Bill Maher Skewers Sarah Palin And Donald Trump’s Ignorant Racism


Bill Maher pointed out on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher that America has a long history of hating somebody, and then “blame them for all our problems,” beginning, he said, with his people, the Irish in the mid-19th century.

He pointed out it was then “the Chinese, the Italians, the Mexicans, the Jews, the Swedes, the Japanese, the Russians, and now the Mexicans again.”

Watch the video:

Everyone has heard of the Great Wall of Trump of course. Trump has made sure of it. It’s his big foreign policy thingie after all, since he doesn’t understand Ukraine at all: “If Donald Trump really wanted to make America great again,” he said, “he wouldn’t build a wall, he’d build a mirror.”

“Then maybe, we would see that no one can actually take a job. Someone has to give it to them. We could end our illegals problem tomorrow if we decided to stop hiring them but no, we talk of walls to protect us from people so dangerous that we can’t stop ourselves from paying them to raise our children.”

He should have mentioned Trump’s made in Mexico clothes and compared and contrasted them with his immense popularity with white supremacists, but maybe he was feeling generous.

That did not stop Maher, however, from taking great glee in revisiting Sarah Palin’s most jaw-dropping episode of ignorance (well, if you exclude her lecturing Obama about unicorns):

“As Sarah Palin says, ‘You wanna be in America? While you’re here, let’s speak American.'”

“Which begs the question,” Maher concluded, “Why are the people who demand that everyone speak English always the ones who can’t speak English?”

19 Replies to “Bill Maher Skewers Sarah Palin And Donald Trump’s Ignorant Racism”

  1. Aren’t there any sane Republicans left? Surely they don’t all think it is a good idea to elect the head birther as president. Are elections some kind of a joke to everyone now? What a pickle for the GOP. Trump is not presidential material. Try again.

  2. It’s wonderful having Bill’s show back on the air. Wouldn’t miss it – HBO – every Friday night! (Hate it when he goes on vacation! Haha!)

    His humor and connection to what is going on in politics is always spot on!

  3. The dumbass had to open her ‘real American’ mouth again. Most Americans and the dreaded Latino transplants learn and speak English. Alaska is full of Native Americans, that regularly speak other languages. Is she just afraid of Mexican’s, or everyone that’s not real and white?
    Someone needs to take her out for a long boat ride, and set her adrift. Lets send her to Russia, PLEASE. Putin would know how to shut her up! McCain lost all respect when he selected that moron. No wonder her kids are so f’d up. They all huff gun powder. When did she become the voice for anything? I wish she came with a mute button. Her voice is alarming, and the American language she speaks of, is KKK hatred.

  4. Sarah Palin is so dumb she should have her mouth physically tied shut, because every time she says anything it continues to show her ignorance. And like you said all she speak is KKK hatred, and she is probably so stupid, she wouldn’t know how to spell “KKK”.

  5. Sarah Palin doesn’t even speak “American,” let alone English. She speaks word salad, a totally incomprehensible mixture of frequently misused and mispronounced words that were once English or, in her parlance, American.

  6. Ironically, if Sarah really wanted everyone to speak the native tongue in Alaska, they should all be speaking Aleut.

    Palin’s favorite side dish continues to be “word salad” made of bitter greens.

  7. If any of you have not seen the HBO movie Game Change, watch it. It is amazing how little she knew about anything. And what a pain in the ass she was even then.

  8. She’s out of our league…

    she belongs with the special class of people that understands American language…

    I for one…read, write and speak English as a second language, but for some odd reason… I could never understand what she is trying to say in her “American Language?!?”

    Best of luck with her Donald Trump!!!


  9. andy kaufman, would love what trump is doing. he is, performance art for the new world order. as repugnant as he is, he is, playing the hicks, and the media like a maestro….

  10. Bill makes the comment Sarah Palin can’t talk American and I think “she doesn’t even THINK”American.

  11. …Bill has his faults, {Don’t we all???} but he is usually right on target…and his Trump take-down…PRICELESS!!!

  12. That explains why she is so hot for Donald Trump. They both speak the same language. And, they are both filled with hate. I have to feel sorry for them…and I wish they would just go away…far, far away.

  13. “We could end our illegals problem tomorrow if we decided to stop hiring them”

    Bill Maher nailed it with that one. Probably one of the few things I’ve agreed with him on.

    But what is wrong with expecting or requiring immigrants to learn to speak English?

    My grandmother was born in a German community in southern Minnesota and didn’t learn to speak English until she went to school. But she learned it.

    When my dad was in HS in the late 1930s several of his classmates lived in a Norwegian community north of town. They spoke Norwegian at home but spoke English when they were at school.

    During my JH and HS years in the 80s there were several foreign exchange students from Germany, Norway, Mexico. They spoke English and didn’t expect anyone here to bend over backwards and conform to their native tongues.

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