South Carolina Not Feeling The Bern As Hillary Clinton Leads Bernie Sanders 66% to 12%

While Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum in Iowa and New Hampshire, the nation’s first caucus and first primary state respectively, he may hit a brick wall in South Carolina. South Carolina is the third state to cast votes during the primary process, with a Democratic primary date set for February 27th.

A Pulic Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on September 9th finds Hillary Clinton dominating the race, leading Sanders 66 to 12 percent in the current Democratic field. If Joe Biden enters the contest, Clinton’s lead shrinks, but not enough to make the state competitive. With Biden in the race, Clinton polls at 54 percent to Joe Biden’s 24 percent, and Bernie Sanders’ 9 percent support.

Clinton’s strength in South Carolina’s Democratic primary, comes largely from her appeal to African-America voters. Black voters overwhelmingly approve of her as a candidate, with 78 percent holding a favorable opinion of Clinton to just 10 percent who view her negatively.

In the Democratic race, Clinton leads with black voters, garnering 59 percent support to 27 percent support for Joe Biden, and just 3 percent support for Bernie Sanders. While Sanders has not caught fire with African-American voters in the Palmetto State, it is not because they dislike him, but rather many have not formed an opinion of the Vermont Senator yet. Sanders has a 32 to 20 percent favorable rating with African-America voters, but a full 48 percent are not sure how they feel about Sanders’ candidacy.

Polls this early in a presidential contest do not hold much predictive value for what will happen in five months, but they do help highlight strengths and weaknesses that each campaign must be aware of going forward. Although Bernie Sanders has pulled into the lead in New Hampshire and he has made Iowa competitive, he is fighting a steep uphill battle in South Carolina to catch Hillary Clinton.

A lot can change between September and February, but for the moment South Carolina isn’t feeling the Bern. Instead, the state appears poised to serve as a firewall for Hillary Clinton.

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  1. He only gets 3 % of the black vote. Like I have telling people he will not win without that base of the Democratic party.

  2. It isn’t just South Carolina.

    It is the entire south. And every state except NH/VT.

    Most states are not that white.

    She does well with the big tent. She speaks and always has to big tent dem issues. They not only know her – she is their champion and Big Dawg won the south too – twice.

    But hell, I have been saying this stuff since before she even declared.

    Joe will make a big splash then it will be reality time.

    We are not only ready for Hillary – she is ready to become our 45th president and I would hate to be the person who gets in our way!

  3. DJ. And the Hispanic Vote. I know quite a few Hispanic Women that pointed out a few things to me about Bernie’s Immigration “course corrections” shall we say.

  4. In my three counties – the Dem clubs, Hispanic Caucus and Black Caucus all say of course they are going with Hillary.

    I am talking about 21 separate groups. There are a smattering of Bernie fans but they are all, and I mean ALL – angry white far left men who are wealthy and who rant about the super rich as they drive fancy cars and live in big houses.

    She gets a very high percentage of not only POC but also people who have little money. The poor have always been drawn to her. They trust her to care about them.

  5. There hasn’t even been a single Democratic primary debate. Right now polls are mostly measuring familiarity and name recognition. We probably won’t see any major change in the polls in many states until people can compare the candidates side by side, something Team Hilllary has been working to delay for as long as possible.

  6. If a Democrat has to rely on a Deep South firewall strategy, something is very wrong. That would be like a conservative Republican needing Massachusetts and California to save their candidacy.

  7. So do you think the rest of the union is compose of white male so called revolutionary progressives ?

  8. You refused to understand the true base of the Democratic party but don’t worry he has his super duper ace in the hole Cornell West

    Take it away Professor West: Too many black people are nigger-ized. I would say the first black president has become the first nigger-ized black president…

    That will get the nigger-ized to feel the bern

  9. Bernie will be stumping in North Carolina this week in a county that is about 40% African American. The county is about half democratic party and white dems are only about 25% of the county.

    The biggest democratic demographic of the whole area is A-A. The crowd should be mostly black since the area has around 75% Dem non-whites.

  10. Good for the PPP.I used to work for a well known polling group that does alot of same kind of polls .What they don’t tell you to,get these results alot of people do not want to take the poll and hang up or,are angry you called them.When you call .Polls call cell phone and landlines.Many times the numbers do not work anymore.So it takes alot of calls nationally to complete a poll. They can give you an idea of what certain people think be independents,Democrats and or Republicans.So even if the poll shows Sanders with a low percentage now .As his expansion with offices opening in the South like North and South Carolina .He will reach the African America voters and Poll or no Poll .He will give Hillary a real fight in the Southern States .There is work on the ground needed and those who support him in South Carolina will do,what is needed to educate the Southern Democratic voters about Sanders .

  11. Just as djchefron and Rin have been predicting: Sanders is going to hit a wall after Iowa and New Hampshire.

    Poll after poll shows that African Americans and Hispanic Americans are not feeling “the Bern”, and once they begin to hear his pro-gun votes, his vote against the 2007 immigration reform bill that had a very good chance of passing into law, his vote with Republicans to shield the Minutemen along the southern border (2006 Homeland Security Appropriations bill amendment), his campaign will be over.

    For Sanders supporters, understand a simple truth. The true base of the Democratic Party is not the White far-left. They are African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans.

    President Obama won re-election not because of the so-called far-left “base”. They had abandoned him. He won because of African American turnout that was greater than in 2008.

  12. I will not concede a single state.

    Despite all the debate noise I Know she will make her case imminently clear with the first one, if not before.

    Look at her one hour discussion on the intricacies of Iran and Russia policy yesterday. Then look at his 8 minute Senate floor speech trying to tie Iraq AUMF into this matter.

    One is a president who wants to protect a nation and who personally knows the Brookings audience and speaks with smart power and broad knowledge on any subject.

    The other is a politician giving a ranting angry spiel and who is out to stir up his suburban white male wealthy arm chair revolutionaries.

    In other words he will be schooled.

  13. Welcome to politics. Here is your name tag. Don’t forget to vote.

    Hillary was the choice of 8 in 10 dems before she declared.

    Bernie is not a democrat. He is a socialist independent and he rants about one subject for 30 years to no avail.

    The DNC always pays for 6 debates. Any more than that is just superfluous.

    He has no charm or charisma. The debate stage will not make him look presidential despite his fans saying he will surge.

    Biden isn’t running yet and beats Bernie.


  14. There are hundreds of polls from various companies who do this for a living as there always are at all times on every subject – not just POTUS.

    They establish trendlines and averages.

    His audience pictures are enough to tell you his base.

    As anyone who has phone banked for democrats for years can tell you – you get a good picture after the first hundred calls. By the time you make a few thousand calls for your candidate you know what to expect because it is what it is.

    She is formidable.

  15. Von you are always clueless and always have no basis in fact and reality.

    He has no money and no organization and no support nationally and no base.

    He is unlikely to win anything in the primary even let alone a full onslaught attack in the General.

    Is this your first rodeo?

  16. Hillary Clinton has the best resume. Her experience as Secretary of State puts her far ahead of the others in World Affairs.
    She talks knowledgeable. The republicans talks loud.

  17. Nope. He won’t. The word, socialist, is toxic in the United States, and he won’t win the base therefore he won’t win the nomination especially when the base finds out he’s not even a Democrat.

    Sorry, Vic.

  18. I don’t want her to concede a single State, Rin, but when poll after poll – even the reliable PPP poll – shows her neck-and-neck with or slightly behind Sanders in lily-white Iowa and New Hampshire, there’s a possibility that she’ll have to concede one State to him.

    But it won’t matter. One State does not winning a primary make.

    She will go on to win the rest of the 49 or 48. I don’t see her losing either the primaries or the G.E.

    I already see her as Madam President for eight years – preferably with Julian Castro as her running mate and VP. She will be guaranteed the Hispanic vote, even in purple Texas.

    I just wish Joe Biden will officially bow out already. His numbers aren’t rising and he’s got a lot of emotional baggage that he needs to sort out without the grueling schedule of campaigning.

    I have switched my support from Biden to Hillary Clinton.

    Joe…when you snooze, you lose. Best to bow out now and not play spoiler.

    Edit to add: She has 42 solid votes here in SoCa…

  19. FYI: Your “far left” talking points were hatched at far right Koch-funded Libertarian think tanks, not unlike the Obama=Bush meme:

    Perpetuated by Libertarian Glenn Greenwald, who happens to be touring college campuses in the company of Koch-funded white supremacists at the moment:

    Libertarian crony capitalists pretending to be anti-war:

    They’re using Bernie to bash Hillary (even when Bernie isn’t):

    “Memo to Bernie Sanders supporters
    If you’re going to post an article bashing Hillary Clinton, you might want to do some research on the author and make sure they’re not a Rand Paul supporter.”

  20. P.S. Instead of spending your time spreading BS about Clinton, you could be helping Bernie by directing your ire toward those who deserve it:

    Bernie Sanders website: “What Do the Koch Brothers Want” – the “Libertarian” agenda:

    I might also mention that Libertarian billionaires fund the religious right and always have:
    Tax Documents Reveal: “The Koch Brothers’ Fake Libertarianism: War, Forced Pregnancies, and Homophobia”

    Libertarian Party: History 101/John Birch Society (they’ve never been a separate entity from the religious right):

    That is why (video): “Rand Paul Tosses Libertarian Supporters For The Religious Right”

  21. A trend I’m guessing we will see in the most conservative states, as well as the swing states. Only someone that presents a more centralist image has any shot at those key states that decide a close election.

    Nothing against Bernie and I agree with many of his emotional issues, but it will take practical negotiation with adept political skill to get ANYTHING done, let alone extreme proposals that have zero chance in a RW controlled Congress or a Senate that even if we win back will not have enough majority to override RW filibusters.

    If we get back the Senate and make a small dent in the Congressional Tea Party to get majority leader the ability to negotiate in good faith – then an adept centralist may be able to make some progress on critical issues of immigration, tax reform, and the $18 trillion deficit.

    Even with the improvement under Obama, we still spend more than we take in. If interest rates rise that debt alone will seriously hobble the government and force us to p…

  22. (cont)

    more money, driving down the dollar and increasing inflation. We need to grow the economy while taxing a bit more AND refocus Defense on the future kind of fights with a smaller budget (closing bases and $100 billion dollar programs for planes and battleships). None of this is doable with both the right and left standing knee deep in cemented principles.

  23. Anti-Semitic prejudice among Caucasians and African-Americans will be Sanders’ biggest obstacles to overcome. That, and lack of name recognition. Looks like Lil B, previous pro-Clinton lyrics notwithstanding, is now feeling the Bern, along with Killer Mike, one of the most intelligent voices in popular culture. With Cornell West voicing his support as well, the African-American intelligentsia is beginning to unite behind a non-corporate, non-dynastic candidate. Should be a fun primary!

  24. Cornell West? Is this the man who called the first black President a ni@@er? Is this the man who align himself with Tavis Smiley in cahoots with Well Fargo to defraud black homeowners? Is this the man who was pissed and have been berating the President because he didn’t get an invite to the White House? You along with Sanders are stuck on stupid

  25. I disagree. First of all, The name Hilary Clinton is a house hold name. Everyone knows her! Not the case with Bernie Sanders, who’s is that? Most people are not very well informed in the political process, they just vote for who they see on tv the most and who resonates with their personal feelings. Wait until after the debates, wait until Bernie wins in NH and Ohio. His name will get out there. It sounds like you are an avid Hillary fan, good for you, but giving an informed decision between the two, Bernie is the choice for America. Hillary is in the pockets of the rich, follow the campaign donors. I have switched my opinion as I have learned more and more about both of them. I’m sure you would also if you looked into it. As for Biden, eh. I’m looking for a political revolution, personally, Sanders is the person to do that.

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