Friday Fox Follies – Islamophobia On Parade


As the country marks the anniversary of the attack on 9/11 with somber memorials — vowing to NEVER FORGET — this is a very good time to remind people how Fox “News” was the Bush Administration’s biggest cheerleader for taking the country to war against Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with the downing of the World Trade Center.

This may even be the best time to remind people since Fox “News” seems to be campaigning for another war, this time against Iran. It continues to attack the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry.

When Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz vowed to support President Obama’s treaty with Iran, a Fox Host [said]: “The Fact That Somebody Who Is Jewish” Supports Iran Nuclear Deal “Is Abominable.” Meanwhile, Fox’s MacFarland Assumes Saudi Arabia Is Dishonst About Support For Iran Deal Because “They’re Arabs.” Media Matters wants you to Watch How Fox News Hypes Republicans’ Anti-Iran Deal Rally:

Meanwhile, the Fox “News” Fair and Balanced Islamophobia was on full display over another issue, the Syrian Refugee Crisis:

Fox News Exploits European Refugee
Crisis To Stoke Islamophobic Fear That
Muslim Refugees May Be Terrorists

Bill O’Reilly Blames Obama And Troop Withdrawal
From Iraq For Mass Migration Of Syrian Refugees

Fox & Friends Suggests Chanting “Allahu Akbar”
Shows Refugees May Be Terrorists

Fox’s Kilmeade Hypes Baseless Fears That
Taking In Refugees Will Increase Risk Of Terrorism

This week’s Friday Fox Follies is being written in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. Being out of the country gives one a totally different perspective on the United States. In a completely Fair & Balanced way, I thought it might be instructive to ask a random group (of my friends) their impressions of the Fox “News” Channel.

Shelly: I refuse to watch it. It makes me angry. I try to avoid angry things. If I’m yelling at the television more than I’m watching it, that’s a problem.

Tasha: I think they’re very biased. Very one-sided. Based on my political views, I’m more CNN than Fox. They’re just bad, bad, evil people.

Robin: I don’t watch news on tee vee.Shelly: When I turn on Fox “News” I often think it’s parody and am waiting for the punchline that never comes.

Peter: They are trying to disrupt the status quo.

Chris: Fox and any 24-hour news channel is a joke. Anyone who wants to know what’s going on in the world should avoid it.

Shelly: I’m sure if they could set up a waterboarding in the backroom, they would.

While the discussion continued for close to an hour, no one had anything good to say about Fox “News.”

Even though it appeared that Donald Trump had declared a War on Fox “News,” those Foxy Friends on Fox & Friends Defends Donald Trump’s Comments On Carly Fiorina’s Appearance:

BRIAN KILMEADE: I just want to hear Donald Trump’s explanation, because remember what happened with Gen. McChyrstal, where his staff thought certain things were off the record, and Gen. McChrystal never said anything, and it destroyed his career. And remember what happened with the UVA fictitious story, that destroyed a lot of people and a frat house at the University of Virigina. I want to get his perspective.

STEVE DOOCY: So this could, you know, is it another Rolling Stone hit job? We’ll talk to Trump one hour from right now, so put down that remote. Meanwhile …

KILMEADE: Well by the way, the tone of the Rolling Stone article was a total put-down of Trump, and almost like a parody. Seemed like a hit job.

DOOCY: It was a very long and colorful story. How much of it is true? We will talk to the Donald about it

During the ensuing phone call with the Trumpet, Fox & Friends Helps Trump Pretend He Wasn’t Mocking Carly Fiorina’s Looks.

Meanwhile, inexplicably, After Defending Carly Fiorina From Donald Trump’s Insult, Fox’s Juan Williams Says Trump Married “Barbie Dolls.”

You can’t get any more Fair and Balanced than that, at least at Fox.

Fox “News” is still attacking #BlackLivesMatter any way it can: As Media Matters reports, Fox News Ignored A Trump-Inspired Assault, Then Devotes Days To Baselessly Blaming Democrats For Violence Against Police.

Fox News has spent days manufacturing a connection between the Black Lives Matter movement and the murder of a sheriff’s deputy in Houston, scrambling to blame the Obama administration and Democrats for violence against police officers. Yet last month, when two Boston men explicitly told police that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump inspired their brutal assault on a homeless Hispanic man, Fox completely ignored the story.

Who didn’t ignore the Fox “News” Channel’s assault on this Social Justice Movement? CNN’s Reliable Sources Discusses Fox News’ War on #BlackLivesMatter.

However, there was some pushback on the network:

‘You Just Don’t Like the Facts!’ Juan Williams,
Bolling Throw Down Over #BlackLivesMatter

No better was Democrat Jessica Tarlov [who] Helps Fox News Make #BlackLivesMatter About Blacks Behaving Badly. And, of course Bill O’Reilly [said]: “I Think General Powell Needs To Apologize To The American People” For Supporting Black Lives Matter.   This as On The O’Reilly Factor, Glenn Beck Equates Politicians Speaking To Black Lives Matter Supporters To “Choosing Death.

Speaking of falafels, Bill O’Reilly’s nonsense “nihilism”: Now the Fox News host is even lying about God.  Meanwhile, one of the most perceptive writers on the political scene reminds people that Bill “The Falafel King” O’Reilly Was Born for his latest Throwback Thursday.

This week gave Fox “News” a new hero to lionize:

Huckabee Fear Mongers That Pastors Will Be
Persecuted If KY Clerk Kim Davis Can’t Break The Law

Fox’s George Will Blames KY Clerk
Kim Davis’ Lawlessness On Obama

Fr. Jonathan Morris Defends Kim Davis

To Fox News, KY Clerk Kim Davis Is A
Bigger Martyr Than Martin Luther King.

FOX BYTES: Fox’s Kilmeade Claims Clinton Is “Play[ing] The Victim Card” To Court Female VotersFox & Friends Helps Jeb Bush Whitewash His Record On Private Email UseFox & Friends Invokes Benghazi To Question The Sincerity Of Clinton’s Email ApologyFox Contributor Arthur Aidala Says Baltimore Financial Settlement With Freddie Gray’s Family Encourages “Chaos”Megyn Kelly Laughs At Hillary Clinton’s TearsClimate Change Denier Rupert Murdoch Now Owns National GeographicVan Susteren Presents Sarah Palin As An Iran-Deal ExpertMegyn Kelly Helps Cops Blame Obama For Police KillingsAnna Kooiman Asks If School Lesson On Islam Is “Attack On Christianity”Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Thinks It’s ‘Shameful And Abominable’ For Jews To Support Iran Nuclear DealFox’s Martha MacCallum Tries To Blame ‘The Government’ For Kate Steinle’s MurderFox Hosts Cheer Trump’s Attack On Bush For Speaking Spanish

Headly Westerfield has been writing Fox “News” criticism for nearly a decade for NewsHounds and his own Not Now Silly Newsroom.

8 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Islamophobia On Parade”

  1. Sorry, Mr. Westerfield but, I don’t read these articles & I never watch Fox News. But, I see red when I see the words Fox News.

    If it weren’t for the media who insist on telling me how far Fox News has gone this time, or how outrageous Bill O’Reilly’s latest statement is, or repeating Sarah Palin’s schizophrenic rantings from her last Fox News appearance, I could continue to ignore Fox News.

    The rest of the media might as well be another Fox News channel because they promote Fox News like the media is promoting Donald Trump. The rest of the media is guilty of sustaining Fox News by aiding & abetting them in disseminating their hateful, racist and divisive message.

    Just how credible can the media be if they talk about how vile Fox News is or how illegitimate they are as a news source if the rest of the media voraciously hang on to their every word or obsessively repeat what they say verbatim?

    Might as well listen to Charles Manson all day.


  2. “…hateful, racist and divisive message” full of lies, distortions, and propaganda.

    Never forget that Fox is the enemy of truth and reason.

  3. Just watching Al Jazeera news from London, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the streets demanding that the British government bring more of the refugees to the UK as soon as possible, the British have vowed to care for them.
    My question – What has happened to us as a nation, they put us to shame.

  4. …Reagan happened; then every Republican’t prez was another downhill slide…then with Le Shrub we went into free-fall……gonna take a LOOOOONG time to get things back to good for We the People…

  5. All of the so called news channels are corporate owned,thats why they never talk about the drug’s that are harming & in some cases killing people, or how the big oil companies receive more in subsidies than all the so called lazy no good’s who rely on government handouts.they are afraid of loosing the money for advertising that’s why get my news from free Speech TV, Democracy Now,The War & Peace Report

  6. If you want real news Watch Free Speech TV, Democracy Now, With Amy Goodman,Or Thom Hartman, Both are great news outlets
    No commercials just the facts

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