Various Ways Kim Davis Clones Are Throwing Tantrums Over Marriage Equality

separation of church and state
The media continues to focus on Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk who is in jail for contempt of court, because she refused to follow a court order to do the job she was elected (and continues to be paid) to do.

There are other Kim Davis’ around the country.  Some of them are County Clerks.  Others are Judges and the once impeached Chief Justice of a State Supreme Court.

You may recall Roy Moore, the chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court, continues on a crusade against the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that same sex marriages are protected as a fundamental right under the U.S. Constitution.

Moore ordered Judges under his authority across the state of Alabama to defy the Supreme Court’s ruling.  Like Davis, Moore doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

Unlike Davis, Moore should know better. Aside from the fact that a judge should know that if there is a conflict between a state’s laws (including its constitution) and rights set out in the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Constitution prevails. It’s called the Supremacy Clause.  Of course, it’s possible Moore skipped the class lecture on the Supremacy Clause.

But there is another reason Moore should know about the consequences that come with defying a U.S. Supreme Court order.

Back in 2003, Moore was impeached because he refused to remove a monument of the 10 Commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building per an order by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Alabama also has its share of Kim Davis clones.  According to USA Today, 15 counties are refusing to issue marriage licenses.

North Carolina’s Senate reacted to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling  back in June with Senate Bill 2,  This law protects 32 magistrates at the expense of the taxpayers they were hired to serve.

Under the law, every county magistrate’s office must offer weddings at least 10 hours a week over at least three days.  There must be someone available to issue marriage licenses at Register of deeds offices whenever those offices are open.  However, they don’t have to post a notice listing when weddings are available.

According to Phil Berger, Senate Leader and the bill’s sponsor, no one has ever been turned away – yet.  But then, people who were turned away are unlikely to seek help from Berger.  That would be like a rape victim asking Josh Duggar for help.

Jonah Herman, a spokesman for the LGBT advocacy group, Equality NC, isn’t saying if his group has heard from anyone who has had problems getting married. However, the group is getting legal advice and might sue to challenge the law.

In Oregon, a Marian County Judge faces an ethics investigation because he refused to perform same sex marriages.

In July, a federal court compelled Hood County Clerk Katie Lang to issue a license to a same sex couple.  Forty three thousand tax payer dollars later,  the case was settled by allowing Deputy Clerks to issue the licenses.

Last week, a judge in Tennessee refused to issue a divorce decree because he is confused about marriage because of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling.

Jeffrey Atherton’s contempt was obvious in his ruling.

With the U.S. Supreme Court having defined what must be recognized as a marriage, it would appear that Tennessee’ s judiciary must now await the decision of the U. S. Supreme Court as to what is not a marriage, or better stated, when a marriage is no longer a marriage. The majority’ s opinion in Obergefell, regardless of its patronizing and condescending verbiage, is now the law of the land, accurately described by Justice Scalia as a naked judicial claim to legislative— indeed,

Notwithstanding his obvious sarcasm, Atherton concedes the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell is the law of the land.

County Clerks and Judges are supposed to uphold the law. That includes laws they don’t like.  To suggest this violates their “sincerely held religious beliefs” is not only absurd, it’s a boldfaced lie.  Nothing about upholding the law suggests that they agree with that law.

These individuals are using the power of the government to violate people’s constitutional rights. It’s as simple as that.

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  1. US Supreme Court has no power that can be found in the US Constitution to redefine the definition of ‘marriage’. We have a rogue court that rules the land from the bench. Bad for America.

  2. Dumbass read the 14th amendment . I know its not the one where you fellate your gun but its still in the constitution

  3. You mean the court that gave Bush the election in 2000. Or the court who have us Citizens United. You repug babies cry about the rogue court when you don’t get your way 100% of the time.

    All citizens should have equal rights. And yes equal rights trump your icky feelings about gays. And hiding behind your religion persecution will not work, either. Grow up!

  4. What hasn’t happened, and should have by now, is the legislature should have crafted the necessary statutes that cover all the necessary legals aspects of the SCOTUS decision, which would codified the legal standing of same-sex marriage. To Huckabee’s credit, he gave a cogent explanation to this point, one that doesn’t make any statement in support of Religious Liberty, or personal responsibility of Christians to live their values in the face of the SCOTUS decision.

    But look at Congress’ handling of the Request for War Authorization against IS in Syria. Republicans can’t do anything. They stall on most everything. And then they’ll come back and blame Obama and Clinton for all the problems as a result for their inability to create legislation or give approval on an authorization.

    Republicans in Congress want to take over all the Presidential responsibilities, as they fail to do their own. Useless GOP twits.

  5. Christian conservative politicians and public servants — including judges and county clerks — strive to protect the religious freedom of all Americans … just so long as you believe in Jesus Christ.

    My advice to public sector Christian conservatives who deem that their warped interpretation of Biblical law trumps Constitutional law and therefore cannot stomach the recent decisions of the SCOTUS — quit your taxpayer-funded jobs, scurry on home, lock the doors, pull the blinds, and never come out again.

  6. How can we make this into a Bumper-Sticker?

    “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

    ― Barry M. Goldwater

  7. This is the kind of dysfunction when you have Republican majority of anything – look at Congress…lowest approval rating in history.

  8. I actually taught history before I retired, including the U.S. Constitution, Ed. Article III of the Constitution gives the SCOTUS the ultimate say in resolving all conflicts. Obergefell v. Hodges worked its way through the federal ct. system, which is how the matter reached the SCOTUS. In order for the SCOTUS to accept a case, four of the nine justices must vote to accept it. Members of the court didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to declare same-sex marriage legal. The founders knew that we needed a “court of last resort” to settle disputes because if we didn’t, problems involving these conflicts would linger and negatively impact the Union. The SC’s decision in Obergefell is not an example of “judicial tyranny” because it followed the rules as set in Article III of the Constitution. I suggest that you review Art. III before posting on the ‘net that “there’s nothing in the Constitution that allowed the court to handle the same-sex marriage issue” because you’re wrong.

  9. This should serve to ALL Americans not to vote any religious extremist into ANY elected office large or small. What’s next, denying women drivers licenses and making us wear burkas!

    Kim’s church, the apostolic church makes women sit in the back of the church. No make-up, only long dresses or skirts, obey and serve your man.

  10. Another shiny object that the pea brain media is hook on. This country is facing some major issues (budget, Nuclear Deal, Pres Xi Jinping state visit, UN Gen. Assembly (which Putin, Xi Jinping, Rouhani and Obama are addressing the assembly), Pope Francis visit to the WH also, his address in congress), hillbillies’s govt shutdown and it all happen this month. Starting next week when congress due back.
    Instead, media focus on a over hype neurotic bigot. Which only purpose is to stir-up the rest of the tribes paging Huck-a-tard.
    If the bigot don’t want to her job then quit. PERIOD..

  11. On the contrary: I’d argue that neither federal nor state governments have authority to determine who can get married.

    Certainly we need some rules about marriage: people should be mentally competent, of legal age, and acting under their own volition, for example. Preventing immigration fraud would be another example.

    It also makes sense for states to register unions: to keep track of property and parental rights, tax and debt obligations, etc.

    However marriage restrictions based on religious beliefs should never have been legal in the first place, since that violates the first Amendment. Such restrictions also violate the 14th, as well as usurping individual rights retained by the people as addressed by the 9th and 10th Amendments.

  12. Sad that the adherents of a 2000 year old desert cult have so much sway over the richest and most powerful nation on Earth.

  13. I saw a news article about a woman who had converted a year or so ago to Islam and refused to serve alcoholic drinks on the airplane where she was working as a flight attendant. She was quickly fired by the airline.

  14. There is no “God’s authority” in this country. We have a Constitution that forbids the imposition of religion. Americans are free to believe and worship as they please, but no one can impose his or her religious beliefs on others.

  15. It’s so refreshing to read opinions from someone who doesn’t feel the need to prove they are smart. I bet it took you years to get that way, bless your little heart…

    (no need to bother edu’ma’katin’ this one)

  16. Jane: The history professor in me requires that I tell you that year was 1964, not 1968. I was only 11 then, but what stuck in my mind was the more amusing assertion that, “In your guts, you know he’s nuts!” That just shows to go ya that 51 years later nothing has changed, especially regarding repuglicans.

  17. Here’s a clue, dimwit: marriage has never been defined in any particular way and therefore can’t be redefined. Marriage has always primarily been a legal/economic contract between people – and in many cases, between several individuals (as in your Holy Bible).

    The court does not “rule the land” – it settles legal questions. I’ll bet you love it when they make a legal decision you agree with.

    Two men or two women getting married do not affect you or your life in the slightest. Nor do they affect the way the nation functions. Now get over it.

  18. I have said since back in the ’80s, when I was in seminary and officiated at several weddings, that we need a system similar to England. In the United Kingdom people register at a local office and are issued a certificate establishing that they have become married for legal purposes. It they wish, they can then go to the religious institution of their choice and have a religious ceremony.

    This system separates the civil and religious aspects of marriage. I do not agree that the federal and state government should have no role in setting the rules for marriage. As you say, some rules are needed. Who should determine which people can get married? In England it is the national government but they are a much smaller country.

    The reason I came to this conclusion is when I signed the marriage license I was acting as a government official when conducting the ceremony I was acting as a religious official. The two roles are incompatible for me at least.

  19. The most bizarre aspect of this whole Davis saga is the
    fact that she’s a Democrat. So now we have a benchmark
    for dumbocratic idiocy. This dispels the axiom that all
    repugs aren’t bigots, but ALL bigots are repugs. Those of
    us who embrace the true principals of our party will re-
    gard her ilk as DINOs. This confused beotch should join
    her thumper crazies on the right because that’s where
    her views are welcomed. Is there such a thing as party
    expulsion? If not, it’s time to create it! Bless up.

  20. While Mrs. Davis was elected as a Democrat, I’m not sure that it really means a whole lot as I live in a county that flipped from Democratic to Republican over night when President Obama was elected in 2008. Every public official switched parties the morning after the 2008 election. Unfortunately the county has remained in Republican hands since.

  21. I’m sure she’s given divorced people marriage licenses and that’s against her religion. You can’t use your religion as a political tool, that’s the bottom line. But the teathugs don’t care about the constitution. She has no case and this is another GOP gimmick.

  22. You do not understand the Constitution, but we are not surprised. You do not understand how law works in this country, but we are not surprised. I’m surprised however, that you likely 3rd generation rightwinger, do not call yourself some variant of ‘Superduper Real American Patriot’.

  23. Bigots are unreasonable people by definition.
    All that SCOTUS ruled is that any 2 people of legal age can apply for, & I assume pay for, a marriage license. Why the State has much to do with marriages, aside from the obvious procreation/family/stronger society angle, & taxes, I don’t know.
    But rightwingers are the dumbest clucks on the planet.

  24. Or any other so-called sin. A thousand up votes if I could.This woman is gonna leave jail after losing her job.See if all the xtian nuts make up the difference.

  25. Sorry,Mr. Maner.

    BTW: My science teacher in Arizona called him Barry AuH20, and we kids called him Barry Urine.

    I ? Teachers!

  26. To clarify: Deciding whom to marry is an individual right. Federal and state governments should never have assumed authority to dictate personal choice between consenting, competent adults.

    Governments can set rules such as those that prevent coercive unions and fraud, and protect children and other vulnerable people from exploitation. Such rules serve the public good.

    Same-sex bans serve sectarian purposes, and do not pass the Lemon Test (Lemon v. Kurtzman). They should not have been enacted in the first place.

  27. Judge ruins Mike Huckabee’s and Ted Cruz’s day, orders Kim Davis released

    Judge David Bunning, who put Kim Davis in jail for contempt of court for refusing to follow his order to do her job and approve marriage licenses, has ordered her release from jail, with a few conditions.

    Defendant Davis shall not interfere in any way, directly or indirectly, with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples. If Defendant Davis should interfere in any way with their issuance, that will be considered a violation of this Order and appropriate sanctions will be considered.

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