Media Bias Confirmed As Analysis Shows Trump Gets 4 Times More Attention Than Bernie Sanders


The media has its own 2016 agenda that involves giving Donald Trump more attention than any other candidate an analysis by Nate Silver revealed that Trump received nearly four times more press coverage than Sanders.

According to Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight, “Sanders hasn’t been ignored by the press, which wants a horse race between Sanders (or Biden, or anyone!!!) and Clinton. Still, Sanders’s media coverage has been paltry compared with Trump’s. According to Yahoo News, Trump has received about 35,000 media “hits” in the past month, compared with about 9,000 for Sanders. For comparison, Clinton has had 18,000 hits over the same period, and Jeb Bush has had 14,000.”

Trump got nearly twice as much coverage of Clinton, and it is a safe bet that the media stories were overwhelmingly negative and focused on her emails. The point of Silver’s piece was that the media needs to stop comparing Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders because there is no comparison between the two.

Sen. Sanders is a legitimate candidate who has real positions on the issues while Donald Trump is a media driven hype machine whose agenda comes down to non-white people are bad, and the fact that Trump is both white and rich, so he is great. The reason why Republicans are eating up Trump’s schtick is because they think America is not great under President Obama, and they believe that if they vote for somebody who says their great, America will be great again, which will mean that by extension, they also will be great.

The media saw the ratings that Trump drew for the Fox News debate and assumed that Trump equals hits and ratings, so the coverage became all Trump all of the time. The reality is that Fox News drew a huge rating because the novelty of Trump’s first presidential debate combined with the fact that the debate was on the in-house Republican network of Fox News equaled a can’t lose combination.

It isn’t your imagination. Bernie Sanders is accomplishing something incredible that is being largely uncovered by the media. The media has two obsessions. They are obsessed with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s emails. Both are empty pursuits that are leading to voters being underinformed while the real issues facing this country are ignored.

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  1. The media doesn’t care about facts and figures on the real issues that the country is facing. All they are concerned about are ratings and fear that a competitor will have higher ratings if they spend time covering Sanders and Clinton. It’s all a money game, they no longer care about educating the public on the issues.

  2. I guess his puts to bed any notion that there is or ever has been an alleged “Liberal Media’ or a “Liberal Media Bias”. Well we SANE people(Dems/Libs) know this already but the right wing will never have any truck with reality so they will just claim that it’s because the American people “want” this.

  3. Let them bow in adoration of T-rump for as long as they want to do so. Let those of us with brains and logic work quietly to promote our candidates and totally destroy the GOP/Tea Party effort to defeat what our founding fathers built for us.

  4. Everyone gets less coverage than Trump.

    I must say though it was an interesting contrast yesterday watching Hillary Clinton’s speech on Iran and watching Trump and the rest of the Crazy Train talk about it at that “rally.”

  5. The lack of media coverage is probably more than a minor factor in Bernies failure to gain ground in states he hasn’t spent much time in. Wait till he starts spending more time in S.C. and let’s see what happens there.

  6. Of course Trump gets more attention, Trump has turned the GOP primary into a reality show, hasn’t anyone noticed that Trump gets attention by insulting someone every couple of days, as they say in show biz, no publicity is bad publicity. Not all Republicans are for Trump.

  7. Trump lost significant attention for three or four days, after signing the nonbinding Republican pledge. Now he’s resorting to more personal attacks, to gain it back. He may be the current GOP front man, but he is not the GOP candidate of choice. There will be fallout! I can only hope the giant ego still jumps ship and runs as an Independent when it really matters. If candidates from both parties were covered fairly by the media, Trump would never have mattered. There is only biased coverage of any candidate to date. The Democrats are barely visible at all.

  8. How can you not see the liberal bias in mainstream media? They pass off liberal ideas as a “given”, & the opposing option, the extreme that neither side supports. In an effort to decide the people into believing the liberal side always right, & conservative side, always wrong. Me personally, I like to hear both sides, fairly & competently, before I choose my side.

  9. Where is the “liberal bias” in mainstream media? The total lack of it is the reason I read websites such as PoliticusUSA. And if you think you are correct in this “liberal bias” statement, why are you even reading this website? Simply put there should be no need for you to be here.

  10. Given the fact that much of our (surviving) media are splashing around in current deep & dark waters – simply trying to survive deep impacts of contemporary “communications” preference changes – instead of knee-jerk readings of highly partisan motives for this “over-the-top” coverage differential, how about straight-thinking another obvious reason? E.g., the Media – in whatever country – largely exists to extract as much readership mileage as is humanly possible re: ANYTHING CURRENTLY GOING ON! That is to say, “Pandering to the Public” & accentuating/”milking” whatever sensationalist aspects of “news” there is; that may be found; OR EVEN “CREATED” out of whole cloth! This WAS/IS/ALWAYS WILL BE THEIR PRIMARY “MODUS OPERANDI”! Ergo, “what else is new”, relative to ultra-sensationalist “The Donald”!!

  11. There are other ways to get media attention
    On “Ellen,” Hillary Clinton Gets Dance Lesson, Warm Audience On Emails

    Ellen DeGeneres gives Clinton her endorsement.

    I love this line: On the double standards for men and women “And it’s not fair,” said DeGeneres, “because you are the smartest, most qualified person for this job. If I’m looking for someone who’s qualified… If I wanna hire a plumber, I want someone who has snaked a drain. You know what I’m saying?”…

    I don’t know how many people watch Ellen but it must be a lot since she is still on the air

  12. Trump is what too many ordinary Americans admire: he’s rich, he’s brash, he lives a life they wish they lived. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders is an old geezer hippie freak Socialist of absolutely no attraction. Why is anyone surprised that the America we see every day in the media prefers The Donald to The Socialist? Trump would whip Sanders soundly in a general election. That is the America we live in.

  13. Its not how many times one appear its how you are covered that leads to bias. Case in point. We all was inundated with the non story of Hillary emails, Benghazi and a whole lot of nothingburger driving people to question her. Trump says he wants to bang his daughter nothing but crickets.

    Huckabee is treated like some hero standing up or rights but when he said Dred Scott is the law of the land you would think one reporter would say “Are you fuking stupid”

    Not once do they question how wrong republicans are economics, foreign policy, womens rights etc.. It must be true when Chuck Todd said its not my job to correct the record but let a Democrat fart they cry out for hearings to see if farts stink

  14. I’m down with Bernie or Bust, Bernie or Else, etc. However, the article you site provides a dead link for the RAP. Carry on, the Revolution cannot be stopped.

  15. Would love to see Bernie Sanders on Ellen. Although, I doubt he’d dance with her. He’s a stick to the issues kind of guy. Damned Sexy trait if you ask me!!

  16. I know you are special but the FBI is not investigating her they are investigating the security of her server. This is from a right wing rag: The sources cautioned the Post, though, that the FBI is not investigating Mrs. Clinton herself nor accusing her of wrongdoing. Now educate yourself The Issue Everyone Is Missing In The Clinton Email Scandal

  17. So, I listened to Donald Trump on CNN last night. He said he’s now getting like 35% of the African American vote & 26% of the Hispanic vote. 35% & 26% of what? AA’s & Hispanics that lean Republican? He didn’t make that clear of course. Where did that poll come from? The top of his orange head?

  18. Lol. You’re so very naive. Fbi investigates people. Btw I love that you’re able to use liberal websites as sources but you don’t allow right leaning websites. You guys are so very hilarious

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