Obama Rubs Salt In The Republican Wound By Praising “The Senate” For Iran Vote


President Obama rubbed a little salt in the Republican wound with a statement offered an unspoken reminder that Democrats stood together and won again.

In a statement, the President said:

‎Today, the Senate took an historic step forward and voted to enable the United States to work with our international partners to enable the implementation of the comprehensive, long-term deal that will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. This vote is a victory for diplomacy, for American national security, and for the safety and security of the world. For nearly two years, we negotiated from a position of strength to reach an agreement that meets our core objectives. Since we concluded these negotiations, we have had the most consequential national security debate since the decision to invade Iraq more than a decade ago. Over the last several weeks, the more members studied the details of this deal, the more they came out in support. Today, I am heartened that so many Senators judged this deal on the merits, and am gratified by the strong support of lawmakers and citizens alike. Going forward, we will turn to the critical work of implementing and verifying this deal so that Iran cannot pursue a nuclear weapon, while pursuing a foreign policy that leaves our country – and the world – a safer place.


When President Obama was praising the Senate for taking a historic step forward, he was really talking about the group of 42 Senate Democrats who blocked the resolution of disapproval from passing. Republicans will try to spin the vote into a “victory” by claiming that a majority of the Senate voted against the deal, but this isn’t much of an argument since Republicans have a majority in the Senate.

Senate Republicans thought they were setting up an epic veto showdown with the President that they could use as a campaign issue in 2016, what ended up happening was another crushing defeat that demonstrated the strength of Obama and the Democrats.

Republicans thought that they could use Netanyahu’s opposition to the Iran deal as a wedge that divide Senate Democrats and their president. Instead, Democrats unified around Obama and dealt Republicans another embarrassing defeat. Republicans will try to their lemons into lemonade on the campaign trail, but they have been beaten again by a “lame duck” who still has a lot of quack.

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  1. He should have added ” To the 47 who, led by a Senator who don’t even know the Constitution I would like to thank you for showing the American people where your loyalties lie and who would send American men and women to die in a futile attempt to accomplish what we have done with peace. Bye Felicia”

  2. “You come at the King you best not miss”, PO isn’t a king, but ya’ll get the point

    Like I keep saying they can cry me a river and build me a bridge, I don’t feel one iota of a bit of sorry for them…not a one

  3. Meanwhile-today…my local FOX-Watcher said: “The Wost President We’ve Ever Had!

    Hope/pray that middle-of-the-roader’s will notice all the Hated and Vitriol coming from the Once Grand Old Party.

    Remember what Twain said:

    “Anger/Hatred does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored…
    Than to anything on which it is poured”
    -Mark Twain

    Conservatives are weakening all across America.

  4. everyone- I know I sound like a broken record BUT please start thinking about voting next year. do a little research here or there. find out locations and specifics and if there are any crazy voter id laws. know exactly what you need to vote in November of next year. we can crush the GOP and conservatives to dust.

  5. mdag, I totally agree with you. Every thinking American needs to stand up without hesitation for what they know is right, not only for themselves, but for all Americans.I refuse to worry about the 1% because they will spend their time and money on protecting themselves at the expense of the rest of us.

  6. Particularly true regarding the current bunch at Capitol Hill.

    “Fleas can be taught nearly anything that a Congressman can.” –Mark Twain

  7. Why stop with salt? Add alcohol, bleach, hot peppers, acid, lye, whiskey, cat o nine tails…. they deserve it

  8. If we, as a nation could put a side our petty partisan differences, we could get someone in the White House who will help all working people, the poor, the homeless. Break up the monopolies, the banks, the same people who drive their cars off the cliff every time and expect the middle class to pay for their insanity. I know Bernie Sanders would keep his word, because he always has.

  9. While I do enjoy the articles posted on this site, is it too much to ask to have someone proofread them? Three major and very annoying typos in sentence structure that prove that no one took the extra 3 minutes to just read this piece over. Kind of detracts from your message.

  10. If you’re talking to me, I find nothing about the piece offensive (unless you count poor grammar and proofreading skills.)

  11. Bebe
    I agree 100%
    Obama is the 5th best president Aka community organizer.

    1) Reagan and Lincoln tied for first
    2) Seventeen presidents tied for second
    3)Twenty-three other presidents tied for third
    4) Jimmy Carty came in 4th
    5) Obama was fifth

  12. I know how socialism works! It where everyone shares in the same misery. Also works until you run out of money.

    Community organizer is the 5th president
    1) Reagan and Lincoln tied for first
    2) Seventeen presidents tied for second
    3)Twenty-three other presidents tied for third
    4) Jimmy Carty came in 4th
    5) Obama was fifth

  13. You do? You do know socialism was written in the Constitution via the Postal clause. You do know the roads, your schools, the highways, police and fire department, Social Security, Medicare, parks and libraries your employee health care are socialism? You do know that or you are just plain ignorant

  14. I suspected he was about to rain down doom and destruction when House Whip Scalise (R-LA) was outed as a KKK member the day he set foot in DC.

    Congress is now helpless. Let the slaughter of the guilty begin!

  15. Nice how you denigrate President Obama by calling him a “community organizer”. What’s next, calling him “boy”?

  16. “Republicans thought that they could use Netanyahu’s opposition to the Iran deal as a wedge that divide Senate Democrats and their president. ”

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  17. What made Reagan a good president? What made him even think he was a good actor. He was a 2nd rate actor who tried and got the presidency by managing to convince some that he was anything other than a crook.

    I say that based on Iran-Contra, and the fact that 1 year before all the sorry details came out, he lied on national tv and said he knew nothing about it. Exactly 1 year later the whole sorry mess unraveled. The thing is, I KNEW he was lying when he said it, so he really wasn’t all that convincing a liar.

    I think the list provided of the best presidents should be turned on its head…Obama in number 1 slot….Carter number 2 (he was and is a great man…and humanitarian and that counts for more than whether he accomplished all he might have) After all, with Obama we have learned how stubborn the “friendly opposition” can be….when they decide to obstruct for the sake of obstructing.

    That is the long way to say it, but the short way is no way was Reagan “a great pres…

  18. If anything, the fact that Netanyahu came over here, at the bequest of the republcans true, but still trying to stick his nose into our decision making process, told me that the Iran arms deal was likely a fairly good one.

    Apparently there weren’t enough republicans to advocate for a warlike stance so they had to bring in outside help…LOL

  19. Meg, We on this Board, overlook Punctuation Flaws.
    We place more importance on an intelligent and thought-provoking comment…
    …Than any interference in it’s delivery!

  20. I hate to sound like a broken record but as Bill Maher said so astutely:Republicans won the midterms but Obama is still kicking their asses!

  21. Let’s see some salt applied to the wounds of Chuck Schumer, my NY senator, for his greater allegiance to Israel over the Democratic Party, his president, and the best interests of the United States. Under no circumstances should Schumer be made leader of the Democrats in the Senate when Reid retires. That job was always rightfully Dick Durbin’s and it has been Durbin who secured the votes in the Senate for President Obama. To put that party turncoat Schumer as leader of the Democrats would be a farce.

  22. Would that be the Reagan who increased the national debt by 279% and who actually DID sell arms to Iran, then lying about it?

  23. Actually, to those 47 he should have said, “you’re under arrest for treason against the United States.”

  24. President Obama has redefined the traditional definition of Lame Duck to mean, thoroughly qualified bada$$ !!!

  25. rethugnicons and Netanyahu thought that they could divide Jewish Americans and Democrats by playing the dual loyalty card. Boy, were they wrong! As liberals and Democrats always do, it was not a question of politics or loyalty, so much as it was a matter of reading the darned agreement and evaluating it based on its own merits. The GOP has been wrong about the weapons inspectors in Iraq and every other one of its pretenses for going to war. So, has Netanyahu. Jewish Americans did not ignore that when we read and discussed this agreement in our JCCs, our synagogues, and in our homes. In fact, the record of Conservatives was on the forefront of our minds. The OAEA, which will do the inspections and the record of those who will enforce and verify this agreement have impeccable records, especially compared to the agreements opponents. . . .

  26. Dear BOB.. when I read Rey-gun as number one along with Lincoln My stomach churned.. Rey-gun can’t hold a candle to any Pres….even the worst….because He.. is the worst. He and shrub belong in the trash heap of History..

  27. Kicking with glee, I might add. Go for it Mr. Pres. we are behind you..
    I also will correct one mis- statement.
    This Pres.is a community organizer, yes.. with a constitutional Atty. degree…so put that in your pipe and smoke it Thugs. which of you can say the same?

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