. of State Clinton by thirteen points (47%-34%) to leading Clinton by eleven points (49%-38%). Sanders has a higher approval rating than Clinton among New Hampshire Democrats (79%-69%).

Bernie Sanders’ spokesman Michael Briggs summed up why voters are reacting well to Sen. Sanders, “Bernie is leading the fight to rebuild the disappearing American middle class and take on the greed of the billionaire class. These new polls confirm that the more voters get to know Bernie the better they like him and what he stands for.”

Briggs hit the nail on the head. Democratic voters like Bernie Sanders and his message. The more Democratic voters get to know Sen. Sanders, the more that they like him. It isn’t that Democrats have stopped liking Hillary Clinton, but that Bernie Sanders has seen his popularity surge.

To anyone who has been paying attention to politics over the last few years, the Sanders message of fighting the billionaires and standing up for the working people of this country is nothing new.

The idea that millions of Americans could rally around a 73-year-old Independent Senator to take back the U.S. government from the billionaires is sending a message to the media and political leaders.

The Sanders campaign isn’t just about an election. It is a popular movement against politicians who have been bought by billionaires and elected representatives who ignore the will of those that they have taken an oath to represent.

The people are fueling the rise of Bernie Sanders, by unifying to take their country back from the billionaires and corporations.

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  • awful lot o' folks both places prefer facts...and I'll bet dollars to Doughnuts if Hillary wins the Primary, they'll all back her...

    • Many Sanders supporters were Nader supporters. Don't hold your breath that they'll cast their vote for Hillary Clinton in the G.E.

      On the other hand, should by some miracle Bernie Sanders wins the primaries, Hillary Supporters will cast their vote for him in the G.E. because unlike those wishy-washy Nader-voters, hard-core Democratic voters fear seeing another Republican park his behind in the Oval Office more than whether or not their Democratic candidate wins.

    • Hillary no matter her negatives will be infinitely more acceptable than any of the republican fools. Just be aware that pos trolls will be eager to spread this anti Hillary garbage.

    • Bernie is the only candidate in either party who is not in the pockets of the corporate/billionaire puppet masters....that is all we need to know........Happy Labor day America.......Feel The Bern

    • Some of you appear to be Handmaidens of our Rulers, the Global Oligarchs. Or you simply don't understand that we no longer live in a Capitalist Democracy. We live in the Global Oligarchy. The Oligarchs will spend billions, even trillions to defeat those who are not their Handmaidens. Senator Sanders and Donald Trump appear to me to not be Handmaidens. There may be others, perhaps Carly Fiorina and Senator Ted Cruz.
      If you are a Handmaiden, get more training. Your attack is not up to snuff. After training, ask for a raise. Remember, Handmaidens deserve to be well-paid.

  • And the other 48 states? This primary isn't about New Hampshire or Iowa. Tell me what Bernie is doing in the other states? What really is, and how much organization in the other 48 states is he investing in? Can someone tell me, especially the amount of paid supporters? This is about delegate counts, and whoever gets the most wins.

    I will vote in the primary for Bernie. But I think Hillary has the money and organization.

    • You will hear crickets when the campaign moves to South Carolina and Nevada. Come super Tuesday it will be they dropped a bomb on us

        • You need to pay attention to history. Did that happen for the recent prior winners of Iowa and New Hampshire named Buchanan, Tsongas, Dukasis or Hart? Do you even remember those people? :)

      • Djchefeon....Cannot wait to hear the R&B Group SING....."YOU DROPPED A BOMB ON ME" when this will Happen Eventually...!!!!!..and I will Turn The Volume UP AS LOUD AS I CAN...!!!!!...Like you said...."ONLY CRICKETS FROM that group"....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....GO HILLARY...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I went to the Portland rally. I didn't go there to see Sanders schpiel. I knew it by heart. No, I went to see and be a part of a crowd that brought 28,000 people to an arena which held just under 20,000. The experince was explosive. The fact that everyone felt that created the effect. It fed on itself. Raw political power.

  • Really? Bernie Sanders rocks the political world? Two states, 94% white, one boarders his home state of Vermont...first of all, two states does not a "world" make, and secondly...just wait until he hits the South's brick wall, and other parts of this country who don't by his socialist pie-in-the-skye ideas. It's not like Bernie can wave a magic wand...He's only had three bills passed in his entire time in Washington, and one of them was naming a post office. One must ask why he has not received one endorsement from Democrats in Washington, and Hillary Clinton has about wrapped up the delegates/Super delegates...He's not a team player, and because of it, he will have a harder time getting anything done in don't bite the hand that feeds you.

    • "Hillary Clinton has about wrapped up the delegates/Super delegates…"

      Really? So according to you the primaries and caucuses have already been held and the Democratic Convention has happened? I haven't seen this in the news. Keep counting those chickens before they have hatched. You'll find out their crows and will have to eat them.

    • Editing not working, edited for errors:
      Senator Sanders skill as a legislator is in committee where he knows when and how to place amendments and other procedural nuances to keep Republicans at bay. But tell us, what legislation did Clinton get passed? I suspect most of her legislation was as one of many co-sponsors as she is not a leader; she is a hard worker within the status quo.
      Sad you have to bring up the Clinton campaign's talking point about race, especially considering Clinton's behavior in heavily black South Carolina where she spoke with an affected black accent and her husband denigrated black voters who voted for Obama. I think Ms.Clinton has many talents but she doesn't have the vision nor passion that we need at this point in history.

    • Actually, two of Bernie Sanders' three pieces of legislation in 25 years in Congress were for naming VT post offices. One was a bill he rode John McCain's coattails on for veterans' benefits which was never funded.

  • It's refreshing to see a candidate rise in the polls because of his stance on important issues (versus who can spew the most hate).

    It reminds me of 2008 and the excitement of having two promising Democratic candidates -- Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    We have a lot to be proud of.

      • Why don't you know this? How can you talk against a candidate when you don't even know their accomplishments?

        • I know his record, too, and it's pretty lackluster. Bernie Sanders has wonderful ideas, but this is not a dictatorship and in order for a President Sanders to get anything done, he needs to be able to get along with others (congressional allies) - something that's been missing in his political career.

          Sanders does a lot of co-sponsoring (putting his sig on a bill) and does a lot of amendment-adding, but he's sponsored very few bills on his own over the course of 25 years (about 300) of which only three have become law (two were renaming post offices).

          If that's enough for you, so be it. But it paints a picture of a person who's all hat, no cattle when it comes to legislative accomplishments. That's why I won't be voting for him in the primaries.

      • Sanders voted against the invasion of Iraq and very eloquently explained why on the floor of the Senate.
        He voted against the Wall St. bailout and as one can imagine , was very eloquent.
        A certain former first lady voted for BOTH of those disasters.
        These are defining issues.

        • The devil is in the details. He voted to give bush unlimited power with the AUMF vote. He voted to fund the Iraq war. The wall street bailout you people keep bringing up was paid back with interest. He did vote against the export/import bank which provides over a 160k in American Jobs and provided the taxpayers a 675 million profit. He did vote against immigration reform when the Democrats had the power to do it. He did vote against the Brady Bill. Those are the defining issues

    • Yep. They are.

      How important are delegates?

      Take 2008.

      Hillary Clinton won 18 million votes.

      Barack Obama won 17.6 million and the vast majority of Democratic delegates.

      Guess who ultimately won the nomination?

  • Just a reminder, not a single ballot in a primary or the general election has been cast. In fact, we are over 6 months away from that happening.

    I'm a Bernie person, but I'll vote dem no matter what. I'd like to see a fair, honest campaign all the way to the convention. One thing is certain, those that anointed HRC the nominee without a fight are wrong.

    The only poll I trust will happen in Nov 2016. I hope that most of the statehouse, house, senate and Whitehouse winners have a (D) behind their name. Remember to vote in 2016, find a candidate you like and volunteer for them. Our country will be better for your efforts.

    • One thing is certain, those that anointed HRC the nominee without a fight are wrong.

      No one's "anointed" Hillary Clinton. That's left-wing bogus talk. No different than right-wing b.s.

      She's winning this fair and square - and smart. She's all but wrapped up the all-important delegates necessary to win the primaries. If the vote is close in the primaries (as was the case between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama), delegates will matter.

      IMO: Bernie Sanders isn't campaigning in earnest. Had that been the case, he would've gotten congressional and gubernatorial Dems to throw their support behind him. To date, none have. So if Senator Sanders isn't taking his run for the White House seriously, why should anyone else?

    • No Paul, it isn't 6 months.

      It is 147 days. 21 weeks from today, I believe it is.

      So he has under 5 months to have his revolution and get all his bernboys to come up with another 70 million or so to mount a real 50 state campaign.

      Then he just needs to convince any respectable actual democrat to help him stump in the 12 states on super Tuesday. He does have 12 surrogates, right? Ones besides Devine and West and the ice cream guys? Because so far it seems the entire party and all the unions are behind my girl, the real democrat.

      And yes, Biden would jump to second place about 2 minutes after announcing.

      So 21 weeks for the revolution. Better start fundraising - without it most people around the country will not even know who the hell he is - let alone vote for him to be leader of the party and the country.

  • I like Bernie, but more than "skyrocketing" up and "rocks" the political world, I think it would be more accurate to say Hillary dropping like a rock and leaving Bernie as the only guy talking about blue sky proposals.

    • And you'd be wrong.

      Hillary Clinton's poll numbers have gone done due to the speculation that Joe Biden might declare in the coming weeks (highly unlikely, given that he's still in mourning over Beau Biden's passing - but we can hope anyway).

      Once Joe Biden announces that he won't be running, his supporters won't flock to Bernie Sanders. They'll go to Hillary Clinton and her numbers will rise.

      I'm one of those people.

      • Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are dropping because A: she isn't really campaigning and getting out there with the people, and B: her baggage.

        Bernie Sanders is out there with the people campaigning, and sending the right message.

        Unless Hillary shits or gets off the pot she will lose the nomination to Bernie Sanders.

        • And you know that's just b.s. talk, right, John? Pun intended.

          She's been campaigning very hard. In fact, she's been campaigning very cleverly, unlike Sanders.

          Hillary Clinton has earned the support of 70-80% of African-Americans, 73% of Hispanic-Americans, and she'll get the Asian-American support, too. So far, Bernie Sanders has made huge inroads with White liberals, hence his poll numbers in lily-white New Hamphshire and Iowa. Wait till Super Tuesday and see if he slams into the wall.

          Hillary Clinton understands what it takes to win the Democratic nomination. She has the benefit of having gone up against the best and has quickly learned the rules on how to win. It takes more than shouting things, telling people what they want to hear while slamming a fist on the lectern. It takes strategy, something I don't feel Sanders has. But we'll see who's right come Super Tuesday.

        • BS as in Bernie Sanders? Yes Bernie is out there doing stump speeches, town hall meetings, TV, radio, print media interviews as well as his job as Senator from Vermont. Where has Hillary been? That is why Bernie is surging and Hillary is dropping like a ship's anchor. I see you posting all of these "statistics with no links to back them up yet I'm supposed to believe you? That is the B.S. and I'm not talking Bernie Sanders on that.

        • John, posting links to those polls won't make you believe your candidate (thus your choice) is a losing choice. So why should I bother? There's no use trying to convince a mind that's already made up, but Super Tuesday will finally give you and other staunch Sanders supporters the wake-up call you need.

          And FYI? It's not hard to find those polls on the intertubes. Google is your friend, friend, so don't be lazy and do your own research.

          All that Sanders teevee advertising, stump speeches, print ads...where are they all concentrated? That's right. Lily-white Iowa and New Hampshire. Big whoop. Bernie Sanders is a virtual unknown to voters that matter outside the States with 94% Whites. Bernie Sanders is NOT good for the Democratic Party, either.

          After Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire, Super Tuesday (March 1st) will finally end this B.S. campaign so we can get to defeating Republicans.

      • with 147 days/21 weeks does anyone think Biden will declare? Have my doubts!!If he does boy will he need to hustle, He wonders himself if, he has the energy.

  • Because Iowa and New Hampshire are the first tests for a candidate, voters in those states carry much more weight than the number of delegates they have. Candidates are tested in these two places and if they fail, they usually are doomed.

    On the other hand, Clinton and Bush have the big money backing, and this might allow both to buy the nominations of the two major parties. At this point Trump lacks the organization (and political experience and insider support) and Bernie lacks the money to beat the big dogs.

    Being the best hardly counts at all in politics.

  • Here's Nate Silver, putting things in perspective:

    Of course, it doesn't help that the MSM cannot keep breathlessly spouting those one or two outlier polls that show Trump beating Hillary (and Sanders, for that matter) while ignoring the majority of polls showing Hillary doing just fine.

    The MSM wants a horserace and wants Hillary out. I never thought I'd see some of Senator Sanders' supporters latching onto that.

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