Gay Marriage? Not if Kim Davis can help it!


Oh boy…whoever thought that the Republican presidential primary would have all eyes glued to the Carter County Kentucky Detention Center on a Tuesday afternoon, September 7th? But here we are, including pols, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz and a crowd of bible-waving theocrats.

Let’s start with the current cause celebre, jailbird, Kim Davis’ “God trumps man’s law.” The middle-age “Christian” Rowan County Clerk, four-time married proud homophobic, who blissfully breaks the law in the name of hate, claims she won’t issue marriage licenses to same sex couples because she’s operating under “God’s authority.”

She first acquired a job in the clerk’s office through nepotism. Her mother was clerk for 37 years; Davis had worked in the office for 26 years prior to being elected top dog and taking office January 5th of this year.

An unexpected release, notwithstanding, chaos may be the order of the day, or next few days or weeks. The judge who put her in the clink has just surprisingly issued an order releasing her from the clink located in a neighboring county. U.S. District Court judge David Bunning let her go with the proviso that she not interfere with the issuance of marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples. Five (of the six) deputy clerks in the office have no problem with same sex marriages and have been routinely issuing licenses.

The 49-year-old Davis (paid 89k a year in the fifth poorest state in America), appears to have been doodling during history class while the teacher chatted about the legislative process, the supreme court, the 14th amendment, the imperative of enforcing the law as an office holder; you know, stuff like that. She has insisted that given the chance, she’ll personally deny licenses to all gay couples and will prevent her deputies from doing so as well. Under the judicial order, these same clerks will file a Status Report every 14 days to update the court on the behavior of their recalcitrant boss. It’s pretty well accepted that if Davis continues to defy our nation’s law, and her lawyer tells the media “she will not compromise her conscience”, all indications are she’ll ignore the break the judge gave her. If so, she’ll get a penal encore, compliments of Judge Bunning.

In the real world, the hypocritical, hateful Davis isn’t worth a second of your time or mine. The site, LGBTQnation tracks her marital record; it’s anything but Christian. So gays can’t marry, but she can play all over town, her marriages morally meaningless and that’s somehow pleasing to God (or He/She looks the other way).

I went to the Google reference to the Rowan County Clerk’s Office and read some comments from other visitors. To wit, “If you are operating under ‘God’s authority”, ask God for your paycheck instead of us, the taxpayers.” Beautiful!

Then there’s “I am not writing on behalf of gay marriage. I’m writing on behalf of me being a Christian. What needs to be expressed to Kim Davis from a Christian is that she looks like a real hypocrite being married and divorced as many times as she has.”

And how about “I can think of nothing more un-American than the behavior of the clerk and her supporters?” People will one day look at you the same way they see the racists who protested integration in schools (note: how about mixed marriages?). Relics of an ignorant and misguided belief system.

Or, “Too bad other sinners aren’t as easy to spot so that she could discriminate against more undesirables such as fornicators and birthers of b*****d children as herself.”

A CNN talking head made the point that this is a public office. Thus the difference when Davis is compared to the late Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King was not an office holder in his defiance of repressive legislation.

The Republicans, of course, delight in this deeply divisive female version of ‘Joe the Plumber’. States’ Rights vs those dreadful feds. They’ll even sacrifice their only federal heroes, the generally reliable fellow fed-haters, the right-wing Supreme Court majority. Under the bus goes the entirety of the court from far left to far right because even the court recognizes the ‘equal justice under the law’ core of #14.

So Huckabee and Cruz have made their presence known. God’s in charge!

There does appear to be a religious accommodation in the works before a Circuit Court. It has been requested that Davis’ name be taken off the certificate of marriage. If this is done, Davis should be able to perform her other clerk’s duties.

Davis has just walked out of jail. Cruz is fore and Huckabee aft. Onward Christian bigots!!! A cipher is commanding the attention of the nation’s major media as if she matters. She doesn’t. She’s an outlier who is also an egoist and apparently unaware that other giant Christians, Cruz and Huckabee are using her for political purposes and have no interest past political strategy

Husband (the latest) Joe describes himself as a “good ‘ole country boy” who is standing by his wife. Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes as we speak. The good ole country boy and his sainted wife are going to figure out a way to make a ton of money out of this holy gesture.

I’ll close with the worst news most visiters to this site could ever hope to read. Davis ran for office as a Democrat.

At about 2:45, there was a ‘Kim’ rally as Mike Huckabee breathlessly announced that Kim Davis was “free.” It was also revealed by her attorney, a slick looking guy with a paternal arm wrapped around his client’s shoulders, that for the first time in six days she was able to kiss her (current) husband Joe. Talk about heartwarming. We were informed that Kim loves God! For her part, she had her head humbly and slightly bowed. Then we got the story that 4 ½ years ago, she gave her life to God and by golly, she’s a different women now. Her attorney suggests she was “at peace, even in her jail cell.”

A hyperbolic Huckabee talked about the tyranny of a court that can somehow make up law and enforce it. “Can the courts make a law out of thin air?” Excuse me pastor, the 14th Amendment is not thin air. Yet another laughing stock moment for the civilized world to enjoy. Huckabee also said if she is ordered back to jail, he’ll be willing to go in her place.

Following Huckabee and the attorney was a speaker from the Family Research Council, identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. A former Executive Director is Josh Duggar, famed incest practitioner and Ashley Madison enthusiast. Kim, Cruz and Huckabee must be so proud.

There will be numerous follow-ups to this initial account. The emesis basin please!

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  1. Did anyone notice the big confederate flag at the rally? I hate gays, I hate black people……praise be!

  2. When presidential candidates (Huckabee and Cruz) call the Supreme Court decisions “judicial tyranny” then it represents a challenge to law and order. This incident cuts to the core of why so many look at the Far Right with apprehension. They feel they have to right to decide which laws apply to them and then find a rational to justify it later.

  3. The worst part is that with all of the attention she has received from the press, with the support she has received from Christian organization, we should expect Kim Davis to be only the first of a series of petty (but well-paid) bureaucrats who will cite their religious beliefs as a means of not doing their jobs.

  4. Let’s see what the Huckster and Teddy Cruz want to put in place by promoting hypocrite Kim Davis’ “religious freedom”:

    Homosexuality is not only outlawed, but persecution of gays is embraced
    Government based on religious doctrine
    Woman are afforded fewer rights than men
    Reject science in favor of religious dogma
    Separation of church and state? Fuhgeddaboudit!
    Religion must be taught in school
    Abortion is illegal

    Hey – that’s exactly what those “Mooslums” want

    Yep … if you want Sharia Law in America, vote Rethuglican!

  5. No, the KY taxpayers don’t want to support her fat a$$. LOL

    But I want to know how this woman still has a job. She should have been terminated immediately for dereliction of duty. What world does she live in?!

  6. It’s obvious that Huckabee and Cruz are not really running for President. They know they don’t have a snowballs chance in he**. They just want fame and the fortune that comes with it. Neither one of them has any idea what is in the US Constitution and neither one really cares.

  7. Davis doesn’t like gay marriage, well then I’d tell her don’t get gay married.
    As many times as she’s been married, she really has no room to talk.

  8. I used to tell people that had some objection to gay marriage to look on the other side…

    you’ve been married and divorced a few times.. gay marriage might be your last chance…

  9. Born again xtian hillbilly, Kim, has lived most of her life making a mockery of marriage. And now she wants to tell other people they cannot marry? Who the hell does she think she is? Her job is to push paper, nothing more. For her, of all people, to make on the job moral judgments, is totally laughable and illegal.

  10. Agree brodie. Pushing paper for 89,000 per year, in the fifth Poorest State in the Union? What the( h)is wrong with the people in this State? Impeach the “B”. She will eventually make a fortune being a shill for the thugs. She and her Hubby are thinking of a way now, you can bet on it and the thugs are thinking of how they can use her.

  11. If they don’t want to support her they need to organize and impeach her. Regardless if she is at work or in jail, the taxpayers are supporting her. And quite handsomely too.

  12. This whole story will blow away soon…

    Kimbo not the a good martyr for the grifter politicos-preachers because she’s a women…she’s not real purrty, she comes off as real angry, and she works making more than her husband(s); she should have been home making babies, not 80K a year.

    The radical religious demands a real man as a hero, not some frumpy old divorcee!
    Her 15 minutes are over no matter how long her attorney’s plan to keep her hopes up…as soon as the judge gives THEM a warning, game over.

  13. Does anyone know if someone is actively trying to get her impeached? You would think someone would step up a file it. She is most definitely refusing to do the job that she was elected to do. Maybe the cowards are afraid of the backlash from the “religious” right?

  14. The nepotism goes beyond Kim Davis inheriting the clerk’s office from her mother. The one deputy clerk who refused to comply with Judge Bunning’s order is her son. Apparently she is setting him up to inherit the family business (office). In a poor county I cannot imagine there are not plenty of people interested in being elected to a job which pays over $80 thousand. The nepotism probably should be investigates as well as Davis’ bigotry.

  15. Morality according to Kim Davis

    From CBS news on 9/2/2015:
    …”Davis has been married four times to three different men.[4] The first three marriages ended in divorce in 1994, 2006, and 2008.

    She is the mother of twins, who were born five months after her divorce from her first husband.

    Her third husband is the biological father of the twins, who were adopted by her second husband, Joe, who is also her fourth and current husband”…

    Such model of purity of the religious commands…

  16. The idiot Rowan Co sheriff couldn’t have done a lot to stop the arrest, since she wasn’t in Rowan Co when she was arrested. Judge Bunnings neighbors weren’t too thrilled about the protesters in their neighborhood, one called them “a bunch of yahoo’s”. Isn’t it funny how the right wing stirs up all this anti-government crap, but don’t want the scum that latch on to it in their backyards.
    The most ironic part to me about this whole hillbilly hoe-down, is Judge Bunning is the son of our ex-senator Jim Bunning, who was one of the nastiest bastards, Ky ever sent to the senate.(next to McConnell)

  17. Even though she’s against gay marriage, it’s still her job to issue the certificate. You have to do what your employer (the state government in this case) requires you to. It’s hard to fire an elected official but could she have been given leave without pay? Also she should have just resigned, knowing full well she would have to issue gay marriage certificates.

    But what really frosts me is that she was put in jail over this. It’s ridiculous that she was taking up jail space and meals that could have been better used with someone who’s actually a danger to the local citizens like a drunk driver or a burglar.

  18. If God were going to choose someone to preach His message of peace, love and forgiveness, I’m pretty sure he would be disturbed with the likes of man fickle hill billy Kim Davis, and her feeble minded supporters. Hucka wanna be and Cruz to nowhere should be ashamed to not only endorse such lunacy, but to seek personal attention and gain from it.

  19. As well as being overpaid this woman was
    elected by a very small margin and immediately hired her 21 year old son.
    Huckabee is really a disgusting vile person – supported the godawful Nugent who
    sh*t his pants rather than join the military, but loves to parade in commaflage and carry a gun. supported the
    sex deviates called Duggars, also had a son that tortured animals and hung a dog while stoning it to death and slitting it’s throat.
    But that is OK – so long as a gay couple
    are not allowed to marrty!

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