Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Crumbles As Justice Department Says No Laws Were Broken

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Reality has bitten Republicans in the backsides again as the Justice Department is saying that Hillary Clinton’s emails broke no laws.

Justice Department lawyers argued before a federal court that Hillary Clinton’s handling of her emails broke no laws.

The Washington Times reported:

In the most complete legal defense of Mrs. Clinton, Justice Department lawyers insisted they not only have no obligation, but no power, to go back and demand the former top diplomat turn over any documents she hasn’t already given — and neither, they said, can the court order that.

The defense came as part of a legal filing telling a judge why the administration shouldn’t be required to order Mrs. Clinton and her top aides to preserve all of their emails.

“There is no question that Secretary Clinton had authority to delete personal emails without agency supervision — she appropriately could have done so even if she were working on a government server,” the administration lawyers argued. “Under policies issued by both the National Archives and Records Administration (‘NARA’) and the State Department, individual officers and employees are permitted and expected to exercise judgment to determine what constitutes a federal record.”

Republicans like Donald Trump love to compare Hillary Clinton’s emails to the crimes that were committed by David Petraeus, but the difference is that Petraeus broke the law by giving classified materials to his mistress.

The Republican email scandal is falling apart. If Clinton didn’t break any laws, why are Republicans wasting time and millions of taxpayer dollars investigating her emails? There is a reason Republicans would not allow Clinton’s aides to testify in public. Information is the enemy of the GOP’s bogus email scandal. The more information that is available to the public, the sooner the email scandal will fade away.

The email scandal is a media fueled time killer that only serves to distract attention from the real issues. Republicans don’t want to talk about their positions on the issues. They would rather try to distract the electorate with meaningless scandals.

Republicans can’t hide from the truth. There is nothing to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

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  1. Repubs suck. Every time they go after a dem for whatever reason they always lose their fight. Losers!!!!

  2. …as usual, the Republican’t Potty tried to bite off way too much…and found that were not only fangless; but toothless…you can’t chew Red Meat with no teeth…lol
    {{{My wife just had an extraction today…lol}}}

  3. The American Taliban and their media enablers I am looking at you NY TIMES, have accomplish their mission. Destroy her reputation. I am really piss at the media because without even checking out the lies they were fed by republican ratfukers they printed this shit on the front page and when proven the story was false there was no front page stories saying my bad.

    People want to know why I defend Clinton? Its not that I support her even though Ile an towards her because she would be the person other than Biden to maintain and build on the Presidents legacy, its because of the lies starting from the 90’s. What is really sad is some democrats fall for them but then again they are not democrats they are democratic socialist

  4. This article doesn’t even come close to backing up the ludicrous headline. All the Justice Department (Clinton Defense?) lawyers argued was that no one should have the power to go back and question Ms Clinton’s deletion of what she deemed as personal emails. There is nothing here supporting the claim she did nothing wrong in using the personal server to store highly classified emails.

    Until people stop blindly spouting the propaganda of their ‘side’, we will continue to decline as a powerful nation.

  5. “Reality has bitten Republicans in the backsides again as the Justice Department is saying that Hillary Clinton’s emails broke no laws.”

    This is not what the actual article said at all, it said…”In the most complete legal defense of Mrs. Clinton, Justice Department lawyers insisted they not only have no obligation, but no power, to go back and demand the former top diplomat turn over any documents she hasn’t already given — and neither, they said, can the court order that.”

    This is one piece of the investigation regarding her turning over additional emails and/or deleting emails. This argument was weak to begin with.

    The question still remains as to whether she emailed sensitive materials. That has yet to be ascertained.

  6. Look here dummy its the Justice dept. that prosecutes crimes if they say there is no crime who the hell the judge going to get to prosecute. I guess you going to argue pro bono or get dewey cheatum and howe

  7. DJ. The media is threatened by Women in general. And, the United States allowed African Americans the right to vote 30 years before Women.

  8. Hell Huckabee still don’t think we are human
    Huckabee Says the Law of the Land is “Black people aren’t fully human”

    Michael Huckabee has permanently lost his mind. On Michael Medved’s radio program yesterday, Huckabee said the United States Supreme Court’s 1857 ruling in Dred Scott v. Sandford — which held that all blacks, free or enslaved, could not be American citizens — is still the law of the land.

  9. Well, the email bit didn’t work… GOPers will go back to Yellow cake, Ebola and Benghazi I suppose.

    give ’em hell Hillary!

  10. Hahahaha, this headline is an overstatement by Politicus. The facts in the latest JD finding are around her deleting emails. As the article states, the gist is pretty obvious:

    “In the most complete legal defense of Mrs. Clinton, Justice Department lawyers insisted they not only have no obligation, but no power, to go back and demand the former top diplomat turn over any documents she hasn’t already given — and neither, they said, can the court order that.”

    So the default here is that nothing can be done is clearly not a “she is not guilty”. There is no way for anyone to know what was on those emails. The FBI investigation continues…

  11. Mick, You should’nt comment when you know nothing. Hillary’s resume is the most powerful of ANY candidate ever. IN HISTORY!!!!!

  12. Clean is to spotless as prostitute is to media.

    During the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking trial in London, the American media never questioned the possibility by investigating whether or not Murdoch and his empire was probably hacking phones in the States as well.

    Rupert Murdoch owns the best little whorehouse in the world.

  13. A federal grand jury.

    NYT confirms that there were multiple instances of top secret matereial present on her unsecured server.

    It’s a felony.

  14. None of the recieved emails on her server were marked as “Top Secret”. None sent were top secret. Some content later became top secret.. Not a felony..But really let’s do at least 10 more investigations on this..we don’t need public money for anything usefull. Like maybe getting some of Dubya, Darth And Rummie’s old emails re: weapons of mass deception..? And just so we aren’t sexist, lets throw Condie into the mix.

  15. No need to yell.

    Who declared these claims to be erroneous?

    Anyway — curious if you know:

    – How did HRC conduct state department business without a .gov address?

    – Any `business` writing from HRC would be considered born classified when she hit the send button

    – It’s fine to have personal e-mail, but in her case, that’s _all_ she had. No .gov, and therefore, no other way to communicate.

    – So any official mails originating from her address are going to be problematic.

    FBI will find it all — she was using a Windows server, therefore, restore points, logs, and all that will be recovered.

    Forgot — how did you want your crow?


    Wasabi could be good — crow meat is quite strong tasting.

  16. You are living in another universes
    1. The same goddamn paper that printed the bullshit
    2.She had a gov address https://foia.state.gov/Search/Results.aspx?collection=Clinton_Email
    3.There you people go with this born. Trust that is some bullshit The Issue Everyone Is Missing In The Clinton Email Scandal “Many of the critiques [of Clinton] show a total ignorance of how document classification works,” said Peter Swire, a law and ethics professor at Georgia Tech who was on the White House’s NSA review panel in 2014. “It is irrelevant if a piece of information is classified somewhere in government. What is relevant, is whether the recipient knew or should have known it was classified…I’m not aware of any statement that she received an email on her [personal and unclassified email server] that was marked classified.” http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2015/09/11/3700451/demystifying-classified-material/
    4.See # 2 dummy
    5. There was no official email originating from her home server. The two emails which was classified retroactively, you do know what that means is not her fault someone sent them to her home server and one was about drone strikes in Pakistan and if you didn’t know we were doing drone strikes then that shows you are a big dummy
    6.Find what? Picking our birthday gifts The 21 Hillary Clinton emails you must read

    From the hPad’s arrival to Sid Blumenthal’s rant on Boehner, these are the gems in the latest batch of Hillary’s emails.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/hillary-clinton-2016-emails-must-read-213207#ixzz3lT4r27GJ

  17. Wow, what a misleading headline, and story! The fact is, this is all separate and apart from any investigation being conducted by the FBI and the Justice Dept. This is a matter of government attorneys defending a “client”, in this case, Hillary and the State Dept. What’s odd is that Hillary has been saying very publicly that “all” of her emails should be released. So, why is the State Dept. dragging their feet, and why is Hillary’s former aide gonna plead the 5th before the House Committee on Benghazi. Finally, the article makes no mention of any decision by the judge hearing this matter……so don’t get all excited you Hillary apologists!!

  18. Djchefron…..You give FAR TOO MUCH CREDENCE/RESPECT for the likes of the nyt’s…daily kos and OTHERS OF THAT ILK by giving them Capital Letters….!!!!!!….they are nothing but Vile Cretins and I lump them with the far left and “others” of the Democratic party who have vilified Hillary since God Knows When and She is STILL STANDING…!!!!!..I put this group to the left with scumbags of the Far Right….the only difference Being the FIRST LETTER of the Party Affiliation…!!!!!….Sick of these M/F’S and She Will Have The Last Laugh…!!!!!…..GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Let’s keep this civil — no need for insults.

    She had _no_ .gov address.

    [1] Thanks for the link — here’s the proof:


    Mail clearly shows she had no .gov account. If you remember, that how this whole issue started — with a FOIA request to see her .gov mails, and there were none.

    [1a] If she had a .gov address, please provide a link in the FOIA release showing such an address existed

    [2] Not only was she without a .gov address, but her Black Berry was _not_ a government issue. BB can easily support multiple mail accounts.

    [3] Convenience argument is difficult to understand — notwithstanding the expense, inconvenience, noise, of operating a server from home — it cost her 5k++ to operate.

    [4] On your point 5, you are suggesting that her home server never emitted a mail? Surely you must be joking?

    Sent mails are part of the FOIA library then where you provide…

  20. girl…!!…boy…!!..NON-FACTOR What-Ever…!!!….IT……BYE AND BE GONE…!!!!!!…GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Billy,

    Curiously, what are you expecting that HRC would specifically do as president that you see her as the only democratic `hopeful`.

  22. Maybe no laws on the books were indeed broken, however the law of common sense was shattered to hell & back

  23. Republicans are now saying its all a conspiracy and Obama is covering up for her. I really want Hillary to win. Can you imagine the vengeance she will reap upon the republicans for doing what they are doing to her. Oh it would be like eating apple pie.

  24. Yes, this is true, they are comments made by defenders, but the policy is still the same. In otherwords, they are telling a judge that policy was not broken. The people who sued her are saying that it was. Policy is policy no matter who is saying it. The difference is that those who want to take her down either 1. Don’t know the policy, or 2. are trying to play politics and know, but just want the trial for show (most likely).

  25. you……..whomever you may be….if I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT…..!!!!!!….THEN My Point Exactly…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Seriously? Hillary is the ONLY candidate running with any practical common sense. NO crime was committed and NO jail time will be served. Republicans and Fox news are still beating a dead horse. Let it go. You will have to find a valid argument to entertain yourselves. Good luck with that.

  27. Just a little refresher course on American Justice: Your are innocent until PROVEN guilty. Not the other way around like Republican Nazi inquisitors would have it. It’s what Karl Rove like to say: If you tell a lie enough times, brainwashed minions will believe it to be true.

  28. Has anyone forgotten what they did to John Kerry? Swiftboated him just as they are trying to swiftboard Hillary.

  29. Republicans should be aware of the stench of all their scandals that are rotting. No, they are not done yet because they have a flair to do harm. We the progressives just have to stay on the lookout for more scandals, for more cheating, for more religiosity and for more regressive actions. Those, they do so well.

  30. The GOP is beating this dead horse because they do not want us to notice and pay attention to their idiots, Boner, *itch, and now 15 candidates behind the curtain who all have virtually the same policy ideas that all suck and that America has rejected. The majority of Americans support the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship, equal rights, LGBT marriage, and understand that Trickle Down Economics don’t work and have destroyed and are destroying America. It’s not just the GOP messaging that suck, their message and the substance of their policies suck, and are rotten and no good. So, we have gotten Hurrican Katrina is Obama’s fault [it was three years before his election]; making Obama a 1 term President to the detriment of the country; Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi [all the while silence on the 85+ embassy deaths under Bush, and now finally, HRC’s Email Server-gate [oh really?]. No, no, no GOP. The nation will now go back to calling attention to your insanity, as usual. . . .

  31. It disturbs me that many left-wing Democrats/socialists continue to support the Rethug BS about Hillary.

  32. Its because they think they will get the golden unicorns to fulfill their dreams even though they have no idea on how government works

  33. GWB,DC, Republicans, and some Democrats fall for the “Do All You Can To Miss Lead” American Electorate to war and Hillary was one of them… Not Senator Sanders?!?
    Republicans had been consistently pro corporate personhood vs Democracy where our individual civil and human rights are diminishing where some DINO were/are part of problem… but not Senator Sanders?!?
    I understand about political alliance when it comes to the Federalists vs Democrats when both parties are highly influenced by who got them into the political positions with their big dollar donations…but why did/does Senator Sanders seem to be the only one that has consistency in his historic and current political votes for “We The People”.
    Republicans only hope for 2016 Presidency IS ONLY possible IF AMERICAN ELECTORATE DUMB ENOUGH vote against themselves as usual… because “In God We Trust”!?!
    Republicans think Hillary is their big threat, so big lies are directed to her. When the biggest threat is Senator Sanders…

  34. You are not only rude, you are a republican and you are clueless.

    You twist the story, you lie and confuse people even when there is no there there.

    Nothing there. Move on.

  35. I remembered reading in the beginning of this faux scandal, that no law was in place about this until 2014.

  36. Sanders is no threat. Middle America elects the president and Middle America will not vote for a Socialist. Sanders is the Tsongas of this election cycle.

    If Republicans saw Sanders as a threat, they would be attacking him, not Hillary Clinton.

  37. So would one of you self professed intellects please explain why Hillarry had Patreus fired claiming his actions (same as her with e-mails)were wrong and illegal!!!Go…….

  38. Damn the stupid is out this morning. Patreuos was passing classified material to his mistress. The 2 emails on Clintons server was determine to be classified after she receive them and she did not pass them on anybody and one of the emails was about drone strikes in Pakistan and if you didn’t know we were conducting those strikes then like your question just proves how much of an idiot you are. Is that simple enough for you

    BTW Clinton didn’t have him fired since he worked at the CIA and she was at the State Dept. You need to pull your head out of your ass and come back to reality

  39. Now you’ve done it! You posted classified information on this site, and now I have it on my computer! The very existence of the U.S. drone program in Pakistan is classified, and neither you nor I nor most anybody else reading this site are authorized to know that.

    Now I have to wipe my hard drive. Thanks a lot!

  40. In 2008 they attacked her with venom right after they gave her a full throated endorsement. They endorsed her for Senate too, etc.

    They will endorse her again for 2016. They are based in NYC and their readership is based mostly in that town and they have to, to keep up the pretense that they are “liberal” and hide the truth that they are really ruled by their Republican advertisers and the billionaires who support Rs.

    I hope she tells them to shove their endorsement.

  41. hmmmmm.

    The first post on this column, Annette, said republicans suck. She had a lot of opposition to that statement here – and it is so obvious the Rs are out in full force on every article even remotely positive about Hillary.

    They are also out Rooting for Bern at the top of their lungs all over this site but are so viscious they are clearly not democrats.

    They do create havoc, not only on the internet but on the ground too. Watch when you rip down democrats because you are supporting the very people who f***-up this country and the planet itself.

  42. I love Senator Sanders. Please don’t get me wrong here. I just don’t believe he’s presidential material, and neither do Republicans.

    That’s why all their focus, all their money, all their allies in U.S. M$M, and all the political talking heads on broadcast and cable news outlets, are attacking Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders.

    This should be the wake-up call to Sanders supporters. The GOP doesn’t view him as a viable political threat. They have the numbers, too.

    Hillary Clinton is their major threat.

  43. Several issues are being used to taint Sec. Clinton in this “controversy.”

    The personal server. Clinton could’ve used the unclassified State server for her unclassified business. She chose to use her own, which didn’t violate rules at the time.

    Recordkeeping requirements, ie did she archive all government documents as required. Personal emails don’t have to be retained. DoJ’s statement means she’s in the clear on this.

    Classified documents on an unclassified server. Some emails were classified after the fact; remains to be seen if any were classified at the time. So far, nothing to show patterns of negligence or disregard for security. Note that Clinton was getting her emails from State’s unclassified server, which wasn’t supposed to have classified info on it either.

    Republicans also seem to be fishing for something to make Clinton guilty for Benghazi. Or just guilty.

    Meantime, stop rushing to judgment. Hillary Clinton is innocent until/unless proven guilty.

  44. Do republicans have a purely partisan reason to go after Hillary, and will they try to destroy her even if she did nothing wrong on any conceivable level?
    Yes, they do.
    Do democrats have a purely partisan reason to protect and defend Hillary, and will they try to claim innocence and that this is all a witch-hunt even if she did do wrong and break the law?
    Yes, they do.
    It is frighteningly and disgustingly disingenuous to assume that republicans are the only partisans here, and that a left-leaning, Obama appointed Justice Department is a true, neutral party.
    I don’t care that you like her/support her/defend her. I just wish you could be more honest and admit that your support for her is partisan.

  45. Her server?
    Maybe it did not violate rules, but her server was frighteningly unsecure. She was using an outdated program as well, commercial grade, and without the most recent security updates. Even if no classified material was on her server, sensitive data was, and she is as fault for not seeing it secured better.

    record keeping we have to take her word on. Personally, I think the only things deleted were personal, but the fact is no one can verify it. I also do not like that she printed out and handed in emails rather than gave a digital copy. It is impossible to know if she altered anything. Again, I doubt it, but the possibility is there.

  46. No my support is for the law and fairness. Let me take a guess, you are a white male so you are scared that you are losing your supremacy because the very people who have been oppress are now gaining power and for you that’s a no no. Don’t worry though we wont treat you like you have treated us

  47. classification?
    Commentors here seem to be behind the latest news. Yes, some was classified after the fact, in which case she did nothing wrong. But some were taken from secure servers, had their classification labels removed, and were then retransmitted to her. This makes whoever did that (though not Hillary herself, unless she ordered it to happen) guilty of a felony. Further, she knows classification standards, and should have recognized material that SHOULD be classified, whether it was or not. She also emailed sensitive data (and data that had its classification labels stripped) to people without clearance, including a civilian Obama himself said he did not want working for her, and whose employment he personally barred. Lastly, there is data considered “born classified” because it originated from non-US sources and we do not have the right to unclassify it, that was on her server, and she should have recognized it.
    It is a multitude of instances, not a few.

  48. You already did. you classified me by race and gender, assigned a motive to me, and like blacks under segregation, you promised me “don’t worry, we’ll be in charge, but i promise, we’ll treat you well.”
    Besides. Hillary? White. Sanders, O’Malley, Biden? White and male. Al Gore? White, male.

    You say you support law and fairness. How is refusing to recognizing that partisanship is on both sides of the aisle fair? How is presuming my race, gender, or dreams of ethnic superiority fair? How is promising me that you will be a gentle dictator over the whites and men you strip from any authority or agency fair?
    Your reply tells me all I need to know: you are an identity politics tyrant whose view of “fair” equates to “what i agree with,” and whose view of law equates to “what i think should be punished or allowed.”

  49. Ok lets start with your argument of partisanship. You’re right but this is not both sides do it this is all on republicans starting when Bill was in office. When Hillary tried to reform healthcare then all the bullshit started by Richard Mellon Scaife and Jerry Fallwell with Mena, travelgate, whitewater, Vince Foster, emails, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation etc etc all bullshit. So if Democrats defend ourselves then you accuse us of partisanship. If we went the route of trying to destroy our opponents then we would have impeach Reagan for Iran Contra. We would have impeach Bush for lying us into war. Real world scandals and crimes not the bullshit republicans throw at the Democrats every time they are in power. There is no both sides are the same because its not

  50. See that’s why I called you out. You are nothing more than a stupid republican troll who cant stand that your world is ending so you make shit up about a women when you leave out the fact bush lost over 20 million emails.

  51. Enough of the GOTP quibbling about Hillary’s emails. I was sick of it WEEKS ago. I want to know WHY there has never been any uproar over W’s, Cheney’s, Rice’s, Powell’s, et al’s,REFUSALS TO TURN OVER THEIR EMAILS AT ALL!!! You lie and lie about her emails,Benghazi, etc., and make her look dishonest to the elderly, and uninformed except what they hear on Faux! MOVE ON!!

  52. well the plan to push her out with lies did not work but it did help the chosen candidate Independent Party Bernie Sanders who the hope was for him to win the Democrat ticket.

  53. Republicans are the worse ever. They scream and lie about everything and they still come out looking like idiots. They’re motto should be,
    “Right about nothing and wrong about everything.”

  54. Here’s why I defend fairness and reasoned thinking, which you call partisan defense of Hillary Clinton:

    Because the human mind takes shortcuts eg: relying on stereotypes and perceptions; accepting as true that which comes from authoritative sources, or which is widely held to be true; and believing that which is repeated often enough.

    Because Republicans repeatedly exploit these tendencies in order attack Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood, climate change, Islam, voting rights, the JCPOA, et al.

    Because Republicans use lies, innuendo, distortions, repetition, exaggeration, fear; whatever it takes to instill mistrust and doubt in the public.

    Because anything, no matter how innocuous, can be twisted into a crime.

    Because the taint lingers past the controversy, so that those attacked can never be fully exonerated.

    That’s why I defend the principle of innocent until/unless proven guilty.

    Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.

  55. Well, I must say that as a card-carrying liberal I’m like totally shocked and now that that’s all been straightened out and we won’t be hearing about it anymore I want the whole world to know how much better I FEEL this fine Sunday morning.

    Umm…yeah, I FEEL GOOD…I KNEW that I would…FEELIN’…FEELIN’…FEELIN’…ALL ’bout mah FEELINS…

    Thank you, Loretta, and please pass our thanks on to the golfer, too, if you’d be so kind. You GO, gurl!

  56. For the past two months I have seen “Talking Points” using music of my generation (above is Edgar Winter Group plus James Brown lyrics) to try to attract and convince boomers using subliminal messages which are actually transparent and stupid and therefore not effective.

    A “card carrying liberal” wouldn’t call Obama “golfer” or imply “Loretta” fixed it for Hillary.

    Tell Rove you need better trolling techniques. A sudden flood of music mentions from the 60s and 70s isn’t cutting it.

  57. First of all, ad hominem attacks don’t prove a thing except that the attacker is lacking substance. You have no right to challenge my intelligence just because you are a Hillary supporter. That ‘dummy’ comment showed a total lack of class.

    While the author tried to make it seem the Justice Department doesn’t think any laws were broken, that is not the truth. The only thing the Justice Department argued in this cases was that Ms Clinton had the right to decide to delete emails. It was a propaganda piece taking a small bit of info and trying to make it seem is was much more comprehensive than it was. You can check out many sites, both liberal and conservative, that are more trustworthy than a propaganda site, to check out the real facts.

    If you have legitimate counters, great. If you just want to blindly spout propaganda, you are wasting any intelligence your maker gave you.

  58. Judge denies stays in 2 Clinton-related email cases
    By JOSH GERSTEIN 09/11/15, 06:43 PM EDT Updated 09/11/15, 08:46 PM EDT
    A federal judge has denied the government’s request to halt production of records in two Freedom of Information Act lawsuits seeking records about top aides to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
    U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan issued a pair of orders Friday afternoon rejecting the Justice Department’s motion to stay the cases brought by conservative groups Citizens United and Judicial Watch until a decision is reached on a broader motion seeking to coordinate more than 30 pending lawsuits involving emails on private accounts maintained by Clinton and her close aides.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/blogs/under-the-radar/2015/09/judge-denies-stays-in-2-clinton-related-email-cases-213570#ixzz3ljkKsbga

  59. We are at you. Judicial watch? The same bunch of yahoos who called for the overthrow of President Obama

  60. Since I can’t reply to djchefron for some reason:

    I never made the claim she broke the law (my own views are likely not provable), only that this article doesn’t deliver what it promises. Having spent 27 years in the government myself, for her to insinuate she was oblivious to the classified nature of her discussions on the unprotected email server is laughable…anything she or her staff said about foreign heads of state, etc. is automatically classified and she knew that. I doubt she was stupid enough to leave a smoking gun, but she might not be aware of all the investigative techniques available today in the cyber world.

    Bottom line is Hillary’s supporters will continue to believe what they want, hardcore liberals will continue to believe what they want, and hardcore conservatives will believe what they want. It doesn’t make them idiots in general, just blind to issues that don’t match their predispositions.

  61. For the last time the 2 emails were classified after the fact and one of them was about us conducting drone strikes in Pakistan. Now if you didn’t know about the drone strikes in Pakistan then who is being ignorant? BTW the other one was about North Korea’s nuclear program

  62. Crumbles huh? Looks like you need a rewrite as of 9/22. If you mean her bid for the WH, yup, that sounds about right. She is digging the hole deeper and she just keeps digging. Now the State Dept has turned on her…it is all down “Hill”(ary) from here.

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