An Angry Joe Biden Urges Workers To The Fight Corporate Barbarians Who Are Holding Them Down

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Vice President Biden spoke before the Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh, PA, where he admitted that he is angry over the rich getting richer as workers get left behind. Biden also urged workers to stand up against the corporate “barbarians” that are holding them down.

Audio of Vice President Biden:

The Vice President said:

You know, I don’t have to tell you, you’ve done a remarkable job in Pittsburgh, but nationally, labor’s been clobbered. Some of you heard me say some time ago actually 15 years ago that the national Chamber of Commerce, they declared war on labor’s house. Flat out, not a joke, not an exaggeration, because you’re the only ones who have the power to keep the barbarians from the gate, man.

No, no, no, not a joke. Without the ability to sit down with the most powerful entities in the world, without that ability to negotiate…there is no shot for any American worker. I don’t mean labor. I mean every American worker.


What’s changed out there folks, and we can’t let it stand. We can’t let the changes taking place — and they’ve creeped in over the last 20 years. I hope everyone in America has a chance to become a billionaire…the tax code’s not fair, it’s simply not fair.”

The level playing field doesn’t exist.


I’m hot. I acknowledge that. I’m mad. I’m angry.

It was no coincidence that VP Biden appeared with labor leaders Leo Gerad and Richard Trumpka. Labor is not happy with Hillary Clinton because she did not take a clear stand against the TPP. They are not going to give her their endorsement easily.

Appearing with the Vice President was an overt signal that they are open to supporting another Democratic candidate. This was a typical Biden speech that revealed why his plain-spoken populism could be popular with voters if entered the presidential race.

On this Labor Day, when far too many Americans have to be at work because low wages are forcing them to miss more holidays in order to keep the lights on and food on the table, the Vice President made it clear who the enemies of workers are and which party is going to champion the rights of every American worker.

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  1. He is correct you know. Somebody needs to be able to negotiate with the company representatives to get a better deal. Labor unions are the only the ones to keep the barbarians from the gate. People are standing around wondering what happened. Labor unions have been crushed, that’s what happened. Some of this has been their own doing but I am not above thinking that they may have been infiltrated over the years as well.

  2. VP Biden has my support and in my neighborhood would have support of the few Republicans left after a lot of us switched after voting for Pres Obama in 2012. Always respected Joe Biden and sure he can count on the support of a lot of retire Democrats Senators who are not on the Clinton bandwagon.

  3. Politicus could write an article every day about what Bernie Sanders says and does to support labor. I support Sanders 100%. He has been out there, boldly leading on the issue. #sanders2016

  4. …I’ve only had one job that wasn’t minimum wage…we need to fight back…while we still can…

  5. …Joe Biden is such a guy EVERYONE seems to be friends with him…Hell, Lindsey Graham even jumped on Cruds ass when same Idiotologue mocked Biden after Beau Biden died…
    …that said; it’s unclear who he’d endorse, having worked in the Senate with BOTH Clinton and Sanders, claiming both as friends…highly doubtful he’s throw shade on either…but he has PLENTY for Teatards…

  6. I looked it up, and you’re right. Too bad he did vote against it. And as far as Boeing getting some perks from the bank, as well as many smaller companies, so what if they did? Boeing provides plenty of good-paying jobs, too.

  7. Trumka and Biden are a coincidence. They said it was not planned in anyway. Trumka is behind Hillary all the way. He said it months ago that TPP is not of any value in their decision. It will be decided by electability he said…

    As for who Biden would support if he doesn’t run. CLINTON – 100% positively absolutely and with a cherry on top. They are friends for decades. Nobody in the entire democratic party is supporting Sanders and you think the VP who worked with Hillary and once said she would be a better choice for VP than he would be – would support Sanders? No freaking way would the VP of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY support someone who is not now and never has been a Democrat and who has no chance of winning.

  8. The article in the Hill said they are flirting with others but will marry my girl.

    AFSCME is all in. Super-high percent.

    SEIU is all in. 75%

    The two affiliates will be announcing soon. And some already have given more than a million to her campaign. The endorsement is just a formality they are holding onto in their back pocket.

    I spent today with union. Only Hillary T-shirts.

  9. Never happen. Bernie has insulted the hell out of Obama for years. Bernie has been against the party and with Biden being a cheif proponent of TPP and Bernie being a knee jerk arm waver against it, not gonna happen.

  10. knee jerk arm waver. you ever hear of nafta and cafta. Bernie’s knees seem to jerk with frightening regularity on all the right topics.

  11. Where has his anger been for the last 7 years?
    I’ve watched plenty of Bernie Sanders video getting angry when literally no one is watching. I have seen him speak and make sense and people walk out of the room. That is what this country has come too. Well Senator Sanders has found his audience. We are listening and we will not walk out on him.

  12. Now, Biden is echoing Bernie Sanders. If he is such a big supporter of labor, why did Biden support NAFTA in 1993? Why did Biden support the Iraq War in 2003 when he was Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? I like Joe Biden as a personable politician, but he has an inconsistent record in the Senate – for instance, he’s a strong supporter of harsh drug laws and welfare reform – ie. tougher sentencing for drug offenders and reducing aid to the poor. To top that he supports abstinence only sex education. Joe Biden is a liberal circa 1957.

  13. Joe Biden has been labor focused long before anyone ever heard of Sanders. And unlike Sanders, Biden has worked for a living all this life.

  14. Biden is a savvy politician. And he’s a life long Democrat. He’s going to endorse Hillary Clinton.

  15. Nonsense. Joe Biden was a blue collar union supporter before anyone ever heard of Bernie Sanders. It’s absurd to say Joe Biden is echoing Sanders. That’s been Biden’s voice for his entire long career in politics. He was talking about the working man back when hippie freak Bernie was living on unemployment benefits and taking a religious conscientious objector escape from the Vietnam draft.

  16. Where ae Joe’s suggestions to combat the “barbarians”? Talk without remedies are just like blowing smoke.

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