Donald Trump’s Incoherent Anti-Iran Deal Rant Shows Why He Should Never Be President

Trump anti-iran-deal-rally

Donald Trump went on an empty demented rant at the right-wing’s anti-Iran deal rally that demonstrated why he should never be president.

Trump called the deal incompetently negotiated, and he promised that he won the presidency the four prisoners detained in Iran will be back in America before he takes office, because he is going tell Iran to return them.

Donald Trump said that Democratic leaders are very, very stupid people, and we are not getting anything out of the Iran deal. Trump promised, “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning. Believe me.”

Trump was able to stay on the subject of the Iran deal for a few minutes before he turned to his favorite subject Donald Trump, “We are going to turn this country around we are going to start winning bigly on trade, militarily, we’re going to build up our military. We are going to have such a strong military that nobody will mess with us, but we will never have to use it.”

Donald Trump appears to have no idea what is in the Iran deal. Instead of making any sort of lucid argument, Trump went with his standard bluster about how he is the greatest thing in the world, and if Republicans vote for him, America will be great.

Trump should never be president. The man literally has no idea what he is talking about. He stands up, fires up the Trump self-hype machine, and wows Republicans with kind of bluster and empty tough talk that they love.

The anti-Iran deal rally has been a colossal flop. Hundreds of right-wing extremists are gathered in D.C. to stop a deal that they can’t stop. Donald Trump continues to sell Republicans a fantasy. His incoherent delusion has become theirs, and instead of leading a party and movement, Trump demonstrated why he should never be allowed anywhere near the White House.

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  1. It’s a sad commentary that there are Americans who are enamored of the kind of empty, hollow, loud-mouthed bluster that Donald Trump offers in place of reasonable, measured, and well-informed plans and opinions. Like him, his followers are jingoist, short-sighted, and blind as well as tone-deaf to the benefits that the Iran deal offers.

  2. trump’s, either playing the hicks for his own narcissistic personality disorder, or he’s one dangerous m.f. for elevating the low info, low life, rabid NRA rejects into a new brown shirt mentality. look at the audience trump paid today. there is a casting agent, who specializes in creating tailored crowds, pro or con. trumps pulling out all the showbiz techniques. pro staging today too!

    “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

    ― Isaac Asimov

  3. Donald Trump, “We are going to turn this country around we are going to start winning bigly on trade, militarily, we’re going to build up our military. We are going to have such a strong military that nobody will mess with us, but we will never have to use it.”
    Trump needs to stop hanging out with the grifter from Wasilla because I have no idea WTF he just said

  4. Sounds a lot like Charlie Sheen with the “winning” nonsense. Apparently, those on the right can’t identify a sociopath when they see one.

  5. You can tell Trump was near Palin and Cruz today…the babbling of poorly streamed ideas is evident. Someone please explain to don that you dont have presidential power until you’re sworn in, that includes negotiating with other countries. His lack of knowledge of everything sure makes him a teabagging fave.

  6. And they are those on the so called left who if Sanders don’t get the nomination say they will vote for the fascist because Clinton cant be trusted

  7. Quite frankly I don’t care if I get attacked for this, and NO I’m not bigoted against the disabled but the “R” does not mean Republican…it means RETARDED!! And what is worse is that this “Retardation” is willful and held up as a plus by Republicans. Instead of trying to educate out the “gay” or “trans” or even atheist from this nation we should strive to educate out the “R” in this nation.

  8. seems so many anti trump people, yet how easily they embrace anyone that just looks after themselves and doesn’t give a carrotass about them….never seen so many trump haters……and news media seems to only write negatives….thought media was suppose to be reporting only and not judging

  9. I bet he said that to the investors he left holding the bag after he declared bankruptcy. FOUR times.

  10. I will build a Trump Wall with a Trump Door in it on the Trump Border…

    I’m so smart!
    I’m so Rich!
    Everybody Loves Me!

  11. The problem is that he is telling seriously dumbed-down ril wyte uhMericuhns just what they want to hear, and he has developed the kind of showbizz persona that would convince them he could do it. That ploy succeeded thirty-five years ago with an audience far less violent than these. Between the whackwing turnout and the election violence they are likely to commit against those “others” who haven’t already been ingeniously disenfranchised, we are very likely to find ourselves saddled with this tinhorn dictator… or his veep (like Cruz)

  12. Oh SO sorry that not everyone feels the need to fall over themselves to fawn after Trump and feed his ego with our adoration and love, like you do. We just happen to disagree with him and see him for the bumbling fool that he is. The man is COMPLETELY unqualified to be President, offers no substantive policies other than “Make America Great Again!” and has shown his followers to be nothing but a legion of bigoted xenophobic braindead morons.

    And FWIW, I have NEVER encountered a single Trump supporter who can spell, write coherently, or provide a rational thought other than hate, anger, and vitriol. Trump brings out the worst in people and is tearing this country apart. THAT’S why we oppose him.

  13. This article really doesn’t say too much, we all know trumps a chump but it doesn’t say what hes wrong about. Just saying hes wrong doesn’t really bring a strong argument. Most of my old BS papers for school had more information than this article. I would like to see everything he says picked apart, like buzzards on a piece of roadkill. His opponents need to be on him everyday, ridiculing everything he says with clear arguments and exposing every invalid figure he comes up with to scare people into voting for him.

  14. Donald Trump said that Democratic leaders are very, very stupid people, and we are not getting anything out of the Iran deal. Trump promised, “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning. Believe me.”
    Now maybe you can understand idiocy but we who are sane do not

  15. …hence me term “Teatard”…this is WILLFUL ignorance…they should know better, but they throw knowledge away for Idiotology…

  16. No Bill you have it all wrong, it is not about “Trump hate” it IS ENTIRELY about the disgust with the willful ignorance and REAL hatred coming from Trump and the wing EVERY FRAKKIN’ DAY!! after DAY!. The Right wing spews hatred for everything they can’t control and when we call them on it then some how it us WE who are NOT the “haters” become the haters. The right wing is a childs playground.

  17. Bigly?

    We’re going to win “bigly” on trade?

    I guess that was the problem with President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. He just didn’t do it bigly enough.


  18. Trump is hypomanic – probably bipolar disorder and entirely incompetent multiply bankrupt entertainer and actor.
    Cruz is a religious fanatic and probably delusional
    Palin is dumber than stump and as honest as a winter solstice day in Barrow is long.
    They all share narcisstic personality disorder.

  19. Its pretty hard to cover Trump in a positive manner when his whole spiel is juvenile name calling and outright lies regarding policy.

  20. Here’s what scares me. We thought it was bad when they thought Sarah would be OK as veep, a heartbeat away. THE Donald doesn’t seem to be any more rational than she.

  21. He doesn’t have to bow to no stinkin’ rules of grammar! The stinkin’ rules of grammar have to bow down to HIM! He’s TRUMP!

  22. I messed up and butchered some of my comments earlier. But, I’m not running for President.

    If Trump became president leaders of other countries would need a translator who could interpret stupid.

  23. LOL, “win bigly”. He stood too close to Sarah Palin, and her refudiated cooties jumped on him.

  24. Nothing for analysis. All he does is bluster about how great, smart, rich he is and how stupid the rest everyone else is.

  25. you are really dumb.

    the best way to win a fight is to win the fight without a fight militarily. however, in order to accomplish that a strong army is needed. Only dumbass like the stupid Bush and those politicians would use war to win a fight without trying any advanced tactics.

    good thing is that Trump is just way smarter than those stupid politicians. he is not only “not politically correct” but also “strategically correct”. that’s why I am voting for him.

  26. I rest my case on the idiocy of Americans and I quote: “We are going to turn this country around we are going to start winning bigly on trade, militarily, we’re going to build up our military. We are going to have such a strong military that nobody will mess with us, but we will never have to use it.”
    Bigly? Dumbass

  27. Hey dumbass the writers, the moderators and a lot of the posters have read the deal that’s why we know what we are talking about. Don’t try to project your ignorance on us

  28. there was leo gorcey and norm crosby and
    now we have sara palin, donald trump and
    one of my favorites, brian kilmeade. these
    people speak “white ebonics”

  29. You are dumber than dump. Go ahead and vote for your egotistical woman hating and minority hating Trump. You are both alike. Birds of the same feather . Brotherhood of bigotry.

  30. Trump couldn’t handle that someone like Obama could become bigger then him and has now created this delusion that he’s this savior king we’ve been waiting for and when he’s president, he’ll rule the world and all the world leaders will do as he says without question, as well as reality.

  31. Trump is looking very frazzled lately and talking even more gobbledy-gook than previously – I have a deep feeling watching him, that he is personally already sick of this whole game and actually would love to quit – we will see where this goes ! Trump – you can get out any time, most of us are just waiting for you to get tired of it – talking rubbish is not a plan for the future !

  32. Yes-yes-yes “Crow”. I’m sure most in this thread saw “bigly”!. Just as I’m sure most understood what the stumble implied. However,if you were looking for a chuckle at Donald’s expense, I suggest you think twice before nit-picking in the future?. You just took a bite out of his bait?!. Trump support seeks to weed out those that waste time on trivial pursuits!!?.

  33. I agree Mr. Trump is looking tired lately, but, be mindful the man is 69 and dedicated to his campaign and family. However, I disagree that he is speaking “gobblgook”!. What I hear is a man on a mission to return control of our nation back to the American Citizens. A leader that will attack political corruption and restore our Country to One Nation Under God again. If anyone is talking “rubbish”, it is the other 14 (exceptions Cruz,Carson) stubborn, “Spoiled Brat”,GOP
    candidates that need to start dropping out.They should also begin to swallow their pride and for the sake of the party, endorse Donald Trump A.S.A.P.. Trump is serious, expect him to serve a proactive, productive first term. He will be a leadership mentor, handing his potential second term to a Strong successor.

  34. The un-published documentary of Donald Trump now available for you all to know the Real Donald Trump;


  35. I don’t believe Trump or Airhead Palin ever read the “deal” and if Palin had, she never could understand it anyway. She’s too busy watching Russia from her home.

  36. Trump Di Le monde sammich with Crawdaddy cocktails. Say man are those Sea Horseys Man?. Don’t mind if I step out for Ben’s Dristans do ya?. Oh Yeh… you need a needle & thread to string those nasty Cracker Jacks?. Kenny say he kill em.

  37. It is as though on the baseball field of life in this world, republicans are standing at the plate to bat at whatever the world throws at them; but, the pitcher is throwing the ball in another dimension, and it wizzes by them into the catcher’s mitt of history. They cannot even see the balls of reality coming over the plate at all. The umpire keeps calling strikes which gets them confused, and eventually frustrated to the point where they start swinging the bat endlessly at these invisible balls. They finally turn their rage to the umpire and the catcher and start swinging at them to disrupt the entire game of life, because they are totally out of sync with the realities of this world. And thus, we witness their lunatic outrage on our national stage. We laugh at their seeming incompetence; but, we must also remember the dire lessons in history where seemingly crazy people led solely by ideology sans science and rational thinking have led civilization to the brink of chaos and destruc…

  38. No No…. not trying to be funny at all. It’s all sound logic. People often send replies like yours when they innocently don’t realize that they need to improve their listening skills?. Please don’t take this the wrong way!. The condition is quite common. Trump always gives more information and details then other contenders ever have. He speaks quickly and many times metaphorically!. Never underestimate his intelligence, wit, or sense of humor. Their are people out there that have a God given gift of insight to see one’s empathy most cannot. Mr. Trump has a destiny to be our next POTUS!. Join now or learn later, either way it will happen.

  39. See my earlier comment addressing the “bigly” issue, or lack of there of?. You really need to pay closer attention. Always a good idea to study the whole of a thread like this?. Best Wishes.

  40. Once again, no joke intended to my knowledge?. Always a good idea to read more than just a few comments in a thread. Practice your listening skills. Best methods that lead to understanding.

  41. If today Trump was elected President, how many more country’s wouldhe had invaded,…with ,with your children, husbands ,how many Walls well he have buil
    AND he has control of the “RED BUTTON”

    OMG get real

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