Republicans Have Spent 2015 Working For Foreigners, the Kochs, and Religious Extremists


There must be an agreement among conservatives, particularly Republican and teabagger conservatives, that they will never do their appointed jobs. Throughout President Obama’s tenure, particularly starting in 2011, Republicans complained they could never accomplish their jobs or fulfill their duties until they controlled both houses of Congress that would allow them to dominate the President into submission. In fact, until the Koch brothers bought Republicans control of the Senate, the GOP regularly blamed their deliberate obstruction on Democrats in the Senate who refused to do the religious right and Koch brothers’ bidding. After they won control of the entire Congress, Republicans boasted to Americans that finally, they would get straight to work and be champions for the people and beat President Obama into granting their every wish. However, with a strong majority in the House and Senate, Republicans began 2015 working exclusively for four very special interests and have accomplished absolutely nothing for the people by design, or delivered anything for their special interests although it was not for a lack of trying.

It is curious that although every Republican in Congress takes an oath of office to support the Constitution, not one of them adheres to the primary job description that document very plainly informs is the only reason they serve.  Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution says, “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.” Later in the same section it says that members of Congress shall “make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States.”

Now, nowhere in Section 8 does it say that Congress shall work for the Koch brothers and their dirty fossil fuel industry, a foreign corporation, a fanatical religion, or a foreign head of state; and yet Republicans have spent the whole of 2015 serving those four special interests exclusively. Under Republican control, Congress has not laid any taxes to provide for anything, much less for the general welfare of the people, and they have not made any laws to provide for the people’s general welfare. They have however, as their first action on taking control of the Legislative Branch in January 2015, served the religious right by attacking women’s reproductive rights.

According to the new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, attacking American women’s reproductive health was crucial because “there’s no reason our constituents should be kept from having their voices heard on this (religious) issue in the Senate. I look forward to the Senate passing similar (religious) legislation to the House in this Congress.” True to his pledge to religious extremists, the newly empowered congressional Republicans introduced no less than five separate bills restricting women’s reproductive rights within the first couple of days of the new legislative session. It is worth reiterating that there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution tasking members of Congress with “making laws for Christian fanatics;” particularly when those laws have absolutely nothing to do with “paying the debts and providing for the common defense and general welfare” of the people.

The next special interest(s) Republicans served instead of the general welfare of the people was a foreign corporation. It did not take Republican very long at all to pass inherently unconstitutional legislation that sought to supersede the Executive Branch’s authority by attempting to grant a State Department construction permit to a foreign corporation even though the Department is part of the Executive branch. The foreigners leading TransCanada tasked congressional Republicans to approve building a pipeline carrying dangerous toxins to the Gulf of Mexico, and with complete disregard for the American people Republicans complied; the head of the Executive Branch, President Obama, did not.

By now any semi-conscious American is aware that the Keystone XL pipeline offers nothing for the general welfare of the people and poses an existential threat to the environment. The foreign pipeline will profit the oil industry, a foreign corporation, Speaker of the House John Boehner and the Koch brothers, but it does nothing for the people. There is nothing in Article 1, Section 8 tasking members of Congress with the duty to pass unconstitutional legislation to provide profits for a foreign corporation. Republicans love foreigners, and working diligently for the general welfare of foreign profits is nearly as important to Republicans as working for a foreigner crusading for Americans to fight and die in another Middle East war.

Republicans spent, and are still spending, an obscene amount of taxpayer time and money serving the interests of Israel and its warmonger leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Republicans even invited the foreigner to address a joint session of Congress to lobby for support to thwart an international agreement with Iran to prevent war. Instead of spending any time passing legislation to provide for the general welfare of the people, a group of Republicans sent a message to America’s so-called “enemies” pledging that as members of the United States Congress they intended to do exactly as the foreigner Netanyahu ordered; pass legislation stopping the United Nation’s P5+1 agreement to start a war with Iran. As with the other special interests Republicans serve, there is nothing in the Constitution defining Congress’ duty as working for a foreign government in opposition of the United States of America. There is, however, plenty in the U.S. Code defining what Republicans did as sedition; but Republicans are predominately white and above the law.

Although the Koch brothers stand to profit handsomely if Republicans had succeeded in their congressional service to the foreigners in Canada and Israel, their real reward is the Republican war against environmental regulations and attempts to combat anthropogenic climate change. Although Republicans certainly did not campaign in the midterms on eliminating environmental protections ensuring Americans have clean air and water, it has been as important a task to them as serving foreigners and religious extremists. The only beneficiaries of Republican attacks on environmental regulations are the Koch brothers, and like serving the foreigners and the religious, there is nothing in the Constitution about Congress working to provide greater profits for two wealthy oil magnates.

The apropos question every American should be asking Republicans, especially those seeking the party’s presidential nomination is; exactly what have Republicans done for the general welfare of the people since the Koch brothers bought them control of Congress? Surely attacking women’s reproductive rights is not going to grow the economy, create jobs, or provide clean air and water for the people, any more than working diligently for a foreign corporation and foreign head of state’s war efforts. However, Republicans have done nothing else whatsoever since they took control of the Legislative branch and it is an epic mystery why Americans are not outraged and taking to the streets. It is also curious that when Republicans are not working for foreigners, the Kochs, and the religious, they are working against the best interests, and general welfare of the American people and the people are not taking to the streets seeking retribution.

If Americans were not so stupid and complacent, one might think they would stop and think about how Republicans attacking women’s reproductive rights, working for foreigners, and doing the bidding of billionaires is in any way, shape, or form laying and collecting taxes to pay debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the American people. That is the job the U.S. Constitution says members of Congress are supposed to be doing and yet Republicans have remained laser-focused and dedicated to working solely for foreigners, the Kochs and religious extremists. It is yet another ongoing sign that regardless of who controls the Legislative branch of government, if Republicans cannot adequately serve the interests of their foreign, wealthy, and religious masters they will obstruct honest efforts to provide for the general welfare of the American people; because Republicans hate the American people as much as they love their foreigners, the Koch brothers, and religious extremists.

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  1. “Republicans Have Spent 2015 Working For Foreigners, the Kochs, and Religious Extremists”

    Unfortunately, on our dime;the taxpayers’ money.

  2. The Republican Party has become a greedy, power hungry bunch of seditionists working for the wealthy and powerful corporations. They care not one iota about the American people and as long as they blow their dog whistles, they can get the fools and mock religious bigots to keep voting for them.

  3. This needs to be hammered home by the DNC, prominent Democrats, campaigning Democrats, and progressive blogs (although they’re all now too busy promoting Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination although he’s not even a Democrat, for Chrissakes!).

    Otherwise, Republicans will get away with doing nothing and still get the Independent vote. They shouldn’t be rewarded for the laziness and failure to govern. They should be punished by being voted OUT.

  4. …historically, the Catholic Church has been more about accumulating wealth and power than teaching the Gospel…now we got a Pope who is trying to be a champion o’ the poor, and o’ the Earth itself…and some American Catholic Bishops are sounding like they wanna commit mutiny…
    …I’m not a Catholic, but I like much o’ what I see in this Pope…not perfect, but improving what he can…needs to pay far more attention to Womens Rights though…

  5. Great article Rmuse!

    I have been shouting this from the rooftops for the past 9 months!

    These hypocrites on the right have lied to the American people – they aren’t doing anything FOR the country. There actions have been counter productive to the general welfare.

    I am convinced that the general voting public is just too stupid.

    No one will hold these charlatans in the congress accountable! Not the public, certainly not the MSM, and the DNC, or DLC?

    Forget it – they’re in the same boat as these Republican bastards!

  6. Lets look at the impact of his drunkenness and his merry band of clowns latest lawsuit against Obamacare

    Real-World “King v. Burwell Jr.” Impact: 17M hosed for $300 apiece.

    First, unlike King v. Burwell, the Republicans winning House v. Burwell would not have any chance of seriously wounding the ACA as a whole.

    –Second, it would mean that 17 million people, 9 million of whom are paying full price for their insurance policies, would be hosed for $300+ per year.

    –Third, unlike King v. Burwell, where the Republican Party could at least pretend that they weren’t involved (technically it was the 4 idiots scraped up by the CATO Institute to act as “plaintiffs”), in this case it’s the Congressional Republicans themselves who are behind the entire lawsuit.

    Yup, the Republican Party: Hurting private sector businesses, screwing over middle class taxpayers and clogging the federal court system with frivolous lawsuits for no particular reason. Yay!

  7. We don’t have to ask Kim Davis who gave her the notion
    that she could keep getting paid for doing nothing, do we?

  8. Republicans Will Not Govern Your Sinful, Socialist Country In some ways, newly-free God shrieker Kim Davis is emblematic of the entire Republican governing apparatus right now. See, Davis simply wanted to stop something. She didn’t want to do anything. She didn’t want to create anything. She didn’t want to compromise. She didn’t care about a goddamn thing other than not allowing same sex couples to marry in her county, the one place where she has power. Driven by a religious madness that we would call “extremism” if she was Muslim, Davis saw her role as roadblock, not as bridge builder. As goes the Republican Party, so goes its most devout. – See more at:

  9. Oh, Shadow you are so right!
    We should pray for this Pope, send him strength!
    He’s talking all the things RIGHT-Winger’s have forgotten!

    Didn’t The Right ever learn:

    “Whatever you have done for the least amoung you..You have done it for me”

  10. It’s really sad that this is the case. The people of this nation deserve the representation that the Republicans are refusing to provide to the majority of Americans.

    Since the day that President Obama took office, the Republicans have done nothing but sabotage this nation, and try to prevent any progress. Since they took over both houses of Congress, the opposite of progress truly has been Congress.

    In 2010, the Republicans and their new branch the “Tealiban”, took over the House of Representatives with promises of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, but the only jobs they’ve helped to provide, are in India, Bangladesh, and other third world countries, due to their unparalleled greed.

    Greed was once considered among the seven deadly sins. Now the Republican party, along with the corporations that own them, have redefined it as a virtue, and so we have bank CEOs giving speeches at colleges to promote that despicable philosophy, and treat compassion and generosity, as though THEY were sins…

  11. Rmuse…

    Impressive and simply stated… hopefully the people that are brain washed by the likes of Fox Misinformation, Propaganda News machine will get a chance at reading this article?!? So when I get angry attacks in response to my comments.. I just respond; I am very honored to receive such civil and humane and intelligent respond and give them the links to this and other articles that will help to better understand that they had been mislead by their own favorite fear, hate and war mongering propaganda news site.


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