GOP Voters Are Still Turned On By Trump’s Politics Of Insult And Division

A CNN/ORC poll released on September 10th, shows Donald Trump soaring to new heights in the Republican presidential race. The poll, conducted from September 4-8, found Trump gaining 8 percentage points since August. Trump now leads the GOP field with 32 percent support, followed by Ben Carson at 19 percent and Jeb Bush at just 9 percent support.

Trump’s growing popularity was made possible by huge surges in support from college educated Republicans and from female GOP voters. His campaign built on racist rhetoric and ridiculing others is now not only appealing to male voters and the uneducated, but it is increasingly capturing the hearts and minds of educated Republicans and female GOP voters as well.

In the August poll, Trump had the support of 16 percent of college graduates. In the September poll that number had risen to 28 percent. His standing with female voters rose from 20 percent to 33 percent over the same one month time period.

With Trump essentially winning across every significant Republican demographic, pundits are dumbfounded in trying to explain his popularity. None dare point out the obvious. Republican voters, by and large, support Donald Trump’s loud mouthed bigotry and his unapologetic sexism. As unflattering as that conclusion may be, it is clearly demonstrated by GOP voters continuing to flock to Trump as their first choice for president.

Trump’s latest controversial comments where he blatantly ridiculed Carly Fiorina’s physical appearance are being rightfully criticized by journalists and fellow GOP candidates alike. However, it is not likely to cost him votes. Since Trump’s insinuation that Megyn Kelly asked him tough questions because she was menstruating, helped him rise in the polls after the first GOP debate, there is little reason to suspect he will suffer any fallout for him comments about Fiorina’s face. Mean-spirited GOP voters after all, seem more interested in egging Trump on, than in penalizing him for his crude sexist remarks.

As long as Republican voters continue to reward Trump for being an obnoxious bully, he has no reason to stop hurling insults and zero incentive to dial down his inflammatory rhetoric. Journalists can criticize Trump all they want, but he is a symptom rather than the cause of the problem. He continues to perform well in the Republican polls, because Republican voters, male and female, educated and uneducated, seem to share his arrogant, simplistic and bigoted world view.

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  1. yeah…

    My ex-wife thinks he’s the greatest thing since she thought I was the greatest thing and we all know how she feels about that right about now!

  2. Donald Trump is a joke and the media’s milk cow. Even Ross Perot would be in the lead if he had the media covering him like they do Donny boy. how will Donnny handle his big fall. And it’s coming.

  3. Is it any wonder GOP voters are thrilled at just how rude and divisive Trump is?

    The Republicans – a/k/a Tea Party – a/k/a KKK – a/k/a the ignorant have been rewarding nasty behavior like Trump’s ever since since Joe “You lie” Wilson insulted and embarrassed our nation during President Obama’s first SOTU speech in 2009.

  4. All this time I’ve puzzled on who Trump reminds me of. I finally connected the dots. Trump is a carbon copy of Benito Mussolini, the Italian fascist dictator. Simply look at his mannerism and then check out the mannerism of Mussolini — They’re identical. The rhetoric coming out of Trump is very parallel to the rhetoric that came out of Mussolini–high on action, hatred, nationalism, firebrand speeches, wanting to make Italy Great again (sounds familiar??), but little on specifics and details. The Italians ate all of Mussolini’s BS, at first. Only when people (Italian citizens) started disappearing that they wised up to his antics. It seems Trump wants to do the same–make American born citizens disappear……..I wonder if they’re related??

  5. GOP voters are just ignorant. Try to discus any policy with them and you will walk away saying WTF. That is all

  6. You’ve heard of the blind leading blind, right?

    Well, this is the dumb leading the dumb… and like the lemmings that they are, they’ll probably follow Trump right off that proverbial cliff he will hit before too long.

  7. Trump is following the Republican/Reagan playbook for the 2010’s, meaning, he is engaging in the same jingoistic, racist, sexist smoke blowing that Reagan did. The whole “America is the greatest so you never have to say your sorry”. The difference is that Trump is made for the “reality tv” generation more vulgar and less nuanced.

  8. I knew I was onto solving the “why are Republican women’s knees soiled”. Servitude. Thanks mom, for not being Republican.

  9. You got that right. Try to talk to my brother in law and he goes Ballistic. Starts screaming that I know nothing and can’t discuss politics. All the while he is stumbling all over himself trying to defend these Rude, Hateful, and IGNORANT ideas. Since Pres. Obama was first elected I learned real fast to steer away from political conversation, it is like pissing in the wind. RUDE CRUDE AND SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE!! That is the way of the (sic)-NEW SOUTH!! The only thing “NEW” is a new generation of IGNORANCE!! WE MUST GET THE VOTE AND CONTROL OF THESE GERRYMANDERED STATE HOUSES, FIRST AND FOREMOST!! It is a sad commentary when one looks at the popularity of a TRUMP!! And what is worse is they use the guise of “Christianity” while spouting all the HATE and EVIL that they use against Civil thought and discussion.

  10. If you listen to Marsha Blackburn, you’ll come to realize why these Republican women aren’t fazed by the insults Trump throws at them. They seem to take his misogynistic behavior and wear it like a badge of honor.

  11. Trump is showing the ugly side of America, the side that makes us look ridiculous and which creates enemies for us all over the world. The man is the Ugly American that the world ridicules. This mindless put-up-your-dukes nonsense makes no sense and does nothing but show not strength but our inferiority complex as a nation. Powerful people and powerful nations don’t go around making childish insults to others.

  12. Trump Seriously: On the Trail With the GOP’s Tough Guy

    “I’m owned by the people. I’m no angel, but I’m going to do right by them.”

    Read more:

    After I [reporter Paul Solotaroff] met Ivanka and praised her to her father, he said, “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ”

    That’s at least 20 fuking shades of creepy right there. Can you imagine the Beltway media reaction if the leading candidate for his party’s nomination — particularly a Democrat — basically told a reporter “I’d hit that” in reference to his own child? But for Trump, the rules do not apply.

  13. yeah…he’s got it coming to him.

    The crux–Sheldon doesn’t like or want him around any more; too much competition isn’t a good thing after all, right Sheldon? All those cigars you two tapped together, bragging about who’s richer, laughing at the rubes…and now Donald gives you no respect?!

    Sheldon is used to getting his way, throwing casino money around trying to create a right wing charismatic leader that the GOP will follow around slavishly…but now, nobody comes and “talks” to him anymore…tsk.

    The Donald was supposed to stay in the background and just write “casino” checks, not run the show! Sheldon pays Don Rickles to insult the rubes, not Trump!

    Trumps gotta go, right Sheldon?

  14. DJ – you are so right on the creepy, however I would add sleazy, skin crawling, sicko. The first time I heard that interview the only thought at that very moment was oooh! My goodness, did he just say that he would do his daughter – ugh!

    Yep! this is what every Mother wants to hear from the father of her children – NOT! Please, please don’t let this creep near the WH.

  15. I think what bothers me most about this article is that Trump is attracting educated – college educated GOP women – WTF is wrong with them? They must have been taking how to hate yourself classes.

    Or were they so indoctrinated before attending college they just took classes that did not challenge their beliefs?

  16. Eliner Tryon Elgin, that was my exact reaction as well! How could college educated people (especially women) even consider supporting this sorry excuse for a man who refers to women as bimbos and other choice monikers. When you compare the level of class between Trump and our president, the difference is astounding!

  17. I honestly think the end game with Trump, is that people are gonna be so sick of the “carpet bombing” (so to speak) by the media constantly hyping this guy 24/7. A person can only take so much of this sh*t and just says “enough”! The media, in its quest for ratings beyond the greed of avarice, are the ones who will kill this golden goose known as “The Donald”.

    That’s my prediction.

  18. Indeed, his flamboyant blowhardery reminds me far more of Il Duce than Hitler, but for a still more exact match, picture a Nazi movement led by Göring instead…

  19. They believe that bullying is strong leadership and if by some miracle that Trump does become president, he’ll no doubt become a big joke to the rest of the world as he learns that he isn’t as big and great that he brags that he is.

  20. Most of the other Rep. candidates are an awfully sorry lot. Some too extreme,some too dumb. It’s no wonder the outsiders are leading. Donald will be discarded as the joke he is,but what then? Carley? Jeb is dull and not very bright. Ben, too empty and unqualified.

  21. Trump plays people like instruments. He’s the greatest show on Earth, with all the tricks and gimmicks under the big top. He’s like the ‘Wizard of Oz’. He can’t possibly believe or back up all the crap he says.
    He’s got the media hanging on his every word, and all the free advertising his brand can use. He’s a winner no matter what. His name will live on, whether he’s the guy that takes down the GOP from within, or most unlikely, POTUS.
    Ignorant women have always been attracted to bad boys. The Donald doesn’t disappoint.

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