Obama Devastates Republicans By Securing Enough Votes To Block Iran Disapproval In Senate


President Obama and Senate Democrats have reached the magic number of 41 votes and have the ability to block the Republican resolution of disapproval of the Iran deal in the Senate.

The Hill reported:

President Obama has clinched the 41 votes he needs to block a resolution disapproving of the Iran nuclear deal, sealing an important political victory over Republicans. 

Three Democrats — Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Gary Peters of Michigan — came out in favor of the deal Tuesday, giving the president the 41 votes he needs to keep the resolution bottled up in the Senate. 

A fourth Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, announced he would join all 54 Republicans and three other Democrats in rejecting the Iran deal and voting in favor of the disapproval resolution.

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) is the only undecided lawmaker left in the Senate.

Republicans were banking on the resolution of disapproval at least passing in Congress and setting up a veto showdown with the President, but Senate Mitch McConnell could not get the 60 votes that he needed to get the resolution to Obama’s desk.

Momentum has been on the side of President Obama and the Democrats for weeks. Opponents of the nuclear agreement spent tens millions of dollars on television advertising and pressure tactics that were intended to sway Democrats away from supporting the deal.

Every tactic used by the President’s opponents has failed.

No matter what spin Republicans may try to put on it, the fact that they couldn’t get their own resolution out of a Congress that they control is a crushing defeat.

The mainstream press has spent years claiming that President Obama’s power is diminishing, but the strength of his Iran deal demonstrates that this president is only getting stronger as his second term in office moves along.

Republicans have been focused on handing President Obama a defeat on the Iran deal for months. The Netanyahu speech and their letter to the Iranian government both backfired. By trying to humiliate Obama, Congressional Republicans rallied Democrats around their president.

President Obama and the Democrats have won in convincing fashion, as the only people swallowing the taste of bitter humiliation are Senate Republicans.

30 Replies to “Obama Devastates Republicans By Securing Enough Votes To Block Iran Disapproval In Senate”

  1. I am so pleased that Gary Peters (D-MI) finally decided to support the agreement. Maybe he actually read it as he had said he would in his email response to my comments.

  2. This is great news. I emailed Peters as well, but he never bothered to answer me. I thought he would come around.

  3. President Obama’s opponents underestimate him at their peril (and to their embarrassment – again and again and again).

    This is sweet victory for our president and for peace.

    Thank you Democrats who voted to strengthen President Obama’s historic deal, in light of peace, with one of the M.E.’s most dangerous countries!

    Senator Cantwell? What’s keeping you?

  4. I think we will still have a vote. Sen. Coons said he wants a up or down vote so people would be on the record

  5. The thought of Peace over War will win every time, but seriously folks have we ever seen a more gross act of obstruction. I mean this is nothing new to the President, but to completely try to undermine the US government and a host of other foreign powers whom all came to an agreement on this Peace Treaty is something that I believe has never been done or seen. This group of losers, starting with the freshman from Arkansas,Senator Cotton and the rest of this bucket of GOP excrement who grossly invited Bibi to Washington, and then started a propaganda campaign with the people of Iran is the most disgusting act of Politics that I have ever seen. These idiots should be locked up for treason!!!!. But once again the Obama Administration beats these clowns back, just like always. And these losers have once again stepped on a lawn full of dogshit and looking for someone to blame. Lookout John Bohnmer !!!!! just sayin !!!

  6. I know that the odds are very slim but, I would love it if Susan Collins, (Republican-Maine), would say yes. That would, hopefully, really make some of the other Republicans heads explode!!!

  7. Dick Cheney is going to be so pissed that he’s going to miss out on all those millions he would have made from his stock in the Military Industrial Industry with the lives of young Americans.

  8. Just found out, Susan Collins, (Republican-Maine), is just as dim-witted as all the rest of the Republicans…she is saying no to the Iran agreement. So sad.

    Come on Cantwell, (WA), at least make it 42!

  9. Very disappointing to see Cory Booker hold out like he has on this issue. Until now he shaped up as possible VP
    material. Gonna cost him in the long haul. Either we hang
    together or…

  10. Update: Senator Cantwell just came out a little bit ago and is in support of the Iran agreement!!! We hit the 42 mark…YEAH!!!!

  11. What’s up with Joe Manchin of West Virginia? Why is he on the wrong side of this thing. WHAT is he seeing that 6 Nations, A bunch of nuclear experts, Former diplomat, generals, Intelligence officers see…..that he and the other two Democrats DON’T see?He and THEM Republicans are on the wrong side of History. Those three Democrats have placed themselves with LOSERS! So, let THEM loose in whatever they aspire as Politicians (Democrats).

  12. Now the President has enough votes to basically tell them to go sit on it and spin.

    Worked out in the end, didn’t it guys?

  13. The GOP reminds me of George from Seinfeld. You know the one where George try’s to get Susan to cancel the wedding by asking her for a pre-nup agreement. He failed to realize that she made 10 times more than him and laughed at him, said sure I’ll sign, where is it? President Obama knew he had the support to stop this nonsense when the 98-1 vote went down. So did 98 others in the Senate. Apparently Mitch was not in that group.

  14. Truth Bomb: Under your leadership we now have 22% of our children living in poverty – a new report shows they suffer from PTSD and brain damage. This week we just found out that since the 1996 Republican Welfare to Work program resulted in more people and children living in extreme poverty – the richest country in the world. In Washington State we have 30,000 children going homeless every year. What makes this so heinous is you gave away trillions to the rich by tax breaks, you gave away trillions to the corporations, like $5.2 trillion to Big Oil before, you allowed under your political watch The Federal Reserve to give trillions to foreign bankers and corporations, you allowed under your political watch to allow the Pentagon to lose $8.5 trillion. And the most heinous is it would take less than $200 billion to bring everyone in the United States out of poverty.
    How Much to eliminate poverty? http://www.demos.org/blog/9/23/13/how-much-money-would-it-take-eliminate-us-poverty

  15. Yvonne, I agree he has changed this world to a more dangerous and lawless world. Thank you Mr. Obama. Keep up the good work it’s not like we need a strong military or sanctions on a country that wants to destroy America. No lets just call them over and have a beer and beg and plead not to kill Americans. Yes Mr. Obama thank you for changing America into a race war and a poverty nation. THANK YOU!

  16. If you truly cared about this country like you say Obama does not, you would admit that there is not a one damn thing the USA can do about the deal. Russian, China, France, Germany, and Great Britain and their citizens all approve of the deal, so tell me how is the US gonna stand in the way, with our great military? Are we gonna bomb all those countries plus Iran, to force them to do what we want? Are our American corporation sgoing to sit by and allow those countries corporations make all the profit that is going to happen when sanctions come off? You sir are a fool, and i suspect a supporter of Israel over the USA, are you in the military, have you ever served in the military, if not then how can you advocate that some one else go fight war? As far as making the world less safe, the honor goes to Bush and Chenney, remember their lies about Iraq, or is that to painfull? Yes thank you President Obama you are giving my daughter and son a chance at peace.

  17. Nate, I probably shouldn’t waste my time responding to you since you’re out of your ever-loving mind with blind hatred, racism and ignorance…..

    But, I will.

    It wasn’t Barack Obama who started the foolish wars in Vietnam and in Iraq.

    What’s the matter, Rick? Was that one of your favorite songs? Here’s one you may not have heard that reminds me of you, Fox News and the whole rat infested republican party.

    “We’re setting sail
    To the place on the map
    From which no one has ever returned
    Drawn by the promise of the joker and the fool
    By the light of the crosses that burn
    Drawn by the promise of the women and the lace
    And the gold and the cotton and pearls
    It’s the place where they keep all the darkness you need
    You sail away from the light of the world
    On this trip, baby.”


    Thanks ANTUAN!

  18. Please clarify: to whom are you referring?

    Your comments start out as if addressing President Obama, then explode in denunciations of actions attributable to Republicans.

  19. I wish people would glance at Article 2 Section 2 about the 2/3 required for treaty approvals — and read why the founding fathers found this to be ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL (because they predicted that a treaty without public approval and widespread, almost universal, bipartisan support would be a disaster for the country). You, the minority, got your way. You’re SO smart — oh goodie!

  20. You are so stupid this is an agreement something that has been done since the founding of this country
    During the first half–century of its independence, the United States was party to sixty treaties but to only twenty–seven published executive agreements. By the beginning of World War II, there had been concluded approximately 800 treaties and 1,200 executive agreements. In the period 1940–1989, the Nation entered into 759 treaties and into 13,016 published executive agreements. Cumulatively, in 1989, the United states was a party to 890 treaties and 5,117 executive agreements. To phrase it comparatively, in the first 50 years of its history, the United States concluded twice[p.495]as many treaties as executive agreements. In the 50–year period from 1839 to 1889, a few more executive agreements than treaties were entered into. From 1889 to 1939, almost twice as many executive agreements as treaties were concluded. In the period since 1939, executive agreements have comprised more than 90% of the international agreements concluded

  21. Yes, of course it is *called* an executive agreement, but “a rose by any other name …”
    Item: It is not the opponents who say failure will lead to war; it’s the proponents’ warnings about war that informs us that this “agreement” is in actuality a treaty, and they know it.
    Item: Tens of millions of Americans and nearly 2/3 of their elected representatives are strongly opposed. This is not a trivial agreement nobody really cares about; it’s a pivotal issue where achieving consensus is crucial; but instead, Obama and his supporters gloat that they have put one over on us against the will of the people. Right, *I’m* so stupid for believing that these antics are destructive. Your actions are driving people towards putting Trump in the White House — scares me to death, and it’s you, not me, who is doing it.

  22. Why is it so important to kill people 5,000 miles away? Their religion? Their government?

    Iran has never been a threat to America. nor has Afghanistan. This debacle is a grab for oil disguised as a religious war.

    White guys have been ramming their culture on the world with the sword and the bible since the Crusades.

    No more. The cult of the White Phallus is ending.

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