Sarah Palin Is Back And Demanding A Government Job As Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary

Palin Tapper

Sarah Palin (R-AK) is back.

Yes, the former Governor who quit her job in Alaska allegedly because political opponents were hounding her thinks things would be so much better in a national job, like say, Energy Secretary. This is what she told an understandably shell-shocked Jape Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Sure, you didn’t want her for VP in 2008 when she ran with Senator John McCain (R-AZ), but she feels she would be a great fit for a Trump administration’s Department of Energy. You know, before she dismantles the department. (No, I’m not making that up.)

Watch here via CNN:

First Palin treated us to her belief that God put things on this earth for us to use and abuse with no responsibility, topped off with her belief that the oil we drill here isn’t sold on a global market, “I think a lot about the Department of Energy, because energy is my baby: oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth for mankind’s use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations.”

Cue Jake Tapper blinking rapidly as he digested Palin’s bizarrely angry rant about God’s sadness that we aren’t using enough oil.

So, God wants us to pollute the world and end it, apparently as quickly as possible. If you want this to happen even faster than it is, elect Trump so Palin can be in charge of energy!

It would, however, be a “short term” job, she told Tapper. Because like any good conservative, although she was actually the most socialist governor in the country by objective grading due to her giving away oil company profits to the people (she why they loved her while they did?), she believes in dismantling government. This probably explains why she quit as Governor. What better way to dismantle government in order to let big oil (waving hello to the Koch brothers) plunder our nation without repercussions, just as God wants it?

“I think a lot about the Department of Energy. And if I were the head of that, I’d get rid of it. And I’d let the states start having more control over the lands that are within their boundaries and the people who are affected by the developments within their states.”

Oh, yes. That’s a great idea I can get behind if Palin were to take her populist taxing of the oil companies national, per her 2007 ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share) program of splitting oil company profits. This along with the annual dividend check that Alaska residents get as “their part of the state’s oil wealth” would be super on a national level. But of course, Palin doesn’t admit to her actual policies. Instead she sells herself as the complete opposite. Though to be fair to her, she may not know the difference between a socialist and a libertarian.

So with a startling fierceness, Palin spit at Tapper, “If I were in charge of that, it would be a short-term job, but it would be … really great to have someone who knows energy and is pro-responsible development to be in charge.”

Gosh, it would be great to have someone who knows energy be in charge of it. But sadly, this is not a good argument for the former Governor and Republican Vice President to make. Palin stakes her claims to being an energy expert on her time serving as a member of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, but she served as a citizen member, not expert. And as we all can see, just hailing from a state where they drill oil doesn’t make you an expert.

Though Palin is an expert on her version of a God who wants us all to use and abuse the resources He created.

As for someone who is “pro-responsible development”, that is also not Sarah Palin. If that were her goal she would not want to dismantle the government agency that oversees such things. That would be, to the chagrin of many on the left, the Democratic position. Responsible development is not the Republican position; the Republican position is giving welfare to oil companies while defunding SNAP/food for kids. Republicans would and have given oil companies precious lands with nary a care about the consequences. Some Democrats were on board, too.

If Trump continues his rise in the Republican primary polls, you’ll be seeing and hearing more and more from the “energy expert” from Alaska. She wants to be the Secretary of Energy ‘cuz nothing says overseeing responsible development like killing the overseeing agency all together.

This concludes today’s proof of just how far the Republican Party has fallen.

51 Replies to “Sarah Palin Is Back And Demanding A Government Job As Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary”

  1. She couldn’t handle one government job (one of the biggest jobs in government, mind you) before quitting. Why in the world would she even think that she would be Secretary of Energy before saying ‘OK, let’s dismantle the place’ and give it to her rich friends because, you know, she hates America.

  2. Oh yes, let’s replace brilliant nuclear physicist, Ernest Moniz, with dumber than dirt, Sarah Palin.

  3. “…oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth”

    Need more be said?
    This obscenity…
    This utter obscenity that McCain dumped on us…
    This vacuous, dim-witted, self-absorbed utter obscenity!
    And she thinks she’s qualified for ANYthing?

    This vomit-inducing obscenity
    that none but the trash would find worthy…

  4. as I said on TPM…

    her qualification for the Dept of Energy is that she can see an oil tanker aground on the coast from her front porch…

  5. The energy department controls our nuclear weapons. Now is there any sane person out there that would give this dumbass that control?

  6. Shades of her fellow tea-chuggers who strive to be elected to Congress for the sole purpose of shutting down the government.

    Palin believes that to rape and pillage the planet of its natural resources is “God’s will”.
    So why does it shock people that she doesn’t give a crap if wildlife goes extinct, the ice caps melt, the coastlines become coated in crude oil, the air becomes unbreathable and the water undrinkable?

    If the fossil fuel industries and the citizens of Alaska profit from all of this, it’s all good.

  7. She is an energy expert the same way she was an expert on foreign policy because, as she put it, putin flies through Alaskan airspace (which he actually doesn’t – he flies through Europe).
    In paylin world, she actually COULD see Russia from her house and that makes her an axspurt.
    She’ll fix deine kaabel, she is axspurt.

  8. No sane person would give Sarah dumbass Palin control of the Energy Dept.

    But, Donald Trump and the republican party would.

    Surprised at you DJ.

  9. All she could do as sec. of energy is to quit the job….unless she just means to screw the place up as much as she can before she quits.

    An appointed cabinet member does not have the power or authority to abolish the agency they were appointed to head.

  10. you’re qualified because they drilled your “whatever” and they found oil??? that was leftover LUBE!!!!!

  11. Sarah Palin will giving head of the old white guy militia’s department in trumps regime.

  12. Would the gopers give this idiot ANY position in government? Hell, that would be like putting Bachmann on the house intelligence committee. Oh wait…

  13. …anybody who gives this Teatarded Bitch the slightest amount of authority should be spirited away in a wrap-around dinner jacket,* to a nice quiet facility with a world-class pharmacy where they can dream of a Teatard World that’ll never be…
    {{{* Slang for straitjacket}}}

  14. …aye, you’re right…but THIS one deserves it!!!
    My humble apologies to any offended by this descriptive term for Palin…
    …I am also forced to apologize to all female dogs of puppy bearing age…to whom that term actually belongs…

  15. This idiot has always been full of hot air and gas, but I still wouldn’t give her a job anywhere near the government. Local, State or national!

  16. You libs don’t seem to know that Obama quit his job as Senator to run for president. Everytime you complain that Sarah quit I think, “Are they REALLY that dumb?” and the answer is, “Yes.”

  17. I will leave this up so everyone can see the idiocy of a white American. His breed lives on ignorance. Maybe he was homeschooled by his mother who had relations with her brother we don’t know but the utter stupidity of this statement shows that his kind will lead us into idiocy

  18. Yeah. No. NOT the same thing at all, idiot. She QUIT. Period. Not for a nobler cause, like Barack Obama, but to make money while she could doing a reality show & going on the PAID speaker circuit & putting her name on ghost-written books. PLUS making HUGE bank off her SuperPAC that she kept open to suck the lifeblood out of idiots like U who kept BELIEVING her lies that she was going to run for president(send her money!)

    She gave like $15,000 to candidates out of MILLIONS donated to her SuperPAC. U can look it up,if you are smart enough. I’m not going to waste me time giving out the link. She is America’s #1 GRIFTER. SEND HER MONEY SarahPAC is STILL in business!

    & the economy has seen 19 months of GROWTH, unemployment is at its LOWEST, DESPITE Rethuglikkon obstruction & here’s my final thought for you: RETHUGLIKKKONS WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN. The people have FINALLY seen the FAKERS behind the curtain. FAKE Americans, even bigger fake CHRISTIAN…

  19. When Lisa Murkkowski’s dad was governor of Alaska, he appointed Palin to a position on the state’s energy committee-Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission-and she quit. The position would have been a perfect place for her to begin to learn energy policy, but she was having none it. Shortly after she quit the position, she ran for governor. She’s unfit to serve in any position at any level of government because she’s all talk NO knowledge.

  20. Is anyone really sure she isn’t a Child Left Behind? Like about the 4th grade? It’s unbelievable that this 51 year old woman has the diction of a 10 year old.

  21. She and the religious cult she belongs to believe that Jesus will return to Earth during her lifetime (and ours) to Rapture them (but not the rest of us). So raping and pillaging the environment is perfectly A-OK with them, because THEIR children and grandchildren will be Raptured too. Conspicuous consumption, especially on Other People’s Money as she and her family have enjoyed since 1992, is also encouraged.

  22. Palin would first need to learn how to pronounce “nuclear” properly in her American language. She may have gone to 5 colleges in six years but her degree, whatever it is allegedly in, is in doubt. When University of Idaho was called and asked to verify a degree for Sarah Heath back in ’09, they said they couldn’t find one and they looked at the classes in the year prior to her graduation and the year after the supposed date. The caller asked if they changed their records when someone marries and she was told that has never been their policy. Your transcripts remain under the name you used at the time you attended college. When they found out that Sarah Heath was actually Sarah Palin, they refused to give out any more information and said it was a private matter. Why are all of Palin’s records sealed, including the family’s birth certificates? She took care of the latter sealing when Governor.

  23. Remember when she tried to qualify herself as, e.g. secretary of state — because she could, on a clear day, see Russia from her home? Now, she attempts to qualify herself as energy secretary because, as a part-time governor of Alaska, she backed a pipeline that was absurd and ultimately got tossed into dust heap of stupid ideas. Also, she drives a pickup and wants to “drill, baby, drill,” so she can keep buying big gas guzzlers, depleting the sparse world resources and hastening the Dark Noon of a post-climate change world.

  24. He won too. Don’t forget to mention that info. Sarah has been pounding sand since she gave up her govment job.

  25. A very BIG thank you Kate. Always did wonder if LIL” Sarah had any degree. She really is a fraud in every sense of the word. Still, she makes money and her family does not work but, they all sure know how to make more children, Don’t they?

  26. To add Karen, read yesterday these people now believe the Rapture is…. SEPT 23 2015..once again I will go to bed and awake in the A.M. Just as I did in 2000.

  27. Palin was mayor of Wasilla, population 6,000 or so. The city council hired a manager to do her job, since she could not handle it!! Then as governor of Alaska population less than many major American cities (700,000) she was neck deep in ethics violations and HAD to quit or be prosecuted. Look up your FACTS before defending bi-polar Palin.

  28. OK, there is a huge difference between leaving your job and quitting your job.

    Obama left his job as Senator to run for President. Yes, during the campaign he was still a sitting senator. But once he won, he had to leave his job as Senator.

    Palin, on the other hand, quit. She just gave up on her job as Governor of Alaska. We may never know why she quit (because I and everyone else here know damn well she won’t tell the truth unless it’s her version of the truth). Since then, she’s gone on to be pretty much a professional hater of the President… anytime the president does something good, she appears to whine and complain about how this is bad for America.

    So, again: Big difference between leaving and quitting. Not that you would know since you’re a conservative. :)

  29. [“Oil and coal? Of course, it’s a fungible commodity and they don’t flag, you know, the molecules, where it’s going and where it’s not […]. So, I believe that what Congress is going to do, also, is not to allow the export bans to such a degree that it’s Americans that get stuck to holding the bag without the energy source that is produced here, pumped here.” ____ Sarah Palin ]

  30. The blog Immoral Minority is from Alaska, and has lots of the true story of $carah PayMe. They have photos PROVING that she was not pregnant right before the DS child was born, yet she claims she gave birth to him. Allrecords are sealed, plus the McCain campaign staffers took computers of friends of the family who had photos of the non pregnancy, and scrubbed them clean!. Levi Johnson’s family lost all their family photos during that fiasco. Some day the truth will be exposed, and it really is shocking. This includes the 5 illigitimate babies her oldest daughter has had.

  31. Palin has not set foot in any church in YEARS, according to the Alaskan population. She is as big a liar about her religion as she is about EVERYTHING else. As governor, she hired people from her high school, giving them jobs they were not qualified for. One friend was made secretary of agriculture because she “liked cows”!! Now $carah expects someone else to help her the same way. Qualifications are not needed.

  32. She wants to run the Department of Energy but she does not know what the department does…how dumb is that?

  33. Don’t worry. She says her tenure as Energy Secretary would be short – you know, like all her jobs. Sarah’s not exactly dedicated to her “work”, at least not as much as she is to her bank account. When the going gets tough, Sarah gets going.

  34. And I thought Palin was stupid. Rick that could well be the stupidest response I have ever seen.

  35. Sarah Palin….Secretary of Energy….of the United States…..bwhahahahahahahahahahahah… good one….what a joke…..bwahahahahaha..just stop it….my sides are killing me…. bwahahahahahaha…….that’s hysterical!!

  36. I am an Alaskan, since settling in the Territory in 1958. We remember Sarah Palin as an outstanding, popular Governor. In my opinion, she resigned for the good of Alaska when the unrelenting vicious personal attacks on her made it impossible for anyone to concentrate on their duties. Then the attacks continued, for her doing her duty to the people of Alaska, by resigning! She is NO QUITTER!

    I have not reviewed all of the comments here, but so far I don’t see Alaskans.
    I saw the vicious attacks start as soon as she was nominated for VP. I am a Democrat, but I tried to answer vicious attacks with the truth, on media sites of the Lame Stream Media. (Sarahs formulation.) The attacks simply continued. As they do here.

    Many who post here appear to be Handmaidens of our Rulers, the Global Oligarchs. If they are, they should get more training. Many attacks are not up to snuff. After training they should ask for a raise. Handmaidens of our Rulers deserve to be well-paid.

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