Boehner Says Obama’s Unwillingness to Attack Iran Shows a Lack of Commitment to Democracy


In a press release yesterday, Speaker of the House John Boehner said of Obama’s support for the Iran deal, “The President has lost this debate with the American People.” Later in the day, he suggested that failure to attack Iran instead of negotiating with it shows a lack of commitment to democracy (more on that below).

In all my travels over the last month, the issue I heard about the most was the issue of the Iran agreement.

Listen, this is a bad deal. Most Americans oppose it. Most Members of Congress oppose it – including the top Democrats on the Foreign Affairs Committee in both the House and the Senate.

At this point, I think the president has lost this debate with the American people. He lost it the moment that he agreed to a deal that allows Iran to stay on a path to develop a nuclear weapon.

We’re going to do all we can to continue to try to stop this bad deal.”

Of course, in the event, Boehner was forced to cancel the vote on his own Iran resolution yesterday, so apparently what they are going to do is not much but b*tch and moan and demonstrate to the American people that Congress, despite seven years of doing nothing, has not yet run out of excuses for reasons not to do its job.

Unhappily, when Boehner claims “Most Americans oppose it,” Pew Research Center, in a report dated September 8, shows he is correct, alerting us to the unpleasant fact that “As Congress prepares to vote on the Iran nuclear agreement, public support for the deal has declined.”

In mid-July, a week after President Obama announced the deal, 33% of the public approved of the agreement, while 45% disapproved and 22% had no opinion. Over the past six weeks, the share approving of the agreement has fallen 12 percentage points (from 33% to 21%), while disapproval has held fairly steady (45% then, 49% now). Somewhat more express no opinion than did so in July (22% then, 30% now).

In this rare instance, while Boehner is actually right about something – Americans do not support the Iran deal – this lack of support is largely the result of misinformation spread, in large part, by himself and others in his party, and by the network that binds them all, Fox News.

Unfortunately for those like Boehner who oppose the Iran deal, it’s the only deal in town, as Sen. Dianne Feinstein has pointed out:

And no deal likely means war. That’s what Republicans are openly campaigning for.

However, Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) pointed out yesterday that she, if not chickenhawks like Boehner, know the true cost of war:

Boehner, speaking last night at the International Republican Institute’s Freedom Award Dinner, would have you believe that the Obama administration has shown a “lack of commitment to democracy” because it will not “support America’s allies and the world’s freedom fighters,” which is code, of course, for war.

The fact is, endless war has never been synonymous with democracy. War should never be a first option. It weakens a nation if it does not destroy it, as the events of 2008 proved. Now, just as we are experiencing the effects of recovery after seven years of a pragmatic and realistic foreign policy, the Republican Party would plunge us once more into war.

A war none of them will have to fight.

Rep. Ted W. Lieu (D-CA), unlike Boehner, has issued a statement offering a reasoned argument for rejecting the JCPOA, and concludes that “Ultimately this is a vote of conscience and I cannot in good conscience vote for” the agreement. In his statement, he makes a case for the role of Congress as a coequal branch of government, while admitting that “rejecting the JCPOA, or the TPP, will result in a weakening of the credibility of the Executive Branch and that from the point of view of the Administration, the alternatives are worse.”

Yes, Congress is a coequal branch of government. It is a pity Republicans do not remember that the Executive Branch is also. The last seven years would have been vastly better for all Americans, and for the world. Sadly, that has not been the case.

In fact, Breitbart editor Joel Pollak avers that the “Most impressive part of @RepTedLieu‘s analysis is his concern for what #IranDeal does to the Constitution & Congress.” Actually, Lieu does not say the Iran deal does anything to the Constitution or to Congress. Rather, he says that rejecting the deal will weaken the credibility of the Executive Branch.

Which has been Boehner’s goal all along.

Furthermore, Lieu points out, that “I respect the Constitution and I respect our President. If the JCPOA goes into effect, I will certainly work with this Administration to implement the JCPOA and minimize the negative consequences I believe will occur as a result of the agreement.”

One might disagree with Lieu’s findings – for example, his claim that “The main problem with the ‘alternatives are worse’ line of argument is that it tends to diminish the role of Congress, which is absolutely false. The ‘alternatives are worse’ line of argument tends rather to embrace the idea that war is worse than peace.

I can assure Rep. Lieu that supporters of the JCPOA do not in any way diminish the role of Congress in propelling America toward war with Iran.

Leiu, at least, respects our system of government, however misguided his thinking may be, unlike the twice traitorous Republicans who have already sought to undermine the Executive Branch by working with foreign powers, once with regards the JCPOA, and more recently, with the Paris climate talks.

It is a funny argument to make, that Obama has shown a lack of commitment to democracy, when the House, under Boehner, has worked during Obama’s entire presidency, to undermine the Executive Branch, to withdraw his coequal branch of government from actively governing when not outright shutting down the government, expecting all the while for the Executive to surrender to the Legislative.

In both word and deed, Boehner has shown America that democracy is the last thing he and his fellow Republicans want.

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  1. Boehner is blaming Obama for his failure to get his bat shit crazy Republicans together for a vote. Once again the TeaJahadist demonstrated who had the real leadership in the House

  2. The GOP is certainly NOT working for democracy in this country!

    Working to keep minorities out of the voting line, resucitating Crow laws & Gerrymendering to their advantage.

    The GOP working to keep females under foot and limiting the rights of everyone else, except the pseudo-religious-right

  3. Iran is actually fighting ISIS, which is good news to me. However, our wonderful pals, the Saudis, support and fund ISIS, as does Israel, and these two countries are the ones really pushing for US to go blast Iran. If Iran goes back on the deal, we bomb the shit out of them, if not, then they continue to kill terrorists.

  4. as a side note… the Supreme Court is a third co-equal branch of government even when you don’t like the opinions..

    right now Citizens United is a law as is LGBT marriage and the Affordable Care Act…

  5. What the hell are these gangsters doing in the public domain? I’m not even going into the peabrained followers of Donald Trump/Sarah show in front of the whitehouse yesterday. Just stupid people. And those sick assed German descendants, Kochs, very dangerous indeed, John Birch was their daddy’s favorite riech. I still can’t help but wonder if Donald is senile or not, what he’s doing, wouldn’t surprise me one bit as a ruse to expose and embarrass the GOP. What he’s doing just doesn’t add up. Stay tuned, Hitler was elected. Rancid Penis…Nevermind, he’ll always be Rancid, the lying assed little gnat.

  6. There was no ‘debate with the American people.” There was a complicit media allowing McConnell and Boehner unlimited access to lying about it, whining about it, and fear-mongering about it. There was Boehner inviting Netanyahu, who never met a war he didn’t want America involved in, to address the US CONGRESS and make the case for Israel against the President. There was attack after attack on this President. Where was coverage of what the deal really is? Where were interviews (not attacks) with Democrats who like the deal? I have never been against it, nor has anyone I know. I was never polled.
    So Johnboy, you are stuck, aren’t you? You made the case against this deal, and now your cause is lost. You made Americans wary of anything this President does, and yet, he wins again. Your party is a frickin’ mess, and you may lose your gavel..let’s hope, to Pelosi! Lose your gavel, and will your idiotic district support another two years of your lazy pretense of work?

  7. …it’s been a long time since Republican’ts have been pro-Democracy…it could even be said that it’s been since the Change-Over o’ the ’60s, when the “Republicans” of Lincoln morphed into the Democrats o’ today and vice versa…when it comes to ANYTHING a Republican’t says I follow the wisdom o’ Barbara Boxer…”Distrust, and verify.”

  8. If Bonehead and the rethugs want another war soooo bad, why don’t they just go over and fight. Pay for it your self and leave the rest of us alone. Make sure you use only rethugs blood on this battle field
    We are happy there is no war! (GET IT?)
    Net-no-nothing wants American blood spilled, not his, or his country’s. I wonder how many of his people really want WAR??? Surely, they must be tired of it!!

  9. Well drunk one you want war to show a commitment to democracy? Really its real simple: “The Congress shall have Power To …declare War….”

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 11

    See its simple. You have the power use it

  10. Is it just me, or does it seem like a really bad idea to show the world, (especially some of those countries who may not really be our friends) how f’d-up deluxe our congress truley is? Sometimes when you give your enemies a big enough opening, they walk right through it.

  11. Well you see, we have to have wars for the disposal of excess workers/voters. If we let the number of “them” exceed our ability to manipulate the vote a maintain control we will be forced to give up on the whole idea of government of, by, and for the people.

  12. You sir, in your inebriated, alcohol besotted madness are no longer fit to hold public office of any shape or form. Attacking soveriegn nations is a commitment to Democracy? The last nation that tried that was decidedly Fascist in scope Jackass Boehner, not Democratic. Though sadly it looks like the U.S. of A. is not far off that mark these days with the Military Industrial Complex and Big Oil calling so many of the shots.

  13. {{{whispers to the Boners bartender:”Cut him off…NOW.”}}}
    …this sorry “F”k projects so much I’m surprised he don’t have a lens sticking outta his forehead…{With a really dim bulb behind it!!!}

  14. Dear John (if only),


    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.



  15. DJ. Are these “Against Iran Nuclear Agreement” poll numbers correct? Or is it how they did the poll? I find it hard to believe that 49% of Americans oppose the agreement.

  16. I have not seen how the question was phrased but giving how stupid and gullible the American people are it might be true. Remember 50% of republicans are birthers and think that Katrina was Obama’s fault

  17. Mr Boehner, have you thought about what you said?

    You want to attack Iran using our soldiers; however, you would like to pay China back first, and let our vets go without benefits.

    Do you plan to fight the war? If not, STFU. You are one skeevy guy.

  18. If it’s the Pew Poll here is the question:

    Pew Research Center, 09/03-09/07/2015, 1,004 Adults Nationwide, Margin of Error: +/- 3.6

    From what you know, do you approve or disapprove of this agreement? “The recent agreement on Iran’s nuclear program between Iran, the United States, and other nations?”

    Approve: 21%; Disapprove: 49%; Unsure/Refused: 30%

    This questions was also asked:

    How much confidence do you have in the U.S. & International agencies’ ability to monitor Iran’s compliance with the agreement, a great deal of confidence, a fair amount of confidence, not too much confidence, or no confidence at all:

    A great deal: 12%; A fair amount: 30%; Not too much: 27%; None at all: 24%; Unsure/Refused: 7%.

    The main thing to note is that only 1,004 people were polled and of those people, there were a lot of idiots that always will be idiots and do not speak for the rest of us!!!

  19. This question was also asked:

    How much, if anything, have you heard about a recent agreement on Iran’s nuclear program between Iran, the United States and other nations? Have you heard a lot, a little, or nothing at all?

    A Lot: 36%; A Little: 32%; Nothing at All: 30%; Unsure/Refused: 1%

    What I think is interesting is that this question was also asked by in July (07/14-07/20/2015) and this is how the numbers showed then:

    A Lot: 35%; A Little: 44%; Nothing at All: 21%; Unsure/Refused: 1%. (The total percentage is off when you add these #’s up but, I went with what is showed).

    With only a 1% difference between the 07/14-07/20/2015 poll and the 09/03-09/07/2015 poll in regards to “Have you heard a lot”, has me wondering if any of these 1,0004 “Adults” have any clue?

  20. Correction: It should be 1,004 “Adults”, not 1,0004 “Adults”. Sometimes I type faster than I can think!!!

  21. Did you really just assert that the Jewish State, Israel is funding a group of people who are pushing for Israel’s destruction and wants to kill Jews. Please, you are insane and are ranting with no evidence. No credible news source backs up your claim. In fact, only conspiracy theorists and extremists back up your insane rant. Please go back on your meds.

  22. You’re thinking that we should not show the world the GOP? But if the world can see it, so can we. We are seeing how inept and stupid they are, despite having majorities in both Houses of Congress. Oh, and by the way, the system is working exactly as our Founding Fathers meant for it to work. they meant for this country to go neither too far to the left, nor to far to the right, in too short a time, and they certainly meant for the system and this country to be able to find our way back when we DO go to extremes. this deal failed because of the way the Constitution of the United States , the three branches of government, the two houses of Congress, and the Presidency are structured, balanced, and positioned. It’s messy; sometimes it;s ugly, and frustratingly annoying, but it works. The extremists, their stooges, and their leaders keep outing themselves as fools because our system of government works. . . .

  23. Globalreasearch is not credible in the least. These are the extremist nutjob conspiracy theorists who tried to assert that the Bush Administration brought down the Twin Towers instead of Al Qaeda terrorists in commercial jets. They tried to say that the buildings should still be standing despite being hit by a jumbo jet each and massive fires. Globalresearch are the nutjob extremists who asked how the CIA knew it was Ben Laden who planned and directed the attack within hours, even though the Intel saying that they were planning it was in the President’s Briefing as early as May 2001. That’s how the CIA and the President knew. But Globalresearch and their nut job conspiracies still insist that the Towers couldn’t have fallen despite over 97% of engineers saying the Towers couldn’t support the weight or the fire and all the destruction. You might as well start trusting Breitbart and World Nut Daily and Fixed Noise if you trust They’re as trustworthy as a Ouja Board…

  24. The Pew Research survey showing a majority of Americans oppose JCPOA is the product of a national $50M propaganda campaign. It was a concentrated effort over the two month Congressional summer break. The fact is, Americans were subject to a media saturation bombing campaign processed by a foreign power. It was financed by wealthy Israel-First and neoconservative organizations with gleeful GOP support.

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