Editorial Cartoon: Huckaban

Taliban American stylebd150909

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  1. Today he said if dick cheney’s long lost sister have to go back to jail he will gladly take her place. Big guy in the sky you know I don’t believe in you but if you are real please make it come true

  2. Its funny, both of these people claim to be Christian, yet they espouse more hate and conditional judgement towards others. Hypocrites in every sense of the “word”.

  3. Love It, Bill Day!
    Everything is going haywire for the RIGHTWING.
    The GOP did not want Religious Issues to distract this big Election!

    I’m having a problem can anyone help me?

    I wrote a scathing comment on The Guardian last night. Then today, My Sign-In/Password’s are all screwed-up.

    Is there such a thing that can screw up a computer like that from a distance? I have an APPLE.

    Any technical help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

    (This has happened before…every time after I have commented with some Truth that obviously someone doesn’t like)

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