Meet The 25 House Democrats Who Betrayed Peace By Joining Republicans In Opposing Iran Deal


On Friday, September 11th, 2015, the U.S. House voted 269-162 against supporting President Obama’s Iran deal. Predictably Republicans voted in lock step, 244-0, to oppose the deal, although notably, Republican Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-4) simply voted “present”.

An overwhelming majority of Democrats supported the Iran deal, but unlike Republicans they did not vote as a unified block. While 162 Democrats stood with the president, 25 Democrats defected and sided with the Republicans in the House. The 25 Democrats who joined Republicans in opposing the Iran deal are listed below:

Brad Ashford (NE-2)

Brendan Boyle (PA-13)

Tony Cardenas (CA-29)

Ted Deutch (FL-21)

Eliot Engel (NY-16)

Lois Frankel (FL-22)

Gwen Grahan (FL-2)

Gene Green (TX-29)

Alcee Hastings (FL-20)

Steve Israel (NY-3)

Ted Lieu (CA-33)

Dan Lipinski (IL-3)

Nita Lowey (NY-17)

Carolyn Maloney (NY-12)

Grace Meng (NY-6)

Grace Napolitano (CA-32)

Donald Norcross (NJ-1)

Collin Peterson (MN-7)

Kathleen Rice (NY-4)

David Scott (GA-13)

Brad Sherman (CA-30)

Kysten Sinema (AZ-9)

Albio Sires (NJ-8)

Juan Vargas (CA-51)

Filemon Vela (TX-34)

The Democratic Party remains ideologically diverse, while the Republican Party has become united in opposing anything and everything Barack Obama supports. While Republicans are uniform in their disloyalty to the president, Democratic members of the House are less predictable. On key issues, many members of the House are willing to oppose the president.

That willingness to buck the White House was especially evident in the June TPP trade promotion authority fight, when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi led an intra-party revolt against the president’s trade agenda. By contrast, on the Iran Deal, Pelosi and most of the Democratic House leadership stood by the president, but that still didn’t prevent 25 Democrats from rejecting the White House’s position.

The 25 Democrats who opposed the Iran Deal may have done so for a variety of different reasons. Constituents should hold them accountable and ask them to explain their opposition to the Iran deal. Perhaps some of the Democratic members of Congress will present sensible arguments for taking their position and voting against the deal. Many others may be evasive or offer nothing beyond vague and unpersuasive talking points. For those that fail to defend their vote with sound reasoning, it may be time to find Democratic primary opponents to challenge them in November of 2016.

46 Replies to “Meet The 25 House Democrats Who Betrayed Peace By Joining Republicans In Opposing Iran Deal”

  1. With Democrats like these 25, who needs Republican Traitors & one thing for sure a Republican would never vote against anyone in their party of obstruction & these 25 Traitors should be held accountable on their election day. Wake Up America,we have a job to do.

  2. A few of them send me emails asking for money. The next one I get I will send a kindly worded letter telling them to fuk off

  3. In the midst of so much suffering, poverty, the constant drumbeat for war by republicans, injustice and racism that has resurfaced in America, why are the high profile, famous celebrities, athletes, businesses, organizations and clergy MIA?

    Quietly donating money to worthy causes does not have the same impact or effect on the powers that be the way it did in the 1960’s when we saw the faces and bodies of Ossie Davis, Tony Bennett, Sidney Poitier, Ali, Marlon Brando, Ruby Dee, James Garner, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Harry Belafonte, Frank Sinatra, and more, taking to the streets during the Civil Rights movement or when it came to calling for the end to the Vietnam War. Even Ronald Reagan and Charleston Heston were found on the front lines fighting for equality and justice.

    Until we can get the rich, powerful, famous or religious collectively and visibly involved in the social issues of our time, the quest for a more perfect union will take a lot longer to achieve.

  4. worthless, gutless, and cowardly can be used to describe anyone who opposes the deal. those dems will be marked for life. I have read the deal. its about 150 pages or so and this deal and these inspections are much, much, much stricter and more rigid then the Iraq WMD inspections from years ago. why would anyone not try a peaceful, diplomatic approach when the only other option is war? it makes me so angry these righties who long for violence and horror and are just fine with sending other people’s children to fight their battles. despicable. if the deal falls through, so be it and world war 3 will inevitably begin BUT give this thing a chance.

  5. I agree and truly believe that there is one primary step we can take- we must vote out every single republican from every level- local, state, and federal- of government, the courts , and law enforcement. the GOP has proven they are no longer relevant in this modern age. republicans are dysfunctional beyond belief, corrupted to the core, and partisan to extremes. are dems perfect? no. far from it but lets take it one step at a time. this conservative and religious right lunacy that has declared war on America, laws, and the constitution must be reigned in as soon as possible. November 2016 is a great time to start.

  6. If you check the states that these Democratic Party members are in you might find out that they are mostly in heavily GOP voter states. If so then check the voting records of each one. If they voted the majority of the time with the Democratic party members.
    Then if you do not vote for them when election time comes, how many times do you think the GOP replacement for them will vote for any Democratic Party proposed legislation?
    I bet NONE> so figure it out folks the object is to get legislation passed.

  7. I just sent a scathing letter to my D rep for opposing Obama saying that she’s an idiot or a pupput for Israel and that I will support any efforts to primary her.

  8. This whole thing being driven by Democrats is totally rediculous. I say that because who in their right mind and using logical sense if any Dems have that, why should this great country be negotiating with any enemy? With any country who consistantly screams “Death to America”, burns our flag, and whenever possible chops the heads off of our citizens? Do we dare talk with a hardline enemy and then hand him the loaded gun to KILL us with? Come on you Democrats, set party politics aside and start using some wonderfull common sense and stop trying to deal with self confessed total enenmies of our country and it’s people, IF YOU TRUELY ARE PATRIOTIC AND LOVE AMERICA, PLEASE SHOW IT by doing some deep thinking of what you are trying to pass here. Do you try to kiss a Black Momba, just because you think you might make it dosile and a pet??? Think and think hard about this whole thing and stop doing for the president and start doing for the majority of American People and what they are sayi…

  9. I have read through the comments and realize that no one has suggested the reason the House members want war: prevent Iran from selling oil on the open market and drive up the price of oil for the benefit of the Koch brothers making their oil sands venture in Canada more profitable. The Koch oil pimps are still at it — more money for the rich and infamous. WHEN the agreement is signed, Iran will start selling their large reserves on the open market and prices will drop substantially. The Koch’s still don’t have an easy way to get their oil to market, and a renewed push for the Keystone oil pipeline will begin anew. Do you really think the balance of nuclear power with Iran is a reason or an excuse much like the WMD were for Bush43 and Cheney. The ultimate goal is to cause unrest in the Middle East to keep the price of oil from dropping. Mark my words — it’s all about riches for the brothers Koch. Buying government control is cheaper than raising your own military force.

  10. Lescot, from your post we all know for sure you love war. So run down to the nearest recruitment office and sign up, you don’t want to be late for your war? Or may I ask, what war have you been in, your children, Father Uncle any relative? what or when have you sacrificed anything?

  11. On Collin Pederson from MN. This Rep. is from a largely farming dist. Very rethug in the thinking ability. He should be replaced. Been there too long for one thing. Votes with them often. Have no respect for him on any level.

  12. This is the traitorous result of worrying about reelection rather than thinking about the good of the nation.

  13. Obviously with people like Gwen Graham and Brad Ashford, who represent red-leaning districts, we should support them over any Republican as the alternative will inevitably be worse.

    On the other hand, some of the reps from New York City, and Dan Lipinski from Chicago don’t have much of an excuse. In safely blue districts, they should be looking over their left shoulder not their right. They can be primaried.

  14. This comment brought to you by the Military Industrial Complex. Where human beings are cannon fodder for our endless warmaking.

  15. Let these F’N traitor war hawks, send their families to the front lines, the repubs love war, to make them rich, these must be wolves in sheep’s clothing, or some other cockeyed reason for opposing peace, they should try peace, they may learn to like it, not constantly getting our young men and women slaughtered by their WARS ! !

  16. First of all, if you are going to run against any of the above Democrats, you need to do it in a primary in that state. By the General Election in November, only a Republican or other party can oppose that member of congress.
    Second, we need all the Democrats we can get in either house, so this list is counterproductive. Like the author said, their votes may have been cast for many reasons. They also may have supported the President when he most needed them. Fortunately he had all the votes he needs to sustain a veto, so their opposition is, frankly, irrelevant.
    Third, looking at what states these members come from, GA and FL especially, opposing the president on this issue may actually help them get re-elected. So, unless you know how things work in Washington and in members’ states, I would suggest, in the future, you leave politics to those who do.

  17. Actually, lescot, I’ve thought about this deeply. I read the deal, opinions of experts and pros, Congress members’ decisions, etc. Wanted to make up my mind based on facts, not on partisan politics or war hysteria or prejudice.

    Two things emerged: while not perfect, the deal keeps Iran out of the nuclear war game, yet leaves options for war and sanctions if Iran cheats; and the opposition’s alternatives are unrealistic:

    (1) MORE SANCTIONS, ie doing the same thing and expecting different results. Long-standing & severe sanctions haven’t stopped Iran from getting scary close to a bomb. Plus the others are ready to lift existing sanctions with/without us.

    (2) WAR. Shouldn’t even have to explain why this is a bad option.

    (3) A BETTER DEAL. This one was years in the making and achieved its primary goals. The other negotiators aren’t up for more bargaining in the hope of perfection.

    Hope that wasn’t too many bigly words for you.

  18. Please then, explain why democrats from CA voted against it? All three branches of government are controlled by democrats.

  19. You are a prime example of a certified moron. America has 3 Branches. Now pay attention: Koch-Republicans control the Legislative (House & Senate) and the Supreme Court (Judicial). For dog’s sake even an imbecile in the first grade can do rudimentary arithmetic. Say it: 3 Branches minus 2 Branches equals 1 Branch; Democrats control 1 Branch; the Executive. You prove exactly why home or religious schooling sucks and underperforms public education.

  20. She was probably referring to California’s government rather than the Federal. As in, the California Democrats shouldn’t have feared for their seats in such a blue state, where their party controls all three branches.

  21. I see there are four from my home state, Florida. I now know who to actively campaign AGAINST next year.

  22. I believe she is speaking of her state of CA. Your embarrassingly arrogant and hostile rant was uncalled for.

  23. Lescot. Even if we bought in to your right wing rhetoric, you blew it with the kissing the Black Momba line. That shows your thinly disguised racism against the President.

    I mean, you could have used any line that fit with the subject at hand, which to you is fear of everything Middle Eastern. But you had to throw in that dog whistle bullcrap, didn’t ya?

  24. To answer your question Stan.. war makes MONEY for those who want it. Also keeps the price of OIL high, which makes more money…Shrub and whole family, Cheney, the Koch’s all are involved some way either in making war machines or OIL…These family’s rub their hands in glee at the thought of war..

  25. Sorry to disagree JIM. Think all people should be informed, and take part in politics. BUT.. this means we need, a people who study, listen, read, and learn about all who aspire to which ever office they are asking you to vote for.
    My Daughter took political science in College, worked in politics for over 15 years, always said, even her, fellow students were grossly uninformed. she finally quit in discuss..

  26. They can be primaried and SHOULD BE primaried!

    Collin Peterson (MN-7)is in a red district also and it’s to be expected that he vote the way he does.
    He is still better than any GOPtear

    Thanks for the list Keith.

  27. I can’t say what percentage came from where, but, in Tparty states we covet what few Democrats we can get, even if they screw up from time to time. However, deserting the party, for no good reason, really hacks me off.

  28. Liberal activists tried purging the Party of Blue Dog Dems (or traitorous Dems) in 2010, too, remember. Look where that got us.

    Primary these Dems, fine, but make certain that there’s a better candidate waiting to get elected and not just “vote against” or not vote for these people. We cannot lost more ground to Teabagger Republicans in 2016 and beyond.

    On a personal note, I’m most surprised with Rep. Napolitano’s vote against the Iran Deal. She took over Hilda Solis’ district (formerly the district which I fell under) and I know the people there. NO ONE in her district (except, maybe, for Glendorans) are for war. Her constituents should be informed about this anti-peace vote of hers and hold her accountable.

    I thought for certain that my U.S. Rep., Pete Aguilar, would’ve voted with Republicans. Happy to read he didn’t. He hasn’t disappointed me yet.

    Alcee Hastings?? Et tu, Alcee??

  29. …said it before…AIPAC needs to be forced to register as an agent of a Foreign Power…and Nutty-yoyo needs to pay a price for his actions…

  30. lescot:

    I we don’t negotiate with our “enemies”, then whom do we negotiate with? No need to negotiate with our friends.

    I would point out that Ronald Reagan negotiated with “the Enemy”: Iran Contra. I don’t recall you blowing off your mouth over that.

  31. ANYONE:Democrat or Reublican. who voted against the Iran Deal should be charged with treason and sedition, putting personal or party interests above those of the United States.

    A vote against the deal is a vote to let Iran start developing a nuclear bomb in about 3 months.

    A vote for the deal is to deny Iran from ever stockpiling plutonium, the main ingredient in a nuclear device.

  32. They are important enough that, if there was more of them, the outcome could have been disastrous for this diplomatic plan.

  33. That’s what the tyrants want. Politics needs to be messy, loud and hotly contested. Otherwise, it devolves into tyranny. Run for office – you can’t do worse, and the competition keeps elected officials honest.

  34. I have compiled a list in table format of all the Dem TPP traitors and the Iran deal traitors. Amazingly there is little overlap, I guess they confer prior to their vote. I will remind folks of their names as election time draws near.

  35. Jeez, RJJB. Why so hostile? I think you’re the one who misunderstood her post.

    While reading it, I knew she was talking about California’s state government, NOT the federal.

    You should apologize for your ridiculous attack.

  36. I donate a lot of money (for me on a fixed income) to the Democratic party, Democratic organizations and individual democrats from across the country.

    I keep lists and will be checking for requests from anyone from this group.

    I will also post their names on FB and twitter.

  37. Wow, you jump fast and hard! You should reread the post because your response is ridiculous. That happens when someone like you has a lot of turd balls to throw. Your stupidity reminds me of the mindless religious fundamentalists. “It’s all about me and my rights and to hell with your rights.” Dummy!

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