CNN’s Jake Tapper Wreaks Havoc On Scott Walker Exposing By His Ties To The Koch Brothers

During an interview on CNN’s State Of The Union, CNN’s Jake Tapper went there with Scott Walker by questioning his ties to the Koch brothers, and why Walker doesn’t oppose conservative special interests.



Jake Tapper: I respect that you’ve taken on liberal special interests in Wisconsin, but you’ve been backed by the Koch brothers, right? How does that square with what you’re saying about taking on special interests, or do you think liberal special interests are the only ones worth taking on?

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI): I’m taking on the ones in Washington. In my state, I didn’t just take on the unions and Democrats. Early on there was great support from the Assembly, and some from the Senate, people like state Sen. Scott Fitzgerald. There was some senators, including some in leadership who didn’t want to do the kind of reforms, so I’m willing to take on anyone. I stood up to a hundred thousand protesters. I took on the death threats. I took on the threats to my family. We pushed back when they took us to federal and state court. We pushed back when they went after our state senators. They went after me in a recall election and we won. They made me the number one target. The number one target last year.

Tapper: But aren’t the Koch brothers special interests too? Can you give me an example of one time that you took on a conservative special interest?

Walker: I’ll tell you flat out that when I took on the hundred million dollars, or so I raised eighty million dollars in three elections in four and half years and seventy percent of it came from people who gave me seventy-five dollars or less. We raised more than 300,000 donors in all fifty states. That’s grassroots….

Walker never answered Tapper’s questions about the Koch brothers. Instead, he tried to deflect with a misleading answer about the funding for his recall election. Scott Walker wasn’t telling the truth about where the money came from. Walker’s recall campaign was funded by out of Wisconsin interests like Koch-funded groups. The people of Wisconsin didn’t help Scott Walker survive the recall. Special interest groups and super PACs saved Walker.

Gov. Walker is the chosen 2016 candidate of the Koch brothers. Walker has never stood up to a Republican special interest. That is why all special interest groups on the right adore him. Scott Walker is for sale.

Jake Tapper destroyed Walker with the facts. Walker’s outsider rhetoric is inauthentic and disingenuous. It is a desperate gambit coming from a sinking campaign.

A national journalist has finally called out Scott Walker for ties to the Koch brothers. Jake Tapper deserves credit for debunking Walker’s b.s. with some heavy fact based questions.

33 Replies to “CNN’s Jake Tapper Wreaks Havoc On Scott Walker Exposing By His Ties To The Koch Brothers”

  1. I will be real happy when this asshole flames out. The thought of a Walker presidency scares the hell out of me. He would turn this country into prewar Germany in a heartbeat.

  2. …and a couple o’ heartbeats later…INVASION OF IRAN/SYRIA/BUMFUK EGYPT!!!
    …we would not survive a Walker regime…

  3. He DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION! So, it hit him in the belly and he danced around the fact THAT HE IS a paid Koch Su@ker He hid from the obvious fact—The Kochs have supported him with their quid-pro quo Money. He is beholden to them, he knows it, we know it, but he lies and denies it. What does that tell us? HE is not to be trusted with the truth. Then he has the nerve to call Hillary a liar! By the way, that’s the WORD of the month in the Republican’s talking points. Keep calling Hillary a LIAR and untrustworthy at every opportunity. Reince Priebus used that word in HIS interview in the following Jake Tapper interview.

  4. Scott Walker is slimy as a snake.

    This bit of the GOP harping on HRC being untrustworthy is just plain BS. They are trying to taint her before she even gets into the heart of her campaign.

    Why? Because she is the biggest threat to them. They are afraid of HRC. Scott Walker should talk about being TRUSTWORTHY! I would not trust him to walk my dog.

  5. Does he think we forgot about the prank phone call discussing checks with David Koch. He was kissing major Koch ass as well as accepting orders of legislation from the mega donor.

  6. They need to do a skit on SNL where the Koch Bros. pull up to a drive-up window and order what they need from GOP candidates.

  7. Walker states nothing will get in his way? I guess he thinks the KochRats are going to steal this election too. I know one thing for sure,we must not let the KochNazis get the keys to the White House or we are doomed.

  8. Brodie224, thanks for the link. That was an interesting article. Walker’s alternate reality can convince him his support comes from grassroots, but we know the truth. Where’s all that support now as he plunges to 10th in Iowa?

  9. The idea that Republicans can call Hillary a liar and get away with it is beyond disgusting. Republicans lie as a matter of faith, all day every day. Everything out of their mouths is a lie. EVERYTHING.

  10. Tapper should have kept on Him until He gave an answer. It really pisses Me off when interviewers do a half assed job. Tapper had Him on the ropes….what happened to the KO punch?

  11. Media does the same with Trump. People need to see these assholes have no real plans to help the middle class.

  12. I like the “walk the dog” reference.

    My line was “I wouldn’t trust this guy with a quarter for the parking meter let alone anything important”.

    He’s dirty, pure and simple.

  13. I can’t figure out why he is the Kochs chosen candidate. I get that he’s breathtakingly stupid, and easily led, but you would think they would want someone not so transparent. This guy oozes stupid, but please by all means wipe your ass with that billion dollars your giving this moron!

  14. Scott Walker’s state is performing at the bottom of the barrel on jobs, the economy, business climate, education, wages etc… He’s excelling when it comes to what is best for the Koch brothers, but not the citizens.

  15. Scott Walker is very good for giving a RESPONSE to a question rather than answering it. THIS MAN is clearly TOO DECEPTIVE to be in government.

    He should not win any primaries and should be thrown out of Wisconsin before he crashes it. He’s slicker than Slick Willie EVER was.

  16. Nothing Walker bragged of is in his job description. He’s the State property manager, not Crusader Rabbit.

  17. “Sucker” isn’t a dirty word. It is (a) a big minnow; (b) a shoot from the roots of a tree or plant; (c) a native of Elanoy (like me); (d) a lollipop; or (e) a gullible person. Especially big examples of (d) or (e) are all-day suckers.

  18. I wish Tapper would have asked this. ” If you are not beholden the Koch cabal, what about the radio station that did the prank pretending to be Charles Koch?” That would have sank him in front of maybe some that doesn’t know. I mean, 29% think President Obama was responsible for the Katrina screw up, and another 46% were unsure.

  19. I read how Walker, Trump were at a tailgate party in Iowa yesterday for college football. Walker gave a speech & college kids chanted “We want Trump!” ignoring weasel kochsucker. When Trump finally showed up, he stayed 4 minutes then shook hand & signed autographs. One guy said “I’ll never wash my hands”!
    A reporter asked Trump about Walkers sinking polls. Trump said Walker “is a nice man” & “took a tumble”. Maybe Trump has an agreement with the Koch’s to leave their butt boy alone & visa versa.
    I’d love to have seen the dead-eyed bore skulk off the stage like a rejected wimp.
    He’s scared shitless to go after Trump. Trump will destroy him on making WI his nasty experiment.

  20. I wonder why the weasel’s polls have been sinking? You got to love the catchy campaign phrase “wreak havoc”. What a bad ass, not! Is he too dumb to realize “wreaking havoc” is bad & destructive? So, he’s doing to destroy the rest of the nation like he did Wisconsin? Genius!

  21. So glad I’m not a Wisconsin. This guy has done irreparable damage. Happy his numbers are tanking fast. He is an uneducated boob and his days are numbered, Koch F’rs or not.

  22. One only has to bring up walkers WEDC committee and $120 million of taxpayers monies lost with little jobs to,show for it.

  23. In the first answer, all he said was that he took on the unions, democrats and all his other enemies. Completely nonresponsive.

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