Stephen Colbert Put The Mainstream Media To Shame With Masterful Joe Biden Interview

stephen colbert interviews joe biden

Stephen Colbert put the media’s pandering to Donald Trump and obsessing over Hillary Clinton’s emails to shame with a masterfully compelling interview of Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden interview part 1:

Biden interview part 2:

Colbert’s interview with Joe Biden was one of the greatest interviews in the history of late night television and was one of the best political interviews of the year. It is rare for an interview of a person who has been in public life for decades to reveal something new, but that is what Colbert did as he interviewed the Vice President.

While the political press is alternating between an infatuation with Donald Trump’s bluster and an obsession over Hillary Clinton’s emails, Stephen Colbert stepped up and demonstrated what a real interview looks like. Vice President Biden told some of the same stories about his son Beau, but Colbert asked questions, and just as importantly, gave the Vice President space to be real.

At the end of the interview, Colbert summed up the perspective and tone by saying, “You know there’s another person who said that, and that’s Thomas Jefferson, and this is why I think people want you to run for president. And I know that’s an emotional decision you have to make, but it’s going to be emotional for a lot of people if you don’t run. And sir, I just want to say that I think that your experience and your example of suffering and service is something that would be sorely missed in the race — not that there aren’t good people on both sides running — but I think we’d all be very happy if you did run. And if you don’t, I know that your service to the country is something we should all salute. So thank you so much.”

A trait that makes Joe Biden special as a public figure is his willingness to be emotionally honest with the American people. The Colbert/Biden interview was a result of a mix of the perfect interviewer and the perfect subject coming together to make magical television.

The headline chasing laziness of the mainstream media was put to shame by Stephen Colbert. It is as common as breathing for every political interviewer to ask every person that they interview about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Colbert avoided such trivial subjects and focused on one man’s struggle with grief while he is weighing a decision to run for the highest office in the land.

The interview was a gripping masterpiece of emotional television, as Stephen Colbert showed the media how it should be done.

14 Replies to “Stephen Colbert Put The Mainstream Media To Shame With Masterful Joe Biden Interview”

  1. I would vote for Biden off of that interview alone…I would vote for him any way

    He’s the realest and most qualified (non)candidate…

  2. Powerful interview. Brought tears to my eyes and I choked up listening to VP Biden and watching the immense pain of loss flash across his handsome face.

    Joe Biden clearly will not run. When Stephen Colbert said (at 8:45 in the vid), “and this is why people want you to run for president”, Joe Biden shook his head. He gave his answer. He will not be running.

  3. I watched this, though the show is on after I usually go to bed. I watched it in wonder, saying “wow” out loud because I had never seen anything like it. It brought a few tears to my eyes also.

  4. …aye, tears fell at this location as well…I’ve always liked Joe Biden…if he runs he should label himself the “No Bullshit Candidate”…lol
    …I’m not sure he will run; he’s emotionally crippled from Beaus death; hasn’t really recovered yet…took me maybe a year to recover {mostly} from my Dads death, so I’d not crowd him…

  5. It was a great interview, but it doesn’t take much to put the mainstream media to shame these days. They are a joke and an embarrassment to this country.

  6. How extraordinary. Stephen Colbert is the only journalist worth watching, at least until Jon Stewart is back from his break. This interview will be remembered and studied for decades.

  7. agree, Biden will not run. Have the same feeling on this as I had on the second term of Johnson, knew he would not run either.

  8. Joe needs to go out on top. He’s the type of guy everybody likes and can get along with, on both sides of the aisle. He didn’t fare that well before, and Hillary’s pockets run deep. I hope he doesn’t fall prey to selfish persuasion. His heart isn’t in it to win it, and who could blame him? Kudos to Stephen. He obtained the real lowdown, and actually carried on a substantive interview. Left me impressed with both of them.

  9. Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Or Bernie Sanders & Allan Grayson 2016, any combination . Free Speech TV Check It OUT

  10. Biden is a corporate puppet just like Hillary. We need someone who can take on big banks and wall street, not someone else who is sponsored by them. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who can do that!! #FeelTheBern

  11. Amanda, America won’t vote for any candidate way too Extreme.

    We Boomer’s were there, years ago.

    And we learned it’s way smarter to work within the system and hope your Dem President will Get Through A Few Important Issues…
    Like HealthCare!
    We do need to fine-tune ObamaCare but we’ve got the foot in the Door!

    The System Works Best That Way…
    Don’t be distracted.

  12. Suga, I, too, am a Boomer from back in the day, and Bernie Sanders is HARDLY what I call “extreme”. I mean, compared to the Jello Pudding Pops we have been forced to consume, yes, he seems like he’s taking CHANCES. Hardly the case, and a sad state of affairs when somebody who tells the truth is considered radical. He IS somebody who has made a career WORKING IN THE SYSTEM. He’s just asking us to go inside there with him for real clout and power.

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