GOP’s Epic Failure To Stop Iran Deal Started With Netanyahu Stunt In March

Israeli PM Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of US Congress
The long Republican battle to block the Iran deal is coming to a end, with Mitch McConnell begging Senate Democrats not to filibuster a vote to stop the deal, even as it has become obvious that the president has the votes he needs for the plan to survive, possibly even without requiring his veto. In their hopes to embarrass the president, Congressional Republicans have failed miserably, and now it is they, and not the White House that must endure the humiliation of a stinging defeat.

While the final fatal blow to the Republican resistance is being dealt in September, opposition to the Iran deal was doomed long ago. When Congressional Republicans invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deliver a clearly partisan speech before Congress in March, the GOP sealed their inevitable fate on the Iran Deal.

By poisoning the debate with the fiercely strident and distinctly partisan tones of Netanyahu, the Republicans pushed uncertain Democrats off the fence and into Barack Obama’s camp on the Iran deal.

An American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobbyist admitted as much, telling an Israeli news source:

Netanyahu’s speech in Congress made the Iranian issue a partisan one. As soon as he insisted on going ahead with this move, which was perceived as a Republican maneuver against the president, we lost a significant part of the Democratic party, without which it was impossible to block the agreement.

President Obama’s success in outmaneuvering the Republican Party was made possible by Netanyahu’s visit. The debate also delivered a significant blow to the clout and prestige of AIPAC, a lobbying group that has often been very influential in securing votes from both parties in Washington.

However, with John Boehner’s stunt of inviting Netanyahu to speak before Congress, both the GOP and AIPAC overplayed their hand, giving supporters of the Iran deal a decisive political victory.

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  1. The GOP can cry us all a river and build us a bridge… I don’t feel one iota of a bit sorry for them…

  2. I wish politicians over here would stop pandering to them-I know I’m in the minority, but I don’t see them as a true ally at all…

  3. It also lost Israel supporters who now will now never support Israel as long as Netanyahu has any role in Israeli government.

  4. add, that bibi’s american amb. is a desiple of roger ‘pizza the hutt’ ailes. so you know why when you hear the rw Israeli talking points, and you hear obama hates Israel, you’re hearing the book of ailes, and the real puppet master, adelson. follow the money…

    meanwhile, former generals, and the heads of their mossad, endorse this deal.

  5. Nothing but a traitorous bunch. The good of the country be damned. Even treason is ok for the GOP to score political points. Always ALWAYS on the wrong side of history.

  6. Don’t forget the 47 traitors also sealed the fate for the republicans.

    I don’t know which was worse, allowing a foreign leader to show gross disrespect to our president on our turf, or 47 American politicians going behind the president’s back with a traitorous letter designed to sabotage the Deal.

    Either way, the republican now have to eat their own shit.

    Bon appétit!

  7. The GOP have become the most clumsy, vengeful, wrong-way group we’ve seen in my life time. Its all about Obama hating to them and shilling for their corporate masters. It has nothing to do with their duties to the United States or as citizens of the world. I am willing to bet that they have no particular love for Israel or Netanyahu. They are just objects to be used by them. It just “get Obama and keep my job in my heavily gerrymandered district.”

  8. Israel has the greatest human rights violations + GWB & DC War Criminals= Global Terrorists…

    No human being in the planet earth in any race, in any place on earth would forget and quickly forgive and forget the injustice that was perpetrated against them. GWB & DC seemed to have intended on USA on perpetual war for their own personal economic interest at the expense/costs of American Blood and Tax Payers Money. What about trillions of unaccounted dollars??? A political party + Corporatist are People and ALEC Global Membership control of the crazies in Congress voted in by the In God We Trust Party Federalists have got to be the most INSANE, INHUMANE and UNCIVILIZED HUMAN BEINGS ON PLANET EARTH.

    I have come to the conclusion…people that vote and support them have got to be the most amygdala damaged living human beings that got no sense of reality, morality and absolutely no conscience… yet they profess their godliness in their church… HOW GROSS CAN A HUMAN GET ANY LOWE…

  9. I hope this is the start of a disastrous year for the GOP when all the poison eggs they’ve laid over the last 7 years hatched into poison chickens that are now coming home to roost.

    Right up into November 2016. By then they’ll be so thoroughly discredited that they’ll never be a viable political party ever again. At least not nationally.

  10. Why in the world are the Democrats not mounting a major campaign against Republican Party history and policies? It would be so easy to smear the whole bunch from the Senate all the way down to the school board level. For the past half century the GOP has existed to be against everything that made America a great nation and for our worst traits such as racism, inequality, exploitation, bigotry, and gender discrimination. It is time to go after the party and not the candidate.
    Candidates come and go. The party endures forever.

  11. Agree with all,I guess you all read about the mother of the child who was burned to death in a palestine home, she finally died from her injuries, so they burned the whole family to death with the exception of a small boy who I think is still in hospital.
    I really really hate Netanyahu, the tax money we give to him would do a lot for the people of the US, he lives in style while we have hungry children.

  12. I agree, Joan, 1 in 5, 16,000,000 children in our country are not receiving adequate food and nutrition. I would definitely support cessation of funds to Israel to use for domestic spending on this issue.

    I know just from my own experience, I was complacent in my country’s support of Israel. But the disrespect shown by Netanyahu, Dermer and the repugs literally stopped many of us in our tracks and we were outraged. Most of us started researching and were not happy with what we discovered about the self serving and duplicitous Netanyahu. It was the launching point.

  13. Brodie. I may have been complacent at first. Because the churches all supported Israel. Were preaching we needed to support this country to keep our country safe.. Then I began to look and listen. When I actually found out how much we gave this country in money, that they had full medical, while we had none, that THEY ALLOWED ABORTION, while it was unacceptable here, that military there was
    funded by our taxes and that this country is really a war monger (like Bush and Comp)
    It was then I decided to make up my own mind about funding Israel. When net-n- no- nothing came to speak before our Congress.. That sealed the deal.. ISRAEL should never get another dollar from this country…NEVER!!

  14. He’s also a creation of “dirty tricks” Frank Lunzt(SP?) and a fanatic follower. He learned at the Master’s knees.

  15. Sending MOPs and Bombers to Israel: Big Mistake
    Over the past week, the failure of the opponents of the Iran nuclear deal to kill it in Congress has become a foregone conclusion. With that in mind, advocates of war with Iran have adopted a new idea: giving Israel the means to attack Iran on its own, without US assistance. The thinking goes that the Israelis, unhindered by Obama’s fecklessness, will have the wherewithal to do what needs to be done. One of the first sightings of the idea came in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last year, when retired Air Force General David Deptula (along with Michael Makovsky) suggested improving Israel’s deterrent capability by transferring B-52s to the air force of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).
    Read More

  16. Netanyahu has selective memory because he conveniently forgets that the State of Israel was given Palestinian land.

  17. Absolutely! As does Sen. Cotton who pledged his loyalty to Israel not to the United States to whom he pledged his loyalty when he took the oath of office last November.

    IMHO, if it was a Dem who committed these transgressions the TP/GOPs would be screaming deafening phrases against them. So, where are the Dems now?

  18. djchefron, you are a genious!!!! You just named the dream team to lead the X-tain country.

    Trump-Prez. Palin-VP, Duck Dynasty(or would that be DICK Dynasty, as in Cheney?)-Replace all the Supreme Court Justices. Than all the people of their ilk will bow on bended knees and await for the APOCALYPSE.

  19. The only ones missing are the duggars. They have plenty of christen soldiers to lead the infantry. Oh wait they to busy fondling each other

  20. A pew research poll showed that only 22 percent of Americans approve of Iran deal.49 percent disapprove.and 30 percent don’t know. the supreme leader in Iran said Israel will not survive the next 25 years,and must be destroyed. Also that America is the great satan. No wonder the majority of the house and senate disapprove.why the people on this blog tow the party line is hard to understand. This was a bad, bad deal. More and more democrats will line up against this by the way Israel is about the size of New Jersey. I think they have a right to be concerned, don’t you.

  21. Your dumbass haven’t even read the deal. I would go by what the experts said about it along with our national and Israeli security experts say about it. I hate idiots

  22. I too go by the experts. Many retired generals have also come out against this. Unlike you I do not hate idiots. However I read your responses anyway.

  23. Retired lt gen Thomas mcinerey vice commander of U.S. Forces in Europe said this was the most dangerous nuclear agreement in history. Also signers were vice admiral john poindexter,lt gen William Boykin,major gen Richard second, gen Leon edney. There were 200 signers of this letter. Look on your computer and go to 200 signers opposed to Iran deal. So I guess all of these people are idiots and Obama and Kerry can read the future. The only reason the European leaders are going along is oil.

  24. lt gen Thomas mcinerey
    You mean the commenter on fox news? Boykin? You are a fuking joke Look Out! “General” Jerry Boykin Says Christians ARE the Government
    He was fired by bush for being an idiot. There is no Major genenal Richard the Second or if he exist he couldn’t get a wike page. Leon A. Edney died in 1992. ARE YOU FUKING SERIOUS!!!! Don’t waste my time with your stupidity

  25. You continue to fail!!!

    From Polling Report.Com:

    Pew Research Center, 09/03-09/07/15, 1,004 Adults nationwide, Margin of Error, +/- 3.6:

    From what you know, do you approve or disapprove of this agreement? “The recent agreement on Iran’s nuclear program between Iran, the United States, and other nations”.

    09/03-09/07/15: Approve: 21%; Disapprove: 49%; Unsure/Refuse: 30%.

    1,004 adults polled…1,004 adults does not represent the entire United States moron!!!

    And, the fact that the conservative rags Breibert, Newsmax and Fox Nation are so on this about the 21% and that you believe what they are saying, (minus the fact that it was only 1,004 people polled), proves just how pathetic and brainless you really are!!!

  26. Republicans and Netanyahu come out saying that the USA must do more than just impose sanctions on Iran. That not going to war with Iran would be worse than letting them build nuclear weapons. Due to computer virus intrusions by the United States and its European allies into the Iranian nuclear computer programming, the confirmed deaths and defections of nuclear scientists, Iran’s ability to create nuclear weapon technology has been rendered useless for many years if not decades to come. Giving the sanctions against Iran time to diminish the influence of it’s government over the good people of Iran. Republicans want you to believe this isn’t a political ploy to get anyone elected. If you honestly believe that…well….kiss a Republicans ass and call yourself stupid. If we allow ourselves not to believe this, then there is only one other reason. Religious indifference and intolerance.
    Iran is in the European communities backyard….not ours. The only direct threat from Iran is to…

  27. I agree with DJ on those guys.

    And there are plenty of experts, professionals, and interested parties (e.g. Jewish Americans and Rabbis) supporting the deal.

    One of them is the well-respected Colin Powell — a Republican, and former Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and National Security Advisor. He called the JCPOA “a pretty good deal.” Now THAT’S a Big Dog barking.

  28. DubsCorleone you are not in the minority so much as you think. You have 65 votes. there are many who believe as you. Me too.

  29. Once again Obama is playing that multi-level Star Trek chess shit while the Republicans are playing Battleship.

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