Here’s Why You’re an Idiot if You’re a Republican in 2016


Republican woes heading into 2016 are both amusing and highly predictable. Few of us back in 2012 imagined any other outcome. Yet Steven Benen at MSNBC, perhaps because the mainstream media hesitates to say anything negative about the GOP, suggested last week that it has only now become apparent that Republican woes are less about their nomination process and more about their platform.

Plainly put, that their base – and their candidate – are batsh*t crazy.

In fact, rather than calling Reince Priebus’ plan of attack for 2016 idiotic, Benen called it “well-intentioned.” Well-intentioned, I suppose, if your plan all along was to completely misread the situation and – as Republicans are wont to do – fix a problem that doesn’t exist rather than addressing real problems.

As Benen explains it, what was supposed to happen was that “Republicans would curtail the number of debates, choose moderators satisfying to the party, front-load the nominating process, and effectively stack the deck in favor of established, electable candidates.”

That assumes, of course, electable candidates be in the deck. None are.

What is funny about fixing nonexistent problems is that they did it to themselves this time, rather than to the rest of us. Great hilarity has ensued, and we will likely still be laughing on Election Day. The next morning will be a day of rest, because we will be laughed out at yet another display of wanton incompetence.

In fact, until the GOP realizes that it is their thinking that is the problem, this will continue election cycle after election cycle with no end in sight. The old saw tells us that stupid people are unable to tell that they are stupid, because they’re stupid. It takes a wise man to know, like Socrates, that he knows nothing, and that it is this admission of ignorance that makes you truly wise.

The GOP, unfortunately for conservatives, has fallen victim to its own constructed narrative of an America that does not, and has never, existed, and which therefore can never be “taken back.” You can’t take back what you never had. And it shouldn’t take a Socrates to tell you so.

To be sure, ideology is to blame as well. Everyone has their own personal ideologies but these are vastly different both in type and in scale from what is afflicting the GOP. This is an ideology that has delegitimized all things outside itself.

After all, we have a guy who was born in the United States, Barack Obama, whom they are certain was not born in the United States, and a guy who wasn’t – Ted Cruz – whom they are equally certain was born in the United States.

They have not just one, but over a dozen candidates who think Americans are ready to throw immigrants to the sharks, by deporting them, by erecting a giant wall, or tracking them like FedEx packages. In fact, 65 percent of Americans favor doing something to make these people citizens.

We get Kim Davis, who, for not being allowed to act like a Nazi, says she is being treated like a Jew in Nazi Germany. Nor is hers the craziest utterance on the subject. If your jaw drops, it’s okay. You can’t make this stuff up.

This is what is really happening in Kentucky:

Yet Franklin Graham – that lesser son of a greater sire – insists that by imposing her religion on other people, the Rowan County clerk is “Fighting for religious freedom for all of us.”

You can’t say that without laughing, but you can bet there are conservative heads wagging like dogs in agreement as they read his words. They literally have no problem seeing the word “all” restricted to one group. In their world, this impossible calculus works.

What can you even say to misreads like that? It isn’t facts that inform their thinking. Facts don’t enter into it. It is ideology, an ideology which tells them that anything of the political LEFT is not legitimate. Conversely, everything of the right, no matter how illogical, contradictory, or unsupported by facts, must be legitimate.

I have a somewhat distant relation who has no insurance, either for himself or his family. He paid a penalty last year and intends to pay a penalty this year. The rub is that the penalty is more costly than the tax-effect of the subsidy he would receive on the exchange. He would rather lose more money and have no insurance than lose less money and have insurance – on principle, as he puts it.

As you can see, because this ideology does not reflect let alone embrace reality, it cannot connect with the ball. Think Sarah Palin demanding immigrants speak a language that does not exist.

It is as though the pitch being thrown is hurtling down the plate in another dimension. Republicans can’t see it; they can’t hit it. They are standing at the plate as the world represented by that ball moves on, right past them.

So they are horrified and outraged that we refuse to see their point, when the problem is not us, but them, and their demand that we do the impossible and subscribe to a fake reality only they are tuned into.

We, for our part, are by turns also outraged, or moved to hilarity as they dance to a tune only they can hear. It is a loss for the rest of us, because America needs a second, healthy political party, but an even greater loss for them, as they can never have their desires met, and worse, can never understand why.

Shakespeare could not have written a better tragedy than the one Republicans have created for themselves.

64 Replies to “Here’s Why You’re an Idiot if You’re a Republican in 2016”

  1. So basically, repubs only like to prosecute non-whites. Its ok for Davis, Bundy and the Bundy cop killers to break laws set by the Supreme Court, they are above American law. Guess what – the law of America applies to all. You’re religion makes no difference. The Constitution you pretend to know says so.

  2. Well Bebe, the way the Repubs see Davis, Bundy and Bundy-like Cops as they see it are fighting for America, freedom & liberty of real Americans. They see themselves as the real Americans, who know in their heart of hearts that America is a Christian Nation – it says so on our money and in our pledge (they don’t want to hear that these a basically new add-ons and are not law – that’s right there is no legislation requiring that in God we trust of Under God need to be on our money or in our pledge), State’s rights supercede Federal Law (that’s ignoring the supremacy clause), and a belief that we have enough minorities so immigration to the US needs to stop.

  3. This is why Trump is so popular with the RW. He is using all the whistles & words that they want to hear and thoroughly believe. Their Bible tells them so.

  4. I got into an argument with a Trump supporter who *swears* that Obama is a big Presidential disaster, but offered up no evidence other than to have a, “I say it is so it must be true”-mentality.

    These people are sick in the head–literally.

    You can’t reason with them, you can’t debate them, they live in their own world of make believe.

    I just wish shooting them were legal. It would solve my problems from the onset. :P

  5. Good article. My dad, a life-long Republican, would not recognize this mess that his party has become. Maybe if they want to take something back, they can take their party back from the Kochs, the teapartyers and the Foxtards.

  6. I wish I were as confident as you, that the GOP is headed for a trouncing. Apropos Trump, a little voice keeps whispering to me: “Read Shirer again”.

    I am worried.

  7. And, you want blood on your hands? I see…

    It would be more befitting to run (and fund)
    multiple programs that utilize cult deprogramming. There are very innocent, simple and civil ways to round them up without violence. They will comply…
    resistance is futile!

  8. Translation for Franklin Graham – “religious freedom” means religious freedom as long as it’s conservative Christianity.

  9. I have no idea just what founding fathers wanted this to be a rabidly Christian nation. The founding fathers had seen enough of all the horror that Christianity brings when people must hew to any religious code. as I’ve said they need to go to Fauxjesustan and run that joint. They are already helping some African nations imprison or execute gays but I have read quotes that shows all the founding fathers they hold up hated the idea of hewing to any religious doctrine. They just make stuff up as they go and call it Murica.

  10. I know what you mean Derrick. These people are capable of anything when they get that bit by the teeth. That mention of Shirer hit me. They may just be capable of that too. Way too many people knew that it just couldn’t happen in a modern European country like Germany. They scare me I’ll tell you that.

  11. You’re an idiot if you’re a Republican right now or have been a Republican at any time after Eisenhower.

  12. Me. too. I was sure W would never be President, and look what we have become after that fiasco. Now brother Jeb! wants the position, with the exact same administration. I wonder if Cheney is on stand by for the VP job?

  13. Graham inherited the job from his father. He takes the lions share of donations for himself, plus a private jet! He also has a “float plane” that can land in water. He sold his “old” one to Sarah Palin’s husband!! Being a bigot is certinly lucrative. Imagine how many people would be helped if he just retained a modest salary (instead of the $500,000) a year he skims off the top?

  14. The Republican Party and all of their political con-artist (freaky) “Religious” leaders have now (it appears) “Created” their very own special “Jail-Cells” in their very own Private “HELL ON EARTH” type of a scenario that they have actually (both: physically and mentally) “Created” for 99% of the people living in the U.S.A. and the entire world for that matter (like starting wars etc.). We have now placed one of their “Kind” into their very own self “Created” “Hell on Earth” Jail-Cell. We should now let them “all” know that we have room for a lot more of them. We could even dig a huge pit in the earth and name it “Hell” just for people like this. In my opinion.

  15. I am a so-called idiot Republican who converted from the more idiotic Democratic party during Obama’s administration. If I am so idiotic, explain why my net worth is over a million and don’t declare it’s due to Obama’s policies. I have prevailed in spite of his policies due to hard work, determination, long work hours etc. no reliance on any govt program. But you wouldn’t know, you’re just a dumb fireman!

  16. I’ve been reading comments on other sites running stories about Kim Davis and predictably, they’re saying things like Obama ignores parts of the Constitution, so why can’t she do it? There’s virtually no equivalence in this argument, but what amazes me is that they’re now using this as a defense for her actions after years of excoriating the President for supposedly doing this. Liars and hypocrites.

  17. I have been re-reading Shirer. You picture a Third Reich led by Göring instead of Hitler, while along the boulevard, the jackboots in step go “Trump, Trump, Trump…”

  18. Of course, you got rich as a Republican. They facilitate swindling. And the “dumb fireman” is fluent in several languages.

  19. Jak: Personally I would not “sell” you the sweat off my dogs balls for “all” of the “MONEY” that you possess. And I don’t even have a dog. Your “money” really does not mean “shit” to me. YOU (Sick, Pathetic) IDIOT…

  20. “If I am so idiotic, explain why my net worth is over a million..” Because this is your definition of success. You’re obviously new to the incarnation process. Not to worry, evolution sometimes takes time.

  21. It’s pretty bad. The Republican base doesn’t know how the country works, but they love it so much they don’t care.

  22. Jack,

    A. You did accumulate your wealth under Obama’s administration.

    B. You do sound like an idiot, so you finally landed in the right place, the Party of Stupid.

    C. If you were aware, you would know that Republican policies nearly created a Global Depression, which was averted by the actions that President Obama took. Had a Republican been elected instead of Obama, you would not have your million dollars.

  23. Why are you here, making comments on this site? So busy getting rich, all your friends left? Too much bragging? Are they all sensible Democratic voters, and see through your bullcrap? Too bad, with all your wealth, you have nothing better to do than come here and brag. I think you are as “full of moose crap” as $carah PayMe.

  24. Kim Davis is a hypocrite. Married and divorced numerous times. The gay couple who finally were allowed to get their marriage license have been together longer than any of her 4 marriages have lasted. Her latest husband would do well to keep a close watch on her (after she gets out of jail) since there is an old saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater” She might be deciding to re-cycle one of her other husbands! I wondered what the attraction was, until I read that she rakes in $80,000 a year.

  25. this is easy to fix. vote straight dem ticket in November 2016. start thinking about voting now and what you might need in order to vote. PLEASE!

  26. You’re not a so-called idiot. Just a plain and simple idiot. Show us your financial statements while your at it. I’m a millionaire also, by the way. Everybody on the internet is a millionaire.

  27. you know what? excuse my vitriol, but f*ck you azzhole. you and those like you are the problem. get it? Obama will go down as one of the great American presidents we have ever had. how can deny reality? how far is your head up your azz? Obama is not and has never been the bad guy… that would be the GOP, the conservatives, and the religious right quacks.

  28. Don’t worry, they persecute plenty of white people, too, the media just doesn’t pay any attention to it. A couple of young white men, unarmed, were shot by cops — not a flogging word about it on major media, including here. Cops broke into the home of an 80 year old white man (someone had provided an anonymous tip that there were drugs) in the middle of the night. They claimed they shot him, multiple times, because he was attacking them. The guy couldn’t walk and all the blood was in the bed. So don’t give me that crap about only nonwhites being persecutes, we honkies get it too.

  29. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. I have an old friend who because a tea bagger. She and her son are totally against everything Obama had done. The thing is, her son is a cancer survivor. Where do they think this guy is ever going to be able to get health insurance if the ACA is overturned? My son only has Crohn’s disease and no insurance company would touch him, even though he hadn’t been sick with it in over a decade. I can guarantee that no insurance company is going to provide health insurance for someone who has had cancer.

  30. Funny, I have not heard them defending the flight attendant that did not want to serve alcohol because that is against her muslim religous beliefs,the repubicans led by Mitch McConnell have been going behind Obama’s back telling all the foreign embassies that they will not support Obama’s policy of trying to combat global warming. These traitors never change. (See Politico)

  31. You sound like you’re channeling Trump. “Look, I’m a winner, I have all this wealth to prove it.” I bet you believe a fireman isn’t worth the taxes paid for their salaries.

    Do you also think you may not know now, but in a short time, you’ll know more than anyone else on the subject? Everyone will be amazed how huge your abilities are.

  32. Republican Wisconsin legislators have introduced a bill that would ban the use of fetal tissue in medical research. Officials at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a leader in stem cell research, are obviously very worried about this push. If successful, the bill would decimate research at the institution, and its potential impacts are likely not fully understood by the legislators leading this latest anti-intellectual charge.

  33. Anyone that stands with trash davis, is nothing but a waste of space and oxygen!! She is NOT being jailed for being a so called “christian”. She IS however being jailed for BREAKING THE LAW!!!! She is NO way a hero of ANY sort!! She is a piece of fucking trash and a waste of space!! I hope the bitch rots in hell!!!

  34. I’m an idiot Republican who is paying taxes to support the Democraps on welfare, section 8 housing, free cell phones, food stamps and guns in those Democraps cities.

    It’s totally worth every penny to keep them poor and in the hood and away from my save neighborhood..

  35. The United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world. But … if you take out just four cities – Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans – then the United States is 4th from the bottom!

    ALL 4 of these cities are CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRATS.

    These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the U.S.

  36. Democrat policies are destroying our nation’s cities. If the voters in these cities are happy being poor and having little to no prospect of leaving poverty, then they are electing the right people. If they’d like the opportunity to climb out of poverty and build a middle-to-upper class legacy for their family, then they could start by electing people in whose interest it is to see them prosper — conservatives.

    Democrats win when the people are poor, conservatives win when the people prosper. That is the difference.

    The easily offended are easily manipulated

  37. America’s Most Dangerous Cities Are Run By Democrats
    1. Flint, Michigan – Dayne Walling – Democrat
    2. Detroit, Michigan – Dave Bing – Democrat
    3. Saint Louis, Missouri – Francis G. Slay – Democrat
    4. New Haven, Connecticut – John DeStefano, Jr – Democrat
    5. Memphis, Tennessee – Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. – Democrat
    6. Oakland, California – Jean Quan – Democrat
    7. Little Rock, Arkansas – Mark Stodola – Democrat
    8. Baltimore, Maryland – Stephanie Rawlings-Blake – Democrat
    9. Rockford, Illinois – Lawrence J. Morrissey – Democrat.
    10. Stockton, California – Ann Johnston – Democrat

    Democrats always portray themselves as a party of peace but when you look at crime and the most violent cities they are run by Democrats. So tell me, what does this say about crime and Democrats? Somehow it must be President Bush’s fault.

  38. Give a man a fish and eats for a day. Give a man food stamps, welfare checks, free cell phones and section 8 crack housing and he will vote democratic the rest of his/her life!

  39. As devout Christian or should i say follower of Jesus, I suggest she is not a hero. If anything she is an embarrassment to the faith.

  40. According to, the most dangerous cities are,

    1) Camden NJ
    2) Chester PA
    3) Detroit MI
    4) Saginaw MI
    5) Oakland CA
    6) Bessemer AL
    7) Flint MI
    8) Atlantic City NJ
    9) Wilmington DE
    10) Memphis TN

    You might notice 2 New Jersey cities on the list. The Gov. of New Jersey is a Republican. You might notice 3 Michigan cities on the list. The governor of Michigan is a Republican. The governor of Tennessee is a Republican. The governor of Alabama is a Republican. In fact, only 2 of these top ten dangerous states have Democrats as governors.

  41. You might want to look at the Republican states on this list of the 10 most dangerous states as well: 9 out of 10 are governed by Republicans. Ooops.

    Arkansas – Republican governor
    Florida – Republican governor
    Maryland – Republican governor
    Delaware – Republican governor
    South Carolina – Republican governor
    Louisiana – Republican governor
    Tennessee – Republican governor
    Nevada – Republican governor
    New Mexico – Republican governor

  42. Oh are you referring to Obama phones idiot?

    “Thousands of conservatives are on Twitter, telling jokes about the #ObamaPhone.
    There is one problem with the Obama Phone: It doesn’t exist.
    Since 2009, there has been an urban myth that Obama created a program to provide free phones to low-income Americans at taxpayer expense. There is, in fact, a government program that will provide low-income people with a free or low cost cell phone. It was started in 2008 under George W. Bush.
    The idea of providing low-income individuals with subsidized phone service was originated in the Reagan administration following the break-up of AT&T in 1984. (It was expanded and formalized by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.) The program is paid for by telecommunications companies through an independent non-profit, not through tax revenue.”

  43. You’re a young white male (that’s your photo?) telling us how easy it is to get rich, and how you didn’t need anybody’s help to get there?

    Let me guess: no wife and kids? No aging parents? No disabilities or serious health problems? No college loans? No upside-down mortgage?

    Go away and don’t come back until you learn a little sensitivity, some humility, and enough perception to see that you did indeed have help from a system that’s stacked in your favor.

  44. Sadly Jak, your selfworth is wrapped up in money and material things. It’s the LOVE of money that is the root to all evil. You have a typical republicon mind set. Pretending to love God when you only love yourself, money and any act that is against humanity. Republican hypocrisy and lies are a badge of honor to their true master, the evil one, Satan.

  45. Brodie224, I’ve got to agree with you, and add this:

    I’ve seen the kind of phones that are issued under this program, if anyone thinks they’re such a deal you can get the same phones they get by going back to 1998 and buying the newest high-tech gimmicky phone available at that time.

    This program is actually nothing more than a way for the wireless companies to make money off of phones that they would otherwise have to pay to scrap.

  46. Yes, Bob, you need better sources of info. If you’re going to object to welfare, do it based on the truth, and not the racist lies and judgemental propaganda from the far right and Fox “news.”

    To get you started, here are a few FACTS:

    1. ~75% of recipients live in households with at least one working adult. Low wages, more than unemployment, drive folks to welfare. Thousands of active duty military need help for their families.

    2. White Americans make up the largest single group of recipients. Nearly a million veterans need assistance, as well.

    3. Healthy adults get aid as a stopgap, not a lifestyle.

    4. People on welfare experience shame and low self-esteem. They’d rather have good paying jobsthan public assistance.

    5. It’s hard to cheat the system, so actual fraud is not common.

    Don’t believe me? Go to fact checking sites, public policy agencies, & gov’t agencies that administer the programs.

  47. Yes, Bob, you need better sources of info. If you’re going to object to welfare, do it based on the truth, and not the racist lies and judgemental propaganda from the far right and Fox “news.”

    To get you started, here are a few FACTS:

    1. ~75% of recipients live in households with at least one working adult. Low wages – rather than unemployment- drive most folks to welfare. Thousands of active duty military need help for their families.

    2. White Americans make up the largest single group of recipients. Nearly a million veterans need assistance, as well.

    3. Healthy working age adults get aid as a stopgap, not a lifestyle.

    4. People on welfare experience shame and low self-esteem. They’d rather have good paying jobs.

    5. It’s hard to cheat the system, and there’s little real fraud.

    Don’t believe me? Go to sites that do fact checking, public policy agencies, non- partisan research centers, & gov’t agencies that administer public assistance programs.

  48. The idea of laws, rules and government was created by Almighty God because He knew without them there would be world wide chaos.

  49. And “In God we trust was not added to our currency until 1957-1964. I guess they couldn’t change all bills at same time because of print runs. I never have liked it since I never trusted ANY Gods. Just a heathen from the beginning I guess. At any rate it’s troubling because I knew how and why this country was founded and it was not founded because of a love of conservative Christianity but in spite of it. read actual quotes of the founding fathers and see that they were all very leery of Christianity. Something I’m sure everyone reading this knows. unless some GOPers are reading this to torture themselves.

  50. I’m NOT worried about what the Stupid, Crazy people are doing right now.

    I’m a LOT more worried about what the Stupid, Crazy people are going to do when they Lose AGAIN in 2016.

    Too much Stupid, too much Crazy, too many Guns.

  51. True statement Nil with this added, they do not care to learn.. which in my book is even more sad.. these people love to be stupid they, revel In it, wear it as a badge of courage.

  52. Jak, you say you have become rich, with “no reliance on any govt program.”

    I’m assuming you mean no government program except: public school funding, defense funding, social security, public roadways, police and fire protection, public libraries, job training and scientific research, bank regulation, food inspectors and Food and Drug Administration, air traffic controllers, unemployment benefits, student loan programs, and dozens and dozens of additional benefits.

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